'Strong' A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”
Niall Horan looked like a normal teenager, with his dyed blonde hair and brown roots that was always up in a high quiff unless it was stuck to his hair with sweat after lacrosse practice, to his bright blue eyes that were always bright with happiness.
Niall Horan acted like your normal teenager, going out drinking with his friends, partying ‘til early hours in the morning and sleeping with different girls whenever he felt like it. Most people thought he was just not a ‘relationship’ kind of guy but they had no idea…
Niall Horan was adored by all. Girls wanted him, Guys wanted to be him, Teachers thought he was a Saint, they never fully understood how he kept his good grades and led the team to victory EVERY single time he was led on to the field.
Niall had a secret though…he WASN’T a normal teenager.
Niall had a secret. A secret his family, his nine best friend’s family and him shared....


2. Chapter 1-His Disgusted Look

Chapter 1 of ‘Strong’

                                                         ‘I fake a smile so he won't see               
                                                         That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be’-
                                                                                                                                                                                      Teardrops on my guitar, Taylor Swift

Kayleigh's P.O.V
I quickly reversed into the first empty parking space I saw. I turned off the engine, took the keys out of the ignition and took a deep breath. 'I can do this... I can do this' I repeated in my head numerous times. I ran my fingers through my long blonde wavy hair, reapplied my cherry lip gloss and prepared myself for all the looks, judging, rumours and whispering that comes with being the new girl. Starting at a new school in a new Country where you know nobody was one thing but already being two terms in was going to be an awful lot harder than I had anticipated. My Dad moved us from Ireland to London for reasons that apparently ‘do not concern me’ as he and my mother had told me.
I took one last sigh and fixed my hair in the rearview mirror. I examined my outfit; high-waisted jeans, a grey oversized Elmo jumper and purple recessions.  I grabbed my backpack and opened the door. I stepped out of my car and was greeted by the frosty January air. I took a look around at the other students and was greeted by tired annoyed teenagers, to excited smart nerds, to people who were annoyed about school but excited to see their friends. The minute I stepped out of the car I could feel their eyes on me.
 Burning into my skull.
Judging me.
 I slung my backpack onto my back, pressed the ‘lock’ button on my car keys and walked into the main doors, leaving their judgmental eyes behind.
As I walked through the main doors I was instantly engulfed by warm air and only then had I realized how cold it was outside. I saw a door with a plaque saying ‘Office’ on it is big bold writing. I walked through the door and saw a plump woman in her late sixties giving me a small smile which I returned.
“Sorry Miss, can I have my schedule please? My name is Kayleigh Long.” I asked giving her my best smile. I was determined to not make any enemies here. Not only would my parents kill me but with what happened in my last school with girls thinking they are better than everybody and bullies, I couldn’t handle that again.
“Of course. Here is your locker key, map of the school and schedule. Have a nice day.” She replied handing me what I needed.  I took my timetable, map of the school and locker key scanned my eyes over my timetable and saw that I had History first after Registration and my locker was number 'thirty-seven'. After five minutes of looking for my locker I finally found it with ten minutes to spare. I put all my books and copies into the locker but kept the books I'd need for my first class. I locked my locker and went in search of 'room 1' where registration was taken. When I found a seat I took out my timetable and studied that, while student around me chatted.
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday
09.00am Registration
09.20am Period 1-History
10.00am Period 2-Maths
10.40am Break
11.00am Period 3-Geograpy
11.40am Period 4-English
12.20pm Lunch
13.20pm Registration
13.40pm Period 5-Religion
14.20pm Period 6-Music
15.00pm Period 7-Chemistry/Biology/Physics
15.40pm School ends
Tuesday/ Thursday
09.00am Registration
09.20am Period 1-Maths
10.00am Period 2-English
10.40am Break
11.00am Period 3-Home Education
11.40am Period 4-Home Education
12.20pm Lunch
13.20pm Registration
13.40pm Period 5-Physical Education
14.20pm Period 6-Physical Education
 15.00pm Period 7-Music
15.40pm School ends
After registration I went in search of ‘room 34’ where I’d be learning History. When I walked into the room I was going to spend the next year learning history in, I looked around the room trying to find an empty seat when I see two vacant seats at the back. I walked up to one of the seats and sat down placing my large, extremely heavy history book on the very ancient looking desk. I scanned the room seeing timelines decorating the wall along with pictures of ancient ruins, battle grounds, Romans, ammunition and everything else that defines history.
