Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





28. Episode 26

Mr Tan invited Kento to Freddy Frawes's laboratory the next morning.


"Why did you invite me here, Mr Tan?" Kento asked.


"You know, Freddy missed his brother so much after he was killed". Mr Tan explained, "He took a total of 7 years building this machine with a special magician's help. This machine helps him remember the past times with Morgan. This machine is called the Memory Machine."


"Memory Machine?" Kento asked.


Mr Tan nodded, "Let me bring you to the room."


Mr Tan brought Kento to Freddy's office in the laboratory.


"The machine is beside Freddy's table." Mr Tan pointed to a big machine, "Go into it, set the time period and press the big red button. You'll see your past, but you can't do anything except watch. I want you to give it a try."




"Yea. While the authorities and I take a look around here, you could test the machine out. And tell me everything. I'll be waiting here, so no worries."


"Fine." Kento walked to the machine and went in. He switched the time period to 17 years ago. He looked at the button and then at Mr Tan, who gave him a thumbs up and walked away.


Kento closed his eyes and pressed the red button.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 26 


17 years ago, on 16 November...


"Cake comin' up!" Kento screamed in his classroom with his classmates. His classmates include Jordan Riser, Arukan Han and Lee Kameko.


"Whose motherfuckin birthday is it?" One classmate asked.


"Oh well, it's for my dear Kameko!" Kento said, "Kameko has been performing well in her studies, and it's her birthday today. Shouldn't I celebrate it?"


"Oh yeah!" Everyone except Han screamed in joy. Han sat in a corner, stoning into space. 


"Shall we start the song, Kameko?" Jordan asked. Kameko started. 


"1...2...3!" Jordan counted down before he started singing the birthday song with the classmates.


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Kameko, happy birthday to you!"


They all screamed again in joy as Kento stood beside Kameko.


"Make a wish, Kameko." He smiled at her. 


"I want to stay with Urara Kento forever!" She then blew out the candles and everyone clapped their hands. All except Han.


While everyone was eating, Kento brought a plate of cake to Han. He was the usually the quiet one in class, with a few exceptions of telling the answers for homework to teachers.


"Enjoy a piece of the cake, Arukan." Kento offered the cake to Han.


"Thanks." He grabbed it and ate it.


"Why do you want to be so lonely?" Kento asked, "I just don't get it."


"You don't need to know. Go away." Han moved away from Kento. Kameko went to Kento.


"He still won't talk to you?" She asked.


"Nah. Stubborn mouth. Won't talk. A fucking autistic kid."


"It's okay. This is Arukan Han for you. He won't talk unless you force him to."


"Force him?" Kento asked, "You have a way to force?"


"I don't know, but that's what I heard from his parents. Maybe he's born with some disability."


"Of course he is. Autism." Kento walked away to the cake. Kameko followed him.


After school, Kento went back to his home for lunch before setting out. Shiraishi, wearing oval spectacles, served him lunch. Kento took the utensils. Both of them then sat down and eat.


"You never fail to cook good food, nerd." Kento munched on his food loudly.


"Not that loud, Onii-san." Shiraishi laughed, "You're going out later?"


"Yeah. I don't wish to see Okaa-san and Otou-san." Kento sighed, "You know I'm not in good terms with them."


"Yeah, I know." She slurped on her drink.


"Is there a day you're going to beat me, Shiraishi?" Kento smiled, "I'm just waiting for the day you beat me in academic results."


"You're so smart!" She whined, "How can I score higher marks than you?"


"Study harder." He said, "Okaa-san and Otou-san have bought you assessment books and revision guides, right? Of course I used many ways to get good marks, so you should just start with that."


"I'll try." Shiraishi finished eating.


"You're done eating?" Kento asked.


"I got cram school later." 


"Oh, I see." Kento said, bringing his plate to the kitchen. Shiraishi washed the plates and prepared to go out with Kento.


