'Strong' A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”
Niall Horan looked like a normal teenager, with his dyed blonde hair and brown roots that was always up in a high quiff unless it was stuck to his hair with sweat after lacrosse practice, to his bright blue eyes that were always bright with happiness.
Niall Horan acted like your normal teenager, going out drinking with his friends, partying ‘til early hours in the morning and sleeping with different girls whenever he felt like it. Most people thought he was just not a ‘relationship’ kind of guy but they had no idea…
Niall Horan was adored by all. Girls wanted him, Guys wanted to be him, Teachers thought he was a Saint, they never fully understood how he kept his good grades and led the team to victory EVERY single time he was led on to the field.
Niall had a secret though…he WASN’T a normal teenager.
Niall had a secret. A secret his family, his nine best friend’s family and him shared....


4. Chapter 3-Werewolves

Chapter 3 of ‘Strong’

Turn around, open your eyes, look at me now,
                                                                                              Turn around, girl, I've got you, we won't fall down’ -
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Turn Around, Conor Maynard

Kayleigh's P.O.V

"So, do any of ye have girlfriends?" I questioned the boys I had grown so used to. It's really weird how three days ago; I sat down at a random cafeteria table and made friends with four good-looking musically talented British boys, added them as friends on Facebook, considered them good friends but still knew very little about them. I started off simple asking if they were in relationships since I already knew the answer. I mean c'mon, they are gods!
"We all do," James' clarified my assumption. Although, I already knew the answer before I asked it, I was still slightly disappointed, I mean as I had said before....they are gods.
We continued switching information about ourselves until I felt another presence beside me. I turned my head and saw Amela. She sent me a quick smile and turned to the four boys, "Mind if I steal this one?" She asked the boys, motioning towards me.
"Please do!" Connor exclaimed, "You'll be doing us a favour." I put my hand over my heart, "I'm seriously offended!" I said sending him daggers but since I can't even do the simplest thing it looks like I was squinting my eyes.
"Is there something in your eye?" Tristan questioned, causing me to sigh dramatically. I turned to Amela and raised my eyebrow in a questioning manner.
"You're coming to meet my friends," Amela explained, grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the table where the boys sat. "But Amela," I whined causing her to sigh.
"Don't worry, it's only the girls. The boys are at lacrosse practice." She clarified. I resisted the urge to question if that meant Niall was there or not, but me being the nice person I am, I didn't.
She pulled me over to a table where three beautiful girls sat. One with; long wavy dark brown hair and hazel eyes, one with; long wavy light brown hair and brown eyes and the last one with; long wavy light blonde hair, blue eyes and a nose ring.
"Guys this is Kayleigh," Amela told the three girls motioning towards me, "And Kayleigh this is Perrie," She pointed at the pretty blonde with the nose ring, "Eleanor," This time she pointed at the pretty brunette with wavy hair and hazel eyes, "And lastly Sophia." She finished pointing at the pretty brunette with wavy hair and brown eyes.
"Hey," I smiled, taking a seat beside Amela who sat down moments ago. "Hi!" Perrie said enthusiastically, setting her phone on the table. "Hello," Eleanor said flicking her wavy brown hair over her shoulder and sent me a smile. "Nice to meet you," Sophia said, smiled, and then continued to eat her salad. I set my bottle of water on the table and crossed my legs under the table.
After a moment of awkward silences–I hate awkward silences because, well, they're awkward–I decided to break it by asking questions, "So who is going out with whom?" I questioned the three girls wanting to start a conversation.
"Oh, none of us are lesbians." Perrie said bluntly, putting her elbow on the table and her head on her hand. Eleanor, Sophia and I laughed while Amela rolled her eyes and whispered quietly, "Typical Perrie."
"No. I mean, there are always five guys at this table," I explained, "Who is going out with which one?" I again questioned.
"Do you know all the boys, somehow?" Sophia asked, obviously wondering how I'd know who they were by their names.