I was extremely grateful that I hadn't gotten strange looks from people for being the new girl or really smart people also known as  'geeks' or 'nerds' coming over trying to help me find my classes or trying to be my friend so the teachers will give them extra credit. Everybody in the class was way more interested in talking with their friends about what they got for Christmas or how they spent their New Years.
When the warning bell went off a very pretty girl with long brown wavy curly hair that reaches her hips and brown eyes took a seat beside me. She looked around the room with a bored expression. ‘At least I’m not the only person who hates history’ I thought to myself. When she was finished scanning the room her eyes landed on me and I saw just how pretty she was especially with the way her eyes looked gold when the sun reflected from them. She wore jean shorts, an American flag top, red Minnie Mouse converse and a silver half moon necklace. She gave me a friendly smile and instantly introduced herself.
“Hi! I’m Amela, but my friends call me Am. If you’re worthy enough, you can too. You’re the new girl. Kayleigh, right?” She questioned giving me a friendly, excited look but at the same time looked calm, laid back and pretty bad ass.
“Yup,” I said putting exaggeration on the ‘p’, “Just moved to England a few weeks ago,” I answered her question but then thought for a second, “How do you know my name?” I questioned only this time waiting for her to answer me. I was mentally praying that people weren’t talking about me. I’m not going to lie and say I hate attention because truthfully….I love it just as much as the next person, but I know from previous experience that too much attention from the wrong people, leads to war.
“It says it on your book,” She said and I looked down and sure enough I was met with one of those stupid white stickers that my mother forced me to put on all my copies and book which said ‘Kayleigh Long’ in bold black cursive writing and I mentally face palmed myself. I am an embarrassment to blondes everywhere, I swear.
"Oh..." I said feeling like a bit of an idiot. To take the attention off of me and my stupidity I asked the first question that came to mind, "So what do I have to do to prove I am worthy enough to call you Am?" I questioned genuinely curious. Normally I just had to say 'hi' to someone and know their name and we were automatically called friends but the fact that she's testing me to see if I'm worthy enough to be her friend shows me just how different Amela is.
Maybe it's a British thing...?
Or maybe it's just an Amela thing?
Either way, I knew there was something different about Amela, either from the way her eyes never told too much or the fact she was talking to a complete stranger but still didn’t yet class me as a friend, but I just couldn't put my finger on it....
A little voice in the back off my head was telling me 'Maybe she has trust issues...?' But that's not it, she wouldn't have talked to me if she had.
'Maybe she's just taking the piss?' The voice continued and I mentally agreed. She was probably only messing with me trying to have a laugh. She probably didn't want any of her friends to be giant prudes...
Or maybe she was just different.
I knew I'd find out eventually though...
Amela sent me a smile, waved off my last question and started firing questions left right and center. After a few minutes of answering questions and arguing about my answers I felt like I had known Amela for years.
Luckily we had a free history class as our teacher Mrs. Anderson was out, so Amela and I continued talking, arguing and answering questions.
“Where are you from, by the way? You have a very unusual accent,” I questioned leaning on my hand.  It was true what I said though, Amela’s accent intrigued me. It sounds like many accents combined. After thinking for a minute, I sat up straight and gave her my best smile, before I said rather enthusiastically, “But I like it!”
Amela gave out a short laugh, "Um, I'd say I'm half Bosnian, half English. I also lived in Denmark for a while so..." She said not knowing how to finish her sentence although she had told me all I had needed to know, "But I definitely know where you are from, I could tell your Irish accent anywhere. My friend Niall is also Irish. You'd like him, he's a nice guy" She said smiling before it faded, "Just please don't be like all the other girls.....Niall is sweet and can treat a girl right, but he isn't interested in a girlfriend or a relationship. He will pick a girl, take her on a date, if she wants she can sleep with him and lose her dignity when he leaves or she can take the date, have a nice time and tell him she isn't ready or that she isn't 'That type of girl'. But I think you know which option every girl goes with," She said looking slightly disgusted at all the girls walking around her and I couldn't help but smile...Maybe I can finally feel like I have a friend.
