The Living Dead Girls

A story of two girls that are made by a mad scientist and deny they are monsters


2. Their life now


    They decided to move to a more civilized place where more people lived. They heard there was a small town on the outskirts of the forest. They heard this from a group of teenage boys walking around in the forest. I know you're wondering how did the boys not see the mansion. Well they didn't see it because Sally and Frankie's father had made a machine that made the house invisible. You're also probably wondering why the girls heard them. Well, they were talking rather loudly about how they should get back to town before dark. The girls packed and went out of the house. They wore invisible cloaks so the boys wouldn't see them. The boys headed back to town about noon. The girls just before entering took off their cloaks. People were astonished by them. Sally and Frankie knew they weren't normal. They were just lonely wanted people to talk to. They wanted friends and a nicer place to live. So, they greeted the town's people and asked if they could stay. The people said yes, that they could stay as long as they worked. So, the girls thanked them and stayed. The people gave them a cottage that was close to the forest. 

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