'Strong' A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”
Niall Horan looked like a normal teenager, with his dyed blonde hair and brown roots that was always up in a high quiff unless it was stuck to his hair with sweat after lacrosse practice, to his bright blue eyes that were always bright with happiness.
Niall Horan acted like your normal teenager, going out drinking with his friends, partying ‘til early hours in the morning and sleeping with different girls whenever he felt like it. Most people thought he was just not a ‘relationship’ kind of guy but they had no idea…
Niall Horan was adored by all. Girls wanted him, Guys wanted to be him, Teachers thought he was a Saint, they never fully understood how he kept his good grades and led the team to victory EVERY single time he was led on to the field.
Niall had a secret though…he WASN’T a normal teenager.
Niall had a secret. A secret his family, his nine best friend’s family and him shared....


12. Chapter 10-Revisiting The Past

 Chapter 1o of ‘Strong’

I'll let you set the pace
                                                           'Cause I'm not thinking straight
                                                           My head's spinning around I can't see clear no more
                                                           What are you waiting for?’-
                                                                                                                                                                  Love Me Like You Do, Ellie Goulding

Kayleigh's P.O.V
I woke up on the ground, my head feeling lighter and my body feeling woozy. I looked out the window and saw it was dark outside shocking me since last time I checked it was still early in the evening. I looked at the clock seeing it was half past eleven at night. I stood up slowly and started making my way upstairs. I stripped out of my clothing and just threw on a baggy jumper. I then hopped into bed hoping tomorrow would make the last few hours clearer.
It’s been a week since I collapsed and luckily I haven't collapsed since. I was currently sitting in the local café with Amela, thinking up ideas of what Amela could get Harry for his birthday.
"What about, a cat? Harry likes cats’ right?" I questioned taking a sip of my green tea. I never understood why green tea was called green tea when it wasn't even green. It honestly reminds me of what pee looks like when you don't drink much fluid...
.....Why isn't it called pee tea...?
Amela just gave me a Get-Your-Head-Out-Of-Your-Butt look causing me to hold my hands upon surrender, "It was only a suggestion." I mumbled, pursuing my lips and thinking hard. Amela looked around her and leaned closer and whispered, "I did that one year but I fell in love with the kitten and kept her for myself. Never tell Harry though." She pulled back and I laughed. Only Amela, I swear.
"How about an iTunes gift card?" I asked causing her to shake her head and mumble, "Last year’s present."
"Concert tickets?" I questioned. Amela shook her head yet again and told me, "I took him to 1975 for Christmas." I let out an exaggerated sigh.
If I were a tall, British dude with long untamed curls and a smirk that could kill what would I want?
"Hey, what about skinny jeans?!" I questioned genuinely pleased with my amazing observant skills. I always see Harry wearing skinny jeans and as a girl who lives in leggings, I know you can never have enough of what you feel comfortable in.
It looked like Amela was thinking for a minute before she shook her head, "You haven't seen his wardrobe. The boy has enough skinny jeans to last him seven years without having access to a washing machine or deodorant!" Amela exaggerated. Or at least I was hoping she was exaggerating...
"I'm going to go get another hot chocolate. I have a feeling we're going to be here for a while," Amela sighed and stood up, "Want anything, Kay?" I gave her a grateful smile but shook my head and pulled my phone out of my pocket, "Nope, I'm good thanks." I opened up my messages as Amela walked away.
To: Mr. Sexy Curls😊
Want do you want for your birthday?(: xox
Since the time in the closet when Harry's walls came down and he told me how he felt about Amela, Harry and I swapped numbers and have began talking more-He put his name in after discovering what I'd said about him, not me!
From: Mr. Sexy Curls😊
A lap dance would be nice ;) xx
I rolled my eyes at Harry's perverting ways. He's lucky I know he's joking and that he loves Amela because if I didn't, I'd probably give him a hard dig in the arm.
To: Mr. Sexy Curls😊
Jebem t'a.
No longer than three second later Harry text back again.
From: Mr. Sexy Curls😊
...Jebem t'a?