After another ten minutes of talking to Amela we already had our first fight, "But seriously though! How can you not ship Klaroline with every bone in your body! Caroline and Klaus are just perfect for each other!" Amela argued with me. I seriously regret asking her what her favorite show was because the second after her telling me it was Vampire Diaries and me agreeing at how amazing the show is we kept arguing about who belonged with Caroline. "That is crazy! Stefan and Caroline are perfect for each other! They're both so good-looking! Imagine their babies! You know, if vampires could have babies that is…Either way, I so ship them." I argued back, my hands flying everywhere as they usually do when I'm frustrated or trying to get my point across. Amela just shook her head stubbornly.
This girl was something else…..
"You could so tell he was definitely wearing a toupee!"Amela laughed while we exited our Maths class. I truthfully felt like a part of me had died in that classroom. I started laughing along with her remembering how Mr. Rodgers' toupee started slipping when he was showing Kendall–a really pretty brunette with brown eyes and a strong American accent–how to do tonights homework. I recalled how Amela's eyes seemed to burn into the back of Kendall's head, mentally ripping the girl apart. I made a mental note to ask her what that was about later.
"That doesn't mean Beau, I think his name is, should have said it aloud and offered to mind the class so Mr. Rodgers could go to the bathroom to fix it," I said starting to laugh hysterically again, Amela joining in not too long later. After a few more seconds off laughing I quickly added in something else that Beau had said, "And then to make matters worse he also added how he wasn't afraid to give a HOT girl a spanking if she stepped out off line." I gasped for breath will clutching my now sore stomach. Amela wiped the tears from her eyes and shook her head with a slight laugh, "Yeah, Beau is a cheeky one alright," She said and quickly added, "And quite cute too, don't you think." She said winking at me her face suddenly dead serious causing me to laugh harder.
As I was too busy laughing with Amela, I hadn't noticed the guy walking in my direction until our bodies collided causing me to lose balance–Amela catching me luckily–and him dropping his books on the floor.
"Oh my God! I am so sorry! I am such a klutz," I quickly apologized bending down to regather his books which were now sprawled out on the floor. I picked up a few loose sheets and saw they were song lyrics. I just saw one line but I made a mental note to try and find a way to see the full lyrics as the line was both beautiful and enchanting. I stood up and handed the books back to their rightful owner, which was the boy who I had bumped into moments ago. After he accepted them and my apology I looked up from my feet which I had been staring at the whole time and saw that the person I had bumped into wasn't a boy but a Sex God! He had blonde hair styled up into a quaff with brown roots with big ocean blue eyes. He wore this big smile and had perfect teeth. He was perfect!
"It's alright, it was my fault too!" He said with a big warm smile and it was the first time I had noticed his Irish accent. 'Damn,' I thought to myself, 'Is there anything about this boy that isn't sexy?'  
Since I had bumped into him–The stranger/ Sex God–he hasn't looked at me once. Even when he accepted my apology and said it was both our faults his eyes weren't on me but on Amela. I started to get the feeling that maybe they were an item, but the way they looked at each other told me they were just friends. Probably really good friends. I didn't mind the fact that he hadn't looked at me once as it gave me a chance to examine him.
He had blonde hair and brown roots which gave away the fact that he dyes his hair, which was styled into a sexy quiff and showed off his beautiful face. His face was perfect. With his blue beautiful eyes which looked like the sea and his perfect smile which showed off his perfectly straight teeth. His smile was so warm and his eyes were so happy. He wasn't very tall, maybe about six inches taller than me but he had a good bit of muscle showing me he was fit.
After talking to Amela for a good few moments his warm ocean blue eyes turned to me, giving me his attention. After staring into my eyes for a minute or two his eyes started scanning my body and I suddenly felt very insecure. I'm not going to lie and tell you I am size 0. Hell I'm not even a size 8. I'm about a size 12...14 at the largest. I'm no model so having this beautiful creatures eyes on me made me very self conscious. As his eyes kept trailing my body I unintentionally gripped the sleeve of my jumper to my palm. When his beautiful blue eyes reached my regular blue eyes his face had changed to one of disgust and I suddenly had the urge to cry. His once warm smile was in a disgusted frown, one you might get after drinking some gone off, lumpy milk and his once warm eyes were now hard and cold. From the corner of my eye I saw Amela standing beside me generally shocked. He gave Amela a nod and smile and gave me a look filled with hate and he walked off in the direction of his class, going the opposite way from Amela and I, but in the direction in where we had Maths class with Mr. Rodgers. He left Amela shocked and me extremely insecure.
