Why not?

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  • Published: 16 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 16 Jan 2018
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For the competition Shake up the Romance, option 2.


3. I had

I had found her alone and I had found her beautiful

We held hands and she cried

I couldn't stop smiling on my way home

She was everything I wanted and more

I still didn't know her name


I couldn't stop looking at her

And she was the only thing on my mind every day, all day long

Her body underneath me, my hands in her hair

Her eyes glazed over, not even looking me in the eyes

It was like feeling loved and being loved all at the same time


Love blooming in my chest and love blooming everywhere else

I watched her go home everyday without me

It was like she didn't love me back

As though she hadn't appreciated the special moment we shared

She had forgotten me when I couldn't forget about her


I had her in my hands and I watched her slip away

She didn't want me the way that I wanted her

When the police came to the school and showed us a picture

I saw her battered and bruised for the very last time and I knew my love was gone

She was no longer beautiful

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