Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





9. Episode 7

Kameko plumped herself on an operating chair. She sighed as she looked at her sliced mechanical hand. 


"Mr Frawes!" She shouted. A super fit man in his eighties came over.


"Madam Lee." Mr Frawes greeted, "You got defeated by someone?"


"That stupid motherfucker!" Kameko slammed the table beside the operating chair, "Do you know how to fix my arm, Mr Frawes?"


"I have a new weapon to give you."


"Then quickly apply it to my hand." Kameko said, "I hate it. Kento came back from jail. It's going to be harder for me to defeat his loved ones and the school."


"You mean Urara Kento's out from jail?" Mr Frawes asked.


"Yeah. That bitch's brother." Kameko clenched her fists.


"No worries, Madam Lee." Mr Frawes said, "I'll help you."


"Why would you? You just need to fix my hand."


"It's because that son of a bitch killed my younger brother. He's going to taste his own medicine very soon." 


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Witches


Episode 7


Leona Miyamura sat down with Kento and Shiraishi in her house.


"So, Mr Urara Kento." Leona said, "What can I do to help you today?"


"Leona." Kento said, "I need information about Kameko over the last 16 years."


"You gotta to be kidding me." Leona said, "You think I keep tabs on her 24/7?"


"C'mon, Leona." Kento said, "Kameko's destroying us now. She's here after 15 years to just kill Shiraishi and anyone related to her. And Sakura High. And me."


"All because you sliced her hand off." Leona sighed, "What a petty bitch."


"We gotta be quick!" Kento slammed the table, "She already killed Riku. I don't want anyone to be hurt anymore."


"Riku?" Leona went to the computer, "Not worth for me to remember."


"You gotta help us." Shiraishi said, "Please, Leona-san." 


"Fine." Leona pressed on some keys on the keyboard and clicked on something with a mouse.


"Ever since you went to jail, she didn't appear anywhere else. It was like she disappeared from the world. However, she was spotted with someone. A guy named Freddy Frawes."


"Freddy Frawes." Kento repeated, "Frawes."


"You know Frawes?" Shiraishi asked.


"No. I heard of it before. I gotta ask my gang later."


"And that's all." Leona concluded.


"That's all there is?"


"If she's not out for 16 years, you can't expect to hear lots of news."


On the way back home, Kento and Shiraishi walked together.


"How's your 16 years without me?" Kento asked.


"Fine. I got with studying until I got witch powers."


"I've heard about it."


"But it disappeared when Yamada wished for it."


"I'm relieved." Kento smiled, "Now that I'm back, we should spend some time together before we get back to business." 


Shiraishi nodded.


"So, you mean Mr White is Shiraishi's brother?" Odagiri asked Yamada in his house.


"Yeah." Yamada said, "It was kinda surprising for me too. He was my junior high school bully. But he's all good now."


"Still I find something strange." Odagiri said, "Shiraishi said there's a woman she wants to defeat. Who's that woman?"


"Kameko, if I'm not wrong." Yamada replied, "She is the enemy of Kento."


"This Kameko," Odagiri said, "I heard of her somewhere before."


"You heard of her before?" Yamada asked.


"If I'm not wrong, I heard it from someone named Jennifer. She seemed to be related to her somehow."


"Can we still find her?" 


"That's the problem." Odagiri said, "I don't know."


"Maybe I know." Ushio came in.


"Who allowed you into my house?" Yamada asked, "You know you can't just enter someone's house without permission?"


"The door is open." Ushio said.




"You're talking about Jennifer, aren't you?" Ushio asked, "I might know who she is."


Yamada and Odagiri looked at Ushio.


Lucas got released from jail. He took a taxi from the jail to a food court to eat. He ordered some rice and vegetables to eat. A woman and a guy came to sit beside him.


"Hey, old Lucas." The guy said, "Remember me?"


"And me?" The woman asked.


"I don't feel a need to remember you." Lucas said.


