A girl, and her twin, are the only two vampires that are born a full blooded vampire, and when their school gets burnt down to find them they realize just how much they would be and asset to the Others. The Others are a group of vampire, or in some cases, dhampir or half vampire, who want to get rid of all werewolves, but because of her friendship with a group of werewolves and her own beliefs she has to do her best to keep herself and her brother away from them.


3. Chapter Three

When we get there we run into the main building and I am greeted my the offices empty. I turn on the intercom and turn on the microphone. “Everyone out of the school- FIRE- I repeat, Fire, everyone out!”  I don’t even try to turn everything off, I just look at Matt, “You need to get outta here, now. I need to get to the old building and get everyone out.” When he doesn't go I look him dead in the eyes, “One of my other powers are fire resistance, now go!” I turn away and start running to the other buildings, not even looking to see if he was following.

I run as fast as I can, leaving the building that I am in and covering my mouth and nose with my shirt collar. I run until I get to the old building, which is more lit up then the rest of the buildings. Someone obviously lit them aflame and was counting on the fact that the dorms were in the older building. I enter the building and run to the end of the hall, knocking down the last door and yelling into the dorms until everyone is out of the room.  

I jolt people out of sleep and soon I am starting to feel the heat of the fire. Suddenly I am lit on fire. It burns so bad and I can feel the fact that I am bruning but I grit my teeth and continue to run, taking off my hoodie and tossing it onto the ground so that I didn’t have any extra fuel for the fire for me. Someone had to have done this on purpose, because why else would there be fires in all of the buildings?

I find so many of the vampires are either sleeping or have headphones in. One of them even hit me, saying that I woke them from their beauty sleep. All I souls do was yell fire in there face and let them decide if they want to go back to sleep, this time forever.

Halfway through this side of the building the smoke starts to get to me. I start to wheeze and having a hard time breathing. I should have called someone who was actually fire resistant. Ha ha. Luckily when I do collapse I will be out of the building. Hopefully… I finish the in the gameroom, then realize that the werewolves are helping me. I sigh gratefully when I see Ethan. I smile and suddenly I am jerked forward. I am suspended in the air, I lash out but find that nothing is actually touching me. I scream, but it just makes me cough more. Some of the packs were trying to reach me, butI wave them off and try to get them to finish executing the buildings. Only Ethan remains after I get everyone to leave.

I make myself go still and reach out with my mind. There are a group of vampires and a couple witches surrounding the school, just beyond where the forest starts. I can feel them, but they have their minds blocked from my view somehow. I try but I can't get my mind into thiers, and my first thought is that I should have listened to my mom when she told me to practice, but she wanted me to see if my friend had seen her drinking blood. My head starts to hurt from trying so hard, so I start paying attention to my surroundings. Luckily people were coming back, telling that the building has been evacuated. All of them just watch as I struggle and cough.

I watch as the door open, and I knew that it was someone I knew because their mind was completely cut off from me, for some reason the people outside felt weird. I watch as Matt pushes his way to me. I smile at him and cough, I start to struggle again but it does nothing to help. Most of the boys are now jumping to help me down, but even with them being werewolves they cant reach. I cough and I can sense someone coming, one of them. I jerk my head to the direction they are coming from and I speak, almost too quiet for them to hear me.

“Someone is coming, a vampire who is here to harm the school. Please, go, hide. I need to find out what is going on, and maybe get them to let me down. I need to figure out what is going on. I think that they are targeting me, mostly because I am the one suspended in the air.” I tell them. I can tell that most of them do not agree with me, but Ethan does, so the rest are forced to leave. I watch all of them, except Matt.

“Why did you lie to me?” He demands, looking up at me. His eyes are squinty. I can't tell what he is thinking… But I can guess.

“I needed you out of harm so I could concentrate on getting people out.” I tell him, but don’t tell him the real reason. Who would believe that I had a dream about the school being on fire. I know that he wont believe me, not when he just met me. I sigh and plead him with my eyes to listen me, just this once. He glares at me once before heading after the rest of the boys. I hold onto my breath for as long as I can so I am not inhaling the smoke while I wait for the Vampire to show up. I gather up every once of confidence and bravery I can when he or she walks into the room. It is a girl.

She had a big black robe that has a low hanging hood. It hangs over her face and only goes to about her knees, it is strangely cute. She pulls her hood down and I see a girl who looks my age but is probably way older than me, I can tell by the strong aura that she has. I watch her stare at me, probably waiting for me to break down or start freaking out, but she is in for disappointment when that doesn’t happen. She seems to see that and starts circling me. I try to watch her the whole way, but I can’t. It feels like I am suspended in a giant hand.

“Hello Cassie, daughter to the Fireblood.” She says when she reaches my front again. She talks weird, like it isn’t natural for her. “I am here to capture you and bring you to my boss.” She start to circle me again. “I wonder why she wants you so much…” I hear her say.

