'Strong' A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”
Niall Horan looked like a normal teenager, with his dyed blonde hair and brown roots that was always up in a high quiff unless it was stuck to his hair with sweat after lacrosse practice, to his bright blue eyes that were always bright with happiness.
Niall Horan acted like your normal teenager, going out drinking with his friends, partying ‘til early hours in the morning and sleeping with different girls whenever he felt like it. Most people thought he was just not a ‘relationship’ kind of guy but they had no idea…
Niall Horan was adored by all. Girls wanted him, Guys wanted to be him, Teachers thought he was a Saint, they never fully understood how he kept his good grades and led the team to victory EVERY single time he was led on to the field.
Niall had a secret though…he WASN’T a normal teenager.
Niall had a secret. A secret his family, his nine best friend’s family and him shared....


7. Chapter 6-Harry's Jealousy

Chapter 6 of ‘Strong’

‘And it feels like jealousy
                                                                                                            And it feels like I can’t breathe’-
                                                                                                                                                                                Jealousy, Will Young

Amela's P.O.V
Sam's lips crashed on to mine, causing some unknown feeling to occur in me. I couldn't understand what that feeling was as I was too distracted by the handsome brunette with beautiful green eyes. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I involuntarily shuddered. This was wrong, this was so wrong. As if him being a different species than I wasn't bad enough I also felt like I was cheating on Harry.....
I had completely forgotten about him, that was why this felt so wrong. I pulled away from a now panting Sam and I couldn't help but admire his looks. Wow, was he stunning.
After directing my thoughts away from Sam's good looks and back onto Harry, I was overwhelmed with guilt. I couldn't decipher whether it was guilt for leaving him, guilt for forgetting about him or guilt for kissing Sam.
"I have to get back to my friend," I explained and found the control to not flinch at the word, 'friend'. Sam nodded understandingly and gave me a smile that could make the Queen bow down at his feet. "Maybe we could hang out tomorrow. You know, on a date," He explained and I had to stop and think about it. Was it such a good idea? I know Harry has no problem with dating other girls but all I do is complain to Perrie about it. Did I want to become a hypocrite?
I stared into his beautiful eyes and I found myself nodding, "Sure. Take my number and text me the details."
After exchanging numbers with Sam, I walked back to a tense looking Harry. "Have fun?" He asked bitterly but I was too happy to question him about it. He was probably just missing Kendall. "Yeah." I sighed dreamily, my mind elsewhere. I couldn't wait to ring Perrie about this.
Niall's P.O.V
I walked the woman my dad forced me to go out with to her door, "I had a really nice time tonight, Niall" She said smiling at me appreciatively. I nodded awkwardly counting down the seconds until I could leave her and go out and have some real fun, "Good to know." She leaned in to kiss me but I took a step back putting a comfortable distance between us. Don't get me wrong, usually I would kiss any girl who tried to kiss me and Lauren is a very sweet, attractive girl but if my dad set me up with them, I chose not to kiss them because all the woman my dad sets me up with one kiss practically screams 'Marriage' to them. "Goodnight Lauren." I said giving her a small peck on the cheek before I retreated back to my car. Lauren shook her head sadly and walked into her house. Any werewolf who knew my reputation knew that if I didn't kiss them on the first date, nothing would EVER happen. So far no werewolf has gotten kissed on the first date–Unless she was really hot, looked like a good fuck and didn't want anything but a good time.
I took my phone out of my back pocket and text Abigail, the hot girl in my English class who flashed me yesterday.
To; The flasher ;)
There is a party tonight. Meet U there? ;)
I put my phone back inside my pocket, knowing I was going to have a good time tonight. I drove to Jason's house and thought about today-mostly detention. Kayleigh really confuses me. Just when I think I know her, she goes and says or does something to change my perspective of her. It doesn't matter though, I still get a weird vibe off her and I hate how she is hard to understand. She seems like the kind of girl it would take a while to get to know-who'll make you work really hard. Like the type of girl who won't let anyone close to her-to know the real her. I much more prefer girls who are easy and simple, Abigail for example.
No girl will ever be worth the time or effort unless they are my mate and so far I haven't found her so ignoring my dad's calls–Probably setting me up with another girl–I went over to Jason's, drank and enjoyed myself with a nice easy girl truthfully not worth much of my time.
