The Living Dead Girls

A story of two girls that are made by a mad scientist and deny they are monsters


6. Finding the Seasons



     Frankie and Sally woke up early the next morning and got ready to go to work. When they arrived Albert wasn't there yet. So, they went to the Mad Hatter Cafe for some breakfast. Sally had a scone, a blueberry muffin and a cup of french vanilla.  Frankie had a tart, a piece of pumpkin bread and a cup of cocoa. By the time they got back to the workshop Albert was trying to open the door open. Frankie asked if she could try, Albert turned and gave her the key. Frankie turned the key and got the door open. Sally turned on the lights and Albert got everything ready. Frankie changed the sign to Open. They work on Albert's new invention while waiting for a customer. At that very moment a girl with dirty blonde hair, bangs that were so long they covered both eyes, a patch of pink dragon scales on one cheek, and two big bronze dragon wings. She matched the description that Sally and Frankie were given by the school girls. Sally ask the girl what she needed help with. She puts a robot griffin on the counter and says that she needs help fixing it. Sally asked if she was Tinna Seasons. Tinna replies yes and ask Sally what her name is. Then, Tinna asked Frankie her name. Albert starts examining the griffin, Sally grabs the tools, and Frankie gets snacks and drinks. Tinna ask Sally and Frankie how they were made. This, time Frankie speaks up and tells the story, while Sally and Albert worked on the griffin. Tinna and Frankie talk about Tinna's sisters and Tinna's powers. Sally and Albert finished working on the griffin. It was already closing time so they all helped Albert close shop. Tinna asked If Sally and Frankie would like to come over for dinner. They accepted Tinna's invite and Tinna became their friend. They walked to Tinna's house and met Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. They all became really good friends.

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