"Are you okay?" Amela questioned, a look of general concern on her face, "Niall isn't usually like that, I swear!" I gave her a smile, fighting back my tears and nodded my head. I quickly composed myself and masked the pain I was feeling inside. I was very good at masking my feelings and putting on fake smiles showing everybody I was okay when I truthfully wasn't. Amela nodded her head but something told me she didn't believe me. "Okay, come on! We have Geography to go to! I can’t believe our twenty minute break is over! Why did Mr. Rodgers have to hold us back ten minutes to make up for Beau being his stupid, good-looking self?" She said and started walking leading me the Geography classroom. The whole way there Amela didn't say a word, which I was glad for because she left me alone with my thoughts.
Was I really that ugly?
Was I so unattractive he couldn't hide his own disgust?
Would I ever get an answer to these questions?
Niall...I made a mental note that the Sex God–Who could also be called a mean ass, in polite words–was called Niall. I went back in my memory and remembered how Amela had told me Niall was a friend of hers and how she warned me not to fall for him. No worries there. Sure he may have been a Sex God but what's good looks with a ugly heart......a person who is destined to die alone.
When we arrived at Geography there were two spare seats, one up around the front to the left beside two very pretty brunettes and one at the very back to the right between Beau–The hilarious boy from my Math’s class–and a very pretty girl I don't know.
"You two are very late, but I'll let it pass this once" An extremely good looking guy with an American accent said, "I'm Mr. Efron, while you must be the new student, Ms Long. Do you mind if I call you Kayleigh?" He questioned while I just shook my head, no longer able to form words. Mr. Efron had stunning blue eyes, and light brown hair. He also had some stubble which made him look older and cuter.  He also had some muscle, he was gorgeous, but nothing compared to that ass I met ten minutes ago...but he was pretty damn close.
"Kayleigh I'll put you beside Beau and Zoe, and Amela upfront. I don't want a repeat of last year when you and Beau spent all my class either gossiping like teenage girls or flirting", Mr. Efron said causing Amela to hold her hands up in defense. "At least I am a teenage girl....what's Beau's excuse?" Amela mumbled so only Mr. Efron and I could hear. I started laughing quietly while he only smiled amusingly.
"It's a shame I won't see your beautiful face up close Kayleigh, but what can you do?" Mr. Efron said, sending me a not-so-subtle wink. Amela leaned in and discretely whispered in my ear, "Mr. Efron's a huge flirt. You get used to his flirtatious ways though. Plus he is really hot!" Before sauntering over to her seat, me walking to mine laughing slightly all self-conscious thoughts and memory of what happened minutes ago clear from my mind.
For now.....
"You know you can go with your friends right?" I questioned Amela, watching her look over towards a group of people sitting at a table talking. It was now lunch–My favorite and best class–And at the moment I was putting my books from my last class into my locker while Amela kept looking at a certain table in the cafeteria that I'm guessing is where her friends are. I noticed how her eyes were on a certain curly haired boy and I couldn't help but smirk.
"It's fine, honestly." She replied sending me a big smile turn in her gaze back to the curly guy.
"The curly haired guy is very cute," I commented watching as Amela's smile dropped and she let out an involuntary growl, but quickly tried to disguise it with a cough. I couldn’t help but laugh at her failed attempt of disguising her anger towards anybody liking her crush.
She had it bad.
"Why don't you come with me?" She questioned, her eyes still on her crush. I looked over at the table and saw that familiar blonde quiff, which brought back the memory of what happened this morning so I quickly opted out of it telling her I don't want the others to act like how he did or even be near him for that matter which caused her to sigh.
"He isn't normally like that," She said, turning her body towards me, "He only seems to be like that with you." She finished looking deep in thought. After seeing my raised eyebrow she quickly defended herself, "No offense though!".