"No, I don't. But what I do know is that Amela likes Mr. Sexy Curls." I said sending Amela a wink. "I would not wish....Niall?" I looked at Amela for confirmation that, that was definitely his name. When she nodded I continued. "On anybody. So that leaves Mr. Sexy Muscles who looks like a puppy. Mr. Sexy Perfect Quiff with his hot stubble and gorgeous brown eyes, and lastly Mr. Sexy Blue Eyes with his hot scruffy hair, which makes him look homeless but at the same time really hot!" I told the girls not really caring that I had just called all their boyfriends sexy.
"I love how she just told us everything she finds hot about our boyfriends." Sophia said while the other girls just laughed.
"Really? Because I love the fact she called my boyfriend homeless," Eleanor laughed. "My boyfriends name is Louis, by the way.....or Mr. Sexy Blue Eyes, it's your choice."
"My boyfriend is the one who looks like a puppy. He goes by Liam, but if you want to call him Mr. Sexy Muscles, I would love to see the look on his face when you do." Sophia said while I just looked at her in awe. Even his name sounds like one you might give to a puppy!
"Mr. Sexy Perfect Quiff is mine!" Perrie exclaimed receiving weird looks off people which she just brushed off. "His name is Zayn, and I got to admit though, his hot stubble isn't so hot when you're kissing him and it's scraping your skin." Perrie said causing us all to laugh.
"Harry is his name," Eleanor explained to me while I just looked at her confused. "I thought you were dating Louis?" I questioned Eleanor.
"Okay I really like this one!" Perrie said sending me a smile. "I agree!" Sophia said nodding. "Same. You are now part of our group. Consider yourself lucky, because we usually don't let people in our group." Eleanor said talking a sip of her drink.
"That sounds like a line from Mean Girls," I whispered to Amela who was texting on her phone.
"As I was saying before, Louis is my boyfriend. Harry is Mr. Sexy Curls, who Amela likes" Eleanor explained. I nodded showing I understood.
"So, is Kendall going out with Harry?" I asked Sophia who was closest to me, "Yeah, why?" She replied, "I was just wondering why Amela glares at her EVERY math class." I said innocently putting exaggeration on 'every'. This time the girls nodded on understanding, making me wonder how long Amela has liked Harry.
I let out an exaggerated gasp when I realized what subject I had last class. The girls all looked at me expectantly; waiting for me to voice what was running through my head, "I have Science last class!" I exclaimed as if it were the worst thing in the world, but after I said my next sentence you'll realize it's because it IS the worst thing in the world. "Niall is my lab partner!"
Amela raised an eyebrow at me, "Did something else happen other than that run in, in the hallway? You didn't seem that bothered by him being your partner yesterday." She questioned. I rammed through my brain trying to think of the right words to say. "Niall and I....had a bit of a disagreement," I said cautiously choosing my words. I'm not an idiot, nor am I an attention seeker, so I wasn't going to tell Amela, or the girls, that the so called 'Disagreement' was the reason I hadn't eaten since Monday evening–It should have been yesterday but I never really eat a breakfast, wasn't feeling too good at lunch and skipped dinner–. Amela let out an angered sigh, "Next time I see him, I'll kill him," She sighed dramatically. 'Please do!' I thought to myself. I didn't say it aloud because I wanted the girls to forget the topic.
Perrie's phone started playing Katy Perry's 'E.T' indicating that she was receiving a call or text–I'm not too sure if her phone can do that or not so I wasn't sure which one–. After she picked up her phone and read it–Showing me it was a text message–She voiced what it said, "Zayn just text me. The boys will be here in a few, they're just hitting the showers," She explained writing a quick reply before setting her phone back on the table.
"I'm going to go. After what happened with Harry yesterday, I don't really want to see him," She said sighing, playing with her silver half moon necklace. I looked around at the other girls and observed how the three girls all had similar necklaces, only their–Perrie, Sophia and Eleanor's–silver half moon necklaces were accompanied by a larger gold half moon basically spooning the smaller silver moon, while Amela's was only the smaller silver moon.
