The World of Inagrus

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2. SAMPLE #1

Inagrus, the world's most popular VRMMORPG, with over 14 million players. The game had everything, from housing to jobs. You could be a blacksmith who owed a mansion, or a delivery man who owned a shack. There were infinite possibilities. You could have lived your entire life in the game, except that you need to use that bathroom and eat... Wait. I know what you're thinking, and stop. Now. No weird things like getting trapped in the game or anything happened. Jesus, is that why you started reading this in the first place? Wow, get out of my sight. To the people who stayed, congrats, you aren't a little messed up in the head, like the people who get off to reading about people's fear and how they die. Welcome to Inagrus, the world of  desires...that sounds pornographic... um...the world of... stuff? Okay, I give up.  Inagrus' world was named Inagra. In Inagra, NPC's would live their lives like a normal person. They were also killable, even the important quest-related ones. Women NPC's could even become pregnant. Yeah, it was a bit odd when a pregnant NPC asked for you to help her give birth... Its a complicated process, NPC's could also flirt a bit, so there were crazy old men who fell for fake women. Once, a man called the police on a guy because the guy killed the NPC the man was "married" too. Yeah...The best part of Inagrus though was its World Quests, quests that actually influenced Inagra. World Quests all have an alternate option, usually involving players having to do something daily. The first World Quest, no one believed the GM when he told us the consequences so the Spawn tree, where players spawn after death or when starting a new game, has to be tended to specially by special players. Yeah. They weren't messing around. Another thing that Inagrus had something that made it special, called abilities . 70% of players had the two main abilities, Striker and Shielder, raising their respective stats by 100 points. Then there were the 25% who had the medium abilities, which opened job paths for those specific players. and then the remaining 5% had the legendary abilities. Storm Callers could use storm magic, Chameleons could activate an invisibility effect for an hour with a four hour cooldown. Tamers could, well tame one monster from a selection of a few, useless monsters. They made the player that much more unique.   I swung my sword upward, slicing through my two attackers. Goblins, ugly, green creatures with crappy metal weapons. I cut the head off of one and stabbed my blade through the other. They both crumpled, falling to the forest floorand shattering. I tossed the crappy drops that the goblins gave me, and kept walking.  "Damn, it's getting real foggy." I said to myself as the screen was getting harder to see. Just then, an arrow pierced my shoulder, dropping my health from 98% to 74%. With that damage, it had to be from a bowgun. A powerful bowgun.  "Look, a wanderer, I think I'll loot you." I heard from the trees, the person jumped to the ground and I heard the familiar charging sound of a weapon skill.  "Protectonia" My character said, the earth in between me and the other guy rose up, creating a thick wall of solid ground. I could not afford to die. Death in Inagra was unforgiving. Death meant respawing at the spawn tree, and I would lose 5 random non-equipable items along with half of the money I had saved up. That was not okay, not today. I could hear the multiple arrows hit the shield harmlessly. With 90% of my MP gone, I had to resort to using a sword. My sword, The Monk's Blade of God, glittered as I drew it.  "Hey, fight me with a sword, no potions, no poison, just blade on blade. That's how I want to die." I told the person, who I still couldn't see through the fog. "As you wish. My blade skill is 500 anyways." Replied the voice. The fog seeped out the forest, revealing a guy in all black, with a shortsword strapped to his waist.  " Thank god." I muttered to myself, readying myself for combat. " I have a few rules of my own," He said, I nodded, " Magic, and skills are allowed, also you may heal yourself before we start."  "T-thanks?" I said, awkwardly. I drank a healing potion and fully healed. "Alright, now you die."The guy said. He ran at me, luckily I had a higher speed stat. I stepped to left and swung at him.  He rolled forward, dodging my blade by a hair. He stood up and pivioted, then four small objects flew at me, I cut two of the objects in half and dodged the other two.  "Damn, that was sneaky." I told him, dashing at him, he held his sword up at the last second, deflecting my own blade. The impact pushed us both back. "You're much stronger than I anticipated. Seems that I'll need to step up my game. Chameleon, activate."He disappeared.  "Wow, how original, Revealtius." My eyes went into night vision mode, and I could see the outline of his body, in front of me.  "You must be ambushed alot." He said. jumping up into the trees.  "Nope, I'm just prepared." I remarked. He jumped down from the tree, right on top of me, I rolled to the side. He slammed into the ground, knocking his HP down to 98%. He was the first to take damage in our duel.  "DAMN YOU JUST DIE!" He yelled, his sword charged up, and he swung it rapidly, waves of energy shooting toward me at a rapid rate. This was a high level skill called Energy Wave. I jumped up, dodging the first one, then I hit the floor with my chest and missed the second one, I rolled to the side and escaped the third one. The fourth one hit me straight in the face, the force slamming me into a tree. My health dropped to 65%.  "Okay, that was pai-" I was cut off by another wave. My health went down to 32%.  "You little shit, you're pissing me off." The guy shouted at me. "That's a bad word! You need a timeout!" I said in a baby voice. I laughed and ran at him, knowing that his skill would have him worn out, my sword ran through his chest. His health plummeted to 49%. Then, I activated the skill, Skyway slice. My sword basically sliced through him by itself. He exploded in a cloud of dust. I recieved a X-potion, a scroll of Shadows and 3 crafting materials. Plus, 51,294 Foer, the in game currency.  I laughed again, amazed at how I pulled that off.  Within 40 minutes I had reached my destination, Beachside Village.  A coastal village, with simple wooden houses and shops where NPCs and players would take vacations, that I loved to hang out at, not to mention, my favorite guild-ran Inn was there. See, awhile ago, guilds, through some strange means, were buying guild halls and making make-shift inns out of them to make a profit, so the game developers added the feature to make actual inns. So, guilds made money from letting people stay in their inns. So I walked through the small village's stone roads until I found my way to the inn, I swung the door open, to find the small wooden building's many tables mostly empty.  "Business slow today eh, Galler?" I asked the innkeeper. Galler was tall, muscular with red hair and brown eyes, he had a big lance strapped across his back.  "Hey, Kadeos!" He exclaimed.  "The one and only." I said with a smirk. He was already preparing my favorite drink, he called it something like "Shrub's Root" or something. It was like Root Beer and Dr. Pepper mixed together. It was delicious. I chugged the liquid down, recounting my tale of the ambush in the woods.  "Sounds scary. More and more bandits have been moving into the Alo Forest ever since Alo was wiped out by the Frozen Plauge."He told me. The Frozen Plauge was a World Quest that we barely completed, it wiped the biggest city off the face of Inagra. Now, Alo was just a massive set of ruins, a breeding ground for monsters.  "Hey, I need a room." I handed Galler 150 Foer, and he handed me a key to my room. I walked in and plopped down on the bed, I could logout here. I could logout anywhere but if you didn't logout in a inn, you would spawn at the spawn tree when you logged in next. I logged off and left my room, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a snack consisting of a bowl of chips and a soda. Afterwards, I laid on my bed, and fell asleep.  When my eyes opened, the sun was going back into hiding, as it always did near the end of the day. My phone vibrated, I fetched it from the pocket of my shorts and turned on the screen. It was an text from my friend, Taylor.  Taylor: u coming to the Lagger's spawn Thomas: Yeah, were is it Taylor: south of Sauron you'll see it Thomas: k c u later Taylor: k. I put my phone down, an placed the mask over my head, it was called a Virtumask. It was a mask that you placed over your eyes and you would be online. I wasn't sure how it worked, but it was cool. I logged onto Inagrus, waking up in the bed at the inn. Sauron City was on the other side of the map. Without saying goodbye, I ran out the door, and took a left. I was running down the street when I heard voices. "We told you! Just give us your damn money kid!" A voice from the alley yelled.  "No, leave me alone!" A younger voice said. I heard struggling, and I turned into the alley. Two big men and one little guy were fighting. The two bigger guys grabbed the littler one and pinned him to the wall. One drew a sword and held it to the younger one's throat. By the look of the younger one's armor, he had only started the game just recently. I ran down the alley, slamming my fist into one of the guys. He flew a few feet, landing on his butt.  "What the hell? I'll kill you, you son of a bitch." The other one said, dropping the little kid. He pulled a massive cleaver-style sword out, and charged up a sword skill. He ran at me, I jumped back, barely dodging the tip of the massive blade. I scanned his character, revealing who he was. Bureth was his name, he was level 206, 23 levels higher than I was.  "You're not the first one to say that today." I joked. I jumped up and pulled my blade. I charged up the sword skill "Thorned Splinter". It would do just about 9,000 additional damage along with my 14,000 base damage. I sliced my blade down on Bureth's head. His avatar was split in half, a limb-damaging effect that would leave him paralyzed for a few hours. The effect only had a 14% chance of working, so it was rare that such thing had happened.  "Oh, you little brat!" The other guy yelled, standing up. He pulled a bow and fired arrow after arrow at me. One hit my right hand, another hit my right shoulder, rendering it unuseable. I tossed my blade into my other hand, and ran towards the guy. His name was Thoym, level 235,  He shot out my kneecaps and I fell to the ground. I checked my health bar, it was at 39%.  "Shit, you got me..." I said, preparing to die. The guy pulled a sword and walked toward me, he lifted his sword above his head, preparing to strike, then he screamed.  "Die!" I heard from behind him. The guy fell to the ground, and the little kid had a dagger in Thoym's back. It gave me just enough time to heal myself back to 87% health and heal my limbs. I grabbed my sword and swung it down on Thoym's neck, using the "Fury" sword skill. His HP hit 0 and he shattered into particles.   "That was awesome! Thanks!" The kid said.  "Yeah, I'm late, I gotta go." I said, turning to leave. "Let me be your student!" He called after me. I turned back and scanned his character. His name was Polo and he was level 28. "Um... Polo is it? Sorry, I don't like humans enough to train you. Bye now." I told him. I turned around and left the alley. I checked the clock, I had 44 minutes to get to Sauron. Sauron was at least an hours walk away. So instead, I took an extra left at the gates of the village and rented a horse. A horse was much faster than walking, I hopped on and rode as fast as I could to Sauron.  I made it to Sauron with 7 minutes to spare, from the gates of Sauron's massive city, I saw all the players gathering for the Laggers. Laggers were a group of bosses that would spawn in a group for players to defeat. When Laggers were originally released, they were called Boss Raids, but at the time, they caused an immense amount of lag, thus earning the nickname "Laggers". At least one-hundred or more players were there. Some guilds sent various parties of players to the Lagger Spawns to collect as much Foer as they could.  "Alright, you're here!" Taylor exclaimed. In the game, Taylor was known as Mishu. She was a Paladin, meaning that she was an excellent tank. Her class also was the best Lancer class in Inagra. She had purple hair and armor that looked like it was much to big for a girl of her size.  "Sorry, I had to..." I started, I stopped as the sound of hooves approached. On the horse sat none other than, Polo.  "Hey! I won't take no for answer!" Polo yelled atop of his horse, gaining everyone's attention.  "Oh god, he followed me." I said to no one in particular.  "Who's that?" Mishu asked. Polo hopped off of his horse. The kid, okay, well technically he was at least 11, but I was 15 and so he was a kid to me, anyways, he had brown hair and brown eyes. His armor was clearly very weak and the short dagger strapped to his side was the dagger that you recieved for doing a very low level quest in Shayclair. He was a noob.  "Mister! You will train me!" Polo shouted, pointing at me. Everyone turned their eyes towards me, and I felt myself turn red, luckily we were in VR so no one could see it on my avatar. I ran toward the kid, and pulled him aside.  "Leave. Now." I said quietly. He smiled at me, and I had to restrain myself from punching his virtual teeth out. "I can't. You have to agree to let me be your pupil." He told me stubbornly. Then the siren sounded, signaling that the Laggers were going to spawn.  "Leave right now." I grunted.  "Let me prove myself." He said excitedly, drawing his dagger. I figured that the kid would die and then leave me alone. Laggers had a level range of 230-300, so he wouldn't last long.  "Fine." I said, I ran back to where Mishu was, drew my weapon and within four seconds, 25 bosses from various quests and dungeons appeared, also another thing I should mention, compared to other players who had been playing since the start of Inagra like me, I was under-leveled.. Most players who had played as long as I had were like level 240, I was level 183. I spent like the first four months in PVP arenas, which don't reward exp. So, keep that in mind.  