A girl, and her twin, are the only two vampires that are born a full blooded vampire, and when their school gets burnt down to find them they realize just how much they would be and asset to the Others. The Others are a group of vampire, or in some cases, dhampir or half vampire, who want to get rid of all werewolves, but because of her friendship with a group of werewolves and her own beliefs she has to do her best to keep herself and her brother away from them.


2. Chapter Two

Someone is talking to me, I realize with a start as my mind comes out of its morning grogginess. A new guy is standing in front of me. He's Sorta cute, blood red dyed hair, black eyes.

"Mr. Sutens class?" He asks again. Yep definitely new.

"Third door on the right." I gesture down the hall.

"Thanks a mil." He nods at me.

"No problem Matthew." I didn't realize my mistake until it was too late. He looked all bug-eyed and was still standing there gawking.

"I never even told you that!" He says, his eyes start getting all squinty.

"I, uh, read your mind, sorry." I see him smirk at me.

"Of course you did." In his head, he called me a creep.

"I'm not a creep, I just got stuck with this as a vampire power. What? Wolf got your tongue?" I say being snarky, but instead I had wanted to say that I'm not really creepy, I’m just your average normal vampire girl. I handed him an arrowhead, I have to keep a steady supply of them so that I can give them to anyone I talk to. "It's a charm that makes it so that I don't have an option to read your mind." He puts it into his front pocket. I quickly add, "And beware of the bad groups, I  don't have to read your mind to tell that you're new, ok?" He nods his head and heads to class. I look around and see that in my grogginess I got myself halfway to class without forgetting any clothes this time. I actually get to class on time today. History with Mrs. Kadence.

I steal a glance at Max before sitting in my usual spot. Alex sulks into the seat next to me, "What did you do this time?" I ask him. He doesn't sulk, which means that he is pretending for Sam's sake.

"I told her her Kardashian's show was stupid." He whispers. I smile.

"Good luck with that!" I laugh at him, "You messed up royally." I smile even bigger when he rolls his eyes, a for sure sign he won't like my question. "Why didn't you tell me?" He looks up at me confused.

"Nope, not if you don't already know..."

He finally catches on, "I'm guessing he told you?" I shake my head, I lift his wrist where he has the arrowhead on a bracelet, "Another charm needs to be put on the arrowhead. I  gave him a temporary one." I smile, "It's a little weird, you know, talking to you about half of you having a crush on my while the other is dating my best girlfriend." I laugh. I can see his eyes smile.

"We've been split long enough that it really is like we  are twins now." A flash of emotion goes across his face for a moment, one I recognized well. "What?" I ask him.

"I'm just worried if we get turned back. I remember back when we were the same person and had two personalities. It's kind of a relief not to be dealing with both personalities." His shoulders slumped and I could see his secrets roll off his chest practically.

"You'll  be fine," I tell him. "Either way too. You always find a way." I smile as big and sincere as I can. It seems to do the trick. He regains his posture and a lazy smile places itself on his mouth. He nods at me before heading to sit next to Sam, only just as the teacher walked in. I smile at Sam, who was pretending to be angry and upset, so Alex pretends to be upset. This class is the only reason Sam and Alex met. Both Sam and Alex are cute and flirty, but not the kind that makes you want to hurl your lunch at them. I was still watching them when someone slides in next to me. It was the redhead again.

"Are you stalking me?" I joke.

"If I was you wouldn't know it."I ghost of a smile plays on his face while I register that little piece of information. When I don't say anything he turns to the front of the class where the teacher was talking to a student, just as Jacob walks in. Matthew sees Jacob then realizes he has dark hair, and his head starts turning to me. He stared for a moment and probably would've for longer but Jacob dropped all his books on Matthews desk. "That's my sister," He points at me, "and my seat. so move it." His mouth quirks up as Matthew glances around.

"Twins?" He asks, o slightly nod.

"So what, You have a problem.?" Jacob asks.

"Nope." Says Matthew, heading to the back of the class. When he is out of hearing distance (for a human) Jacob snickered, "So easy."

"That was rude!" I tell him, giving him the stink eye.

