'Strong' A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”
Niall Horan looked like a normal teenager, with his dyed blonde hair and brown roots that was always up in a high quiff unless it was stuck to his hair with sweat after lacrosse practice, to his bright blue eyes that were always bright with happiness.
Niall Horan acted like your normal teenager, going out drinking with his friends, partying ‘til early hours in the morning and sleeping with different girls whenever he felt like it. Most people thought he was just not a ‘relationship’ kind of guy but they had no idea…
Niall Horan was adored by all. Girls wanted him, Guys wanted to be him, Teachers thought he was a Saint, they never fully understood how he kept his good grades and led the team to victory EVERY single time he was led on to the field.
Niall had a secret though…he WASN’T a normal teenager.
Niall had a secret. A secret his family, his nine best friend’s family and him shared....


14. Chapter 12-Tears and Grim Looks

           Chapter 12 of ‘Strong’ 

            I was wondering
                                                                                    If after all these years you’d like to meet to go over everything
                                                                                   They say times supposed to heal you
                                                                                  But I ain’t done much healing
                                                                                                                                   -Hello, Adele

Kayleigh's P.O.V
I walked carefully over to my locker. I had really bad heartburn, a killer headache which has only increased since Sunday, and really shaky legs which were ready to collapse at any minute. I had managed to survive the first two classes but anymore and I'm positive my legs will give out. I leaned my head on my locker trying to focus on what needs more attention: my head or my stomach. I slowly opened my eyes and jumped back in shock as I found James' girlfriend Brittney staring at me with curiosity. Forgetting where I was and who I was talking too, I gently swatted Brittney's arm and exclaimed, "You whore! Are you trying to kill me?!"
Brittney stared at my in a mix of shock and amusement. Realizing my mistake I quickly apologized and tried to laugh this situation off, "I'm so sorry! I usually only talk like that with my friends from Ireland...I guess I'm just really tired." Brittney sent me a reassuring smile but I could tell by her eyes that she was holding back from saying something she may or may not regret. I tried to ignore her eyes as I got out my books for the next class but regardless of not seeing her eyes, I knew her eyes could still see me.
I turned to her in defeat, "Okay, say it. Whatever is on your mind, just say it!" I said staring into her eyes. I was personally way too tired and irritated to have to go through the rest of today worrying about what she thought or worrying about if she was talking about me behind my back. Brittney's mouth opened as if she was about to say something but then closed as if her mind had suddenly become clear of all information and questions she had. This happened a few more times and if I wasn't so exhausted I probably would have laughed at how much she resembled a fish. I wasn't completely sure if she was so gob smacked because American's aren't used to people being so upfront and honest, or if I just seemed like the quiet shy type.
Once Brittney realised her words had flown away like swallows during autumn, she let out a heartbreaking sigh and pulled me in for a tight hug. After my shock melted away, my body melted into her hug-but this was not as creepy or as strange as it sounds. It may sound strange and or stupid, but surprisingly I felt a lot better. Brittney pulled away quicker than I would have liked her to but her magic had worked; I was not as depressed or tired as I was before. Brittney took my science book out of my bag and replaced it with my geography one. I rolled my eyes realizing how much of any idiot I was. Brittney continued to do my locker for me while I ate the apple she pulled out from her bag and forced into my hands. I personally felt truly bad for taking Brittney's food when all I was doing was taking tiny nibbles when she looked in my direction. After three small bites, I realised I couldn't eat any more and so I threw it in the bin when Brittney wasn't looking.
During doing her own locker–Which was funnily enough three lockers down from mine–Brittney gave me some information which allowed me to breathe again: "Kayleigh, I understand this may be an embarrassing topic and you may be hoping nobody notices but I have, and I wanted to tell you that insomnia is not something to be embarrassed about! I can tell by how empty your eyes are and how pale you've gotten that something must be keeping you up and I hope you know you can come to me for anything and everything!"
In this moment I felt both relieved and sad. I was truly relieved Brittney didn't know the truth but I was also sad that I had to lie and take sympathy from such as nice girl like Brittney. Before I could wallow in my guilt for too long, Mia showed up with her usual friendly smile and a dark pink folder in her hands.