"Oooh, we're old gang mates, man." The guy said, "You can easily forget us?"


"We're not here to chit chat, Siwei, are we?" The woman asked.


"Right." Siwei gave an evil smile, "Lucas, you broke the rules of our gang. Our very first rule. No telling of anything to our enemy gang or any other gang. Since you broke the rule, you're getting killed at 6pm today."


"Is this some kind of joke?" Lucas laughed.


"Ha ha ha." Siwei laughed along, then smacked Lucas's back, "I ain't here to joke, though I love cracking jokes. Boss told me to tell you. So enjoy your last hours." Siwei and the woman then walked off. Lucas continued eating.


"It must be some bullshit Siwei is saying." He thought, "But if this is really from Boss, then I have to prepare to be dead meat."


The six witches gathered.


"Anyone knows who is Kameko besides Shiraishi?" Odagiri asked.


"No." Noa replied.


"Never heard of her at all." Asuka said.


"Who's that?" Sarushima asked. 


"It's the person we need to face now." Odagiri said, "Shiraishi said Kameko wants to destroy not only the school, she also wants to kill us too. We've lost Riku, so now we got to be careful. Be on guard at all times. We have no idea how powerful she could be."


"But she could've killed us years ago." Meiko commented, "Why now, when we're enjoying life?"


"I don't know." Odagiri replied, "We gotta protect the school at all costs. And not let that woman destroy the high school we all enjoyed."


Roi, Jay and Han went to the airport to fetch Shaggy. They waited outside the airport in their car.


"If Shaggy's back," Roi said, "Is he going to pull our team down? He's the reason why we can't go overseas anymore."


"I don't know." Jay said, "We all know he chickened out to kill Kameko at the last minute."


"Which is why he does not have a criminal record." Han said.


"And it's the reason he could go out and enjoy." Roi said, "While we have criminal records but are lucky we did not get caught by the police."


"Let's just forget about the past." Han said, "It's useless. We just have to be welcoming Shaggy and we should just start training him."


A thin guy then entered their car, "Yo, guys!" He placed his luggage at the back of the car.


"Who the fuck are you?" Roi asked.


"You don't remember me?" The guy looked at Roi, "You guys are Roi, Han and Jay, right?"


"Are you the dead Ma?" Jay asked.


"What the fuck are you talking about, Jay?" The guy asked, "I'm Shaggy."


"SHAGGY?!" Roi, Han and Jay were shocked.


"Yeah. Shaggy. The guy who became a pussy and did not fight Kameko. It's me."


"You got to be kidding me." Jay said, "If you're Shaggy, then where's our Shaggy?"


"I thought he was fat and not muscular." Roi said.


"I thought our Shaggy does not wear spectacles." Han commented.


"And I thought our Shaggy would not just dash in the car and wait outside instead." Jay sighed.


"Guys, I've slimmed down a lot." Shaggy said, "Feel proud of me."


He looked at Roi, "Especially you."


He then looked at Han, "And I wear spectacles because I had bad eyesight."


He looked at Jay lastly, "And now because I'm thin, I hopefully could fit in the car."


"I don't believe you, Shag." Han said, "But if you're true, you've changed a lot. A big transformation, I would say."


"Anyway," Jay patted Shaggy's shoulder, "Welcome back, brother."


In Shaggy's basement, which is the gang hideout, Shaggy took out a collection of pens from his luggage.


"Why'd you get so many pens?" Roi asked, "It just doesn't make sense."


"Just you wait." Shaggy took out a pen and shook it a few times. It transformed into a flamethrower.


"Holy fuck." Jay stood back.


"All your pens are weapons?" Roi asked, "That's fucking cool. Without the slightest doubt."


"Where did you get all these?" Han asked. 


"Well, a friend of mine gave it to me, saying he didn't need it. He told me someone gave it to him, and my friend just accepted the gift, but found it no use, so he gave it to me."