"Niall James Horan! Who was that girl that just left here?!" My dad angrily said his voice laced in venom. I knew the question was rhetorical and he wasn't looking for nor needed an answer but I was so pissed off from him forcing me on a date with Lauren that I didn't care, "That was Abigail. Really nice, fun girl." I retorted, pouring myself a glass of water. Certain activities make you really thirsty, if you get what I mean.
My dad looked at me in utter distaste before he sighed in defeat, "Look Niall," He started and I prepared myself for a lecture, "I know I'm very hard on you and I know I've been putting a lot of pressure on you ever since your brother decided he wanted to quit the pack and go live life as a lone wolf with his wife and child but I hope you know I love you. Before I was this hard on Greg and my relationship with you was fun and normal but now that you’re going to be the alpha there is responsibilities that you have to take seriously! I promise that I'll stop setting you up with my friends daughters and I'll try get our relationship back to how it used to be if you stop with all the girls. I know normal dads wouldn't care and would probably congratulate you but the last thing I want is for you to get hurt. I know that if you keep getting with all these different girls it will slowly kill your mate and also haunt you in the future either because you get a girl pregnant and this complicates your relationship with your mate–When you find her–or your mate will leave you completely if she finds out you were sleeping with other women rather than looking and waiting for her. I love you Niall and I've always loved how our father/son relationship worked and I'd hate for me training you to become the alpha to jeopardize that. Next time I'm being too harsh just let me know, yeah?" My dad questioned a teasing but truthful smile on his face. A big goofy smile was now on my face and I nodded my head excitedly before I pulled my dad into a famous 'Horan Hug'.
After a minute of nothing but my dad's hug and a peaceful silence my dad pulled away, "I actually have a meeting this Monday. The head of the most important vampire clan will be making an appearance and I am hoping to catch him so we can discuss future rules. This will take place in Romania and as you will be taking over soon I was wondering if maybe you should like to go? I, as the head of the most important werewolf pack, have to go but since you will soon be taking over you will need to know how things work and meet important people such as the head vampire, the mythical council along with many more. I'll give you the day off school of course! So son, what do you say?" My dad questioned and he looked at me expectantly. I was going to say 'No' since I didn't want to stand around and listen to adults talk boring rules and regulations a mythical creature must follow but then I realized, if I go to school I'll have to see Kayleigh and after kissing her I really have no idea how I'm supposed to face her. The more I thought about it the more I realized the cons in going to school on Monday overpowered the cons of going to my dad's stupid meeting.
"Okay," I said knowing damn well I'd be ignoring Kayleigh for a while, "I'll go."
Amela's P.O.V
"I know its wrong–In two completely different ways–but I can't help it. I know nothing will ever happen with Harry –He's made that clear in more than one occasion–and I also know that I should stop waiting for him and move on with my life. Is it so wrong that he's not a werewolf?" I questioned awaiting Perrie's reply. After Harry had dropped me home, I stripped myself of my clothes and make-up and changed into my pajamas–Which consisted of a strappy top and pajamas shorts–and called Perrie to tell her all about Sam, tonight’s events and tomorrows date.
"I don't think it matters what I think. I understand why it might be hard, you being a werewolf and all, but I don't think you should let that stop you. At the end of the day, if you like this boy enough to let him take you on a date–Knowing exactly what he is–then what I think of him shouldn't matter. If you like him and if he treats you well then he has my blessings." Perrie spoke through the phone and I mentally praised myself on having her as my best friend. "I want all the details when you get home though!" She said excitedly causing me to laugh quietly.
"When is he taking you out, anyway?" She questioned and I shrugged. Once I realized she couldn't see me, I continued, "I don't know, I'm still waiting for him to text me." She let out a satisfied, 'Hmm'.
"You're wearing a dress!" Perrie screamed after a minute of silence. "What? But—" I was about to argue–A dress on the first date seemed a bit too fancy–but Perrie clearly did not want to listen, "Nope! I have this beautiful red dress–Which really compliments your skin tone–that will look amazing on you." Since I knew there was no point in arguing with Perrie and since I knew Perrie had really good fashion sense, I gave up the pointless argument. After another ten minutes of catching up with Perrie and me promising to call her the SECOND the date is over, I hung up and snuggled into my comforter, excited for what would come the next day.
