Final Fantasy: Souls Connected

Soon after Geostigma Tifa met Tanya Frezar, a girl who was alone and independent. They became friends and Tanya told her of this mysterious male that she’s been having dreams of. Tanya had no clue who we was and how to describe him. Tanya will soon get answers to even things she didn’t understand. She’s abouts to find out the meaning of destiny.

SHOUT OUT TO FXRBIDDEN for your One Shots! I will be using somewhat similar motives from One Shot! They are named A drink for you, and Sick Days. I read all your one shots that I could find of yours about Cloud.


7. Sick Days

Cloud’s POV

  -Three days later-

             I was still sick, I wasn’t feeling good at all when I woke up. I had a headache and I was sneezing like crazy. I heard a knock on the door.

“Come on in” I answered and I wondered who it was. I looked to see pots… wait pots came to visit me?
“Hey Cloud how ya feel?” It asked… wait they can talk?! I must me going insane right now.

“Uh… I think I’m going insane” I answered. WHY IN THE HELL DID I ANSWER? I soon saw a concerned face of Tanya.

“What why?” she asked and I laughed.

“Oh thank god! I thought a talking pot came to visit me! I thought I was going insane!” I answered and she laughed

“Oh really? Tifa wanted me to fix this up for you and bring it up” she said as she got a bowl and put the soup in it and then gave it to me.

“Thanks, hey did you have any dream last night?” I asked and she nodded with a slight blush.

“Yeah… rather not talk about it though, what about you?” she asked and I looked confused then the memory of the dream came back in my head.

Tanya was laying on my chest, she was fast asleep. My body felt sore, I shifted and she woke up.

“Oh Thank God Cloud! Are you okay?” she asked and I nodded

“Yeah, what happened? My body is so sore” I asked and she had a weird face on her

“Well..” she said

I jerked back into reality.

“It was weird, rather not talk about it as well” I said and she nodded.

“Alright I don’t blame you” she said with a smile. She was still after a week and so shook about the fire, she didn’t need to hear my weird dream. She smiled as she left me in my room to rest.

-Six Days Later-

Tanya’s POV

    Cloud was feeling better again and was doing his delivers. I am still working at Tifa’s Cafe, she said I should join Cloud as a deliverer. I told her I would think about it. Cloud said I could join whenever I wanted to. He was grateful that I had helped me get better. He is still upset that Tifa had made him drunk, then he got sick the day after. I was still a little shocked that Cloud and Tifa wasn’t a thing, but I was a little relieved. I thought of Cloud alot and I’m glad Tifa’s with Reno and not Cloud. Leon walked in and I gave him a smile

“Welcome Leon, are you here for some food or you’re girl?” I asked and he laughed

“I’m here for both” he said and I nodded. I sat him at a table with Reno and Cid.

“What would you like today?” I asked and took their orders. I gave Yuffie the orders and she made the food. I gave it to them and Cid smiled.

“Tell Yuffie Cid loves her food!” Cid said and I nodded

“Will do!” I said and saw Cloud sat down at a table.

“Ready to order?” I asked as I walked up and he nodded

“Yuffie’s burger” he said and I nodded. I told Yuffie ad she nodded and made it. I gave Cloud his food and saw Aeirth. I plopped on the other side of the booth Cloud was in.

“Finally, Aerith's shift” I said and Cloud chuckled.

“So you thought about joining the delivery service? It pays more and it’s fun” he said and I looked at him

“Oh yeah? How much?” I asked laughing and he smiled

“Oh lets see, here it’s ten a month, so mine is fifteen a month” he asked and I laughed

“Wow that’s a whole five dollars!” I said with a laugh and he laughed to.

“So you in?” he asked and I nodded

“Sure, I barely got to ride my bike!” I said and he laughed

“Tomorrow, with these” he said and have me the letters and I nodded. I smiled with a nod and gave Tifa my apron.

“So you taking Cloud’s offer? Nice choice Tanya” Tifa said and I smiled

“Thanks, if you need help I will be glad to!” I said and she smiled

“Well I think we can handle, even though it might get rough” she said and I laughed at her.

“That’s sooo funny Tifa” I said and she smiled

“Well thanks, that’s my job!” she said and I rolled my eyes at her. She did not understand what I meant by that, and she did and was being a smart ass.

“I’m going to head up, see you tomorrow guys” I said as I walked up the stairs. I sighed as I took my shower and sat on my bed. I looked at a journal that belonged to my mom. I opened it

“I love my children, I just hope Todd knows his father was a rude man, Tanya understands… she loves her little brother Squall. Todd just says Squall is not a Frezar, he’s just a half. Tanya sticks up for her little brother. I am so proud of them”  I read out loud and a tear escaped my eye. I skipped to the last page.

“I just planted the flowers with Tanya, Todd is away with that man I used to love, Squall goes by Leon now. Tanya is the only one that takes care of me. Todd says that he’s the man of the family and he will take care of us. Tanya is such a sweet girl, how will I be able to tell her… I’m sick… that I don’t have much… time to …” I read out loud but couldn’t finish as tears fell down. I didn’t know it was going to be like this. She knew she was sick, and she didn’t tell me. She could’ve lived if she told me, or even Todd. Was it unable to be healed? What exactly killed my mother? Why was she so sick and didn’t even tell me, and she ended up dying on my birthday? Why oh why did she do this to me.

“Oh I wish I could tell her… but what’s the point? The doctor says… it’s incurable… he says it’s better… if my kids… didn’t know… oh my poor Tanya, I know you are now reading this crying your eyes out… I am so sorry I didn’t tell you. I am more sorry that my last day is either on or around your birthday. I love you three so much, Tell Todd and Squall that I love them with all my heart and nothing will stop that my dear Tanya, live and be happy. Do not mourn my death, I want you to live free” I read and tears fell as I fell asleep.


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