To: Mr. Sexy Curls😊
It’s Slovak for fuck you. Now what do you want for you birthday, from AMELA? xox
Amela sat back down in front of me with her drink and chocolate muffin so I set my phone on the table. I laughed at Amela's facial expression as it looked like she was having trouble deciding whether to eat the muffin or whether to just stare at its chocolaty perfectness. My phone buzzed alerting me Harry had text back so I quickly picked up and unlocked my phone.
From: Mr. Sexy Curls😊
She's been hanging out with Sam a lot and I miss her...  xx
My heart squeezed a small bit at Harry's text. I only wish Harry and Amela would realize just how much the other cares about them and if only they'd stop hurting themselves by being apart. I would honestly smash their faces together but I know by forcing them together it would only pull them more apart.
To: Mr. Sexy Curls😊
I'm sorry Harold</3 I'll see what I can do(: xox
I locked my phone and put it into my pocket. I looked up to see Amela basically making out with her muffin.
"Am?" I questioned, laughing as she looked up at me with chocolate crumbs around her lips.
"You okay?" I asked, handing her a napkin. Amela nodded and graciously accepted the napkin, "Don't judge me! This muffin is heaven!" She said in surrender, wiping her face.
"Hey Am, how're you and Sam doing? You've been hanging out a lot lately," I asked. Amela took a sip of her hot chocolate and smiled clearly thinking about Sam. As much as I love seeing Amela happy and as nice as I'm sure this Sam guy is, I still felt like I wanted to puke.
"Sam and I are going great," she informed me, "We've actually been hanging out a lot recently-After every school day we meet up in the park and on Saturdays he takes me on dates. It’s fun getting to know him and trying new things he likes."
"I haven't seen you and Harry hang out recently, maybe that's what you can do for his birthday; Rather than going on a date with Sam, you and Harry spend the day together enjoying little activities you both enjoy." I suggested and I watched and her face went from shocked to thinking to happy and understanding. It was clear Amela hadn't realized she hadn't been hanging out with Harry. Amela was too nice and would never want to hurt anybody especially not Harry.
"That's honestly a really good idea, thanks Kayleigh!" Amela said finishing off her coffee, "Do you mind if I go? I've got a lot of organizing to do!" Amela asked, checking her pockets for money.
"It’s no problem and don't worry about the bill, I got you," I told her and stood up, slipping on my coat. Amela shook her head and continued searching. I laughed and picked up both of our mugs, "Honestly Amela, its fine! You bought me ice-cream when I first got her, let me repay you." I told her bringing our mugs over to the cashier. I gave her the amount of money due, thanked her and then left the café with Amela.
Amela pulled me in for a big hug as our cars were on separate directions of the café, "See you tomorrow, Kay!" She told me walking away and unlocking her car.
"Adios!" I called unlocking mine. I gripped my stomach as it started hurting and making rumbling noises. I mentally thanked God that Amela was in her car. I hopped into my car and made a mental note to look up something to stop the hunger.
I honestly hope Harry and Amela find a way towards each other; nobody should be in pain if there is a way to avoid it....
Harry's P.O.V
"I'm really sorry Sam but I already have plans for this Saturday, can we just reschedule?" I heard Amela ask that dumb Sam fella on the phone. It honestly kind of shocked me as Amela seems to spend all her free time with him. I watched as Amela put her phone on top of our cafeteria table and questioned her about it.
"How come you aren't hanging out with Sam again this weekend, you two are always hanging out together." I questioned curiously. Guilt flashed through Amela's face but I quickly brushed it off. She was probably just feeling guilty about cancelling on Sam.
"Well if I'm not wrong, two days after today is your birthday and as Anne likes to have a family gathering with cake on the day of your birthday I'm going to give you your present on Saturday! So clear your schedule, dress casual and meet me at my parents car at ten." Amela informed me before she grabbed her phone and left the cafeteria table to join Kayleigh at the table she eats at when Niall is around, not giving me a chance to answer. I couldn't help the cheesy smile that took over my face as I pulled out my phone.
To: My Favorite Lapdanser🙈
Thank you(:
Kayleigh looked up from her phone and gave me a nod and a small smile signaling it was no problem. If she knew what her name in my phone was, she'd kill me. I'm too funny sometimes I swear.