"What happened with Harry?" I questioned a depressed looking Amela. She stood up from where she sat and turned towards me, “Come with me and I'll tell you." She questioned. I nodded, put my phone in my jean pocket, fixed my shirt and picked up my bottle of water.
"Let's go! Nice to meet you girls," I said sending them a smile.
Sophia’s P.O.V
I watched the two girls walk away before Eleanor, Perrie and I resumed conversation. "I'm slightly confused on why Niall hates Kayleigh," I said, telling the girls what had been on my mind since Kayleigh took a seat at the table. "He was saying he had a bad feeling about her-a bad aura, but I don't feel it. Do you?" Perrie and Eleanor both shook their heads looking just as confused as me. Eleanor shrugged then said, "Then again though, nobody really knows what goes through Niall's head. Not even Niall Horan himself."
Eleanor's phone started blaring 'We Found Love' by Rihanna f.t. Calvin Harris–I knew it was Louis since that was their song–Eleanor started talking to Louis before they ended their conversation with a quick 'I love you'.
"Louis said they changed destinations and to meet them at the rooftop. Zayn also said to turn on your phone Perrie." Eleanor said standing up and throwing her tray in the bin, followed by Perrie and me.
We stepped out onto the roof–Which was filled with flowers, contained one table and four chairs, and had a railing going around the edge–. I looked around at the amazing view and smiled at the memories that came flooding into my head. This was where Liam had asked me to go out with him.
I walked over to the edge and put my hand on the railing while Perrie and Eleanor sat at the table. I leaned on the railing and closed my eyes breathing out a deep sigh. I always loved the calm serenity feeling I got from the beautiful view and mixed smell of roses, lilies and coronations.
 I felt strong arms wrap around my waist causing me to open my eyes. I pushed my back up against his hard stomach and smiled. I turned around in his embrace and planted a kiss on his lips. "Hey." I whispered causing him to smile that beautiful smile I always loved. "Hey beautiful," He replied. I turned back around facing back towards the view. Not the view of my boyfriend, but the view the roof held-although they were both equally perfect.
"Where's Amela?" I heard Harry question the girls. "She went somewhere with Kayleigh." Perrie replied...or it could have been Eleanor. Truthfully, I was to entrance by the view the roof offered and the amazing guy holding me to properly care.
"Oh." Harry replied with what sounded like....disappointment maybe?
"Sophia," Louis said in a singsong voice. I turned around with Liam's arms still wrapped around me–His head now on my head–and faced a pleading Louis.
"Sophia," He repeated again, "Beautiful, smart, kind Sophia. Would you please do me a favor; Explain to my younger twin sisters all about werewolves?!" He begged while I just raised my eyebrow questioningly. "Eleanor's grounded because we stayed out 'til dawn last Saturday, Perrie's going on a date with Zayn, Amela said she'll go for moral support but not to talk, and for the sake of not scarring my sisters like I forever will be, I'll not let my mother give them the talk." He said exaggeratedly sitting in a chair dramatically, pulling Eleanor on his lap.
"I thought you said you wanted me to talk to them about werewolves, not give them 'The Talk'." I questioned Louis, genuinely curious, cuddling more into Liam–If that were even possible–.
"You remember from getting the talk yourself, that the two are linked for werewolves. Please Sophia! I wouldn't ask if I weren't desperate." Louis said cuddling into Eleanor looking annoyed.
It took me a few minutes to think before I replied, "Fine. I'll be 'round your house after school with Amela. You better be out of the house though, otherwise it would just be awkward."
Amela and I walked towards Louis' gargantuan red house. I reached for the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. "Nice shoes," I commented admiring her high tops, which brought her outfit–Jean shorts and a cropped red top–together. I noted how Amela was wearing normal jeans earlier in school which means she changed before we came here. A familiar blonde haired, blue eyed girl answered the door.