"I'll see you tonight." Kento hugged her. They waved good bye to each other as they walked in opposite directions.


"Don't you think cram schools are for nerds?" A classmate of Kento asked him. Kento decided to meet up with three of his classmates, including Arukan Han, for their group project.


"Cram schools are for those who want to score in the examinations." The second classmate said, "I won't do shit."


"I wish I could go to cram schools." Han said. The other three looked at him.


"Are you nuts, Arukan?" The first classmate asked, "We already told you they are for nerds! You're autistic, not a nerd!"


"Your results don't suck as much as ours." The second classmate commented, "So you don't need cram schools."


"I'm scared I fail in an exam again." Han said, "I'm scared I'll fail."


"Then I'll get a zero then?" The first classmate teased.


"Okay, guys. It's actually time to start on our project." Kento said.


"You guys go ahead." The first classmate stood up, "Johnny and I would be going to the washroom for a while."


"Go ahead." Kento said. The two went off, leaving only Han and Kento.


"So, Han. Heard you wanted cram school?" Kento asked. Han nodded.


"Don't go there. Come to my place instead." Kento suggested.




"My sister and I always study together when we're at home. We can help you with work."


"But you always come to the library."


"It's because of my parents. They're traveling overseas starting tomorrow until next week. So I wanted to casually invite you to study at my house."


"You sure it won't be a problem to you?"


"I'm just wondering if it's a problem to you."


"It's not. When can I start coming?"






Around 10 in the night, Kento returned home. He walked in to see his parents sleeping and saw Shiraishi studying in her room.


"Still studying so hard?" He asked, "It's so late. Get some sleep."


"Oh, you're back, Onii-san." She turned to look at him before turning back to her book.


"C'mon, sleep now, Shiraishi." He sighed, "You need energy to study harder tomorrow."


Shiraishi closed her book, "Perhaps you're right." 


"Not perhaps, I am right." Kento switched off the lights in her room, "Good night."


"Good night, Onii-san." She went to bed and slept with her blanket covering her body. Kento went to take a bath before going to his bed.


The next morning, he went to his high school and saw Han waiting for him at the school gate.


"So, I'm coming to your house later?" He asked.


"Yeah. Let's go for lessons."


After school, Han followed Kento home. Kento slowly opened the door and saw lunch on the table.


"I'm sure you've brought your own lunch?" Kento asked. Han shook his head. Kento went to the kitchen and passed him a burrito.


"Eat it. You'll need it for studying." Kento said, "Today's homework is Maths Textbook page 51-54 and the History worksheet."


"I know." Han said, "But why can't you teach me?"


"I need to go out and help buy ingredients for dinner. I need to cook too." Kento replied, "I'll tell my sister to come down and help you."


He walked up to the second floor to Shiraishi's room. He asked Shiraishi, who is not wearing her spectacles and reading a story book.


"Shiraishi, I need your help. Could you teach my classmate some stuff about homework?"


"But my work and yours are way different."


"He's studying the older topics that you're studying now."


"And since when did I say I'm going to teach him?"


"Well, you gotta help me, Shiraishi." Kento begged, "I promised him that you'll help him with his work. He's just weak in all the subjects and he's been gettin shit results in all his subjects. Please, I feel really bad for him. No friends means he had no help."


"Why can't he ask you?"


"I need to cook dinner. Please, Shiraishi. Your older brother is begging you."


She sighed, "Fine, I'll help him. He sounds pitiful enough to me." She placed on her oval spectacles.


"You love to wear spectacles, don't you?" Kento asked


"People don't need to know I'm pretty." She said, "All I do is study. I want to let people know I'm a nerd."


"Tsk tsk." Kento shook his head. He walked out of the room with Shiraishi. 


"That's the guy." Kento pointed at Han.


"Him?" She asked, "That's the boy who bumped into me in the coffee shop while I was buying coffee. He was dancing like crazy and he bumped into me, making me spill my coffee."


"Yeah, Han's autistic." He said. 