The first boss to come after me was called "The Horder" It was a gigantic goblin, wearing armor that looked like bones and flesh, sewn together. It had a massive knife, made of jagged bone, the size of me. I scanned it, revealing its level to be 232. I readied my sword. Mishu pulled her lance. It roared, but it didn't seem as loud as it was due to the other 24 roars and snarls of the other Laggers. It stomped towards me, and held its knife high above its head, and swung downwards. The knife missed both of us, but the force of the knife hitting the ground threw us back.  "Valerion Aromur!" I casted, a magical armor, giving us 1000 additional defense points, faintly materialized over our bodies. It then faded, meaning it was in effect for 1 hour.  "Thanks. Let's kill this goblin freak shall we?" She asked. "Yeah." I answered. "Woo!" Polo, who I had forgotten about, yelled. He ran at the goblin, and stabbed at it with his dagger.  "Aromur Goliaths!" I shouted, aiming at Polo. Now he would have an additional 4000 defense points for an hour, but I had no more MP. I may be rude, but I wasn't cruel. Jeez, don't judge me. The goblin swung his blade again, slamming it into Polo and sending him flying.  "Come on Kadeos. Go help him. Don't be such a douche. " Mishu told me. I sighed and sprinted over to him. He was lying on his back, his dagger no where to be seen.  "You've got guts, I'll admit that." I said, looking at him. He reminded me of myself when I was his age and I knew that if Inagra would have been around when I was that old, I would been as stupid as he was, and in that instant, I decided that he wasn't all that bad. He smiled again and got to his feet.  "Thanks mister!" He exclaimed. He went to run back to the fight, but I grabbed his armor.  "Wait, hang on. I was planning on selling these things, but here." I opened the menu, invited him to me and Mishu's party and then traded him some spare armor and a better sword.  "Thank you so much mister! I won't let you down!" He said, equipping everything and drinking healing potions. "Call me Kadeos." I said. We both dashed back to the goblin to see Mishu holding off its blade with her shield.  "Took you long enough." She grunted. She thrusted her shield forward, knocking the knife back a bit.  "Kid, listen to what I say and you might stay alive." I grinned. He nodded, showing his understanding.  "Alright, now when Mishu over there," I pointed to Mishu, "gives the signal, we run in and swipe at its legs, okay?" I explained. Polo nodded. "Got it." He said.  "Good." I replied.  We ran in and Polo followed my directions perfectly. We got its health down to 43% when it switched things up. It threw the knife aside, and pulled an even larger hammer, with a spiked tip. It roared again and swung at us. It hit me and Mishu and we went flying. Then it turned towards Polo, if he was afraid, he hid it very well.  "Activate the Strike skill!" I shouted at him.  He nodded and his sword glowed with power. "Die!" He screamed, swinging the sword at the goblin, it wouldn't kill but at least it would do some sort of damage. The goblin raised its hammer and Polo froze, and I felt a wave of protectiveness. I ran towards the goblin, charging up my blade, with the weapon skill called "Rapid Strike". I hit the goblin over and over with my sword. HP was slowly decreasing, but not fast enough. It was at 24% now. "Hold it off Mishu! I'm gonna do it." I hollered at Mishu who was now back at the fight.  "Got it. Kid get back." She told Polo. He stepped back, and drank a crap load of MP potions. "Firon Valo Theemo Romis Falshu!" I chanted. Flames poured out of me and began swirling around me. It was almost as if I could feel the flame's energy filling me up. They turned blue, and got bigger, and brighter. Then I released it, they all shot towards the goblin. The goblin exploded in a cloud of dust. After the smoke cleared, the goblin fell to the ground, and shattered. It was dead.  "That was amazing! What was that?" Polo asked, overly excited.  "That's called the Demon Ritual Level 3. It's exclusive to my Exorcist class." I told him. "I thought that the Exorcist class was useless." He replied, which was a common saying amongst all players in Inagra. It also wasn't wrong, the Exorcist wasn't a good class, they didn't have many benefits and you had to get to a high level to get even the basic abilities that came with the class. I chose it because of my ability, but no one knew my ability except me, and I liked it that way.  "It is." I said back. He looked confused and couldn't help but chuckle.   

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