"Hey Lottie," I smiled stepping into the house. “Hey Sophia, Amela," She said stepping out of the way so Amela could get in. "Hey, honey" Amela replied. "The girls are in the living room, Mom's at work, Louis is at Liam's and I'm going to the my room," She said in a sing song voice–Reminding me so much of her brother–walking up the stairs.
"So girls," I started, looking at the two twins, "Where would you like me to start?" I questioned while Amela sat beside me being my 'moral' support. Phoebe and Daisy looked at each other before turning towards me and shrugged. "How about the start," Amela suggested, "Tell them about the Gods." I nodded, agreeing with her.
"Okay. Well you see there are many different religions. All these religions have gods; Catholics have God, Muslims have Allah and so on. Us as people follow a religion–Amela being an example is a Muslim–but werewolves, vampires, witches, fairies also have Gods. There are two of each creature–A man and a woman–and they set laws, give out crimes, make sure nature is balanced–With the help of mother nature–they also are in charge of making sure mates find each other and stay together and that nobody comes between faith." I said looking at Amela for confirmation that I had covered everything.
"Now to start from the beginning, one day the Gods were having a meeting and they decided to keep people like us a secret, they got the most powerful witch in the world to cast a spell on werewolves. We can't turn people in a werewolf. You have to be born a werewolf, you can't get bitten. The penalty for biting a human is death, as you are risking exposing our kind to humans. Humans don't just change instantly; it now takes three to four weeks. If you bite someone and don't give them the antidote to save them–It also takes away their memory–then you're sentenced to death." I said to the awestruck twins, "There is an exception though; if a human is your mate. If the Gods wanted you to be together, there has to be a reason. Therefore they can't kill you for changing them."
"Because of this you know you are a werewolf, you don't just wake up in the woods naked and later find out you are half animal. You don't fully change until the first full moon after your twelfth birthday though. Every full moon–Until you are twelve–you'll feel a little weird when the full moon comes out. That is your wolf trying to get out, but failing. After the full moon once you turn twelve, you'll feel unbreakable, indestructible even, because your wolf is no longer confined in you but exposed to everybody-the other half of you. It's the best feeling in the world; you feel the freest you've ever felt. Plus one thing that your wolf gives you that many people lack for years is confidence. After you turn twelve, you turn every full moon for the rest of your life. Or at least until the wolf inside you dies of old age. That won't happen until you’re forty, fifty–Or if lucky–sixty. That's why Niall is preparing to take over as alpha of the pack when he turns eighteen. His Dad's wolf is getting old and won't be able to lead and take care of the pack as well as he has been doing previous years. When your wolf dies, it is very painful, you're losing a part of yourself, but when finished you will be like everybody else, human." I explained to the still awestruck twins.
"Why couldn't Felicity or Lottie talk about this with us?" Daisy questioned, "Or Mum?" Phoebe joined in with her sister. "Louis didn't want you to be mentally scarred for the rest of your lives." Amela spoke up, while the two girls looked at each other as if they were mentally having a conversation.
"Why couldn't Louis?" They questioned in sync. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and sent Amela a distressed look, "He said he'd feel too embarrassed about giving you two the talk—" I began before Phoebe put her hand up signaling me to stop. "Felicity and Lottie already explained the talk to us. They also explained about periods and so on." She told me, her cheeks now tainted pink from embarrassment. I breathed out of a sigh of relief. 
"What we don't understand is what all that has to do with being a werewolf and why you have to explain the two together!" Daisy stated, causing Phoebe to nod agreeing with her sister.
"Okay so, there are many signs as to who your mate is, the way you feel when you're around them, how your wolf feels when you aren't around them. You'll find yourself fantasizing about that person-about you two being together, you'll hate to see that person with somebody else, they're all you'll want to see, nothing else matters." I said in a dreamy voice before breaking out of my trance. What the twins don't know is that I was basically telling them all the signs of how Liam and I realized we are mates. "Your body will also start to change and act differently when you are around that person. You could.......sleep," I said awkwardly, "with hundreds of different people every day, but you will never feel properly fulfilled-complete until you do it with that person." I said to the now disgusted twins. Amela tried to hide her laugh from the girls but failed.