Amela's P.O.V.
I slid on a pair of pale blue high-waisted shorts and a black gypsy cami top. I then threw on a pair of black converse and my half-moon necklace and my music note ring. I applied my natural makeup and then brushed my long brown wavy hair and put it into a French plait so it wouldn't bother me on mine and Harry's outing today.
All I can say is Harry is in for a hell of a ride...
"Harry will you shut up! We've only been driving for twenty minutes and I already want to push you out of this car!" I shouted annoyed. A girl can only take so much, 'Are we there yet? Where are we going? Are there bananas at this place? I'm hungry, are you hungry?' before eventually she breaks. Beside me Harry laughed, "If you tell me where we are going, you won't have to listen to me anymore." He sang in a singsong voice. I rolled my eyes and continued driving, turning up the radio as a sign for Harry to hush up. Usually Harry doesn't catch on but when 'Love Me Like You Do' by Ellie Goulding came on the radio, he stopped talking and instead started singing. I started singing along with him.
‘Yeah, I'll let you set the pace
Cause I'm not thinking straight
My head spinning around I can't see clear no more
What are you waiting for?’
"Yeah, what am I waiting for?" I heard Harry tell himself quietly. I was going to ask him about it but I had a feeling that if he wanted to talk about it, he would have said it to me rather than himself so I just continued singing along with the radio.
After the song ended, Harry turned the radio down and continued repeating his previous questions, 'Are we there yet? Where are we going? Are there bananas at this place? I'm hungry, are you hungry?'
"We are almost there. I will not tell you where we are going. No, there are no bananas at the place. Yes, I am a small bit hungry and if you continue annoying me I WILL EAT YOU! Now be a good little boy and be quiet." I ranted in aggravation. Harry turned to face towards me, "You know what you need to do to shut me up Am. Now tell me!" Harry begged whilst I smirked, Harry doesn't beg often.
I pulled into our destinations parking lot, "No need, we're here."
Harry looked around excitedly as if he were a small child after being told by his mother, he could pick out one toy if he was a good little boy and behaved while she was shopping.
"Bungee jumping?" Harry squealed causing me to laugh so hard my stomach hurt. With Harry's deep voice, his squeal was hilarious. Although I had the biggest fear of heights and although bungee jumping was the last thing I EVER want to do but I know Harry has always wanted to go bungee jumping so I decided I would try my absolute hardest and face my fears. I nodded causing Harry to lean in to kiss my cheek. At that exact moment though I was turning my face towards him to tell him how many hours we could spend here. Harry's lips crashed onto mine but as quick as they were there, the quicker they disappeared. Harry acted completely unfazed as if his excitement for bungee jumping had completely shut off his idea of formality.
"Thank you so much for this Am! Can we go now?" He asked excitedly causing me to nod numbly. Harry exited the car whilst I sat in the driver’s seat. I touched my still tingling lips and sighed.
The old feelings were surfacing again and this was no good.....
"That was so exhilarating! For your birthday, we are doing this again only we are jumping from that new 400ft one!" Harry told me exasperatedly. I nodded in agreement. The last time my heart was beating this fast and my face was this flushed was last year when Harry and I shared our first kiss and we discovered we were each other’s mate.
"Now, get out of your gear and meet me back at the car. The next part of your birthday adventure day waits for us!"
"So where to next my dear Amela?" Harry questioned, running his hands through his hair. While we were bungee jumping we both had to wear helmets which meant that the rush and fear of jumping off a tall building, caused water to leak out of our pours-There is no way I am admitting I sweat-and dampen our hair, causing it to stick to our heads. Once Harry was satisfied with his hair, he allowed me to reposition the rearview mirror back to how it was before. I had brought my hairbrush in my glove box so I fixed my hair whilst I was waiting for Harry to hurry up 'beautifying' himself in the men's changing rooms therefore Harry and I could head straight to our next adventure without wasting any more time. I pushed my gear stick into the correct gear before I reversed out of my parking space, excited to see Harry's-hopefully positive-reaction to our next stop.