"But true." I shake my head when he continues, " I mean honestly, why would you let a stinky mutt sit ne-" I didn't even realize what I had been doing until my hand stung. He had a giant red hand mark on his face. The girl in front of me just gaped, along with the rest of the class, one of Jacob's friends whistled as I walked past. I storm past the teacher, Sam, and sit next to Matthew.

"Um, are you stalking me this time?" He asks, probably trying to lighten my mood, it didn't help.

"No, I'm just reading your mind." I say, but it sounded mean and rude.

He started to play with his bracelet, where he attached the arrowhead to a leather bracelet, "Does this mean that this doesn't work, cause, if not then I could give it back." Still all smiles. Alex comes and sits next to me, and immediately I can feel his thoughts.

"Where is it?" I ask him.

"In my room. You already know everything. I don't need to wear it." I turn back to Matthew, who looks rather confused.

"What? Trying to find the next place to stalk me?" I ask. He smiles.

"Yep, and I think I've found it."

"Oh yeah, where?"I ask


"I'll be there, it's a date."

"Not a date date though." He mutters. I smile as the teacher comes back to our class a few moments later. The teacher starts introducing the new students for the semester but doesn't say anything about Matthew. I smile at him and he sinks lower in his chair. He pleads with his eyes when I act like I'm gonna tell on him. Mrs. Kadence is a 400-year-old Vampire who looks about 16. She blond like all Vampires, small and petite, again like most Vampires.

I start taking notes and listen to a lecture about how most wars are supernatural related. By the end of class, my brain is fried. Luckily everyone waits for me s I slowly put all of my things in my bag. on our way out of class, I realize something. "They Matthew, why did you need into Johns, er, uh, Mr. Sutens class?" I ask him.

I needed to show my little sister where her class was, but first I needed to know where it was." Alex and Sam joined us to walk to our next class. I walk them to their lunch, they only have one class before lunch, or a midnight meal, for humans at least (our schooling is during the night), but then they have 4 more classes after lunch. I have extra weapons class, which I could do without. Mostly because my dad is rich and I'm a girl. I head to my weapons class, which I don't have any friends, or family, thankfully.

I get to the locker room and change into my sweats and put my Armor on. Which consisted of two metal bands that go around my wrists that deflect spells, yes Vampires can do magic, but not 2nd years and
I'm the only 2nd year in here.

Mr. Botemis or Mr. B is our teacher, a werewolf. he calls attendance and pairs us up. I got paired with a cute brown haired were. I smile at him and walk to Mr. B. He says, "What?" He says when I just stand there waiting for him to finish.

"I have this arrowhead charm that makes it so that I can't, do you want me to give it to my partner?" I watch him struggle with an answer and pull out two arrowheads and give one to him. He comes to an answer.

"No at first- actually yes, you should so you can learn to fight then you could learn to use your power to your advantage." I smile at him and walk up to my partner. He smiles at me.

"Arnt you that twin?" He cocks an eyebrow at me. Yeah, this is going to be a long year.

"Yeah, and when you're around me, wear this."I tell him, he gets a confused expression. "It makes it so that I cant use one of my powers... I can read minds." His mouth quirks up. He finally puts it in his pocket. instantly my head starts feeling better, but not completely though, as there are other kids in the room.

"I wouldn't like you to find out all of my moves, at least not yet." He says, wiggling his eyebrows. All I do is shake my head and roll my eyes. just then the teacher starts talking, telling us that he paired us up with someone who is able to fight better than us on purpose, telling us that we needed the new students (in our partnership, that would be me) was paired up with someone who has been doing this class for a while. He told the upper class to teach the new students all that they missed during the last semester. I'm guessing that when he blows the whistle he is done talking because everyone else moves away.

"So, what's your name?" I ask my partner once we are on our mat.

"I'm Jace." He nods his head and tipping an imaginary hat like a cowboy. I laugh.

"Cassie, or Cas for short for close friends." I curtsied with an imaginary dress like a princess. We get into fighting positions then and when Jace tried to teach me all the things that they learned during last semester, but I already knew all of it. 1 for me, 0 for weapons class.

