The Story of the Milligans

Vincent Milligan is a young man who, even through everything, can tell the story of his family. Through problems, misfits, an alcoholic father and everything in between, the family stuck together. Until one day. And that day broke the family. [BASED ON A TRUE STORY]


1. From the Author

Life is hard.

We all know that.

But sometimes life can be great.

You just have to see it through the right eyes.

But other times...

Seeing it through someone else' eyes could be horror, sadness, and more


This is the story of the Milligans. A big family that I actually knew.


I wanted to write their story.


So I got some help from the second oldest, Vincent, and a little bit from Scott, the oldest.


I used to be great friends with all of them.


So here's to them. <3

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