"Hey cuties, you both ready for geography with Mr. Bieber?" Mia questioned, helping me pick up my bag. My arms suddenly felt as if they had just had one whole month of lifting weights without any cheat days. She sent me a worried look, "Are you okay? You seem really pale." I sent her a reassuring smile and waved off her worry, "I'm fine; I just had a rough night. So are you two ready for Mr. I'm-Going-To-Flirt-Witch-Every-Female-Student-Just-Because-I-Like-To-Get-You-All-Hot-And-Bothered-And-Then-Send-You-Away-Because-I'm-Too-Hot-For-All-Of-You?!" I said causing Brittney and Mina to share an amused smile before they both started laughing. "How I wish I had your creative skills for nicknames." Brittney said wiping away an invisible year from her eye. She picked her bag up and handed me nine before we started walking to geography.
We started walking down the school hallway but I couldn't seem to focus on the people around me. I've always had trouble focusing on what’s happening around me but for some reason my eyesight seemed blurred and my head felt like it could possibly explode at any moment. I didn’t understand how my brain was on overdrive as I was way too exhausted to clearly think about ANYTHING which doesn’t seem to make sense as to how my brain, eyesight and concentration are out of whack. I truthfully am not even sure if what I’m thinking makes sense. Why do people even say amn’t?!
While I was mentally trying to figure out the crazy and stupid ways of grammar, I hadn’t heard Amela calling for my attention. Brittney nudged my arm causing me to snap out of my dazed state. I looked up in shock as Brittney sent me her second amused look today. "We'll see you in Geography." I nodded and walked over towards Amela and the others. I wasn't looking forward to what Niall had to say about me today, but I didn't want to seem rude.
"Hey, what's up?" I asked leaning my back against a locker. Amela gave a quick glance towards the others before she turned her body towards me. “How has your weekend been?” She asked causing me to scrunch up my face in confusion. “It was…fine? And how was yours?” I questioned suddenly feeling like I was about to puke. Amela gave the others another quick glance before she, for the second time, turned towards me. “Mine was great. So, did anything unusual happen? Are you feeling okay?” She questioned causing me to give out a short believable laugh. “What is with everybody asking me if I’m okay?! I’m naturally pale and I suffer with insomnia; this is just my face!” I exclaimed causing some people to laugh–I'm not sure who, as my brain was on standby due to the fact every time I close my eyes, a scarred wolves face haunts me–and Perrie to come towards me, hug me and mumble 'Oh God, I love you' I'm between giggles. I hugged Perrie back but very gently as my body felt as if it had been dragged through hedges and beaten with a baseball bat. When we pulled away and I caught sight of Amela'a pissed off face, I spoke seriously.
"Honestly speaking, my weekend was...extremely strange. I had a very strange dream and you were all in it. I remember fragments and broken pieces of it but that's it. Every time I close my eyes or think back to it I just..." I stopped and moved my back so instead of leaning on my side against the locker, I was leaning on my back. I could feel eighteen pairs of eyes on me awaiting my next few words but before I continued I found it odd as this had been Niall's longest time without insulting me.
After another frothy seconds of dramatic silence I continued, "It's weird and you aren't going to believe me but all I can see is...all of you; and then I'm falling and every...everything hurts. Then suddenly there are these elephant dogs. There so tall and wide and...I'm still falling. And then just as I'm about to land, I see something. I feel something hard crash against my head and I can feel blood pouring down my head, and I can see him. He's staring at me, daring me to move. I can't move; I can't breathe; all I can do is bleed and state at that stupid dog and that big scar...." I finished, fading off at the end. Words can't even explain the different amount of emotions on everybody’s face but Niall; his face was definitely the funniest. He looks shocked and apologetic and annoyed and guilty and angry and honestly, all of these emotions just make him look constipated.