Soon Jace left and went to the teacher and they both have arrowheads so I can't read their mind, so I listen in through someone else’s mind. I realized I could do this but I have to concentrate on it. I caught the last few words of what Jace had said but it was muddled, but in the end, I’m thinking that he was complaining about not being able to actually teach me anything. Mr. B just says to continue reviewing them. I smile and shake my head and bring myself out of the girls head. We fight and Jace showers me the part of the gear room where the weapons are. I chose a long sword and he chose two daggers. Both metal but still dull. You only get to use actual weapons when you get signed permission from Mr. B, and that's only if you beat him, or so I hear.

When the shower bell rings I rush to the gear room and but my bracelets away and then to the weapons part and put the sword away, and is the first one in the shower room. I guess that no one else is excited about geography. Haha. I don’t really like geography, but I do have something to be excited about. I get to be partners with Max for the new project that Mr. Sutton, or AKA John as everyone calls him. I was talking to him about the second semester, the one that starts today, and he told me he had a project he was going to introduce today and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t ending up partners with Jacob. Again I would have ended up being his partner and I swear, just because we are twin our teachers decided that I have to be his partner. It sucks. I get into my seat and hold my breath while I think about this project. I hope that this isn't some project that we have to be able to actually know any geography. Haha.

John holds out our finals from last semester and makes sure that we all don't have any questions and he calls role, only one person was absent of a class of somewhere between 30 and 40 kids. Either they were skipping or parents have taken them out because dhampirs don't get sick. I know that I am weirdly obsessed with Max because I keep thinking about this because I am already thinking about him. I don't even know but, he is the only one that I can't read his mind. I could when I first met him and I don't know when but sometime during last year, something registered about the fact that I never gave him an arrowhead. We spent the whole class figuring out our project, a planning thing where we have to plan a trip for a week. John will be the one who chose where the place is and he will tell us tomorrow. John will judge them and whoever will have the best plan will actually be able to go, during the summer of course, and the school will pay for it. When he tells us our partners I look over at Max and I quickly look away because he is staring straight at me.

John tells us we will have time to get together with our partners and start our projects tomorrow. I stand up while I gather my stuff and shove it in my backpack. I walk out of class and head over to Sam’s locker and wait. It's the start of lunch for me, and the start of one of her classes. I open the locker next to hers and pray that Alex realizes that it is my stuff, not some strangers. When Sam shows up I quickly tell her about my “date” with Matthew. My new project with Max, and hopefully no one heard me obsessing and gossiping about him. We talk about our new classes so far, and the bell rings, telling me that I have to let Sam go to her next class. I give her a quick hug and head to the cafeteria. On my way there I realize that all of my friends are in class right now. Ughh! I grab lunch and sit at an empty table in the back if the cafeteria and eat as quickly as I can without choking. Once I am done I head to the library. Our school library is like a maze for those who do not know it as well as I do. I head to the least easiest place to get to, my place. I have set up a little cozy reading place, I made it for times like these. All I did was put a couple huge bean bag chairs and a rug down. I also added a coffee table but someone got in a fight and somehow found this place after the fight and collapsed onto it and it broke. Mostly I go there when something is going on in my life and I need an escape… Or to just nerd out on a book and what-not. Only Isabell knows about it and she loves it. Isabell is my younger cousin, human, but I count her as my cousin as the fact that my mom is her aunt, but my mom was turned right before she was born. She knows about us and is ok with the fact that half her family are monsters. If I wanted, to be honest, she is my best friend in the whole universe. I know its weird but- I stop dead in my tracks, someone is sitting in one of the two-person bean bag chairs. I sniff, its a sent I know though… Oh! Thank god, it's only Matthew, not some weirdo. I let out my breath that I hadn't been aware that I was holding and pull one of his headphones out, and he jumps about a foot in the air and I laugh.

“What are you stalking me now?” He jokes.

“Nope, this is my spot. Even my chairs and the rug.” I tell him. I plop down in the other half of the bean bag chair he is in the one that I usually sit in. He chooses the wrong seat.

“Really now? Is your name in them?” He jokes. I nod and I reach over him next to his leg and hold out the tag, where I scribbled my name on it in sharpie.