“I can't believe how sunny and warn it is today. Two weeks ago it was snowing!" Harry exclaimed staring out the windscreen. I nodded in agreement but mentally thanked Allah for helping my plan and making the weather bright and warm. The bungee jumping wouldn't have been such a success if the weather wasn't dry and the next part of my plan wouldn't work to well either.
Before I even got to park the car, Harry was already taking off his seatbelt. "Where are we?" He looked at all of his surroundings hoping to find a clue as to where I was bringing him. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to find any, I decided to give him a few myself. I killed the engine, took off my own seatbelt and turned towards him.
"I'll give you three clues and if you can't guess it, I'll bring you to your next destination and you song get to do this part of the day. Fair?" I questioned causing Harry to nod excitedly and put his cute, concentrating face on.
"First clue is: You told me this was on your '20 Things Do Before You Die' list when we were thirteen." I stated, watching as Harry started searching his mind.
"Second clue is: Your Mum was taking you for your fourteenth birthday but you got sick so I stayed at your house that night eating junk food and a load of movies." I told him, smiling at the memory. I saw realization in his eyes before he gave me a large smile knowing exactly where I was taking him.
"This is the last and final clue. The third clue is: There is a bag in the boot containing towels and a pair of swimming trunks for you." I informed him, mentally thanking Anne for telling me his size. It would have been extremely awkward for the both of us if they were too loose-or worse too tight.
"So Harry Edward Styles, where do you think we are now?" I questioned. I stared at Harry waiting for him to answer my question. Harry had this excited childish sparkle in his eyes that made my heart skip a beat.
"Are we going swimming with dolphins?" He asked excitedly. I winked at him.
"Get changed and you'll find out."
"Now that you know what to do and what NOT to do, I'm going to go and prepare the animals’ next meal. If you need help, guidance or assurance there is a lifeguard keeping an eye out on you and the other couples in case he is needed." The instructed informed Harry and I. Harry was now staring at the dolphin as him he was looking at a baby for the first time. He looked like he wanted to hug the dolphin really close but at the same time he looked like he was afraid he would hurt him.
"Any other questions?" The pilot man asked. Harry and I both shook our heads. Harry has always wanted to go swimming with dolphins so he had done his research and knew everything there was to know about both dolphins and how to ride them. He told me all the facts about the two before we watched movies for his fourteenth birthday. That day I promised that one day I'd bring him to the dolphins. Today I was fulfilling that promise.
When the man turned around and walked away Harry hugged me tightly, "Thank you so much Amela! I can't even explain how much this means to me!" Harry whispered lightly in my ear. I felt goosebumps rising along my arms and I know it wasn't just because my body hadn't adjusted to the cold water.
"Remember just put your hand out and let her come to you." Harry told me causing me to roll my eyes, "I know Harry." I held my hand out waiting for one of the two dolphins in the small pool to trust that I'm not going to hurt them and come closer to me.
The two dolphins started coming closer to us cautiously waiting to see if we would hurt them or not. When they realized Harry and I were not going to hurt them they swam right up to us. I reached out to lightly caress the dolphin while Harry just stared at the dolphin in front of him in awe. I would be lying if I said my heart didn't melt regardless of how cold the water was. The dolphin started swimming around me generating electricity. I heard Harry giggling like a little kid and when I looked over at him the dolphin was giving him little kisses on his cheeks. I couldn't help but smile at his cuteness. I loved this side of Harry and I especially loved how I was one of the few people who witnessed this side of him.
"You ready to do this?" I questioned him breaking him out of his trance. He continued looking at the dolphin with a large smile on his face before he turned towards me and nodded in excitement.
"I feel like I've been ready all my life. Let's cross this off my '20 Things Do Before You Die' list." Harry told me mentally preparing himself to fulfill one of his biggest dreams.
Any other person would never have been this excited about something like swimming with dolphins but that is what I like about Harry...he's different.
He always has been and hopefully he always will be...
After I had dried my hair and body, I changed back into my clothes and walked out of the changing room towards my car. A very smiley Harry was leaning against my car hood, his mind in some other world or reliving a different memory.