"Anyway," I said putting the attention back on me and away from a laughing Amela. "Has Louis ever had those days where he tells he loves you a lot and he tells you his feelings?" I questioned and they nodded suddenly looking very interested.
"Well you see, on the day a female mate gets her period the other mate gets theirs emotionally but not physically," I said shuddering at my own words, "They become very vulnerable and tell you things they won't usually tell you. It's only on the first day and it doesn't matter if they know who their mate is or not. It's only on the first day and it doesn't matter if they know who their mate is or not. It's really weird but, that's life."
"If you catch them at the wrong time they may even cry." Amela pointed out, sending the twins a smile.
"I doubt either of you have had your period yet, but I might as well tell you now. It is possible to have your period during a full moon. When you change, your period stops. You may think that it's great because it stops, you get to run free and not worry about it-not that you'll worry since your mind is elsewhere, but after the full moon when you wake up, your period hits you like a ton of bricks. It isn’t pretty!" I finally finished explaining all about werewolves to the twins. The twins and Amela shuddered causing me and Lottie–Who just entered the room towards the end of my talk–to laugh.
"Any questions?" I really hoped I hadn't scarred the girls like Louis didn't want his Mum to do.
"How do you and the boys never come back naked?" The two girls questioned in unison.
"The women who've stopped changing–Like Mrs. Horan–find us in our wolf forms–With our mates since our wolves never leave each other during/after a change–asleep so they leave our clothes on a low tree branch, high enough so a wolf can't get them and shred them but low enough so that we won't have to go climbing a tree in our human form. Even when our wolf dies, to other wolves, we still smell of wolf, so if they see us coming–They could still be awake and running free instead of sleeping–they won't feel threatened and attack them in our different state of mind."
"Is your mate, the only person you'll ever go out with?" Phoebe questioned.
"Sometimes. It depends on what age you find your mate at. You could have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or many, and then meet your mate. It's basically like going out with a few people and then finding that one person you'll spend the rest of your life with."
"Take Liam for example. Before I came around, Liam was in a very serious relationship with a girl he loved called Danielle. They thought they were mates and they were seriously in love, but they weren't made for each other and nature took its toll and love wasn't enough. They still love each other–I could and would never change that–but they aren't IN love with each other. I've actually met her before. Amela and Perrie are really good friends while her and Eleanor and her are best friends! She's really nice! But I guess what I'm trying to say is your mate won't always be your first love and you won't always be theirs. At the end of the day though, if you two are meant to be. Love will find its way."
"Plus there is a full moon once a month, every month, much like a period. That's another way your period could relate to being a werewolf." Amela pointed out. Truthfully before I came here, I hadn't even realized just how much periods relate to being a werewolf. I also have never used the word 'period' so much in my life.
"I hope I haven't scarred you girls. If I have, it was not my intention." I said feeling relieved when they both shook their head.
"We're fine. Can you and Amela bake us cookies?" I was going to say no–I still had homework to do, but damn those puppy eyes!
"Do you want me to drop you home after we get my car at the school?" I questioned Amela. "No I'm fine. Kayleigh's in school at the moment, but should be out soon. Then I'm showing her around." She explained.
"Don't forget to take her to Angie's!" I exclaimed while Amela gave me a hurt look, "Now why the hell would I not bring her to the best ice-cream shop in the world." She replied back. I just shrugged. She was right though. Even if I hated a person with a burning passion, I would not be so cruel as to deprive them of Angie's ice-cream.
After a few minutes something finally dawned on me, "Why is Kayleigh still in school anyways?" I questioned. It's almost two hours after school has ended.