“Why are you here anyway?” I ask him. I stand up and head over to one of the shelves. The librarian is a ghost and she is always putting more things on the shelf when she thinks that I am gonna read them. She recently put a whole cart back here for me. I pick up a big leather bound book and see a sticky note and she wrote in big letters, PLEASE  READ  AND  RATE. 

"Cassie?" I turn to him and he was looking at me, smiling. 

"Yeah?" I sit down on the same bean bag chair that he was sitting in and I saw him bounce. 

“You asked me why I am here and I only have one friend, and her sent is all over this little room.” He smiles. I forgot that werewolves can follow by sent. “Why are you here?” He asks.

“My friends are in class while I have lunch. That means I get stuck with you.” I joke. He tries to look hurt but quickly fails. It does remind me of something, even though it has nothing to do with it. “Why do you hate the name Matthew?” He looked hesitant and I quickly add, “You don't have to answer, and I know that you didn't even tell me but I heard it in your head earlier.” His face changes when he realizes what I was talking about.

“It was the name the wolf that turned me gave me. Something wrong happened when I turned and I lost my memories. All of them. I really don't like the wolf who turned me, at all.” He says, losing his joking manner.

“Ahh, so does that mean you are a recent then?” I ask him.

He nods. “Yeah, and now I live with a pair of dormant wolves. For about two months.” I just nod and pretend that I know what they are talking about.

“Then Im just gonna call you Matt then, ok?” I tell him and he gives me a strained smile and puts his earbuds back in. I start to read the book, about Vampires and a fued they have with the American government. When the bell sounds I get up and stretch. I put the book back on the shelf and look over to Matt who has his earbuds in and is reading. I reach over and tap his hand and leave. Next I have english lit then math, then P.E. Ughh!


My next two classes were a breeze and I was the first one to get out of the showers and out of the gym and into the hall; where Alex was already out and waiting for me.

“Whats today?” I ask him.

“Skateboard learning.” He says, then looks at me with laughter in his eyes. “But not for you.” I look at him alarmed. “Did you already forget?” He asks, chuckling. I stand in place, trying for the life of me to remember what I would’ve forgotten. “You have a date.” He says.

I almost facepalm my forehead.

“James told me and Sam. He didn't seem upset of anything though.” He grabs my arm and directs me when I almost miss the turn.

“Um, yeah, it's just a friend thing.” I say, “Where are we going?” I ask him while trying to figure out where we were going.

“My dorm, I need to grab Sam’s bag. She left it there last night and didn't want to get it.” I look at him while we walk and see how much they have gotten to know each other in the last two months. It surprises me. I was kind of friends with the twins when I was younger from when they were friends with Jacob. I honestly didn’t have any friends until after they stopped talking to Jacob. Then I was friends with them when I was at school. Then about two months ago a new girl sat in my seat in my first class and ever since then I have been friends with Sam. she met the twins and immediately bonded with Alex.

We finally make it to the room and I see that the boy's dorms are just like the girl's dorms. There is a large room with 4 other doors, one bathroom and a room for everyone who stays in this dorm. Alex and James share with a boy whom I have never met. I've been in James’s room because there was all over my hall and I needed to sleep. I slept on an air mattress. I follow Alex into his room and look around. His bed covers are a deep looking gold color, his bed is up against the wall on the left side, with matching curtains over the window. His dresser is next to the door. His music stand is in the middle of the room with a chair and a violin case next to it. By the dresser is a guitar case. I didn't know he knew how to play the violin. I watch him grab her bag out of the closet and we head back to Sam's room.


The girls get it lucky. There are about 50 of us, unlike the 350 boys there are. We get full rooms to ourselves. I’m the one exception. I only have one room and a huge bathroom. I don’t have the living room that everyone else has. So technically all the girls except me get three rooms.

Once we get there I immediately wish I didn’t come because when we get there I walk in and I could tell by the way that they stopped talking that they were talking about me. As soon as I sit down I am pulled out of the room and into one of the other rooms.  We call it my extra room, mostly because I am here more often then I’m in my room. I realize that my best friends arms are full of clothes. I groan and she smiles even bigger. She drops everything down on the bed and leaves. I hear the door that joins the other room open. James walks in and I look at him while he leans on the door jam.

