The Perfect Stranger

Addison Cooper has little to nothing in her life figured out, and when she wakes up to find a tall figure in a black leather jacket, not so stealthily she might add, climbing in through her window there really is only one appropriate response.
Go back to sleep because there's no way that the hot guy in your bedroom isn't just a dream, but the following morning her accusation proves to be false when he's still her bed... right next to her.

As Luca and Addy's "friendship" starts heating up because of a (in her opinion) one-sided deal she's forced to make, secrets start to surface.

All becomes clear as Addy finds herself in the middle of a vendetta that she was sheltered from until he showed up, but one question still remains:
Which side is Luca on?


11. Chapter 10-Daddy Issues

The silence that started at our table was deafening as it slowly surrounded the whole diner. No one talked after Enzo's confession and It seemed like keeping up conversations was the least of Luca's worries. After he instinctively grabbed my hand that had been resting on my leg under the table, I looked up at his face.

He was staring blankly ahead as his expression was set in stone, he was trying to process the immensity of the situation that slowly kept unfolding with unsettling possibilities. I on the other hand, was a little ticked because I distinctly remember Luca saying that his dad was dead. I guess that answers the earlier question of 'I wonder if Luca is hiding anything else from me.' Now I know that he also has no trouble with telling me little white lies then and again.

Luca was suddenly out of the booth with my hand still in his. "Come on Red, we gotta get you home." He helped me up even though I was perfectly capable of doing it myself, and then he nodded towards Enzo. "Thanks for the heads up." Enzo nodded back at Luca before his eyes rested on the door across the diner behind us.

Enzo quickly got up from his side of the booth and faced away from the entrance. He steadily walked to the counter and inconspicuously flagged down a waitress that was cleaning the coffee maker only a few feet away. Enzo's voiced was hushed as he talked to the waitress. "You have a back exit here?" The waitress nodded and pointed to a door next to the bathrooms. She was about to ask why he wanted to know, but Enzo was already passed her with Luca right on his heels tugging me along.

Luca moved me in front of him as if to cage me in between him and Enzo. I tried to look over his shoulder to see who it was they or I guess we were running from, but as per usual Luca was too tall. Damn him and his height.

Enzo opened a door and a faint glow from the moon streaked his face. I wonder how late it was, we probably didn't get to the party until like 10:30 so it had to be almost midnight at the very least. My brother was going to kill me.

Carson's away on business which is the only way I even got to go to Owen's with Luca in the first place, but I totally forgot the fact that he calls me every night at like 10:00 when he's gone. He does this on purpose because he knows that I'm usually already asleep but he just prefers to annoy me and give me an unneeded wake up call. What an asshole.

Once we made it outside without a tail Luca turned to Enzo. "Was he following you?" Luca seemed pretty angry but he didn't keep his gaze on Enzo, he kept shifting it back to the door. Probably making sure that we weren't about to be ambushed.

Enzo took a couple steps back while he scratched the back of his head, reluctant to tell Luca the truth. "Yeah, he's been following me all week and I thought I lost him earlier today," Enzo took a deep breath before reluctantly continuing. "You know me Luca, I wouldn't have went to Owen's tonight if I thought it was a risk." Enzo looked genuinely sorry, he probably didn't want to involve Luca in this anymore than he already was.

Luca's eyes seemed to soften at his brothers confession before he turned back to me. He was about to say something when the back door that I was only a few feet away from busted open and out came Carson...with a gun...pointed at my head.

Luca grabbed me so fast that he didn't even have the time to look at the attacker before shoving me behind him. As Carson's eyes registered that it was his sister with Enzo and Luca he quickly put the gun down.

"Addy! What the hell are you doing here with them!" Carson walked with heavy steps towards me and tried to grab my arm from behind Luca.

Luca nudged me further away, clearly not liking my brothers attempt at grabbing me. "Back off." Luca's eyes were steely as he stared at Carson who had no problem in returning the gaze. I don't know if it's because he's my brother or what, but his eyes didn't seem to be nearly as menacing as Luca's.

