Final Fantasy: Souls Connected

Soon after Geostigma Tifa met Tanya Frezar, a girl who was alone and independent. They became friends and Tanya told her of this mysterious male that she’s been having dreams of. Tanya had no clue who we was and how to describe him. Tanya will soon get answers to even things she didn’t understand. She’s abouts to find out the meaning of destiny.

SHOUT OUT TO FXRBIDDEN for your One Shots! I will be using somewhat similar motives from One Shot! They are named A drink for you, and Sick Days. I read all your one shots that I could find of yours about Cloud.


1. The Start

Tanya’s POV


           “Come on ____! Everyone is waiting for you!” the familiar voice of Tifa said.

“Alright Tifa I’m coming” the strange man with Golden Spiky Hair said as he walked down the stairs with large and loud steps.

          I awoke and sat on the cold wet grass. I sighed like I do everyday since I had these ‘dreams’ about the man with Golden Spiky Hair.

“When will these dreams stop?” I said to myself as I glided my hand through my long thick black hair. I got off the grass and wiped the water residue that was on me off. I grabbed my Buster Sword and put it on my back. I began to walk for about two miles before I sat down and ate the sandwich I made earlier. I heard rustling of the leaves and grabbed the hilt of my huge Buster Sword with my right hand. I raised an eyebrow

“Who’s there? Show yourself! I’m not scared of you” I said as my left arm began to bleed. I hissed at the pain as I attacked the figure that just made me bleed. My Buster Sword ended two inches from his face. I glared at him. “Todd, what are you doing here?” I asked even though I knew why he was here. His smirk was like a smile from the devil himself as he looked at my injured arm.

“Oh come on lil sis; you know why don’t you? It’s been the same for three years now. Me trying to kill you” he said and I glared at him with full hatred.

“Big brothers are suppose to care and protect his little sister, not harm! I told you not to call me lil sis! You are the most vial prick on this land!” I spatted at him as I swung my sword and it at his chest.

“It’s not over… Tanya” he said and shivers went up my spine. My name sounder like a curse the way it rolled off his tongue. I felt a presence behind me but dare not to move an inch.

“Hey you alright miss?” the voice said and I swore I heard that voice before. I held my huge sword in the air as I put it on my back

“I’m just perfect; just heading to Midgar to a place my friend works that’s all” I said and I heard a chuckle. Dam why haven’t I turned around to look at this strange person behind me.

“I think you’re arm needs some attention; I’m heading to Midar myself to meet up with a friend; I could take you there” he said and I nodded my head no

“Thanks mister but I am fine; Midgar is not that far from here; and the person I am heading to will get this fixed up.” I said and I heard a sigh.

“Look miss; that’s a fatal wound; you can’t walk five miles to Midgar.” he said and I sighed

“What’s your name?” I asked and I heard his head move a little.

“Cloud Strife and you?” he asked and I looked in front of myself.

“Tanya Frezar” I said as I turned around and my eyes went wide. His hair was Golden; Spikey and he looked just like the man I’ve had dreams off for three years.

“It’s… you” we both said in unison. My mind was in total shock right now. His name is Cloud Strife; the man that I wondered for so long of his name. The man with a motorcycle and a Buster Sword like mine.

“Look… I want to make sure that wound gets tended to. How about I take you to Seventh Heaven so my friend Tifa can fix that up” Cloud said and I nodded with a smile.

“Funny thing is; that’s where I was heading. Me and Tifa knew each other since after the Geostigma” I said and he looked at me with a smirk.

“Well that is a weird coincidence” he said and I nodded. I jumped on the back of his motorcycle. “You know these dreams connected us somehow” Cloud said.

“You had them as well?” I asked and he nodded

“I had dreams of your life; things like a man trying to kill you and other things” he said and I sighed

“Yeah… that’s Todd my brother. I still don’t understand why he wants me dead. I never did anything wrong; so what about the girl you loved? She ended up dying and you took it really really hard?” I asked and it was quiet.

“She was a good person, she didn’t deserve to die but she wants me to be happy so I am trying to be happy. Since I had these dreams of you; it began to fade. SO you have dreams of me two?” he asked and I nodded

“Very much so; it was the strangest things that I could go through.” I said as I looked at the scenery that passed by me. “You do you my wound is not fatal right? He barely got me; it’s already healing” I said and he nodded

“I guess so; but still need Tifa to do some finishing touches” he said and I nodded.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt” I said as I let the breathing air hit my face. I had the biggest smile on my face as we stopped. It was a red light; and the city was beautiful. It’s been about a year since I was last in Midgar. I saw the buildings that were outstanding with happy faces. It was so beautiful that I lost track of him stopping at a red light. I looked in front of me. It was amazing; the scenery that was shown to me. I was amazed at how the city looked now then it did when I left it. It was so depressing and now it’s happy and beautiful. I wonder how the church is doing. Is it still up and working? Has it flooded from rain that’s passed? I had to see it again one day. I looked at my pocket that contained a letter. I was going to give it to Tifa; this guy named Reno gave it to me. He had red hair and was a very fitted male. It was a nice day with the sun out. I was still upset that my brother is still trying to kill me.

“Hold on” Cloud said as he began the motorcycle again.

“Cloud where did you get this bike from?” I asked and he shrugged

“No clue; it’s been so long I forgot” he said with a nervous laugh. I chuckled at his reaction.

“Well it’s a nice bike. I would like one like this one day so I didn’t have to walk everywhere all the time” I said as I looked at the sky. It was a beautiful blue color that made me smile so much. We soon stopped at a cafe and my eyes went wide. In big bold letters it read

“The Seventh Heaven Cafe” and it was beautiful. Cloud put down his kickstand and took of his helmet. My mind was in shock as I got of the motorcycle.

“Tifa sure did spice it up from last time” I said and he nodded

“Yeah, Yuffie and Aerith helps her out alot” Cloud said and I looked at him

“Do they work with her?” I asked and he nodded

“Yeah; best friends to. So when did you meet Tifa?” Cloud asked and I shrugged.

“Oh about a month after Geostigma; it was still depressing but I heard this stream healed the people so it was happier than it was before” I said and he nodded.

“Geostigma was a ruff thing to have; it was painful and was given mostly to little kids” Cloud said as we both walked up to the doors of the Cafe.


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