“What?” I ask. He just smiles at me and I sit on the bed next to the clothes.

“You should’ve just gone to your room and met him there. Just hold in there until you are a done being a barbie doll and hopefully she will give you slack next time. Hopefully…” He stops and it looks like he is being pulled in from the other side. “Hang in there.” He says and I could tell was mimicking me being in actual trouble and I smile. Sam takes his place and she turns and points at the boys.

“Stay.” She says, like ordering a dog. Haha. She turns and closes the door behind her and faces me. “So, this is what's going to happen. You are going to put on what I say and we are going to show the boys, who are going to judge what they think.”

She starts to go through the pile of clothes. She throws a blouse and a short skirt at me and I say, jokingly of course, “So, you are using me as a model for your new clothes?” I want to take it back as soon as I said it though because she looks at me and smirks.

“No, I'm using you as a runway girl when I do my fashion show t the end of the year. Hurry up.” I hurry and show the boys multiple different outfits, and it seems the more simple I am the more I look good. It also seems to drive Sam mad. It's about and hour and a half until Sam has to go to the bathroom. I look at what I was wearing, a blue hoodie and a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. I see that both boys are looking at me and I wink at them as I shove my feet in my black boots. I walk out of the room and hopefully I won’t run into Sam on the way to the building exit. I run at a normal human speed as I put my long hair into the a sloppy ponytail and exit the school. I look at my phone, it says 3:12, oh. Im late. I quicken my pace to my speed walk as I put my phone back into my pocket. I move as quick as I can without the humans questioning anything. I get there in  few minutes. I see Matt sitting in a booth in the back. I sit across from him and smile.

“Sorry I was late, Sam was using me as a barbie doll.” I tell him, realizing that even though its almost 3 thirty in the morning the Starbucks is already filling up. I stretch my legs under the table while he talks.

“Its ok. Do you want a drink?” I nod and we make it to the line and we make small talk about school until we get to the counter. We order, I get a blueberry smoothie and Matt gets a coffee, and we walk out of the building.

I wrinkle my nose at him, “You know that these are bad for you, right?”

“Does that mean I have to get it done fast so you don’t have to smell it?” He smiles his crooked smile, “Or does that mean I can dump this on on you?” I snort while he smiles innocently.

“Lets just walk, how long have you been in new york?” I ask him.

“About a week, most of which were in the school or in the house that my new parents live in. There are too many smell during the day time and I didn’t have a reason to come out during the night anyhow.” I nod and we walk, and as we do I look at him out of the corner of my eye.

I is wearing a loose-ish baby green shirt and regular blue jeans. His shoes are just a pair of black converse. I smile and head down a less crowded road. “Does it ever get any easier?  

“What?” I ask him even though I have a good idea what he is thinking about.

“Your world, your politics, your history, the beings that aren't human. Everything about this world.” He says, rubbing the back of his red hair. I look at him fully now, and see that he won’t look at me.

“To be honest, you are asking the wrong person, I’m a full vampire, me and Jacob were born by two vampire, not like how regular vampires are made, or how werewolfs can be made or born, or how dhampirs are born. I grew up with this world, so maybe.” I pause. “ Maybe you aren’t supposed to get used to it or maybe you are, so I think that only you can answer that question Matt.” For a minute he is silent as we walk. We continue to walk and I start pointing out different shops and different rodes and different things. We are talking about our  favorite foods when Matt stops and sniffs the air. I look around trying to see what he was smelling.

“Smoke.” He starts running the other way. I am slightly winded, even though I am using my super speed. Matt remembers that werewolves run faster and slows down, not a lot, but just enough to keep stay right in front of me. I smell it after about a minute of running, and I try to push myself to run faster. I can smell the smoke, not just a  little but a lot of it, enough that it is covering a large portion of the sky. When I realize where the fire is I grab ahold of Matt so that he can pull me faster. He got the point and we ran even faster to the school.




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