I pulled on Luca's sleeve from behind him to get his attention. "Luca, its okay. He's my brother, Carson would never hurt me." Luca looked behind his shoulder at me, probably seeing my look of sincerity before conceding and slowly moving to the side. He didn't go far as his arm was wrapped tightly around my waist, ready to pull me behind him at the first sign of danger. The angry eyes of Carson made me wish Luca was still my human shield.

"What the hell are you doing here with them." Carson spit the words out as if they were poisonous venom. By the way Luca flinched, I could tell it had hit its intended mark. "Come with me Addison." I looked up at Luca, he held my gaze, trying to tell me not to go. "NOW ADDISON!" Carson bellowed out.

Luca stiffened, he turned back towards Carson as his jawed tightened. "Don't talk to her like that. You can disrespect me all you want, but you will not talk down to Addy," Luca stepped forward until he and Carson were face to face, although Luca may have been an inch or two taller. "She has every right to be here tonight, she's 18. Addy runs her own life, not you, and definitely not me either." Then Luca turned his head to the side and looked at me. "She gets to choose who she wants to go with."

Oh, well that's great. Now I have three guys staring at me waiting for an answer, and yes, that third person was Enzo. He was watching our drama triangle like it was the newest episode of Gossip Girl.

"If no one wants to tell me what's going on then I'm not going with any of you." In all honesty, I really wanted to go with Luca. That whole 'it's her choice' thing that he said was incredibly sweet, and I don't think anyone's ever given me choices like he has. Of course he is living in my house against my will, but not gonna lie, I'm kinda starting to get used to it.

But even Luca won't tell me all the details, so this needs to be done.

"Then who's going to drive you home Addison." Carson taunted as he held a smug look on his face. Luca didn't have the same face, he looked more concerned, as if he knew what I planned to do.

I was about to say that I could walk home until Enzo spoke up, finally joining our conversation. "I can take her home, it's not that far from here anyways." He turned to me as his eyes flashed with mischief. I hoped that he planned to fill me in on a few of the details his brother wouldn't.

Carson looked outraged at the suggestion. "Absolutely not. You are not going with him anywhere." He was stalking towards me, and although I would never be scared of my brother, I was frightened for him. Carson is reckless when he's mad.

Luca swiftly moved in front of me once again as he successfully tried to intimidate my brother into backing down. Luca was definitely intimidating when he wanted to be, and I don't know if Carson could beat him in a fist fight so I'm not sure why Carson's not backing down.

"Let's go Enzo," I started walking towards the Camero but I turned around and faced Luca. "Thank you Luca, I'll see you back at the house?" I knew that my tone was far too hopeful to pull off a simple 'I was just wondering' comment.

Luca didn't look thrilled that he was about to be left behind with Carson while I went with Enzo, but his face seemed to brighten as I mentioned seeing him at home. "Yeah, I'll see you in a bit Red." He turned back towards Carson and they started arguing...again. Carson has no right to act like this, I get that he's trying to protect me, but to try and take me against my will? That's going a bit too far in my opinion.

I was about to run back and break it off between Luca and Carson before the argument got too heated, but Enzo annoyingly rested his arm on top of my head trying to seem casual. "So Addy, how's my brother?" He looked down at me, feigning his full attention. I'm sure this is how he gets the girls, Enzo acts like they're the only thing in the world with his sincere and unwavering gaze. To a girl that looks to guys for self-worth, he would feel like something they couldn't live without.

What a pity that the only person he truly listens to is the devil on his shoulder.

"He was fine until you showed up." Enzo didn't seem affected at all, he didn't even bat an eye. I shoved his arm off my head, something I should have done a long time ago, and started speed walking in the direction of his car. It's a shame that Enzo's a jerk, his car is beautiful and I would have loved to take it for a spin. I don't know though, maybe I should get my license first.

"Woah, woah, woah there Freckles," Enzo quickly caught up to me without breaking a sweat.

"I don't have Freckles." Okay I did have freckles, but no way I'm getting another nickname from a Moretti brother, one is plenty.