"You know just because you say 'No offense' doesn't mean it hurts any less." She let out a little laugh while I switched my English book for my Religion one, seeming as we had that straight after lunch–In different classes though as we both had different religions–. I closed my locker and turned towards her giving her an expectant look. I gave her a little 'encouraging' shove. "Stop wasting your time with me and go over to Mr. Sexy Curls over there!".
She rolled her eyes but obeyed, but once about five footsteps away from me she turned back around. "Will you be okay?" She questioned, her now gold eyes–As the sun was catching them–filled with concern and care.
"Amela sweetie, I talk to everybody! Knowing me I'll go sit with a group of strangers and make them feel uncomfortable by talking to them. I once had a full on conversation on how people should be more careful where they leave their doors with a floor, after I had walked into a door and decided to hug the floor for a while! And no! That is the story I am going with, I will not change it!" Amela was now laughing at my stupidity, "It was a long time ago though. What happened yesterday is now in the past! So go get your arse over there to that guy with really nice curls–If you could even call them curls as they were all being pushed back by a headband–and fill me in on how long you've liked him and all that later. Now go! But be back here to show me where my Religion classroom is, because knowing me I'll probably get lost!"
Amela gave me a smile before beginning her short walk to the cafeteria. I closed my locker and went and sat at a random table in the cafeteria like I told Amela I would do. I was met with four smiling good-looking lads. I couldn't help the smile that grew my face.
"I'm Kayleigh. Mind if I sit here?"
Amela's P.O.V
I walked over to the familiar table which held my friends and best friend Harry. Harry looked up from the table–Where he was probably finishing homework–in my direction almost as if he sensed me coming. I knew he had though. He sent me a smile that always managed to make my knees go weak. Just as I was fingertips away from the table, the familiar head of Kendall Jenner sat down on Harry's lap and pulled him in for a French kiss.
I felt my heart break as Harry continued to kiss his new fling Kendall. I tried to tame my wolf as I sat down across from Perrie instead of my planned spot across from Harry. I saw Eleanor give me a sympathetic smile which I chose to ignore. Not to be rude or anything but it sucks to say that I've become used to this by now. Is that bad to say? To say that I've become so used to my best friend going out with other girls, that I don't cry anymore. Instead I just feel my heart break into more smaller jagged pieces and I feel my wolf slowly weaken.  
I turned to Niall who was on my left and raised my eyebrow at him. He turned his head to me after feeling my gaze on him. He gave me a questioning look while I gave him an angered one.
"Why you looking at me like that?" He questioned with food in his mouth. I gave him a knowing look while he just kept giving me a confused look.
"Why were you such a dick to Kayleigh? You basically called her ugly with your eyes! What type of person judges a person they don't know based on their looks! Especially you Niall! Usually you defend people who are being judged and stand up to those judging! Why?" I finished my rant and everybody at the table–Niall, Perrie, Zayn, Liam, Sophia, Eleanor and Louis–seemed shocked. Niall's and the other boys from my outburst and the girls' from what Niall had said. The only person who hadn't shown any emotion was Harry who was still in a heated make out session with Kendall. I quickly looked away from the two trying to mask my pain and put my attention back to Niall.
Niall looked to be in deep thought before he replied, "I don't know! I just get a bad vibe from her. When I'm anywhere near her I feel so much hatred towards her. Plus I'm very good at telling how a person is by their aura and I'm telling you now Amela," He said all playfulness in his tone gone and replaced by seriousness, "You can't trust her and you will get hurt!" He finished.
At the mention of me getting hurt he quickly broke apart from Kendall and turned to Niall his eyes showing worry. "What do you mean Amela will get hurt?!?" He said his eyes flickering to me showing concern for my well being but as much as I tried to tell myself Harry cared, I knew it was just his mate talking.
"It doesn't matter," I quickly piped up before Niall could say anything else bad about Kayleigh. "Besides why do you care?"
Harry gave me a kind smile, "Because you're my best friend!" I'll admit that stung, "And it would hurt me if anything happened to you." He finished and I let out a sigh.
"I'm gonna go find the girls. I'll catch you later." Kendall said giving Harry an extra big kiss. I swear I felt a little but of vomit in my mouth. Kendall got off Harry's lap while he just sat there smiling. My heart fell knowing I wasn't the one causing that smile.