"Well, we could actually use this against Kameko." Jay said.


"I heard Kameko's back." Shaggy said.


"News spread fast, doesn't it?" Han asked.


"Hopefully we could use it against her. She'll be shocked that we have this thing by our side."


A guy was washing plates, spoons and forks after he closed his shop for the day at five thirty in the evening.


It has been a busy day everyday for him as many customers come to his stall to order his famous ramen everyday. As he was about to close his stall, someone from his back shouted, "One ramen please."


"Sorry, our stall is closed." The guy said.


"Well, I missed it for 16 years, Mr Jordan Riser." The guy at the back said. "Guess I'll come back tomorrow."


Jordan turned to the back. He saw Kento sitting on a chair.


"Mr Urara Kento." Jordan smiled, "One extra spicy ramen coming up."


After cooking the ramen, he gave it to Kento and sat down.


"How are you, Jordan?" Kento asked, "Business good?"


"It is all well." Jordan said, "From early in the morning, to the evening, people queued from my stall to the carpark opposite for my ramen."


"That's a fucking lot." Kento slurped on his ramen.


"Yeah." Jordan said, "It's been really long since I last saw you."


"And you still can remember my favorite food." Kento smiled, "This is what your father used to cook for me. It tastes almost similar."


"My father gave me the recipe for it." Jordan said.


"I do miss your father." Kento sighed, "It was my fault. I didn't protect him in time."


"It's okay. You wouldn't want your boss to die too, would you?"


"Thanks for understanding, Jordan." Kento said, "I'm really lucky to have met you in junior high  school."


"Oh yeah, how's prison?"


"Prison's just a piece of shit." Kento replied, "I've to deal with people's bullshit without beating them up. And when I do finally punch someone by earning community hours, damn, it felt good."


"16 years must be tough." Jordan said, "I could give you another bowl if you want. Actually, I'd help you make any number of bowls if you want.


"It's okay. It's your knock-off time." Kento said, "I still gotta check on my sister."


"Why is your sister here?"


"She's on the rooftop talking to Lucas."


"The guy who helped Kameko?"


Kento nodded, "Trying to get some clues."


On the rooftop, Lucas and Shiraishi met up to talk.


"So, you used to be working for Kameko." Shiraishi said.


"Yeah." Lucas said, "Before I went to jail, I was indeed one of your kidnappers. But not the person you offended. The guy you offended was Siwei. He met me this morning."


"You called my brother to tell him her plans?" She asked.


"Yeah." He replied, "I didn't expect you to be here though."


"Cut straight to the point." Shiraishi leaned against the wall, her left leg on the wall.


"Fine. Kameko has a new helper. He's unknown and very secretive. Though some know him by the name Freddy Frawes, no one knew how he looked like, or sounded like. He's only helping her, that's all I know about him.


"Kameko's going to user her mechanical hand to come out with all sorts of weapons to injure anyone, or in worst scenarios, kill someone. She decides to strike sixteen years later because her hand needs to get fixed."


"Such a long time?"


"It's fixed to her commands." Lucas said, "It usually takes 11 years, but with her preferences it takes an extra 4 and a half years.


"Now she plans on destroying everything related to Kento. From things and school, to family members and friends. Even Kento himself."


"Is there any way to beat her?" Shiraishi asked.


"There might be one strategy," Lucas suggested, "Know her actions. Find it out from her closest allies and you might know who she strikes next."


Straight after he said that, it turned six in the evening. 


"Run, girl." Lucas said, "I'm gonna get killed anytime."


"What do you..."


As Shiraishi was about to complete her sentence, an arrow pierced through his heart and forehead. Lucas fell down the building.


Shiraishi turned back and saw Kameko.


"We meet again, Shiraishi." Kameko clenched her fists.


"I'm not afraid of you." Shiraishi growled. Both glared at each other and prepared to fight.


To be continued in Episode 8

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