"We have one more stop and then we're meeting everybody for dinner." I told Harry gently, snapping Harry out of his daydream. Harry gave me a big smile before he nodded his head and walked over to my side of the car. He opened my door and bowed his head, "My lady."
I couldn't help but both smile and roll my eyes at his cute, cheesy nerdiness. I walked over towards him and following his act, I grabbed my imaginary dress and curtsied, "Why thank you kind sir." I stepped into the car and Harry shut the door before he walked around the back of the car before he hopped into the passenger side. He gave me a large toothy grin and strapped himself in.
"I'm putting my trust in you Amela. Please don't kill me before we eat, that is all I ask."
"You still remember this place? After all these years?" Harry questioned staring out at the open green field which held a very important memory to the both of us.
I looked at Harry, my mind flashing back to an amazing and memorial part of the past. "Of course I remember this place Harry. How could I ever forget the place where my best friend and I gave each other our first kiss?" I questioned him giving him a small, shy smile. Harry matched my smile and from the look in his eyes I knew he was thinking back to the time and memory I was thinking about moments ago.
"Want to go and see if the tree is still there?" Harry questioned causing me to roll my eyes and unbuckle my seat belt. "No Harry, I brought you all the way out here to remind you of one of our favorite and most memorable memories to not go down and check if the tree that we carved our names and the date into is still there. Now after making you all emotional, we are going to go and get food and my birthday present to you is leaving you with the nagging feeling of never knowing if the tree is still there or not." I said sarcastically, opening my car door and climbing out of my seat with Harry following suit.
I felt the ground change from tarmac to damp grass under my shoes as Harry and I walked towards our beloved tree. I was mentally hoping the tree was still there as I had heard that the government chopped down some of the old, dangerous trees and had planted down more but after walking through the grass for three long minutes with Harry by my side, I finally caught sight of Harry and I's favourite tree among shorter newer trees. Although the new trees looked healthier than our tree and had more luscious leaves that our tree, I knew none of these other trees–Or any tree in the whole entire world–would ever be as perfect and as breathtaking as this tree and I knew Harry felt the same.
"I truthfully didn't think this tree would still be here. Not after all this time." Harry said voicing my thoughts. I stepped cautiously closer to the tree, suddenly overwhelmed with emotion, and traced my index finger over each letter Harry and I had carved in here when we were fourteen.
"I didn't think so either." I whispered, wiping a tear from my eye. In the last four years, I completely forgot just how close Harry and I were and how much I valued the time I spent with him then and the time I spend with him now. A part of me couldn't believe I was blowing off Harry to spend time with Sam but I knew after today I wouldn't do that anymore-I needed to find a way to separate my time equally between the two enemies. After snapping out of my thoughts, I turned around and found Harry staring at me-Not in a creepy manner, more like...admiration?
"I guess like our friendship, this tree has been through it all and is still determined to fight." I told him, sending him a shy smile. Harry sends me a shy smile back, "I guess you're right. And like our friendship, I hope this tree never loses its fight." Harry said, moving his gaze from me to the tree. I knew from Harry's glazed eyes that physically, he was here, but mentally, he was back in time. I turned back around and continued staring at each word carved into the bark off this tree. Thinking back to Harry's words and knowing he was too far back in time to hear me, I started mumbling to myself aloud.
"Don't worry Harold, I would never allow that to happen..."
Harry's P.O.V
I smiled thinking back to the day that changed my life. The day that helped me realize that although my parents fell out of love, it didn't mean that I should be forever afraid of giving my love to another person. The day that helped me realize just how much I liked Amela and just how different she was from all the other girls I knew.
"What the hell makes you think YOU are a better tree climber than ME?!" I asked Amela, crossing my arms across my chest.
"Actually, Harold," I cringed at Amela calling me that even though she knew I hated it, "The real question is what makes you think YOU are a better tree climber than ME?! Is it because I'm a GIRL?! Is that why I can't be a better tree climber than you?! Because I'm a GIRl?!" Amela asked me angrily, standing up straighter and pushing her chest out to look intimidating. I would be lying to myself if I were to say that the look Amela was giving me didn't make me almost shit my pants. I thought carefully about what I could say next that would not get me killed but when I couldn't think of anything useful and effective, I just gave up and hoped my charming good lucks would stop Amela from fully ending my life.
