The Living Dead Girls

A story of two girls that are made by a mad scientist and deny they are monsters


3. How they live



     Sally and Frankie work at a workshop and attend Dragon high school. The town is called Dragonville because dragons used to live around there. A tall young man with jet black hair, cat-like eyes his eyes are the color of the sun, and round glasses had hired the girls. He often wore long waist jackets, suspenders, and bow ties. His name is Alfred Fireheart. He asked Sally and Frankie how they came to exist. Sally thought he seemed trustworthy enough so she told him, Frankie pitched in. After he told her he was a scientist and wanted help in his lab. Also, Albert is not human he is half cat. So the girls trusted him even more because they felt he understood them. People stared at them a lot at school.  The people knew that Frankie and Sally were different but they couldn't help but stare. The people aren't used to the girls quite yet. Some girls from school tried to talk to them and become friends. The group of school girls told the girls there are other people who aren't human either. Frankie and Sally smiled at the girls and said thank you. The schoolgirls gave them a list of people who weren't human.

The list is below

Albert Fireheart

Tinna Seasons 

The Season Sisters:  Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer

The God Boys: Zari, Zane, Ari, Lokis, Thorn, and Sun




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