"You want to know what the funniest part is? When I woke up, there was these big green eyes staring at me and then suddenly they disappeared and I realized my head was actually bleeding... After a day of an exploding migraine and a vomiting fit, a friend of my parents came to take a look at me and they discovered my head has been attended to–Very well actually–but due to not the right equipment being used, it caused the sound to open. They took care of it but I have to go in today to see if there is any brain damage." After I noticed how pale and sick everybody looked, I decided to lighten the mood, "I should be fine though; I don't think it's anything serious. Maybe I hurt my ahead earlier that day and got a concussion! As for the wolf situation, I just need to cut back on how much Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries I watch. Don't worry though, I'll be fine!" I finished causing them all to give me an uneasy smile.
When the bell rang I told Amela and Sophia I'd see them during class, and told the rest of them I'd see them later.
I walked into the geography classroom and after greeting Mr. Bieber, I took my seat and waited for both class to begin and Amela and Sophia to show up.
...Class began but Sophia and Amela didn't show-To this class or any other class...
And neither did the rest of their group...
Niall's P.O.V
"What are we going to do?" Amela blundered, both hot and cold tears streaming down her face and into her mouth where they seemed to be drowning her in her guilt.
There was a lot of loud and panicked mumbles going around and even with my wolf hearing, I couldn't tell what anyone was saying. But could you blame me? With this volume, I couldn't even hear myself.
Before I could do anything to shut people up, Liam put his pointer finger and thumb in his mouth and let out an ear piercing whistle. I'm not sure if it's because my alpha duties were making my senses stronger or if I just had very sensitive ears, but it truly hurt. Before I could complain about the pain and demand for food, Liam was making his smart and logical explanation:
"Why don't we all stop freaking out and blaming ourselves and just see what happens. I've only known Kayleigh a short amount of time but I am a great judge of character and I know that Kayleigh is extremely honest; in fact, she's brutally honest! If she knew anything, she'd say it unless she had a good reason not to. If she was going to anybody about it, we'd all be in handcuffs or tied to the council's judgment chairs so everybody chill! Eleanor; it wasn't your fault, it happened in the heat of the moment; she's fine! I did an amazing job at stitching her up so I know there is no infection. It wasn't deep enough to cause serious damage so the worse that could happen is severe migraines or a small conclusion-both can be treated. If we feed the problem it will only get worse whereas if we leave the problem alone, it might leave us alone!"
I thought about what Liam was saying-We all did-and even though we all knew we would have to go with what Liam is saying, I still made one final suggestion:
"We could do that...Or we could kill her!"
Kayleigh’s P.O.V
I walked into my big and empty house after a long day at school and afterwards the hospital. I threw my schoolbag at the bottom of my stairs and locked my front door. I walked upstairs and after stripping I hopped into the hot steamy shower to wash away the sweat and the disgusting smell of hospitals. I took extra precaution when washing my hair due to the new stitches and sensitive wound. After a nice fifteen minute shower, I hopped out and dried myself. I blow dried my hair and very carefully dried, cleaned and wrapped up my wound. I cleaned up my bathroom and left the bathroom with the towel wrapped around my body. I walked into my bedroom and almost dropped dead with shock when I saw a familiar ginger sprawled out on my bed with his familiar drunk yet charming smile on his face.
It has always shocked me how somebody can look so scruffy and so ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck’ could be so charming and good looking. In all the years I’ve known Ed–And once as a five-year-old I believed Ed was ancient–I could never tell if he was drunk on blood, liquor or life.
I walked over towards my undergarment drawer, "What can I do for you Edward?" I questioned pulling out a pair of pink boxer underwear and lone fluffy socks. I made sure to hold tightly into my towel as I bent over to get out my penguin onesie-itself like a comfort night. "How are you?" Ed asked changing the subject without completely changing topic. I pointed to a pillow and once Ed had covered his face with the pillow I started to change. At first I was conflicted between changing and smothering Ed with the pillow but then I remembered Ed was a vampire so...I'd probably be the dead one.