Kayleigh's P.O.V
I tossed and turned in my bed for hours. It was now four in the morning and it didn't look like I'd be getting any sleep, anytime soon. I let out a frustrated groan and sat up in my bed. My head had too many questions swarming around it and no matter how hard I tried, my brain would not shut the fuck up! So many questions I didn't have the answers to. So many questions I may never get the answers to.
Why did Niall kiss me?
Why does Niall hate me?
Did Niall feel anything in the kiss?
Did he only kiss me because he was slightly vulnerable and his better judgment was clouded?
Was he going to act like nothing happened on Monday?
Was his attitude towards me going to change?
Did I want his feelings and attitude towards me to change?
Have my feelings of him changed?
Have I forgiven him for every hateful word he has ever said to me without knowing it?
All of these questions were making my head hurt. I bet my life he wasn't thinking about any of this. He was probably out sleeping with a girl or sleeping peacefully in his bed. It was probably just a stupid pointless kiss to him; something to laugh about when he was alone. It probably meant nothing to him while to me it was everything. To me that kiss–Or kisses to be more exact–changed everything! I wasn't sure if I liked or hated this....
....I could push the other questions away but that was the one question that kept me awake until six when my body had finally had enough. That was probably one of the questions that would never be answered.
Amela's P.O.V
I slipped into the stunning red dress that Perrie lent me and slipped on my black pumps. The red material at the top half of the dress seemed to cross over each other over my breasts before the material flowed over my stomach and reached above my knees. I pocked up the music note ring Harry gave me and fiddled with it. Looking at this ring I suddenly felt really guilty again. The guilty feeling was so strong; I thought I might get sick. The image of Harry and Kendall kissing flashed into my mind and the sick feeling didn't go away. The feeling was just as strong as ever now but for a different reason than guilt. I quickly pushed all thought of Kendall and Harry out of my head. This wasn't about them. This was about me going on a date with a super cute, sweet guy who happened to be a different species than me.
Harry was always breaking me and having his fun so now it’s my turn.
Sam had texted me early this morning telling me to meet him at the local park at six o'clock. I was praying I wasn't going to look to fancy for whatever Sam had planned but Perrie told me once I looked hot, Sam wouldn't care if I overdressed or not. I matched the dress with my silver half crescent moon necklace. Although I knew that wearing the necklace would basically scream, 'I'm a werewolf! Run you idiot!' but I wasn't going to hide what I was. I knew he knew what I was, just like I knew what he was, but I wasn't going to be ashamed of what I was-Werewolves are known to be very proud creatures. Also, ever since the day I first transformed I wore this necklace. Not only would it let other male wolves know I hadn't found my mate but it was like wearing a family crest-I wear it with pride.
After I applied my makeup, brushed my soft brown hair–Which I left down–and sent a selfie to Perrie–Her personal request and only condition of me borrowing her dress–I grabbed my phone and left the house, my stomach filled with nervous butterflies.
Sam's hazel eyes stared into mine intently as he placed a gentle kiss on my hand. He gently lowered it back down to my side and handed me a beautiful red rose. "You look beautiful," He said and I was instantly reminded of what Harry said yesterday but I quickly pushed away all thought of him and thanked Sam for his sweet compliment. On the way here I vowed I would forget all about Harry and enjoy my date with Sam. Sweet, hot, bad ass looking Sam.
Sam took my hand and intertwined our fingers causing a huge smile to appear on my face. He led me thought the park, right beside the lake where a cute little picnic was set up. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly–But sexily, might I add–and looked at the picnic, "Sorry it isn't something fancier. With me being what I am and you being what you are–Not that I have any problem with that!–I thought it would be safer if we didn't bring too much attention to ourselves. Not only would a secluded picnic at night be safer but I heard the sky is supposed to be clear tonight. The stars are always beautiful here," He said sending me a charming smile. I'm almost positive, I could have melted right there. "This is perfect." I reassured him causing his smile to grow wider. He leaned in closer to me, his lips just an inch away from mine. He glanced at my lips and then back up to my eyes and mumbled, "Just like you." before he closed the distance between us.
After kissing for a few more minutes, Sam pulled away from the kiss and removed his hands from my hips only to replace them in my hands. He led me towards the picnic, took a seat and pointed at the space beside him, "Let's eat."
