The Story of the Milligans

Vincent Milligan is a young man who, even through everything, can tell the story of his family. Through problems, misfits, an alcoholic father and everything in between, the family stuck together. Until one day. And that day broke the family. [BASED ON A TRUE STORY]


3. Our Family

Father: Jacob Scott Milligan

He was a stubborn man. Always wanted his way and would put his mind to everything. Even if he didn't like to do it, he'd do it anyway if he was bored. He was...strange.


Mother: Cielia Alyssa (Williamson) Milligan

She was sweet and kind. Not only as a mother, but as a friend. She was always there, even when she was sick...She looked to her kids first before anything. She would have given her life for us.



Scott Jacobson Milligan

He was just as stubborn as dad, but very smart. He would always think first then act later. Never wanted to fight. Always just stood there and took it. Being the oldest, he took care of us after mom died. He had to grow up quickly...


Vincent Satoshi Milligan

I always saw myself as a person who was needy for attention. I loved being with people, talking, singing, anything. I always wanted to be doing something. I think Scott hated me for it. He used to be so happy and would hang out with me when we were younger.


Micheal "Mike" Claude Milligan

He was always quiet, but he loved to laugh. It was easy to see him as the nerd. But Monty was just like him that way. Nerdy, but fun. He could always lighten the day with a joke, even when he would mumble it.


Jessica Sophie Milligan

Always a stuck up. She would kiss up to dad and be his little princess. But we still loved her. She never liked playing with us. She liked to be by herself, unless it was with a group of hot guys or her friends at school. She hated talking to me. She found me too annoying as a big brother.


Monty Kirk Milligan

He was the happiest out of all of us. He would smile constantly and would never let you be sad around him. He would play the piano for mom, dad, all of us. Even when he video chatted his friends, you could just tell he was happy. When mom died, he smiled in her memory. Nothing could get him down...

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