“Who is wanting me captured?” I yell down at her, my voice scratchy.

“That is a need to know question. And you do not need to know.” She says, almost in front of me.

“I kinda do need to know, it is me that is being kidnapped, isn’t it?” I say.

“You are not the only one that we need to capture before we head out.” She says, “You can guess who we are needing to capture, if you want.”

“Who is it?” I catch a glimpse out of the doorway, I saw someone move. I hold my breath again.

“It is someone who you know very well.”

“I want to know who wants us! I need to know, and depending on who it is, I might go willingly.” I tell this girl. I know that I won't go willingly, but it was worth a try. I watch her slowly start to smile.

“I can’t tell you that, and I think that you know this.” She says.

“Then at least tell me who you need to abduct with me then!” I shout at her, causing me to cough uncontrollably.

“The other kin of the fireblood.” She says, watching me for my reaction.

I scoff, “Do you really think that he is here?” I ask. All I am doing is stalling. I can tell that the boys are about to burst into here with their teeth bared. I hold my breath and hold my head up high. “My brother won't be in the school, and why not you ask? I don’t know, I don’t talk to him almost never actually. We never got along, not since he and I have been at each other’s throats since I we were 5 years old.” I say as the door bursts open. The whole pack is going and running at me, her and most of them look like they had already been in a battle.

I am suddenly falling to the ground. I land on my feet and feel my ankles roll, but I hold myself steady. My abductor just simply vanishes, but I can see her darting out the door a few seconds later. When the boys make sure that I am ok, most of them take positions around me, but one, who I can guess is Matthew, because he is the same color as his hair,stands next to me, he is about to my shoulder, so I lean on him and cough. We are headed out of the building when a huge explosion sounds, knocking me off kilter and into Matt. I can feel myself start to drift off to sleep but every time I get close Matt twitched against me to keep me moving. More big explosions sound before we get out of the building, but this one is close, probably right inside the classroom that we are passing. I see a hug piece of ceiling fall, but I can't get out of the way fast enough. I feel someone tug on me from the front and ouch me from the back. I feel my adrenaline kick in and it helps me get going again. I am holding my breath mostly while I am being dragged/carried out the door.

I make sure that I get out the door quick enough while I start breathing. I am not surrounded by the boys anymore, but I can tell that they are here still. I can also feel another group of people. My people, I realize. I can feel James's thoughts, like a comforting blanket and I hope that they are ok. I finally collapse. My dream did come true after all. I am being carried while I start drifting off, but my thoughts are only for the people who I saved, hoping that I got to them all in time.

I wake up in my own room, and can instantly tell that my Mother is there with me, not from the mind, but from the lack of presence in the room, and from her smell. She always smells of pineapples mixed with a o-positive blood smell. As soon as I open my eyes she knows I am awake. "Oh, hunny!" She says, and to most humans it would sound like she is drunk, but vampires/dhampires can tell by the certain smell that vampires/dhampires give off when they just fed, it's like sweet, I dunno, perfumy.

Anyhow, my mother is super into blood, like, can't go without a glass for an hour before she starts craving it again. "Hello Mother." I says, sitting up. "I think that I found my weakness." I tell her. "Explain to me again what that means." I say, mostly because I don't want her to talk about me.

"All vampires and dhampires have their own secret, they all have a weakness, and now that you know what it is, you are not allowed to go near it or tell anyone, including me and your brother. OK?" She asks, I nod and wish that she should leave. I have a nasty headache. Nope, she wanted to deal with me being a hero first. She walks over to me and holds my hand in hers. "My poor baby, why couldn't you wait for the professionals to get there and-" And there is just about where I stop listening to her and let my mind wander.

I can tell when she is about to stop and ask me a question. She finishes her rant and looks at me, “How do you think that your father will take this?” She asks. I just shrug.

“I dunno… Probably get mad at me like before.” I roll over in my bed and ponder again why I even need to tell my father. I've always healed good after I get into situations where I need to heal. He doesn't actually talk to me unless its to yell at me and such. I hear my mom leave the room. Two minutes later someone else comes in.  

“How are you feeling?” Alex asks. I turn to him and smile, even if I don't feel all that good, I hold my expression good but even I could tell that my voice wavered a little. I tell him

I tell alex about the girl, and everything else, about how I can’t read any of their minds or how I wanted to talk to her alone. I even tell him about lying to Matt. He just laughed and said that that was something that I would do. I could feel myself start to drift off to sleep, and so could Alex apparently because he suddenly said it was time to go. He said that Sam and James were on their way.

I smiled until he was gone, but I didn't want to sleep, so I got a pen and paper out. I wrote my and Jacobs name in a circle and put the girl who tried to kidnap us, and

I realize that I haven't seen Jacob since class. I leave the paper on the top of my desk and hopefully, will get to thinking later.

I head down the hall, out the back, and into Jacobs place.


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