"It was absolutely perfect Perrie!" I told the excited blonde who was at the other end of the line. I ran my fingers across my faded jean shorts which I matched the shorts with a light gray Mickey Mouse top, and my necklace. After I got back from my date with Sam I quickly changed back into the clothes I was wearing before I went on the date and dialed Perrie's number. I started telling Perrie all about the amazing first date. "He took me to the park just as the sun was setting. After we ate we told each other all about ourselves, he told me about his kind’s history and way of living and I told him about ours and by the time we had finished talking it was kind of chilly and very dark. We spent about an hour lying side by side just staring up at the nights sky." I said, replaying tonight’s events in my head. After no response from Perrie I suddenly grew worried, thinking about how stupid I was being. I was so determined on forgetting about Harry and enjoying the date, I completely forgot about the risk of me dating someone of his kind–Wars have started before, hundreds of good people and creatures killed, "I'm an idiot aren't I? What do you think about this whole thing?" I questioned wanting Perrie's opinion.
"Do you really like him?" Perrie asked me, completely dismissing my first question. I thought about it for a minute before I answered truthfully, "I don't think I know him long enough, but I'd definitely love to get to know him some more so I can give you a proper answer." Perrie let out a noise which sounded like some sort of approval, "As long as you're happy, ignore everybody else. Remember when everybody thought that Zayn and I's relationship was fake because he was on the lacrosse team and I was a cheerleader and everybody thought it was a stunt so that Zayn and I would become the power couple and the jocks and cheerleaders would rule the school and keep everybody 'in their place'? Do you think we would still be together if we listened to them?" Perrie asked and when I didn't answer, she continued, "Or that time everybody thought Eleanor was a beard and Harry and Louis were in love with each other. All the insults thrown at Eleanor almost ruined hers and Louis' relationship and being branded as 'gay' almost ruined Louis and Harry's friendship. If they listened to what people said do you think Eleanor and Louis would be as strong as they are now?" Again I didn't answer so she continued one last time, "Same with Liam and Sophia. When they first got together people thought she couldn't and would never compare with Danielle. Do you think she would still be with him if she listened to them?! No! The answer to all these questions is no! People always want to know what others think-What society thinks. What about what YOU think?! If he is worth people bad mouthing you, talking behind your back and ditching you, then who cares what they say? If after a day of bitching, you get to go home to his warm–Or cold in your case–comforting arms, then who gives a shit?!" Perrie exclaimed causing my eyes to widen.
I let Perrie's very wise words register in my head. She had an amazing point and I was reminded why Perrie is my best friend.
We hung up after a little while longer of talking and I was left thinking about what Perrie said.
Is Sam worth it...?
I don't know Sam enough to know what length I would go for, for him. Even if we didn't get romantically involved with each other, I could see us becoming great friends and I would go to the end of the earth for my friends. Because of this I now knew my answer.
 Is Sam worth all the bitching, ditching, sniggering and talking behind my back?
Kayleigh's P.O.V
I sat at the usual seat I sat at on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays-with Perrie, Sophia, Amela and Eleanor. Perrie, Eleanor and Sophia were talking about going to their boyfriends next match–And since I don't have a boyfriend on the team (Or at all) or have ever seen a lacrosse match, I stayed out if that conversation–and Amela was texting someone on her phone, I kind of just sat there awkwardly sipping my water.
Amela let out a quiet giggle which caused me to raise an amused eyebrow. From the way Amela was smiling, I knew she was texting a boy and since Mr. Sexy Curls was at practice right now, I knew it couldn't have been him.
"Who you texting?" I asked as sweet and innocently as I could. "Sam," Amela replied back absentmindedly. Once she realized what she had said she looked up at me with scared eyes whilst my eyes were highly amused, "You can't tell anyone! Only Perrie knows!"
I chose to ignore the fact she didn't tell me willingly and the fact she thought I would tell anybody her secrets. The second one left me really offended but I knew where she was coming from; we haven't known each other that long. "Care to elaborate on who this Sam guy is?" I asked teasingly causing her to groan and lie her head down on the table roughly. It looked as if a light bulb went off in her head. She looked at me smugly and I now regretted asking her to elaborate.
"I'll tell you all about Sam of you tell me what went down with you and Niall. I mean EVERYTHING!" She replied and this time I was the one who slammed their head on the table.
I looked up at Amela's expectant expression. I sighed in defeat, "It all started when we were in the janitor’s closet...."
