Final Fantasy: Souls Connected

Soon after Geostigma Tifa met Tanya Frezar, a girl who was alone and independent. They became friends and Tanya told her of this mysterious male that she’s been having dreams of. Tanya had no clue who we was and how to describe him. Tanya will soon get answers to even things she didn’t understand. She’s abouts to find out the meaning of destiny.

SHOUT OUT TO FXRBIDDEN for your One Shots! I will be using somewhat similar motives from One Shot! They are named A drink for you, and Sick Days. I read all your one shots that I could find of yours about Cloud.


15. The Christmas Game

-Time Skip to Christmas-

Third Person POV

It was Christmas and everyone was excited. Tanya thought of a really fun way to give the gifts out this year. She called it ‘The Christmas Game’ everyone sat in a circle with the gifts behind them.

“Aeirth, you decided the order of who you give your gifts out and then do it” Tanya said and Aeirth nodded. She walked around in the order of who she wanted the gifts to be given to. Tanya got blue decal for her bike, Cloud a lion decal for his bike, Tifa a new set of black gloves, Reno a new headband, Marleen and Denzel a bike, Yuffie a black shirt, Cid some Coffee Cups, and Leon a brand new sword.

“Lil’ bro you’re turn” Tanya said and Leon gave out his gifts. He got Tanya a ‘sis’ bracelet, Cloud a new helmet, Tifa shoes that matched her gloves, Marleen and Denzel for the bike Aeirth gave them, Yuffie got a new weapon, Cid got some tech stuff, and Aeirth a new pink dress.

“Cid you’re up!” Tanya said with a smile and Cid smiled. He gave Tanya and Cloud matching phones, Tifa and Reno matching mugs, Marleen and Denzel some toys, an Leon and Aeirth some blankets.

“Yuffie you’re up” Tanya said and Yuffie smiled. She got Tanya and Cloud gloves, Tifa a new drink set, Reno a new shirt, Marleen and Denzel some clothing, Cid a ‘tech’ mug and gave Leon and Aeirth new membership cards for Radiant Garden.

“Denzel and Marleen” Tanya saud and they both jumped up with a smile. They had made cards for everyone and it was so nice and thoughtful.

“Reno” Tanya said and everyone smiled. Reno got Tanya a picture of everyone at the church, Cloud a picture frame, Tifa a ‘honey’ tea cup, Marleen and Denzel some boots, Yuffie and Cid matching mugs and Leon and Aeirth some pillows.

“Tifa” Tanya said and Tifa nodded as she handed out her gifts. She gave the adults some alcohol beverages and Marleen and Denzel some toys.

“Cloud” Tanya said and laughed as Cloud gave his gifts out. He got Tanya a necklace that said ‘4 Ever’ on it. Tifa a new set of boots, Reno a watch, The kids got toys, Yuffie and Cid got matching hats, and Leon a sword, and Aeirth a dress.

“Alright Tanya you’re go” Cloud said and she smiled. She got Cloud a new lion outfit, Tifa a new outfit, Reno a ‘man’ necklace, The kids got some flowers, Cid got a tech buzzer, Yuffie got gloves, Leon a lil’ bro outfit, and Aeirth some gloves.

“That’s all of them, Merry Christmas” Tanya said as she leaned on Cloud.

“Man oh man! These are the best!” Cid said and Tanya laughed.

“Cloud will you help me?” she asked holding out the necklace and he nodded

“Well of course m’lady” he said and helped her put on the necklace. She hugged him and kissed him

“My favorite gift” she mumbled and he smiled. It was a really great Christmas and in a few more days and so, New Year’s will come and it will be time for the double wedding.

Tanya’s POV

Christmas turned out perfect and everyone loved the way I got the gifts given out. I really had a great time, I touched the necklace Cloud gave me and smiled. It was a nice gift and I enjoyed it. Christmas turned out great this year with friends and family, I never knew how much life could treat me with the way I was now. It was now time to get ready fo New Years, for it’s gift was coming soon of a double wedding.

“Tanya come on!” Cloud said and I smiled

“Alright Cloud!” I yelled as we left the Cafe and to the dark night. I looked at the stars and smiled, my life was now better now that I didn’t have to look behind me every minute of my life.

“Look Tanya” Cloud said as I looked to see the light bugs come out and I smiled as my breath showed.

“Wow… it’s amazing Cloud” I said and he smiled as he looked at me.

“Yeah… I love the light that they shine, it’s beautiful” he said with a smile. I looked into his piercing beautiful blue eyes as the light of the light bugs shines around us. I leaned my face in as my lips became one with his. The feeling like always was like a thousand fireworks going off. Once we seperated my lips felt lonely and I looked at him with a smile.

“Still fireworks…” I said and he smiled as our hands entwined as we walked back to the Cafe. This Christmas was really the best of all of them. I smiled as we gave each other one last kiss as we walked into our rooms. I got out my journal and began to write in it.

‘Today was a good Christmas, we all had gifts from everyone and not to mention that kiss me and Cloud shared. Now it’s just a few days till the double wedding that will come on New Years. January First will be the day where love with come and it’s so exciting, just to think that all this time I felt sorrow and pain, I now feel happy and the feeling of love. My mom always told me of the time that I had left, I never understood what she means, but now I know that life is precious and you will never know when life will take it’s toll.’

I wrote down and closed by journal and smiled as I put it away and took my shower. I then laid in my bed smiling at the ceiling till I fell asleep.

Cloud’s POV

I was in my bed looking out the window wondering about the double wedding that was going to take place on New Years. I smiled as I think of all the times that I have had over these years and this year was amazing. I never knew that someone can make me so happy even if I barely knew her besides the dreams of her. I looked as the night sky through my window. I sighed as a smile crept on my face as I laid in my bed. I think about what I was told by many of my friends and smiled as I closed my eyes and I soon fell asleep. It was warm and nice to finally after all these years to have a peaceful sleep.

Tanya’s POV

I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the window to see nothing but streets and a cat. The cat was sitting down near the street and it looked up at me and meows I think. I then got up and walked away. I wondered why that cat meowed at me and then I saw the way it was heading and thought to myself of what Todd told me once before the hatred of us began.

Cats are like us you see, they don’t deal with crap but they also are afraid of something. For them, we are their worst nightmares because we can summon water. That’s the one thing besides dogs they fear. I wonder sometimes how it is to be a cat, that will be my next life if it’s real

I laughed to myself as I fell back asleep.


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