"Stop fighting the truth Freckles, nothing's gonna change in your favor if you busy yourself by obsessing over it." He had a straight face but I could easily see the laughter dancing around in his eyes. "Also, stop fighting the connection we have. Everyone already knows you're gonna end up with the better brother."

"Oh, so you must be referring to Luca then right? Don't worry yourself, I'm already on that path." Wow I hope he doesn't repeat that back to Luca, he'll have a hay day with that comment.

As we approached the car Enzo quickly opened the passenger door for me before I could do it myself. He looked like he was about to say a witty, and probably self-infatuated comment but I hopped in the car and shut the door before that annoying mouth of his could utter a sound.

He slowly made his way around the car without so much as a glance at me through the windshield. I would have thought it would be a lot harder to get through to him. He didn't seem easily annoyed, but then again just because he can dish it out doesn't mean he can take it.

He opened his door and slid in his seat with an amount of grace that I will never come close to matching. "Well Freckles, I have to say that I must not have the patience Luca has because I'm just about through with your shenanigans." He looked over at me with a side smile that said his fun wasn't over yet. "I know you want answers, and if giving you answers is all I need to do to get Luca pissed then we don't have a problem."

Why is everyone in this family so cryptic?

"Why would you want Luca to be mad? I thought you wanted to get his help or something?" I was definitely thinking out loud, but if he was giving me answers I sure as hell wasn't holding any questions in.

"I want him to leave." Enzo started the car, probably hoping I would drop the subject as he drove out of the parking lot towards home.

"Okay, I'm confused." I'm not the quickest person in the world in terms of intelligence, and my street smarts are definitely lacking, so it probably adds up that this has yet to make sense to me.

"Wow, that didn't take much." He was of course referring to the fact that I had the same face from when I was a freshman and accidentally walked into a Spanish 3 class instead of 1. It's not my fault that the room numbers are basically impossible to read, I still wonder why I was the only one who made that mistake though.

"Why would you want Luca to leave? That doesn't make any sense, you're the one dragging him into all this crap in the first place, and now you just want him to bail out? No way, Luca's not gonna go along with that." He isn't the type of person to skip out on other people, if he was then the pain in his eyes wouldn't be real, and I know for a fact that it's just as real as mine.

Enzo on the other hand looked exactly like the type of person to ditch a friend, the only pain he would feel is slight guilt.

"I have no intention of trying to convince him myself, but you on the other hand..." He reached his hand up and scratched at the nape of his neck, probably a nervous habit. "I'm hoping that he'll at least hear you out." He put his hand back on the wheel as he turned into my driveway, I hadn't even noticed that we were getting close.

"Why would he listen to me?" Luca seemed like very much his own person, I doubt that my feelings would sway him much in the grand scheme of things.

"He trusts you, if he didn't then you wouldn't have been at that diner with us in the first place." We were parked in my driveway with the engine still running, Enzo seemed agitated and ready to book-it right out of here. I guess our little chat was nearing the end.

"Okay, but why do you want Luca to leave at all, didn't he just get here?" I remember the time Luca mentioned that he was new in town, but now that I know of his aptitude for lying to me, I don't exactly trust the information.

"He is new, the only problem is that he had no idea where he set up camp." Enzo ran his hand through his hair, another nervous habit. What is he so worried about? "I've been here a while and although I don't think he was following me per say, I think he came here to answer some of the questions we share."

We turned around when we saw Luca's single headlight from his Harley in the back window. Enzo grabbed my shoulder to get my attention. "Listen to me Addison, the only thing he's gonna find here is trouble." Enzo released my shoulder and reached over to open my door, he then stared at me expectantly as I didn't get out right away.

I gave him a look before exiting the car with not even half as much grace as Enzo and Luca each had, but who needs grace when you have humor to laugh about your clumsiness later?

Luca was standing right in front of me with an indistinguishable expression, that means he saw me talking to Enzo. I went to look over my shoulder and all that was left behind was the faint glow of Enzo's familiar taillights, I guess I was facing Luca alone.

Yaaaay...please note my sarcasm.


Why does Enzo want Luca to leave so badly?

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