The Living Dead Girls

A story of two girls that are made by a mad scientist and deny they are monsters


5. Finding the others


    Frankie and Sally used their knowledge of what the others look like to find them. First, they found Zane, Zari, and Ari. They talked to them. Zane asked why Frankie and Sally followed them out of the forest. The girls told them they got quite lonely in the forest even though they had each other for company. Zane understood them and quickly became their friend. Zari asked how they were made, Sally looked him over and decided he was trustworthy enough. So, she told him the same story she told Alfred and Frankie joined in. Zari liked them and understood they were different and became their friend. Ari couldn't talk so he wrote in a notepad to ask them how old they are. They said they are 82 years old. Ari decided to be their friend too. The boys were in shock and surprised at how old they were.  Sally and Frankie told them they wanted to meet the other boys. Frankie asked them politely if they were really immortal. The boys replied yes. The girls asked if they could meet the other boys. Zane said He ask the other  guys if they would like to meet the girls. Sally and Frankie told them thanks and invited them to their house for dinner the boys accepted the invite. Sally and Frankie head to work and said bye to Zane,Zari, and Ari. The boys headed home to tell the others about Sally and Frankie.  Lokis,Thorn and Sun told Zane, Zari,and Ari ; that they would like to meet Sally and Frankie. So, Zane went to the workshop to tell Sally and Frankie, that they had three more guest. It was getting late the girls helped close up and went home to prepare dinner. By 5:30 the girls were ready and waiting for the boys to arrive at 5:35, Zane knocked on the door. Sally opened the door and invited them in to the house. They sat and ate beef stew and for dessert had various different types of pies. By 7:00 the boys had helped clean up and left. Sally and Frankie decided they would look for Tinna and the Season Sisters tomorrow.

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