Harry's P.O.V
Coach let us out of practice early today so here I was sneaking up on an oblivious Amela. Since Niall was missing, the team wasn't as relaxed and training wasn't as enjoyable-Usually Niall would be making jokes, mocking everything the coach said, running around skipping and laughing. Basically just keeping the whole team amused and calm-Too much stress can be really bad on a team so although everybody wants to fun, Niall reminds us to also have fun–He makes sure our carefree and stress levels are balanced out–but with him not here, everything was about being better than everybody around you–Since that is how you get a lacrosse scholarship–and less about teamwork. They are the reasons why Niall is our team captain-Also the fact he is an excellent player.
I was now in earshot of Amela and Kayleigh and I heard something that caused me to freeze suddenly and the air to get caught in my lungs, "I'm going on another date with Sam on Tuesday night," Amela said so happily, I felt my heart clench. "Don't tell anybody though–The only person who knows is Perrie–the others won't like the idea of my going out with Sam....because he's am older guy-They can be very protective." She explained but I know the real reason why she doesn't want us to know-Why she doesn't want me to know.
When I heard those words come out of Amela's mouth, I felt as if a bullet had just been pierced through my heart. I wasn't sure if it was because Amela is MY mate or if it’s because I'm her best guy friend and she won't even tell me she's saying this Sam guy-Even after I saw firsthand her talking to him at that party.
Amela must have sensed a presence because she turned her head to the side. When she noticed it was me, she had a huge smile on her face-Usually I love when she smiles but I couldn't help the unsettling feeling in my stomach because I have a feeling Sam has seen that smile as well-The smile that lit up her whole face, the smile that only I've seen.
"Hey Harry," She said, snapping me out of my gaze. I gave her a curt nod. "I'm going to go find Kendall." I informed her before I walked away with an awful pain in my chest.
Kayleigh's P.O.V
"I wonder what his problem is," Amela said completely oblivious to the heartbroken look that was on Harry's face as he walked away. The two of them were as bad as the other.
"I think he might have heard us," I hinted but Amela's face remained completely oblivious. "I still don't understand..." She said causing me to roll my eyes at her stupidity. I knew if she didn't understand I couldn't explain it to get. It also wasn't my place to tell her about Harry's obvious feelings for her.
"Never mind, just forget I said anything."
I walked into my small quiet house, threw my bag by the stairs and my keys in the key bowl. Today was actually a pretty decent day. Niall wasn't in school today so that meant that there was no awkward confrontation between the two of us or more cruel words exchanged–Since that is what led to us kissing in the first place. Niall not being in school also meant, I spent the whole weekend worrying for no reason whatsoever.
After hearing what Amela said about this Sam guy, I'm glad she's found him and that she is happy. Apparently they're going on another date tomorrow night. Although I'm very happy for her, I've always had this little feeling she belongs with Harry....
"Hello gorgeous," My Mam suddenly made an appearance. Her blue eyes were as welcoming as always and her usual and her shoulder length brown hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. "Hey Mam," I said walking over and kissing her cheek, "Where's Dad and the lads?" I questioned noticing how quiet it was in the house. I have become so accustomed to my siblings yelling or screaming at each other, it felt weird just listening to the silence.
"Your Dad is at....a business meeting for a day or two–I'll be joining him tonight–and your siblings are gone for a sleepover at your cousins. I thought that you were old enough to take care of yourself." My Mam explained and I nodded, showing I understood. I grabbed my schoolbag and started walking upstairs to start my homework.
"What do you want for dinner?" My Mam called from downstairs causing me to freeze. I racked my brain looking for an excuse, "I'm not hungry. I'll get something tonight when you're gone," I called down. When I heard her mutter, 'Don't forget' I continued walking back up the stairs glad I managed to get out of that one.
Niall's P.O.V
It was now Monday night and to say I was exhausted was a complete understatement. Since Transylvania was hidden from human eyes, there was a very long and complicated route to get to this magical place. Apparently according to my dad, many years ago a very powerful witch put a spell on Transylvania so that only a mythical creature–Like myself–could see and have access to Transylvania. Dad and I had to catch a flight really early yesterday morning from England to Romania, had to get a taxi from the airport to the train station, had to get a train from there to somewhere near the middle of Romania and then had to walk from the train station there to a huge forest on the outskirts of a small town. After walking in the huge forest for what felt like forever, we finally found the magic portal.