Once I was decent, I removed the pillow from Ed’s face and hit him with it, "What the hell is your problem? Is getting a restraining order on your bucket list or something?!?" I half shouted half scolded. Ed held his hands up in surrender, "I just wanted to check you were okay! Next time I'll just be a heartless fucker! Feel better?" Ed shouted back at me. I put the pillow back where it was and sent him a childish smile and a happy nod.
Ed rolled his eyes and sat up on my bed. I picked up my dirty washing and left my room. I couldn't hear Ed's footsteps behind me due to how light and sneaky vampires are but I knew he was behind me. I walked into the kitchen and put my dirty clothes into the washing basket and boiled the kettle so I could make myself a  cup of tea. I hopped up on to my counter so I could be at least up to Ed's chin. I moved my butt around for a few seconds to get comfortable and once I was, I looked at Ed in questioning.
When he didn't cut the crap, I butt in and demanded answers to all the tiny questions swarming around in my head.
"Quit with the fucking bullshit Ed! I haven't seen you in six months and we both know the only person you care about is yourself, so how about you try being honest for once? Why. Are. You. Here?"
Ed released a deep breath and held his hands up in surrender for the second time today-What is with people doing things twice? "I didn't know you were here-In England, not this house. When Harry called me I didn't know it was you; I only found out when you first did. I obviously had to report to your dad since I don't have a death wish and although he wanted to kill me then and there for ever hurting you, he let me live and told me it was my job to look after you. So how are...?" My eyes shut him up. I knew what he was implying and I knew that my parents were worried about me; they're always worried about me.
Ed walked towards me and before I could threaten to cut his balls off he wiped a tear I didn't mean to let slip from my face. I quickly wiped my face of all trace that that had ever happened and hopped off the counter. I made myself that cup of tea in silence trying to gather my thoughts.
What were you supposed to say to the person who had broken your heart?
What are you supposed to say to the person who knew all about your insecurities, and used them against you?
What are you supposed to say to the person who left you when you most needed somebody? When you were at your lowest point?
Ed hadn't just been the first boy to break my heart but my first best friend, my first kiss and the first person I ever told about my mental health issues.
And now he was going to be the first person I ever kicked out of my house.
This time I wasn't giving him the opportunity to leave; I was making him go.
"Out." I clenched my teeth to stop me from either screaming or sobbing. Ed looked at me in uncertainty but knew me enough to not fight me on this. He walked towards the door but before he left he turned towards me and mumbled a for once sincere 'Sorry'.
The door slammed shut just as my fear vents crashed open. My body felt as if it was possessed by an older, angrier spirit. I truly couldn't comprehend how it was physically possible to be so young yet feel so much pain. I picked up the hot tea cup and fired it at the wall watching through teary eyes how the tea splattered so perfectly across the cream wall. It shocked me how even with all this pain in my heart I could still find something so plain like this so beautiful. Something about this thought made me scream and slide to the floor as the hot tears drowned me.
"How could you?! What is so physically broken in your head that makes you think sending Ed over here was okay!" I demanded angrily, trying to clean up the-once-cream wall. "I'm sorry, my darling I was just worried-" I cut my father off and threw the damp rag on the floor. If I was a fire, my dad's last sentence was gasoline and even if he didn't want to deal with the damage of a psychotic fire, he was standing way too close to the flames.
"You're worried about me?! If you're so worried then come home and check for yourself! We moved here for your job and shit but you spend all of your time away!" I shouted down the phone. My parents were big on respect and usually so was I but right now I was not in the mood. "You will not now nor ever speak to me like that again Kayleigh Margaret Long! Next time I see you you will apologise to my face! You know I would be home if I could, as would your mother, but there is a lot to do here! We are needed-" I cut him off again only this time I was determined to get the last word.
"You're needed?!? Of course because how could your daughter need more help that fucking vampires! I get it though, you're The Vampire Lord, and as usual I will come second to vampires just like I always have! Besides why would you be worried enough to come her to check on me?! After all since I'm not a vampire I must be a second class citizen! No fangs, no special diet, no love. Am I right?!"
"Kayle-" He started sounding as if he were in pain. He wasn't though; how could you possibly ignore The Vampire Lord?
