Final Fantasy: Souls Connected

Soon after Geostigma Tifa met Tanya Frezar, a girl who was alone and independent. They became friends and Tanya told her of this mysterious male that she’s been having dreams of. Tanya had no clue who we was and how to describe him. Tanya will soon get answers to even things she didn’t understand. She’s abouts to find out the meaning of destiny.

SHOUT OUT TO FXRBIDDEN for your One Shots! I will be using somewhat similar motives from One Shot! They are named A drink for you, and Sick Days. I read all your one shots that I could find of yours about Cloud.


13. Fixing The Church

Tanya’s POV

The next morning, I woke up to Cloud playing with my hair.

“Morning” I said as I at up and yawned

“Mornin” he replied with a chuckle. I smiled at him as I was taken in his memorizing blue eyes. I finally after many years had a dreamless sleep. We both got up from the bed and he flinched. I smiled as I put water on the wound, and it was now gone.

“So I gained that gift because of the water you put in me?” he asked and I nodded as he put on a clean shirt.

“Yeah pretty much, weird thing id, I had a dreamless sleep” I said and he smiled

“I had a dream, but It wasn’t weird. It was like a dream that made you and me happy” he replied and I smiled. We gave each other a kiss and then I looked at him.

“So… what are we going to tell Tifa and the others?” I asked and he looked at me.

“We should tell them the truth” he said and we nodded as we left the room and started down stairs. When we made it down there everyone was shocked to see Cloud.

“How is that even possible? That wound was fatal!” Tifa said and we looked at them.

“I have this gift, to heal and that’s what I did” I said and they smiled

“Your gift is amazing sis” Leon said and Cloud nodded.

“It really is, thank you” Cloud said and I smiled.

“No problem Cloud! Oh guys we have an announcement!” I said and everyone looked at us

“What will that be?” Tifa said and Cloud was red.

“Me and T-T-Tanya are a c-c-cople” Cloud said stuttering and I laughed and everyone smiled.

“FINALLY!” Tifa and Reno yelled and I began to blush with Cloud.

“Come on to where the church use to be!” Yuffie said and we looked at her.

“Why?” I asked and she smiled

“We will fix it!” Yuffie said ad we all headed to the church. I was so excited. We were actually going to fix the church. Cloud’s hand was entwined with mine as they told us how to fix it up, now it will be whole again.

Cloud’s POV

“I need some wood!” Tanya yelled and Yuffie walked to her and gave her some. She was excited to fix the church and I smiled.

“I need some nails!” she said and I gave her some.

“I’m glad to see you so happy” I said and she smiled

“Well yeah! We are rebuilding the safe heaven we share, why not be excited?” she asked and I laughed at her. We were all working really hard. Marleen and Denzel was working on a secret mission that Tifa sent them on. A few hours passed  and the church was like it was. Marleen and Denzel gave Tanya they seeds and she looked at them. “What is this?” she asked and Marleen nodded.

“Well, we found a store with nameless golden flowers, they said a lady gave them to the store before she had died and we saw the picture. We knew it so we bought them” Marleen said and Tanya smailed.

“The Sun’s Golden Rays? They are saved!” Tanya yelled as she hugged Marleen and Denzel.

“Thanks you guys, this means a lot to her” I said and they smiled

“No problem! She’s our friend to you know!” Denzel said and Tanya hugged me. She then planted the seeds and smiled. Tifa smiled as she gave the kids a high five.

“Good Job finding them kids” Tifa said and the kids smiled.

“Thank You!” they said as they walked away.

Tanya’s POV

Everyone besides me and Cloud had left the newly made church. I was so happy that we rebuild it, and not to mention having the flowers that me and Cloud named together. It got dark and I was thinking about all that’s happened today and yesterday. Cloud and me were now a couple, even though we knew each other even before we met face to face. The weirdest feeling when I am around him. I feel safe when I am near him, when he almost died my heart dropped and I felt unsafe.

“Cloud…” I said and he hugged me from the back and leaned his head on my shoulder.

“Hmmm” he replied and my face was red as what I was about to say would be embarrassing.

“This is a little embarrassing, but… I think you are my new safe haven….” I said and he replied with a chuckle.

“Well that’s not embarrassing, it’s the truth… and you are my safe haven to” he said as he kissed my cheek. I blushed madly at the comment.

“Is that so?” I said and I felt him nod.

“Yup, you are a great person, you saved my life, made me feel better when I was sick, so why not?” he asked and I laughed as we decided to walk back to the cafe. We look at the stars and smiled. We made it back to the cafe and everyone was asleep. We gave each other a hu and shared a kiss before we went to our separate rooms and laid down. I took my shower and got out my journal.

‘Status Upgraded, I am now taken. No longer single pringle Tanya Frezar. Cloud Strife and me are now a couple. Alert Alert we are a couple.’

I laughed as I started to write again

‘Okay now that the funnies are out, let’s get real. Me and Cloud really are a couple, but also the sad news is Todd is dead, I killed him. It was a horrible sight, he still after he died made me worry because he had made Cloud really injured, but I healed him, thank you god. Also,Well I should call it a night, but I can’t sleep! Man this sucks!

I laughed as I closed my journal and put it away. I sighed as I looked at the day. I soon fell asleep and I heard something that my mom said in my sleep that made me have the best dreams in the world.

“This is the night to be happy, no more pain and no more sorrows, live your life and be happy. No more sorrow and no more pain, live and live happy with the man you love, I am happy to see you smiling for real. My dear Tanya, do not be afraid and scared for he will protect you”




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