The Story of the Milligans

Vincent Milligan is a young man who, even through everything, can tell the story of his family. Through problems, misfits, an alcoholic father and everything in between, the family stuck together. Until one day. And that day broke the family. [BASED ON A TRUE STORY]


2. Mother

It all started on a sunny day in the garden.


Scott was helping mom walk around the paths as Monty ran through the fields, Jessica with him and Mike laughing.


Everyone was happy.


Even dad.


He was sitting on a bench as Monty ran up to him with some sunflowers.


Living in the middle of nowhere had its perks. We had a huge garden, some woods, a river, and even some hills. It was perfect. A little too perfect.


Mike walked over and sat next to dad quietly. Leaning forward slightly to rest his arms on his legs like the old man was doing.


I could hear them talking:


"How long?"


"Don't know."




Monty yelled for Mom but there was no answer. Until Scott's voice was heard, yelling for help.


We all rushed over, seeing mom on the ground, curled up. Dad picked her up and ran to the car as fast as he could, trampling over flowers even. We were all behind him, praying that mom would be okay.


The next few days were spent in the hospital. Monty would bring in flowers for mom. She would smile and rub his head gently, making him brighten the room with his smile. We all knew it wouldn't be too long till mom died. We didn't even know what she was dying from.


Only dad knew.


But he wouldn't tell us. He told us not to worry about it.


I always worried though.


Mom passed after a few days. She wouldn't eat or drink. She would just cough up blood. We were all torn.


But Dad was worse.


And that's what scared us the most...

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