The Living Dead Girls

A story of two girls that are made by a mad scientist and deny they are monsters


4. The others


      Frankie and Sally went to their cottage to go over the list. They guessed that Tinna and the Season Sisters are related but what about the God Boys. Could they have been the group of boys the girls followed out of the forest? Albert they already knew he wasn't human. The God Boys what about them?  The girls had a feeling it was the group of boys they followed out of the forest.  When the girls saw the boys in the forest they sensed they weren't normal but they didn't bother to think they were immortal. The next day the girls go to school and ask the girls they met yesterday

and asked them what the God Boys look like.The girls told Sally and Frankie the description of the boys one by one.

Zari has hair the color of fire, blue eyes, and pale white skin and he had fangs like a vampire. Zane has hair the color of water, red eyes, and gray skin and he had no fangs. Ari has long gray hair, purple eyes, and peach skin. Lokis has long jet black hair, forest green eyes, and peach skin. Thorn has long blond hair, stormy blue eyes, and peach skin. Sun has hair the color of the sun, sky blue eyes, and light orange skin. The next day Frankie and Sally went back to school and sat with the group of girls at lunchtime. Sally and Frankie asked what Tinna and her sisters look like. First, the group described Tinna. Tinna had dirty blonde hair, bangs that covered both eyes, a patch of pink dragon scales on her right cheek, and bronze colored dragon wings, she also had tan colored skin. Next, they described Autumn. Autumn had amber hair, her eyes were the color of dead leaves, she had a mask of fall colored leaves around her eyes, and skin the color of dead leaves. Winter was described after Autumn. Winter had frost blue hair, eyes the color of ice, a mask of frost blue snowflakes around her eyes, and skin the color of snow. Spring came after Winter. Spring had hair the color of a meadow, eyes the color of a flower stem, a mask of bright pink roses around her eyes, and tan skin. Summer came after Spring. Summer had hair the color of a summer sun, forest green eyes, a mask of summer flowers around her eyes, and tan skin.

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