"....Yes?" I questioned, my voice going up an octave towards the end. When Amela took a small, threatening step towards me and gave me a look that could kill an immortal vampire, I quickly changed my answer. "No! God no!" I exclaimed, trying to play it cool. Amela's murderous glance turned into an amused one.
Amela took another small step towards me but instead of feeling terrified, I felt...excited? Amela took one final step so that she was right in front of me. I could smell her peppermint flavored breath with my human scent, not just my supernatural werewolf sense. "Let me guess HAROLD," Amela started adding extra emphasis on The-Name-That-Should-Not-Be-Named, "You feel the need to protect your 'manliness' because you know and hate to admit that I am stronger, better looking and faster than you. Is that why you feel the need to protect your title as 'The Best Tree Climber'. Because deep down, you know that I am a way better werewolf than you!”
The next few seconds went by in a blur and Amela’s back roughly collided with the hard, grassy ground. She looked up at me in shock processing what had just happened. I, myself was trying to process what had just happed. I jumped on Amela. I, Harry frickin' Styles jumped on Amela! Amela looked up at me and gave me a 'what-the-fuck' look. Not knowing what to say or fully understanding what I had just done, I looked down at Amela in shock and gave her a sheepish smile. Knowing Amela couldn't stay mad at me, I just laughed at the stupid argument that Amela and I had just had and the outcome-a very PAINFUL outcome. Amela gave me a strange, scared look and me not being able to control myself, I continued laughing. Amela started laughing along with me. We both just remained on the ground, my body still on top of Amela’s smaller body, laughing our asses off. While Amela and I were laughing our eyes connected and I suddenly became aware of how close Amela and I were. I took a short intake of breath and tried not to show Amela how much the fact I was lying on top of me affected me. I suddenly stopped laughing and not too long after Amela stopped laughing. As cliche as it may sound, I felt like the earth completely froze around us and all around the world time stopped. My senses suddenly grew stronger and I could hear the sound of birds chirping from Wales and could smell a barbecue a family in Scotland must be having. My eyes flickered from Amela's eyes, to her lips, to her eyes again. I slowly started leaning in and Amela did too. Amela's eyelids fluttered shut as our lips inched closer.
Not too many miles away, a foot came in contact with a branch causing the branch to snap under the weight and causing me to snap out of whatever daze I was under. I quickly used the ground to push myself off of Amela. Amela looked up at me in confusion and hurt and as much as I hated seeing her like this, I knew there was nothing I could do now. I held my hand out to Amela and she graciously took it but the hurt was still evident on her face and my heart clenched knowing I had caused it.
Amela and I stood in silence for a few minutes and it was the very first time Amela and I were awkward around each other and I hated it. Wanting to get rid of the awkwardness, I did something no man would usually do, I put my manliness to the test. "I'll race you up the tree and then we'll see who the best tree climber is." I told Amela and her whole face brightened up. "Oh, you are definitely on Styles! Prepare to lose!" Amela exclaimed quickly racing towards the closest tree. I smiled at how quickly the awkwardness between us evaporated and raced after Amela to beat her up the tree.
"What do you think is going to happen to us when we're older? Do you think we'll always be best friends?" I heard Amela's voice question in worry beside me. I looked at her in shock, surprised that somebody as amazing as Amela would worry about losing somebody like me. Not being able to control myself, I gave her a smile which I hoped would spell out 'You are an idiot'. It must of work because Amela returned my smile and said "What?" Without a second thought or slight hesitation, I leaned forward and connected her lips with mine. Her soft, smooth lips froze at first but soon started moving with my chapped ones. I felt all the butterflies that I have ever experienced around Amela were suddenly being set free and tamed all at the same time. Visiting a pet shop and playing with four or five tiny kittens could not even match up with the happiness I was feeling right now. Unfortunately, there is this terrible thing that humans have to do in order to live called breathing and a person can breathe discretely through their nose for a certain period of time before they need to surface for air and this time came all too soon.
