Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





11. Episode 9

Kento drove to the hospital with Han the next morning. They walked to the counter.


"May I help you, Mister?" The person asked.


"Yeah. May I know where Ward 215 is?" Kento asked.


"It's at the third floor." The person said. Kento thanked her and went to the second floor with Han.  


They walked in the ward and saw Mr Tan on the hospital bed, reading a book.


"Oh, you guys are here." Mr Tan placed the book down, "You must have heard the news from the police department."


"What did they do to you?" Kento asked angrily.


"Nothing. They just made me paralyzed from head to toe. And it's forever."


"You said paralyzed?" Kento asked, "And you're in this state forever?"


"I know you're angry, Ken." Mr Tan replied, "But if you ever touch your fingers on them, you're going get more hurt."


"Never." Kento commented, "I trained myself everyday in the jail. There's no way I could lose."


"You're too arrogant, my dear." Mr Tan smiled.


"I don't care, Mr Tan." Kento clenched his fists, "I'm going to find those two and they'll pay for making you into this state!"


"Wait, Ken." Mr Tan sighed, "I think I should tell you a backstory on why they attacked me in the first place, you know."


"What backstory?"


"A few years back, they're committing a house robbery. I was in the vicinity. I managed to catch what they're doing, and I'm almost got them arrested. I trapped them in a box and locked it. I don't know how they escaped.


"The only guy I caught was a guy named Lucas. He screwed up and tripped down the stairs."


"So that's how Lucas got into jail?" Kento nodded, "Can you remember whose house they robbed into? Or at least when?"


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 9


Kento met up with the gang in Shaggy's basement.


"The gang is officially back again after 15 years!" Shaggy said.


"This," Kento pointed at Shaggy, "Is our Shaggy?"


"Hard to believe, Boss." Jay commented, "but he's really Shaggy."


"You've grown so fucking thin." Kento slapped Shaggy's stomach, "Gymming while you went to puss out 16 years ago?"


"I'm sorry, Boss." Shaggy smiled sheepishly, "I know last time I'm a pussy. But now I'm here. I'm stronger and better. I think I can beat you."


Roi, Jay and Han stared at Shaggy.


"Oh really?" Kento laughed, "Fight me then. If you get undefeated within a minute, you get to be the Boss."


"You serious?" Shaggy asked. Jay shook his head. Roi laughed while Han did a facepalm.


"OUCH!" Shaggy screamed in pain as he is on the floor, his hand twisted behind his back by Kento.


"Not even half a minute," He shook his head, "Shaggy, it doesn't mean you win if you train. I trained in jail too."


"Damn, Boss." Shaggy said weakly, "Fine, fine. Let go of my hand. It's fucking pain. I'm about to fucking die."


Kento let go of his hand, "You should learn more."


"Boss, what are we going to do now?" Roi asked.


"Good question." Kento said, "We're going to find Kameko's gang, and take them down, so that it's easier to go against Kameko. Our first target is Jennifer."


"And we don't have any clues on her." Jay said, "How are we supposed to get information and find her?"


"Another great question, Jay!" Kento said, "From what I heard from Jordan, Jennifer is hanging out nearby his stall. Tonight. And someone has to dress up."


"As?" Han asked.


"What do you think?" Kento asked, "If we want to attract a girl, do you think we should get a another girl?"


"Yes!" Shaggy shouted, "I never see a woman turn another woman on!"


"Dream on, Shaggy!" Kento screamed at his face, "She's not a lesbian!"


"Fine." Shaggy said, "I'll sacrifice myself then."


"You sure you know how to dress?" Roi asked, "You used to wear beggar clothes."


"Oh, shut your fucking mouth, comedian!" Shaggy said, "I ain't need your fucking comments."


"I'm sure you guys know how to handle this." Kento said, "I gotta settle something else."


Shiraishi and her friends except Yamada gathered in Odagiri's house.


"I really hate that Kento!" Noa said, "Ever since he came into our lives, our friends have been taken away from us!"


"Couldn't agree more!" Meiko said, "I never seen a person impact so much!"


"Shiraishi," Sarushima asked, "Don't you find your brother a burden? And an asshole?"


"No." She quietly said, "It's not his fault."


"How is it not his fault?" Ito asked, "Asuka and Riku got killed! It's because your brother had a fight with a bitch!"


"I don't really know clearly what's going on," Toranosuke sighed, "but ever since he stepped in, two of our friends die. We hadn't had much impacted activities since 


"Who knew he could gave us so much trouble?" Tanmaki asked.


Odagiri smirked, "I'm sorry, Shiraishi. I feel the same. I can't..."


"Why are you all so against my brother?" Shiraishi slammed her hand to the table beside her. Everyone looked at her in shock.


"It's not even his fault he became like this!" She screamed, "It's not his fault he offended that fucking bitch! It's not his fault that bitch killed all of our friends! It's mine! I didn't convince him hard enough to study harder! If I had convinced him to study with me..."


Shiraishi held back her tears, "If you're against my brother so much, then you're not my friend." She then ran out of the house.


"What's with her?" Ushio asked.


"I don't know." Noa sighed, "But if she wants to unfriend us because of him, so be it."


Shiraishi sat down on a bench a few meters away from the house. She cupped her head with her hands. Kento was beside her.


"And you just screamed at your own friends that it's not my fault." Kento appeared in front of her, "What's wrong with you?"


"I just want them to know you're innocent." Shiraishi sniffled.


"My dear sister," Kento sighed, "Didn't I tell you? As long as the people that knew me well know I'm a good person, I'm contented. Anyway, why would it affect you because they think I'm bad?"


"I had a fault in it too." Shiraishi said, "If I..."