I hung up.
By the time the house was clean and everything was back to its usual self, it was only seven o' clock and I was extremely exhausted. Instead of doing my homework or anything productive I decided to just go to bed. I was starting to feel really weak and tired-the type of tired that you feel like no sleep can fix. As I was washing my tight and damp face before bed I realize just why everybody was so worried; I looked like a ghost. Instead of doing anything about it, I just stripped out of my shorts and hopped into bed.
I've never wanted a murderer to creep into my house and chop me up more in all my life...
Amela's P.O.V
I was sat at our usual cafeteria table with all the boys and the girls minus Perrie and Eleanor. Louis was in the middle of telling a story about what happened after his mother found a used condom in his bin when Eleanor and Perrie came rushing up towards us.
"Amela!"  Perrie half shouted before she doubled over to catch her breath. We all looked at her in surprise and amusement. "So is this what she's like after you two get busy?" Louis asked Zayn causing Zayn to flip him the bird but give a little wink. My body shuddered as I tried to get that disturbing image out of my head.
Once Perrie had caught her breath I said, "Yes Perrie?" Perrie gave me a confused look before she jumped high in the air and started talking at fifty miles an hour-at this point I was very worried. "Perrie! PERRIE!" I shouted ignoring the weird looks I was getting off the people surrounding us. When I remembered that I was talking to Perrie, who I'm convinced was a supernatural unicorn in her previous life, I asked Eleanor to explain.
"El, can you speak like a human please?" Eleanor gave an amused smile but once she remembered what she would have to say, her face turned pale. Words can't explain how sick I felt due to worry. Eleanor took a deep shaky breath and said:
"Kayleigh looks like absolute shit Amela! I seriously think something is wrong, only I don't think it's just what I did. She looks dea—"
I didn't need to hear the end of Eleanor's sentence before I sprinted out of the cafeteria. I knew the boys, Sophia, Eleanor and Perrie would follow so I didn't think twice about them. I kept running until I saw Kayleigh and once I was a feet away from her, I started jogging which soon turned into a fast pace walk. I walked up to Kayleigh and I now understood at Eleanor and Perrie were so worried; Kayleigh's face looked grim and hollow. It looked like she hasn't eaten or slept in days and if she got any paler, she'd pass for a corpse.
"Kayleigh...?" I said in disbelief, are you okay?" I noticed how Kayleigh's eyes looked transparent and since I know Kayleigh enough now to sense what she feeling, I knew Kayleigh was broken. The only thing I didn't understand was how she had gone from happy to completely broken in the space of 18 hours.
Kayleigh gave me a small smile but the way Kayleigh was seeing through me told me this smile was less true and more forced.
"I'm fine and you?" She asked, and in this moment the only thing in my mind was shouting at her. Has she not looked in a mirror? Does she not know what's going on inside her head? She's clearly troubled and the only thing she does is ask me how I am?! I knew shouting at her wouldn't help, and with Sophia and her caring motherly figure standing close behind me, I wouldn't chance it.
I didn't reply back to Kayleigh; instead I just stared at her not knowing what to say while everybody else stared at me wondering what I was going to say. Kayleigh’s eyes moved from me, to Liam, to Sophia, to Louis, to Perrie, to Eleanor, to Zayn, to Harry and finally to Niall. Her eyes seemed to linger on Niall almost as if she were trying to figure something out solely based on his facial expressions. She sent me a reassuring smile and patted my arm.
“I’m fine Amela! I’m just tired: stop worrying!” She told me before she turned around to walk away. I presume she was going downstairs to the first story of the school where registration was going to be taken after lunch.
I took my eyes off Kayleigh and onto Liam, ”Li, I don’t think this has anything to do with the other night…” Liam opened his mouth to continue but before he did I heard multiple loud, painful thuds and a loud scream. The scream came from Perrie but the thuds didn’t.
I ran towards the top of the stairs and saw an unconscious body at the end of it. I knew from the fact she hadn’t screamed that she was unconscious before she fell. I felt people gather around me which only caused me more anxiety. I shouted:

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