The Living Dead Girls

A story of two girls that are made by a mad scientist and deny they are monsters


8. The Curse



   The next morning Frankie and Sally woke up but they didn't quite feel like themselves. They felt like making chaos and being mischievous and evil. They only wanted to listen to one person they didn't know. As they were thinking Sir Z stepped out of the shadows. He gave them orders to act like themselves when people where around and looking at them but  as soon as they were alone he wanted them to be as evil as they could. So they went about their normal day activities but as soon as no one was looking or around they did things that not even they would do as pranks. Sir Z had successfully made Frankie and Sally his minions and he was getting away with it or so he thought. Frankie and Sally's friends had met Sir Z that morning and felt that there was something about him that made them feel uneasy. They also notice Sally and Frankie weren't quite themselves either. They made the conclusion that last night somehow Sir Z had put a spell on them. Sally and Frankie's friends made it their mission to figure out how to break this curse. Now this curse made the people it was put on see the goodness in the curser. So, if Frankie and Sally's  friends make Sally and Frankie see that Sir Z was bad. They could possibly break the curse. So, they made a plan a plan that would hopefully break the curse. They put a spell on Sir Z to make him be aggressive toward Sally and Frankie. It broke the curse now all they had to do was find Sir Z's weakness. They studied Sir Z's action and behavior. They found out all he wanted was to be understood. Being understood was his weakness.

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