"Oh my god, Shiraishi." Kento laughed, "I already told you it's my fault. You stubborn girl." He hugged Shiraishi while she cried in his arms.


Meiko, Sarushima, Odagiri and Noa were walking to the shopping mall to buy some clothes for themselves.


They went to the clothes shop and went to try some clothes. After trying out clothes, they bought some and walked home.


Someone walked behind them slowly and quietly.


"...and there's something wrong with Shiraishi." Sarushima sighed, "Ever since her brother came, she's been super defensive."


"She's defending her brother so much." Noa said, "She even said she had a part in her brother's past."


"Maybe we should go and ask her?" Odagiri asked.


"We? Ask her?" Noa asked, "She's like better without us. It's like she said 'fuck you' when we just criticized her brother."


The person behind attacked Meiko from the back. The other three turned back.


"Who the fuck are you?" Noa asked.


"None of your business." Siwei grinned as he released a grenade onto the floor. Smoke started coming out.


"I can't see shit!" Sarushima screamed.


"Me neither!" Odagiri shouted.


"What the fuck is this motherfucker doing to us?" Noa screamed, "I felt like he pulled up my skirt."


"Me too!" Odagiri said. By the time the smoke is gone, Meiko is missing.


"Where is Meiko?" Sarushima asked.


"She must have been taken away by that motherfucker!" Noa clenched her fists. "Bitch!"


Kento is cooking bolognese spaghetti for lunch for Yamada and his family in their house. He brought the food to the dining table.


"Uncle White!" Akira ran to him.


"Hey, Akira!" Kento smiled.


"Just call him Uncle next time, Akira-chan." Shiraishi said.


"Let's tuck in." Yamada said, "I'm hungry."


After they finished eating, Kento and Shiraishi cleared the table and cleaned the plates. Kento then went to the living room and sat down on the floor.


"Kento-san," Yamada said, "Yamazaki's looking for you." Yamazaki then appeared behind Yamada.


"You still have the guts to appear?" Kento asked outside the house.


"I know I offended Kameko," Yamazaki sighed, "I was part of this."


"If you hadn't offend that bitch," Kento said, "I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of going to jail."


"I know. And I'm sorry."


"What's the point for a late sorry?" Kento shook his head, "Shit things already happened. Asuka and Riku got killed. My prison warden got paralyzed for life. Who's next? I don't want another death, but it has to happen every fucking time."


"I know it's been hard on you."


"Glad you know that. Now that bitch's more powerful than ever. I can't stop her alone again."


"I really hope I could help you." Yamazaki said before walking off. Meiko then ran to Kento.


"Hey, Kento-san!"


"Meiko." Kento was surprised, "Why are you here?"


"I'm here to visit you." Meiko pushed Kento into the house.


"You're acting all weird, aren't you?" Kento asked.


"No!" Meiko smiled, "It's my normal attitude!"


"Oh, okay."


Shiraishi came out of her room and saw Meiko.


"Why are you here?" She asked, "You were against me just now."


"Oh, I came here to say sorry." Meiko sat down on a chair. Shiraishi sat beside her while Kento sat opposite her.


"So, Ms Otsuka," Kento asked, "What brings you here?"


"As I said." Meiko replied, "It is to apologize to Shiraishi and it's to forgive Kento-san."


"Forgive me?" Kento was surprised, "Are you high on drugs today? Such a change of heart."


"That's right!" Meiko said, "I'm not used to showing my good side. But when I do, people call me one of the kindest girls on Earth."


"Oh really?" Kento asked, "I thought you're only good at drawing?"


"You underestimate me, Kento-san." Meiko commented, "I have a very kind heart."


"I couldn't agree more." Kento said.


"Is something wrong with you?" Shiraishi touched Meiko's forehead, "Are you sick with fever?"


"No!" Meiko hugged Shiraishi, "I'm fine! I totally love you too!"


As they were hugging, Kento strained his eyes and saw something bulging in Meiko's shirt.


"What's that thing in her shirt?" He thought. 


"Hey, Meiko." Kento asked, "Don't mind me asking, but why is there something weird in your shirt?"


"Something weird?" Meiko laughed, "No. There's nothing. You must be mistaken."


"Me? Mistaken?" Kento looked closely at her shirt, "No way."


"Maybe I'm pregnant, you don't know!" Meiko continued laughing.


"Oh my, you're good at making jokes!" Kento started laughing, "You should really be a comedian, Meiko!"


"I know, right?" She is still laughing.


Kento laughed continuously with her, "Shiraishi, take off her shirt for me."


Meiko immediately stopped laughing.


"Are you for real, Onii-san?" Shiraishi asked.


Kento also stopped laughing, "Of course I am. Take it off."


"Are you a pervert or something?" Meiko covered her stomach with her hands, "Why did you want Shiraishi to take my shirt off?"


"Are you scared?" Kento asked, "Quick, Shiraishi. Just take off the god damn shirt. Is it so hard?"


She looked down.


"You don't want to do anything?" Kento stood up, "Fine. I'll do it." He walked to Meiko and pulled her up from the chair.


"You are crazy, Kento-san!" Meiko screamed, "You can't just go around and tear people's clothes apart! It'll make you a pervert!"


"I'm not. You must have a guilty conscience." Kento tore off her shirt. Shiraishi gasped in shock as there was a bomb strapped to Meiko's stomach.


"Looks like I'm spot on." Kento growled, "You act and play nice so that you can get in the house and kill us when the bomb timer is done. Genius plan, but not smart enough."


He pushed Meiko to the floor and pointed a gun at her. Shiraishi stood up, wanting to help Meiko, but Kento blocked her.


"Very well." Kento said, "I have no other choice but to kill you." 


Meiko stared at Kento in horror.


To be continued in Episode 10

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