Once Amela and I pulled apart, all of the worry that Amela's lips had distracted me from suddenly came back in to my head. My hands started feeling clammy and my breaths became shorter.
'Well done Harry, you're after screwing up your friendship with Amela.' My conscience spoke, not helping my sudden sick tummy.
'It's not my fault!' I tried to defend myself, 'She was so cute and worried and looked up at me with her big brown eyes! I wanted to kiss away all of her worry and...Oh that smile, did you not see that smile?! Besides, I've liked Amela for almost eight months! Losing control and kissing her was bound to happen sometime!'
My conscience did not leave me time to process my own words before he was back attacking me, 'Have we not talked about control before?! She's going to leave you and its going to be your own entire fault! Good luck climbing your way out of this one Har-'
"HARRY!" Amela shouted, snapping my attention away from my inner conversation and causing me to focus my attention on Amela. I realised I had been out of it for a couple minutes now and considering Amela was a relatively patient person, in order for her to shout, she must have been calling me for a long time.
"Sorry, yeah?" I questioned my voice and mind still slightly distant like how you'd be after being suddenly awoken from a slumber. "I asked you if you still had that pocket knife." Amela told me causing me to gulp.
My conscience was right, I had ruined my friendship with Amela and now to avoid future awkwardness, she was going to kill me. After fully thinking this through I decided that Amela murdering me didn't actually sound as bad as growing up with things being awkward between Amela and I, so I reached into my picked and grasped the familiar pocket knife. I pulled it out cautiously and slowly handed it over to Amela, enjoying my last moments of living. Amela gave me a strange look and gently took the pocket knife from my grasp. She turned her body away from me and started climbing down the tree. I followed her down the tree not fully understanding what was happening. 'Isn't it obvious Harry? It will be quicker for her to bury your body without having to find a way to climb down the tree without falling down or dropping you and leaving your blood here as evidence.' The voice in the back of my head told me, making more sense than any other possibility I could have ever made up.
When Amela and I reached the bottom of the unusually tall tree, instead of stabbing me, Amela turned her body away from me and started carving something into the tree. She carved a large heart and in the heart she wrote 'Amela and' she turned her body towards me and handed me the pocket knife. I took it from her small hands and carved 'Harry' under what Amela had previously wrote and I went back over the heart that Amela had carved making it more evident. I handed the pocket knife back to Amela knowing what she was doing but also not knowing what she was doing all at the same time. Under 'Amela and Harry' Amela carved 'Forever.'
She turned back towards me and put the pocket knife gently into my left back jean pocket, "I'm not sure what the future holds Harry; I'm not sure anybody does, but what I do know is that we are forever. Whether our forever is as best friends, more than friends or less than friends, we WILL ALWAYS have a forever together and if either one of us forgets that, we can come back to this very spot and remind ourselves." Amela told me, giving me this big smile that could brighten up anybodies terrible day. I leaned my head forward a little bit so our noses were touching, "You're one amazing person Amela, do you know that?" I asked her rhetorically. Amela closed her eyes for a millisecond before opening them again and answering, “I know, but you are one amazing person for always putting up with me."
I chuckled for a few seconds, "It really wasn't that hard. Now let’s go get some food." I told her placing a gentle kiss to her pale pink lips. She pulled back and said, "Fine but you're paying." before winking and walking away.
—End Of Flashback—
Things went back to how they were before the kiss between Amela and me. I never understood why but I was always so afraid Amela hadn't enjoyed the kiss and mentioning it would make things awkward between us so I never brought it up and learned to accept the fact that Amela and I would never be anything but friends.
Amela's P.O.V
Taking a step back into the past was extremely strange especially considering how things have changed between Harry and me since then. Since that one kiss, Harry has gone out with many different girls, my feelings for him grew stronger, went away for a little while and came back intensified and Harry and I's friendship has grown stronger.
Thinking back to it now, I wonder what life would have been like if Harry and I had given us a go...Would we have lasted? Would we awkwardly nod at each other as we passed each other in the school hallways or when we shared eye contact during a pack meeting? Would Harry now be madly in love with me instead of falling for every other girl but me? Would we no longer be in each other’s lives?