"Do you know the way we all have to take an extracurricular activity at least twice a week to graduate? You, Perrie and Eleanor take fashion designing–Because Eleanor loves fashion, you like modeling and Perrie couldn't think of anything else to do but also enjoyed designing the clothes–Liam, Harry and Louis take song writing, Zayn and I take art and Niall takes guitar? Well Kayleigh takes speech and drama so that's one hour, plus because she moved countries before the age of thirteen, she is obliged to continue taking Irish for an hour after school, every day! The only reason she was looking forward to come to Ireland was to stop doing Irish because she's shit at it! But then she found out she had to do it anyway! She was sickened!" Amela said laughing and I joined in on it. We continued talking about random things as we continued walking to the school parking lot.
"I'll catch you later, Amela." I said hoping into my car, which just so happened to be beside Kayleigh's car. "See you!" Amela called back, walking over to the passenger side of Kayleigh's car. She opened the passenger door and muttered so lowly under her breath that I almost didn't catch it, "The idiot forget to lock her car."
I laughed while putting my keys into the ignition. I put my gearstick into reverse and reversed out of the parking space. I said another quick "Goodbye!" to Amela before I was on my way to Liam's house.
Kayleigh's P.O.V
I walked out of the school building and saw Amela sitting in the passenger side of my car. 'Wasn't that locked?' I thought to myself but quickly dismissed the thought. I've always had terrible memory. I walked over to my car, opened the back door behind where Amela sat and set my bag on the back seat before I walked back around the car and hopped in the front driver seat. The first thing I heard from Amela was;
"You are an idiot! What type of moron doesn't lock their car? You! That type if idiot! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? A stranger could hop into your car and wait for you to come out of school before they murdered you! Or somebody could rob your car! How could you possibly forget to lock your car?"
"I'm just very forgetful." I shrugged, starting up the engine.
"So," I turned my head to face to face Amela, "Where to?"
"How much more is there to see?" I whined as Amela showed me what felt like the hundred place. Amela laughed at my childishness. "There is just one more place I want to show you."
Amela led me to a small white café looking shop with a big sign flashing 'Angie's Ice-cream Shop' in luminous green. The bell chimed as we stepped into the shop. The shop was filled with booths lining the walls and loose tables and chairs also scattered around the place tidily.
Amela walked up to the counter and I reluctantly followed her. I put my hand on my stomach and looked at the ice-cream that you could see through the glass case. 'Imagine how much carbs is in that?'
Amela ordered her ice-cream and looked at my expectantly. I shook my head and put down the menu which held the different kinds if ice-cream, "I'm not very hungry. I'll just have water, please." Amela gave me an insure look but nodded. She walked over to a loose table in front of the big glass window and took a seat. I sat across from her.
"How were being lab partners with Niall go?" She questioned, smiling at the woman who handed her, her ice-cream and me my bottled water. "He didn't turn up. The principal came and told my teacher 'Niall Horan was looking a little under the weather and was sent home'." I explained while she nodded, shocked. This must've been the first she's heard of this.
"How long extra will you be in school tomorrow?" Amela questioned while I racked my brain trying to remember what day it was. Once I remembered today was Wednesday and tomorrow would be Thursday I replied, "Only an hour. I only have Irish tomorrow. Why?" I questioned.
"I want to go shopping tomorrow. Want to come?" She questioned while I gave her a disappointed look. "I can't. In Ireland I got all my money from babysitting. If you know someone who would be willing to let a girl they know nothing about, mind their children. Let me know." I told her sarcastically.
Amela sent me an excited smile, "It just so happens that I do. That person is actually looking for somebody for Friday." She stated in a matter-of-fact tone.
"Why Friday?" I asked taking a small sip of my ice cold water.
"It's the full moon on Friday," She said but then looked as if she shouldn't have said that. "She has this weird fascination with the moon. Her husband always takes her out to the countryside to get a better view." She finished looking slightly uneasy. I stopped myself from asking her why her friend didn't ask Amela to babysit but Amela looked like she wanted to change the topic badly. "Okay. I trust you." I said sending her a smile. I really hope she didn't break that trust. One of my biggest problems in life is I trust to easily. After I said that she looked a little easier. She sent me a wink.
“Just leave it up to me.”


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