Final Fantasy: Souls Connected

Soon after Geostigma Tifa met Tanya Frezar, a girl who was alone and independent. They became friends and Tanya told her of this mysterious male that she’s been having dreams of. Tanya had no clue who we was and how to describe him. Tanya will soon get answers to even things she didn’t understand. She’s abouts to find out the meaning of destiny.

SHOUT OUT TO FXRBIDDEN for your One Shots! I will be using somewhat similar motives from One Shot! They are named A drink for you, and Sick Days. I read all your one shots that I could find of yours about Cloud.


9. The Day for Cloud

Tanya’s POV

Back few years, Cloud was smiling. He had all his friends on his birthday: his special day

     I awoke and had a huge grin on my face. It was Cloud’s birthday! He went to get some delieveres done. I set up the gifts. He had two large ones, three big ones, four medium ones, five smaller ones, and four tiny ones. I made it into a smooth looking pyramid. Yuffie was baking the cake, it was Red Velvet with Chocolate Icing. Aeirth and Leon were making and putting up the decorations. Cid and Reno was making coffee and other kinds of drinks. Marleen and Denzel were putting the cards by the gifts. I was so excited! I wanted to see the look on Cloud’s face when he walked through that door. An out passed and he opened the door

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLOUD!” We yelled and his eyes went wide. He smiled as we sang Happy Birthday and ate the cake. It was sooo good. We then began the gifts. Aeirth gave him a lion necklace and ring and her card read

‘Happy B-Day!’ Marleen made him a glass and a bowl and her card read

‘You are the best!’ Yuffie had got him a lion keychain and lion head key, her card read

‘Have a lion of a Birthday’ Leon gave him two lion swords and had no card. Cid got him a coffee cup and a holster no card. Denzel got him two lion figures and his card read

‘Cloud you are awesome and so is your B-Day!’ Reno got him two sword sheeths and had no card. Tifa hot him two lion shirts and her card read

‘Happy B-Day to the strongest man of the male race’ she said and now it was my turn. I handed him the first gift and he opened it to be a back cover for his Buster Sword. Next was the lion hilt for the sword. My card reads

‘Happy Birthday Cloud,

          We’ve known each other for a short amount of time, like a month. Still it didn’t stop us from becoming friends. The things we shared together makes me know you and you to know me so well. I decided to make you a card, I thank you for all you have done. Now it is you’re turn to have a good time!’ He smiled at us and gave us all hugs.

“Thanks guys, these are amazing gifts” he said and we all smiled. Everyone gave him his final wishes as they left. It was now just me and Cloud.

“Hey can I ask you something?’ he asked and I nodded

“Sure what’s up?” I asked and he looked at me

“Today is my birthday, I feel like it’s something else as well” he said and I smiled

“Well on my birthday I started the dreams about you, so maybe it was the same as yours?” I asked and he smiled

“That’s it! It’s been three years since I had those dreams!” he said and I laughed.

“Weird huh? We only met a short time ago and now here we are talking about dreams that’s been going on for three years” I said and he nodded

“Yeah who knew right? So strange, yet amazing” he said and I laughed at him.

“Yeah I know, i’m glad we met Cloud. My life isn’t now alone, it’s with amazing friends like you, Tifa, Yuffie, Cid, Aerith, and the others” I said and he smiled.

“Well I’m going to call it a night” he said and I nodded

“Night” I said as he walked up the stairs. I looked at the darkness outside and smiled. I turned and headed upstairs and to my room. I took my shower and sat on my bed, I had no idea what to do now, what was up with everything and all the things that’s been going on. I decided to write in my journal.

“Today was a perfect day, Cloud loved his birthday and not to mention the gifts We talked about the dreams once everyone left and figured out we both started on our birthdays. So for him it’s been exactly three years since he started the dream and me three years and about a month. I am so glad I met Cloud, he’s a good person and he’s kind. A great friend and someone I can talk to. I should probably tell him about Todd but it’s scary. What if he rejects me after that? I just can’t risk losing Cloud as a friend”

I put my journal away and fell asleep.

-Next Day-

I awoke and smiled as I yawned. I went down the stairs to see Tifa making coffee.

“Can you pour me some?” I asked and she nodded

“Sure why not” she said with a laugh and I laughed at her.

“Here ya go” she said as she gave me some coffee.

“Thanks Tifa” I said and she smiled at me. Cloud walked down stairs and had a smile on his face.

“Hey, can I get some Tifa?” Cloud asked and she nodded as she gave him some. He sat by me and looked at Tifa, Marleen ran down stairs.

“Morning!” she said with a smile and I laughed. Marleen and Denzel were the cutest, especially when it comes to Cloud being like a brother to them.

“How’d you sleep Marleen?” Tifa asked and Marleen smiled

“I slept good! I had the best dream ever!” she said and we laughed at her.

“Oh was it that good?” I asked and she nodded

“It was the best ever!” she said with a huge smile. Denzel walked down the stairs looking tired. Tifa walked up to him and gave him the biggest hug.

“Morning sleepy head, want some hot breakfast?” she asked and Denzel nodded.

“Yes please” he said as he yawned and Cloud laughed as he messed up Denzel’s hair.

“I’m gonna do my rounds, You can eat, but make sure the mail get to the owners” Cloud said and I nodded.

“Alright Cloud” I said as he left. Tifa had made some pancakes and they smelled amazing. She gave me a plate with two pancakes on it. I put syrup on them and began to eat them. A smile was planted on my face as I finished my food and waved Tifa, Marleen, and Denzel off. I hopped on my bike and started to deliver the mail. It’s a beautiful day here in Midgar, let’s just hope that Todd doesn’t ruin Midgar. I needed to make sure that this feud was gone but how? He hated me and was trying to kill me. I sighed as I made it the my first stop, I gave the mail to the person and continued my rounds. When I was done I decided to make a stop at the Church. I looked at the place and smiled to myself. Just then something my mom said struck me.

“Tanya, this Church, and the flowers are important to me. Not as much as you and you’re brothers but they mean something to me. Make sure no matter what nothing happens to it” Her voice rang in my ears and I smiled

“I promise, I will do my best to make sure this church does not get ruined” I said to myself as I headed back to the cafe.


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