That last question caused a shiver to run down my spine and my stomach to take an uncomfortable turn. Although at the time I was heartbroken, I am now grateful that one of Harry's fangirls met us at McDonald's and reminded me how I could never be able to tie Harry down; he was a very attractive, flirty guy who could have any girl of any age dropping at his feet so why would he have wanted me? After that day, I promised myself I would put the Harry crush behind me–Which I'm still waiting to happen–and that I'd focus on having a forever with Harry as BEST FRIENDS, never anything more and certainly never as anything less. After the painful realization that no matter how attractive I got, I would never be enough for Harry, I focused on being more confident and comfortable with who I was so that nobody could ever make me feel like how Harry unintentionally made me feel. I never brought up the kiss again because I never wanted to experience that awkward conversation where I lie to Harry and tell him the kiss was a mistake and should have never happened. I still have mixed feelings about how Harry never brought it up. I am both grateful that we never had to have that talk but also disappointed that Harry had proven what I already knew-I wasn't and would never be good enough for Him. I never knew which emotion I felt more: gratefulness or my disappointment.
Thankfully I am now more confident and comfortable with who I am as a person, and Harry and I's friendship has never been so strong and healthy. I may not have stolen Harry's heart but I knew I had secured his friendship and for me that is enough.
"It's weird how things change isn't it?" Harry's deep voice broke me out of my day dream. I looked at him and tried to take in how much he's changed since the last time we were here. His hair was curlier then and his face was less defined. His smile was more boyish and his hands were a good deal smaller yet he was just as perfect now as he was back then. Friends may change along with opinions and places but my Harry hadn't and for that I was extremely grateful-I can't imagine what my life would be like without having Harry's boyish charm and dumb jokes in it.
"It certainly has," I heard my voice say almost as if physically I was with Harry but mentally I was seeing everything from another person's eyes. I felt like I was in a strange coma where I could hear and feel everything that was going on around me but when I tried to move or show I was there I simply couldn't. I felt like I was in a bubble and the whole world and all its problems were outside my bubble but just as I was brought into the bubble, I was taken out of it. It was almost like a small pin tipped off the bubble causing it to burst and suddenly my brain and my body started reworking together. "This may sound strange," I thought and my voice spoke, "but I feel like everything and everyone has changed...except us."
I felt Harry put his arm across my shoulders and bring my body into his side. I snuggled into his side like how I used to do when we were younger and the boys wanted to watch a horror film. "I feel the exact same way." Harry spoke lightly before kissing me on the head.
I pulled away from Harry after a few minutes and wiped away the tears that unintentionally fell. Until now I hadn't realised just how much has changed and just how much I hated it. Harry gave me a slight worried look when he wiped away a sneaky tear but I just sent him back a smile and interlaced our hands.
I started dragging him back to the car, "Let's not get emotional over what we can't change. It's your birthday day out with me and there is no way we are ending this on a bad note. Besides, the boys are waiting at our last stop so let's keep our crying for when we have to see their boring ass faces, yeah?" I asked him causing him to chuckle. Harry hopped into his side and buckled himself up. "Where to next, dear Amela?" Harry questioned. I thought of a clue I could give him until the perfect one popped into my head, "What is Niall's favorite stop when we go on a road trip?" I asked him causing him to smile excitedly and yell, "FOOD!" I laughed and nodded before I put my keys into the ignition.
Before I could pull out Harry stopped me and using his finger he turned my head to the side, "Today was everything I have ever wanted and could ever ask for. Thank you for making it so special." He told me sincerely, his forest green eyes staring into my golden brown ones. "Anything for you Harold." I leaned in to kiss his cheek but he turned his head and caught my lips. No matter how much I have longed to kiss Harry's lips or how desperately I wanted him, I could never live with myself if I cheated. So I quickly pulled back but not quick enough to be suspicious and pulled out of my parking spot. Harry turned on the radio, "Nandos?" He questioned causing me to give him a strange look, "How did you know?"
"You have met our friend Niall before, right?" Harry questioned causing the both of us to laugh before we started singing along with the radio.
I honestly thought Harry kissing me would be the most complicated experience I'd have to face today but I truly had no clue...

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