Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





10. Episode 8

Kento was talking to Jordan Riser outside his stall. 


"It's your knock-off time." Kento said, "I still gotta check on my sister."


"Why is your sister here?" Jordan asked.


"She's on the rooftop talking to Lucas."


"The guy who helped Kameko?"


Kento nodded, "Trying to get some clues."


"I knew Lucas back in preschool." Jordan said, "He never got anything done right. Makes a lot of trouble. All the teachers had a hard time."


"Oh really? I didn't know that. Anyway, why did you want to start up your own cooking stall? 


"I have a passion for cooking." Jordan said, "Since young, before my mum and my dad divorced, I usually help my mum with the cooking. When I do homework in my room, I felt so tired I couldn't even open my eyelids. Once I stepped into the kitchen, I felt all energetic. It's like I got more lively. 


"In mid and high school I'd learn cooking after school with my teacher. And one day, my father passed to me his ramen recipe. My father used to sell ramen before he became a full time gangster. He told me lots of people would queue it. And it would help me boost my sales if I ever became a chef. He said since I liked cooking, he gave it to me."


Kento nodded, "Well, that's..." He then saw a body fell onto the floor. Kento and Jordan ran to the body and took a look at it.


"Lucas." Kento then looked at the top, "Someone definitely came to kill this guy."


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 8


Shiraishi turned back and saw Kameko.


"We meet again, Shiraishi." Kameko clenched her fists.


"I'm not afraid of you." Shiraishi growled. Both glared at each other and prepared to fight.


Kento ran up the stairs as quick as he could. He ran up, only to find Shiraishi beating the shit out of Kameko.


"My arm's not working!"


"Serves you right!" Shiraishi kept kicking Kameko's face.


"You'll regret this, Urara Shiraishi!" Kameko then disappeared. Kento ran to her.


"Are you okay, Sis?" Kento asked.


"I'm fine, Onii-san." Shiraishi said, "Lucas's dead. What should we do?"


"Leave him be." Kento said, "We should really enjoy some time together with your family."


Yamada gathered everyone to his house at night.


"So, what's all the commotion about?" Tanmaki asked.


"Free tempura?" Tsubaki asked.


"And why is this White guy here?" Meiko asked.


"Guys, I have public announcements to make." Yamada cleared his throat. Everyone listened to him while Kento washed the dishes in the kitchen.


"Our dear Mr White that we had try to defeat." Yamada said, "He's Shiraishi's brother, Kento."


"Shiraishi's brother?" Ito was shocked.


"She has a brother?" Noa asked.


"Yeah. He just got released from jail, and no worries he won't hurt us. That brings us to the next point. We have a new enemy."


"A new enemy?" Sarushima asked.


"Yeah." Yamada said, "Basically we wanted to leave her alone. But she's fighting against Shiraishi. And Shiraishi's my wife. I won't let her die to that bitch. That's why I decided to step in and help from now on. I hope you guys could come in and join me as we defeat that bitch."


"We're all in." Toranosuke said, "Whatever you're in, Yamada, we're all behind you, supporting you."


"Thanks." Yamada smiled. "And my next news is... I'm finally promoted to Manager!"


Everyone cheered. Kento took a look outside the kitchen. 


"What are they all cheering for?"


"So this calls for a celebration!" Yamada shouted, "I've ordered a big buffet for all of us to eat! Eat and drink to your heart's content!"


As everyone ate, drank and talked together, Kento went outside the house and sat down at the grass patch.


He thought about his boss.


His boss, Robert Riser. He first met him when Kento was caught by his gang members. Robert might seem like an asshole on the outside. A fierce guy who doesn't give a fuck and would whack anyone if they pissed him off. But on the inside, he's a kind man. He taught Kento self-defense and fighting, as well as handling weapons.


Every weekday's lunch and sometimes dinner, Robert would cook ramen for Kento to eat. The first time Kento tasted the ramen, he wanted more. He ate 4 bowls of it in total that night.


Robert also brought them out to an amusement park for a day to enjoy themselves. Yet, on a gang activity, he was killed by Kameko's gang member. 


Kento smirked as he drank beer.


"You haven't got rid of your drinking habit?" Shiraishi sat down beside him.


"I consume lesser than usual," Kento said, "Why are you out here?"


"Because you're out here." She replied, "You like being the quiet type?"


"It's not that. It's just that I'm not familiar with lots of people here." Kento said.


"Ha ha ha." Shiraishi faked a laugh.


"No, really." Kento said, "I usually stay alone in jail. Half of my lifetime is spent in there. So I definitely got used to it."


"You always tell me to get social, do you?" Shiraishi asked.




"Then you should do the same, shouldn't you?" 


"You..." Kento pointed a finger at Shiraishi, but then sighed, "I guess you're right."


"By the way, how did you obtain the birthday photo? I thought I lost it and you said you couldn't find it."


"I just didn't remember to tell you." Kento laughed, "I managed to find it under my bed, and I wanted to tell you. But I forgot year after year. I still remember you got so upset when you lost the photo. You locked yourself in the room for a day without bathing or eating much."


"That's because that was the first and only time you spent your time with me on my birthday!"


"Okay okay, let's go in."


The next morning, Asuka hopped into her car and drove away from Yamada's house. Yamada and his friends had a stay-over at his house for a night.


As Asuka was driving, she realized one of her tires are punctured. Luckily, there is a gas station nearby.