The portal is basically a magic shield. If any human walks through it, nothing happens. They don't feel anything different-Everything is the same. If a creature–Werewolf, vampire, mermaid, witch, fairy–walks through it, they see a completely different sight than humans. Instead of seeing more and more trees like humans do, they see Transylvania. . Everybody knew about Transylvania before-The humans often associated vampires with it. Most people thought vampires were just a myth but once a few very nosy humans almost figured out the truth, they became dinner and the council decided to hide Transylvania from human view. Humans believe Transylvania is still there, that it just got renamed; they don't know its still there–It's always been there–they just can't see it.
Although I was really tired I still had to go meet the council and other important leaders, I would rather choose this than have to come face to face with Kayleigh.
I really hope she doesn't think we are together now–Especially after I slept with another girl that night–considering before the kiss we weren't even friends. After being trapped in the janitor’s closet with her and actually having to talk to her I realized she wasn't as bad as I first made her out to be. Even after I was so judgmental and mean towards her–She retaliated though, I'm not all to blame–she still comforted me when I needed a shoulder. She wasn't that bad of a person but I still didn't like her. There was just something about her that I didn't like and I couldn't put my finger on it. If she thinks we are friends or anything more than friends, when I return back to school I won't be long putting her back in her place.
I walked around the huge warm cave greeting leaders and council members. The cave was very different from the cave we shift in at home. This cave was a light gold color and had torches and lights lighting it up giving a warm feel to it. There was different creatures mixing, chatting and discussing all over the cave. My Dad was talking to a man who was average height, had black buzz cut hair and dangerous icy blue eyes. He had two sharp looking fangs that basically screamed, 'Make the wrong move and I will mercilessly snap your neck and drain you dry!' It was quite obvious this man was a vampire and by the way the other vampires in the room looked at him and the way my dad looked uneasy, I take it he's the vampire leader.
I walked over to the two men with a polite smile on my face. If I was going to be in charge of all the werewolves and if I wanted to keep the peace between our two different species, I wanted to be on this man’s good books.
"Hey Dad," I greeted and turned to the man. I stuck my hand out to him and introduced myself, "Niall Horan, and you are?" I questioned as politely as I could. He stared at my hand for a moment before he took it and gave me a firm handshake. "Everybody calls me 'The Vampire King' but I prefer being called sir," He informed me and I nodded unimpressed and restrained myself from scoffing. 'The Vampire King', who does this guy, think he is-royalty obviously.
"We have private personal business to discuss Niall. Why don't you go introduce yourself to more people," My Dad suggested and I nodded confusedly. I walked away from the two suspicious men and towards a nice looking woman. She was very short, had thin shiny brown hair and big blue eyes. I also noticed the fangs in her mouth so I decided against saying anything bad about 'The Vampire King' just in case she got defensive.
"Hello ma'am," I greeted causing her to smile wide and laugh. "Hello Niall," She greeted and seeing my confused look she continued, "I heard you talking to my husband." She explained causing me to nod understandingly.
"Your husband?" I questioned a moment later when what she had said had fully registered in my brain. 'How somebody as nice as her could be married to someone as cocky as him was beyond me' I thought. Almost as if she was reading my mind she explained Mr. Cocky's reason for using his title.
"He goes by that nickname to protect his family. If people know his first name, that's one step closer to learning his second name and if they know his second name they can track down his children and hold them hostage until he does what they want or until they are done testing. He loves his family so in order to protect them he goes by that stupid bloody title! He isn't cocky, I swear, he's just a concerned father looking out for his children." She told me and I was instantly engulfed by guilt. I shouldn't have judged him without knowing him. After I thought that, I heard Amela saying that exact same thing to me about Kayleigh but I quickly pushed that thought away. I wasn't going to deal with that tonight-I'd deal with it on Wednesday when I go back to school and I put Kayleigh back in her place.
"Why would they be testing his children?" I asked her and she looked at me bewildered and amazed. "You don't know...? Our children are very rare-people say it’s a magic miracle!" She exclaimed causing me to raise my right eyebrow. Rare vampire babies? Magic miracle? What?!
Seeing my obvious confused state she chuckled, "You have to get out to the mythical world more and catch up on gossip!" She explained and the next thing she said shocked me.
"You also have a lot to learn about vampires. It’s not possible for a vampire to give birth since they're dead. I however did...."

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