Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





7. Episode 5

White Dragon got into his car, drove to the supermarket and got some vegetables. He also got some tidbits for himself and some drinks. He bought a packet of instant noodles and paid for everything.


He then drove back to his house and went to the kitchen. He poured water into the kettle and boiled it. He then poured the hot boiled water into a small pot and placed the noodles into it. He then heated up the pot.


He took a knife, a chopping board and some vegetables. He cut them swiftly and smoothly. He then placed it in his noodles and brought it to the living room table to eat. 


As he ate, he thought about this morning. He walked to his room and looked at a picture of him and his sister, Shiraishi.


He removed the sunglasses that White Dragon has always been wearing. He looked at a school badge last time.


"Urara Kento. Class Monitor."


Kento sat down and thought about how he joined a gang. 


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 5


16 years ago...


"Onii-san, I can help you!" Shiraishi chased after Kento, who walked down the stairs.


"I already told you I will not accept help from people." He replied, "Just leave me alone, you pest!"


"We can study together, Onii-san!" Shiraishi said, "I can teach you Science."


"Never, Shiraishi!" Kento looked at her, "Just concentrate on your studies! Let me drink!"


"You're too young to drink, Onii-san!" She strongly held her brother's shoulder, "Please, stay with me. I'll help you."


"I said no!" Kento pushed Shiraishi away. She fell onto the floor. He looked at her, shocked at what he had done. She looked at him. Sh was on the verge of crying


"I'm sorry, Shiraishi." He then ran out of the house. 


Kento sat down in a pub. He ordered for a wine. As he drank it down, he thought about his future.


"I need to get good in Science." He thought. He ordered one more cup of wine. 


"Maybe I'll join some clubs." He thought again, "But for tonight I'll enjoy myself."


He then remembered what happened just now.


"Hopefully she doesn't mind?" He shook his head as he drank wine.


A few minutes later, he became totally drunk. He walked out the pub, swaying left and right like a drunk man.


He then bumped into someone.


"Hey, watch your step, you punk!" The guy said.


"You should watch your own step!" Kento shouted, "I'm the most smartest student in my school! You are just a guy walking through me, bumped into me and think you're right."


"Of course I'm right." The guy punched Kento. Kento then vomited. The guy was about to punch more when three more people came.


"Why are you punching someone?" The first guy asked, "Boss told us to bring the guy to him if we need to do."


"Look, Robert's not here." The guy said, "If you stop..."


"Shut up, Han." The second guy said, "Roi's right. We do what Boss says."


"Why do you always gotta protect that pussy?" Han asked.


"Because Boss is menacing." The third guy said, "Once we offend him it's the end of our life."


"You're true, Jay." Han said.


Kento woke up the next morning in a big spacious place behind a shop. He was sitting on a chair surrounded by the four.


"Who the hell are you guys?" Kento asked, "And where am I? Why am I here?"


"Good question, bitch." Han punched his stomach, "You bumped into me and you thought you're the big boss."


"Stop tormenting him." Jay said, "If you kill him, then what's the point bringing him here? You might as well leave him in the street yesterday."


"Who's Boss?" Kento asked, "And since when think I was the big boss?"


"Ho ho ho." A white-haired man, in his fifties or sixties, walked to Kento in a business suit.


"Good fucking question." The man said, "I was about to ask you something. Why does your phone keep ringing?"


"That means my sister is calling me." Kento said.


"13 missed calls."


"I need to call her now!" Kento tried to get up, but Han pushed him down. The man threw Kento's phone out of the window.


"You still dare to try to call your sister back when you stepped on my turf and act like a big boss?" He asked, "Since you're a good student, where's your manners?"


"I remembered going to the pub, Sir." Kento said, "I went to drink."


"Drink?" The man widened his eyes, "Aren't you quite young to go to the pub and drink?"


"Can't a guy drink when he's in low spirits?" Kento asked. "I want to help my sister improve her grades, but I can't even help myself. I failed Science."


"And you went to drink because of that?" The man nodded, "You're interesting." The man thought for a while.


"Why not this?" The man asked, "I'll let you go and I'll fuck your family upside down with my gang."


"What?" Kento screamed, "What..."


"Wait, young man. Patience." The man said, "Or I'll let this matter slide. I'll not disturb your family. And I'll give you a lifetime of protection. If you join my gang."


"Your gang?"


"You see, gangs around this district and city has at least 5 people and 1 boss. And I don't seem to have enough people at this moment. Shaggy have went to Taiwan to take care of another asshole who owes us money and he'll be back in a month's time."


"So in order for me to survive, I have to..."


"Yea." The man nodded.


"But I'm a good student!"