After inflating the tires, she drove again. As she was driving, a black car went beside her. The driver then shot an arrow Asuka on the neck before accelerating off.


Asuka suddenly felt sleepy and fell asleep on the wheel. As she reached the traffic junction, a cement truck came in a fast speed and crushed Asuka's car.


Yamada brought Shiraishi, their kids and Kento out to the amusement park. The family except Kento went to enjoy each part of the park while Kento walked around, exploring the place.


At the last part of the amusement park, Kento is still exploring. Yamada went to him.


"You come to an amusement park just to explore, Kento-san?" He asked.


"I'm sorry. I'm not really used to getting onto rides for a long time." Kento said.


"Then I'll pull you along!" Shiraishi happily pulled Kento away.


"Ehh, wait!" Kento screamed, but it was no use. 


After the rides, they went to the beach to play with sandcastles and water. Kento sat on a bench as he sees the other playing.


"Seeing them happy makes me really happy." Kento thought, "I don't know if I could ever see this ever again with Kameko trying to kill us."


Shiraishi, in a green bikini, took a pail of water and splashed it on Kento. She then ran to the sea.


"Urara Shiraishi!" Kento ran after her. He took some water and splashed it on her. Shiraishi did the same thing. A moment later, they were both enjoying themselves. Both of them were splashing water at each other continuously, but they were laughing and smiling at each other as they splash water.


At night, Kento and Shiraishi visited the dead Asuka in the police laboratory. 


"She was sleeping on the wheel as the camera catches," Charles said, "She and her car got crushed by a cement mixer and she died. Even if she survived, she would've been paralyzed from head to toe."


"How did she get sleepy?" Kento asked, "I thought she was quite energetic when I saw her left the house."


"Maybe she's just putting up a strong front." Shiraishi said.


Outside the police laboratory, Kento talked to Shiraishi.


"I'm sorry our happy day ended with a tragic event." Kento said.


"It's okay." Shiraishi said, "At least we had fun today. Thanks for creating this day for me and my family to get along. Which includes you."


"No problem." Kento said, "Let's send you home first so that you could sleep and we can discuss tomorrow." She nodded.


The witches and Kento gathered in Kento's house the next day.


"Another one down." Kento said, "This time, Asuka got killed in a car accident. She fell asleep on the wheel somehow."


"Fell asleep?" Noa asked, "Strange. She woke up normally. She has no panda eyes or shit."


"Asuka would always follow traffic rules." Odagiri said, "Why would she get killed in a traffic accident?"


"We have a feeling it's Kameko." Kento said, "But we can't confirm it. We don't have any evidence."


"Why is this Kameko killing everyone?" Sarushima asked. Noa, Sarushima, Otsuka and Odagiri looked at Kento.


"Fine, fine. It's my fault. I brought everyone into this. It was only supposed to be my thing, but I brought you guys in. I'm sorry."


"You should be." Noa crossed her hands, "You're the one who caused two witches to be gone. Who knows who's going to die next?"


"I'll try to think of a plan." Kento said, "For now, everyone have to be careful of Kameko."


"I got defeated by the bitch!" Kameko slammed the table in her room. Mr Frawes pushed Kameko to the operating room. She sat down on the operating chair.


"So now you're saying your arm is injured?"  


"Yeah!" Kameko screamed, "That Shiraishi bitch almost destroyed my hand! Now I'm stuck to shooting arrows!"


"Okay, okay." Mr Frawes took a wrench, "I'll get you fixed."


"Mr Frawes," Kameko asked, "Do you have any idea to eliminate the witches fast?"


Mr Frawes thought for a while, "It might not be fast, but it can deal a big damage if successful."


"You sound like you have an interesting plan." Kameko said, "Let me listen to it. And while you're fixing my arm, replace my left arm with a plastic human hand and give me my mask. I got some things to settle at work."


Yamada was guiding some of his workers on how to promote products now that he is Manager. He manages what his workers do and what project they are coming out.


He sat down on his chair in his office as he looked through some files. Someone suddenly knocked on his door.


He looked up and saw Ara.


"Ms Ara!" Yamada smiled, "Take a seat!"


Yamada and Ara took a seat on the chairs.


"What brings you here, Ms Ara?" He asked.


"I'm here to congratulate you." Ara shook his hand, "You're a Manager now."


"It's all thanks to you." Yamada said, "You gave a good grade for my project."


"You deserved it." Ara smiled.


"Yeah. I need to feed my family too."


"You got a family?" Ara asked.


"Yeah." Yamada took a photo out from his wallet and showed it to Ara, "It's a picture of me and my wife with my kids."


Ara looked at the picture and got a shock.


"This guy's wife..." She thought, "Is actually Shiraishi?"


"Why are you shocked, Ms Ara?" Yamada asked.


"Oh, it's nothing." Ara smiled, "I'm shocked that your wife is so beautiful. And I'm jealous."


"You'll get a good husband next time." Yamada took the photo back.


"Yamada, I have to run along." Ara said, "Good luck and congrats again!"


"Yeah, sure."


Once Ara got into her car, she took off her mask, revealing it to be Kameko.


"That guy is Shiraishi's husband?" Kameko thought, "Then I should go to work more often. I'll ruin her relationship and she'll get distracted. That's two birds with one stone."


Mr Tan was cleaning up the police station at night. He was prepared to close the police station.


Siwei and Jennifer then appeared in front of him as he closed the station.


"Mr Tan." Siwei smiled.


To be continued in Episode 9

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