"Oh my, then am I going to have a hard time teaching him?


"I'm sure you won't." He patted her shoulder, "Have fun teaching." He then quickly went out of the house.


Shiraishi went to sit opposite of Han.


"Hey, you must be the guy Kento told me about." She started the conversation.


"Oh, you must be his sister." Han introduced himself, "I'm Arukan Han, but just call me Han."


"I'm Urara Shiraishi, but just call me Shiraishi." She said next, "So, you have questions that you don't understand, and Kento told me to teach you."


"Right." Han flipped the math textbook to a question. Shiraishi slowly taught him the steps to solve the question and allowed him to try on his own. Whenever he made a mistake, she would kindly correct him and tell him how's he wrong. 


After an hour and a half, they decided to rest and talk about their own personal lives.


"...and my sister was there like, 'You cheeky little boy.'" Han laughed. Shiraishi laughed along with him.


"What's yours, Shiraishi?" Han asked, "Have you ever pissed anyone off?"


"Me? No. Because all I do is study, study and study. My life revolves around studying."


"Wow, so you had no friends? You only had your family?"




"Well, that's sad." Han said, "You know, I was actually planning to come here whenever I can to ask you about homework."


"Then how are you going to do your homework if you don't have me?"


"I'll leave it blank and wait for the teacher to teach." 


"How about this? You come to my house whenever you need help." Shiraishi suggested, "Like that, I can teach you and you can learn if you don't know any topic."


"That's a great idea." Han smiled, "Since we're almost done with homework, we should continue to finish it."


She nodded.


During dinner time, Shiraishi and Kento were eating together after he cooked dinner. Han has went home.


"How is your time with Han?" Kento asked.


"It was fun. We talked a lot." Shiraishi replied, "Wish he could come again."


"Oh, you want him to come back? That's interesting. For my sister to talk to an autistic kid and make friends with him."


"Shut up, Onii-san. You don't know a single thing about him. He's a fun guy."


"Fun?" Kento rolled his eyes, "Fun, my ass."


For the next few days, Han came to Kento's house to study with Shiraishi and sometimes with Kento.


On the morning of 24th of December, Christmas Eve, Shiraishi woke up from her bed at 8. It was a public holiday for the whole school, which means she gets to rest at home. Today is a special day for her. It's her birthday.


She has however, only her parents to spend her birthday with. Usually her parents would be out for work as there's still work for them in the holiday seasons and would come back in the night. They would buy a cake for her and celebrate Kento has school leadership camp from 23rd December to the 25th of December.


This year though, her parents have went overseas for their work project. Now she has to celebrate it alone.


"It's been 13 years." She sighed, "Yet I'm still celebrating my 14th birthday without my brother again. And now without my parents." She went to Kento's room and the first thing she saw was his bag in the room.


"Strange," She thought, "I thought he'd be going for camp. Did he leave his bag here?"


She went to his room and saw a note on his bag.


"Go to the living room." She read. She walked down to the living room and saw Kento waiting for her.


"Onii-san! How are you still here? Aren't you going for camp?"


"I missed my sister's birthday so many times," Kento smiled, "So I skipped camp with my teacher's permission to celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday, Urara Shiraishi."


Shiraishi ran down the stairs and hugged Kento. Kento rubbed her head softly with his hands.


"Let's go out together, shall we?" Kento asked. She nodded happily. For the rest of the day, they went to the arcade and the amusement park to play the rides.


After a whole long day, at night, Kento bought a birthday cake for Shiraishi.


"Let's take a picture." Shiraishi said. Kento agreed. She took out her camera, set the timer for the picture and placed it in front of the cake, the lenses facing them. As the timer ended, the photo was taken. 


She then printed the photo and kept it at her desk.


"Happy birthday, Shiraishi." Kento hugged her. She happily laid her head on his body. 


To be continued in Episode 27.


NOTE: Episodes 26, 27 and half of 28 are in the past.

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