The Living Dead Girls

A story of two girls that are made by a mad scientist and deny they are monsters


9. Getting Rid of Sir Z's anger



   The next morning Sally,Frankie and the others found Sir Z and invited him to have breakfast with them. They met him at the Mad Hatter Cafe that later that morning. Then they started asking Sir Z why he did the things he did. Sir Z told them that he was always teased for looking like a demon. He thought the only way to stop was to act like a demon. Everybody nodded confirming that they understood. Slowly Sir Z's anger melted away. He smiled and looked at all of them. He thanked them for listening and talking to him. He said that he should probably leave town and the other told him he could stay. That they explain would to everyone why he put the spell on Frankie and Sally and ensured him that they would understand. He smiled and asked where he would live. Sally and Frankie looked at each other nodded and smiled. They looked back at Sir Z and said our house. Sir Z was so happy he had finally found friends and a family. That is the story of the Living Dead girls and their life thank you for reading. Hoped you enjoyed and feel like you know the characters. Sorry it's short you choose what happens next in their life. Enjoy writing new stories about my characters. This is my last story until school  starts again. I hope you've enjoyed my stories and the characters as much as I've enjoyed writing them and making the characters. Good bye and keep writing,reading and having fun.

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