Final Fantasy: Souls Connected

Soon after Geostigma Tifa met Tanya Frezar, a girl who was alone and independent. They became friends and Tanya told her of this mysterious male that she’s been having dreams of. Tanya had no clue who we was and how to describe him. Tanya will soon get answers to even things she didn’t understand. She’s abouts to find out the meaning of destiny.

SHOUT OUT TO FXRBIDDEN for your One Shots! I will be using somewhat similar motives from One Shot! They are named A drink for you, and Sick Days. I read all your one shots that I could find of yours about Cloud.


3. Sun's Golden Rays

Tanya’s POV

             In the church I call my safe haven I saw Cloud laying in the flowers.

“My safe heaven is here too; I lived here when Geostigma was around”

                I awoke and took another shower. It was so nice as I put my clothing on. I walked out the cafe and began to walk. I was going to walk to the church. I walked in to see the golden flowers. I smiled as I walked closer. I saw Cloud and it was incredible. His hair matched the golden hue that the flowers had. I saw that his eyes were closed and smiled.

“Hey Cloud” I said and his eyes opened

“Hey Tanya, did TIfa tell you about this church?” he asked and I nodded no.

“Nope; yesterday after you left we were talking about Safe Heaven’s and I thought I should come here” I said and he looked a little confused

“Why come here?” he asked and I laughed

“It’s my Safe Haven. My mom planted the flowers here before she died three years ago. I came here to feel safe” I said and he laughed

“Well when I meet your mom on the other side I’m going to make sure I thank her” he said and I looked at him so confused.

“May I ask you why?” I said and he nodded

“My safe hean us here too; I lived here when Geostigma was around” he said and I shook my head shocking. It was just like my dream last night.

“Yeah, this place is amazing” I said with a smile as I smelt the flowers. The smlt so nice, it was like homemade cookies fresh from the oven.

“Hey Tanya?” Cloud asked and I looked at him

“Yes?” I replied

“Do you know the name of these golden flowers?” he asked and I shook my head no.

“Nope; no clue at all. I called them The Golden Flowers because of the hue” I  said and he sat up and gave a smile.

“Oh well I called them the Sun’s Rays because they looked like the sun’s yellow hue” he said and i gave a slight smile as an Idea hit my head like a thousand light bulbs went off.

“Hey what about we give them a name? I mean this place is both our Safe Haven! So what shall it be? Shall we name the beautiful nameless flowers?” I asked and he nodded with a slight smile.

“Sure but what name shall we name it?” he asked and I gave a thinking face. I tapped my foot and scratched my head till I had an idea and smiled.

“Hey what about Sun’s Golden Rays? It’s a combination of the two different names we gave them” I said and he thought for a second. He then had a smile on his face.

“Sure, it sounds amazing to me” he said and I smiled.

“The Sun’s Golden rays; with the hue of the sun,

It’s so bright that I can’t even run.

The Golden smell of cookies that we had bake;

Oh how I love that the Sun’s Golden Rays are not fake” I said and smiled

“Such a lovely name, a lovely sight. Here at the church, with the Sun’s Golden Rays’ light” Cloud said and I smiled.

“Who knew a big and tough man like you could rhyme like that?” I asked and laughed. Two kids ran up with Tifa not to far behind.

“Thought I find you guys here. When Tanya mentioned it yesterday I had to come here” Tifa said and the little girl looked up at me.

“You Tanya right? I’m Marleen and this is my brother Denzel! Are you and Cloud friends?” she asked and I gave her a smile

“I reckon we are; he is a friend of Tifa’s and I’m her friend” I said

“SO i’m your friend? YAY!” she said and I nodded

“Yup! So is your cute little brother Denzel” I said and he blushed.

“T-T-Thanks; you pretty T-T-Tanya” he said and I laughed

“Thanks Denzel; for a young boy, you're not so shabby yourself” I said and Cloud laughed.

“She’s right about that” he said as he messed up Denzel’s hair. We all walked out the church and I smiled.

Cloud’s POV

Tanya walked up the stairs and Tifa smiled.

“So Tanya’s birthday is tomorrow, any clue what she wants?” she asked me and I thought and remembered what she said about a motorcycle.

“She told me that she would like a motorcycle like mine” I said and she smiled

“Really? That’s great! Let’s see I heard that Noku’s Bike Shop was having a sell let’s go!” she said and I walked to the bike shop. I saw one that was dark red with gold flames.

“Wow Tifa look at this one; it’s the same model as mine and everything” Cloud said and Tifa nodded

“Tanya’s going to love it! And it’s only 50? Even better!” Tifa said and I laughed as she picked the helmet. It matched the bike and had the decals that read

 ‘Ride and Die’ on it with gold letters. We told Marleen and Denzel and they decided to make a card for her. They had made the colors dark red and gold. I laughed at them as me and Tifa started to make the cake. She called everyone to tell them about Tanya’s birthday party surprise. They all came to help us make this party happen. The cake was chocolate with dark red icing and the words

‘Happy Birthday’ was gold. We kept to the color of her motorcycle because it was her big present. We all agreed to let her think we didn’t know and then once she comes back we yell

“Surprise” I thought that it wasn’t a good idea but Tifa said it wasn't good it was perfect.

“Alright let’s get the stuff ready” Tifa said and they all nodded. We all began to work really hard on getting the things ready. I went and hid the motorcycle so she wouldn’t see it.

“Cloud let’s get some sleep” Tifa said and I nodded

“Yeah” I said as I walked into the cafe, up the stairs, and to my room. I grabbed my clothes and took me a hot shower then went to my room and laid on me bed and soon I was passed out on my bed. It was so soft and warm. It was like a million people were snuggling me.

Tifa’s POV

I took my shower and smiled. Tanya was going to love her surprise party that we had in store for her. I went to my room and hummed my song as I soon fell asleep.



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