Perrie seeing my obvious distress decided to take it upon herself to get rid of the obvious tension. "How come ye aren't at lacrosse practice? Don't ye have it Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Monday, Wednesday and Friday at lunch?" Perrie questioned. "Coach told us he has a meeting. We miss the last two periods of school to practice." Liam said responding to Perrie obviously buying her distraction. I only realized then that everybody else always seemed to notice my moods dampen and always cheered me up not Harry.
Never Harry. After all he always was the reason I needed cheering up.
"Is Kayleigh that blonde one you walked in to Mr. Efron’s classroom with?" Sophia asked. I nodded remembering how Mr. Efron put me between Eleanor and Sophia instead of between Zoe–An ex of Niall's–(shocker!) and Beau because apparently he can't trust me beside Beau. I internally laughed at the memory of what happened last time I sat beside Beau. We spent the whole entire class gossiping about who was going out with who, who had cheated on who, who was pregnant–Which happened a lot in our school–and about my crush on Harry. Beau of course knows about my crush and even offered to help make Harry, saying it would 'help me' when I knew it was just him being a shameless flirt.
"She doesn't seem to be having trouble settling in," Eleanor piped up motioning to a table not too far away from ours but out of ear reach. I looked over and saw how Kayleigh was sat with four other boys, laughing.
When she said she'd sit at a random table she wasn't kidding, huh?
"Maybe that bad feeling I got was the fact that she was a slut," Niall said and I almost sniggered at that comment. I turned my body towards Niall with anger in my eyes. If there is anything I hate more in the world its judge mental people and bullies. That comes from personal experience.
"If she was a slut, then what does that make your last girlfriend? I can't even remember her name because you switch so often I don't even bother!" I said through clenched teeth. Niall looked hurt and slightly scared while everybody else at the table looked amused. I turned my body back towards the table the four boys and Kayleigh were sat.
"Oh, Amela is getting her claws out," I heard Harry say to Louis in a playful tone before saying seriously, "I love it when she gets all feisty."
I chose to ignore Harry's last comment knowing it was his wolf not him. It would never be him. "Besides," I said wanting to clear Kayleigh's name and clear the air between Niall and I, "She isn't even sitting that close to them or flirting with them," I turned back to Niall seeing him still a little hurt from my previous comment. Seeing Niall hurt is like kicking a dying puppy, plus Niall is the only 'technically' single one–since even when he has girlfriends he calls himself single–I didn't want to mess that up.
Who else would I talk to when everybody else is kissing?
"She is as close to them as you are to Harry," I eyed them suspiciously, "If you are so convinced something is happening between them and her, must be because something is going on between you and Harold! I always knew the countless girls was just a cover up!" I said causing the whole table to laugh–Niall being the loudest–and Harry to blush confirming my suspicion.
If I couldn't have Harry, I'd rather Niall did than Kendall.
I internally laughed at that, already imagining Bobby's face when Niall told him he imprinted on Harry and that Harry would help lead the pack. That would be priceless!
"Okay, whatever." Niall said going back to his burger. Everybody at the table started their own conversation leaving me with my thoughts. What Harry said earlier rung in my head leaving me with a depressed wolf and he broken heart.
"Because you're my best friend! And it would hurt me if anything happened to you."
"Because you're my best friend!"
My best friend....
.....Never anything more.
Kayleigh's P.O.V
I closed my eyes and smuggled closer to my comforter letting the exhaustion take over. It was now two forty-eight in the morning and I have to get up at seven thirty. I hated the time when I was tired but could never sleep, that was when my insecurities got the best of me. When all the questions I had after the look Niall gave me came back to haunt me.
 Was I THAT unattractive?
Did I really disgust him THAT much?
By the way Amela looked so shocked at the look Niall gave me, I take it he wasn't usually mean.
That he usually didn't act like that.
Was it just me?
There was one thing that was on my mind though, bugging me. Apparently I had my last two classes with Niall, who according to Amela wasn't there with the four other boys from her table–One being her crush–because they had lacrosse practice. One class was with Amela and everybody else I saw at her table and one with just Niall. There was one problem though. The class Niall and I shared was Chemistry and seeing as he wasn't in class today he didn't get to pick his partner.
There was only one empty seat....
.........Beside me.
Looks like Niall and I are lab partners.


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