"It's your choice after all." The man said, "It's either you die by rejecting me or you survive by accepting my offer."


Kento sighed, "I guess I have no choice, do I?"


"Good choice, mate!" The man patted Kento's shoulder, "My name is Robert, but you call me Boss. And your work starts now."


16 years later...


Kento stood up and sighed. 


"If Han and Lucas's words are true, that means Kameko is back." 


Han and Kento went to the police officer, where they saw police officer Charles Miller.


"Oh, it's you two again." Charles snickered.


"I ain't here to fight with you, Miller." Kento said, "I got better things to do."


"Like what? Beat people up, splashing paint on people's doors and kill them using weapons or cars?"


"You..." Kento clenched his fists.


"Look, Mr Miller." Han said, "Kento has enough years in jail. He's changing."


"As long as he's in a gang, he won't change." Charles said.


"I don't have time to fight with you, Mr Miller." Kento said.


"Please, Mr Miller." Han said, "We just want to see Riku's body."


"Riku? You mean the dead witch?" 


"Yeah." Han said, "She was killed two days ago, wasn't she?"


"Yeah." Charles said, "But who are you guys to go and look at it?"


"C'mon, Charles." Kento pulled Charles's shirt collars, "This concerns me. It's important to me."


"But it's none of my business." Charles said.


"It is mine." A older guy came out.


"Mr Tan." Charles greeted. Mr Tan is the police warden who allowed Kento in and out of the jail on special occasions and let Kento out a day earlier.


"How is it yours, Mr Tan?" Charles asked.


"This guy here," Mr Tan placed his hand on Kento's shoulder, "I treat him as a son. And he treats me as a father in prison. So he's like my son. And whatever business he has, is mine."


"I see, Mr Tan."


"So, may Kento go ahead and check on whoever he needs to?" 


Charles sighed, "Yes, he can."


"Thank you, Charles." Mr Tan then turned to Kento, "Shall we?"


Mr Tan, Kento and Han went into the police laboratory and went into Riku's ward. Mr Tan slowly took off the cover. Kento and Han slowly examined the body with gloves.


"No fingerprints. No weapon marks. Nothing." Han said.


"That only means one thing." Kento said, "Kameko killed her."


"Kameko?" Mr Tan asked, "Who's that?"


"A bitch that would love to see me die."


Suddenly, Kento's phone rang. He answered the call.


"What's up?"


"Boss, Kameko's back!" Roi screamed through the phone, "She's attacking the high school!" 


"You say what?"


Back at Sakura High School, every student evacuated with the help of Asuka and Yamazaki.


At the front gate, Shiraishi saw a girl descending from the sky.


"Urara Shiraishi." The girl smiled, "It's a pleasure seeing you again."


"You're going to have to face me if you wanna destroy this school." Shiraishi growled, "It's all your fault my brother ended up in jail."


"He didn't want to join me." The girl said, "He suffered my wraith. But he did worse. He cut my hand off. And it's replaced with a mechanical hand!"


"Serves you right." 


"You bitch! I'm going to kill you today!"


The two went on to fight. Meanwhile, outside the school, Kento got out of the car with Han as he wore his sunglasses.


"You're going to be White again?" Han asked.


"I'm protecting my identity." Kento ran into the school. Han ran behind him. 


As the students are retreating, robots appeared a distance away from them.


"Who the fuck are all these people?" Yamazaki asked.


"I don't know," Asuka said, "But we gotta destroy them, don't we?"


"Where are the other witches?" Yamazaki asked.


"They said they're on the way."


"On the way, my ass." Yamazaki went to fight the robots. As he was about to fight, someone sliced through the robots. 


"Mr White!" Asuka was shocked.


"How are you guys?" White Dragon asked, holding his sword.


"Fine." Yamazaki sighed, "We had a hard time getting the students out. You'd better help Shiraishi. She's having a problem holding that woman."


"That woman?" White Dragon looked down to see Shiraishi thrown onto the floor. A girl advanced towards her slowly, a sharp edge appearing on her mechanical hand.


"Oh shit." He ran off. Han then came up.


"Who are you?" Asuka asked.


"Don't need to know me yet." Han said, "Right now, we got students to evacuate, don't we?"


Kameko walked to Shiraishi with a sharp edge on her hand while Shiraishi tried dragging herself away.


"This is sweet." Kameko laughed, "Your brother's in jail. He can't do shit. That leaves me to kill you first."


As she was about to sting the edge into Shiraishi's body, White Dragon charged at Kameko and both of then flew to the right. Shiraishi got up slowly and saw White Dragon.


"White!" Shiraishi ran to him.


White Dragon punched Kameko.


"You bitch!" He screamed at her, "You killed Rika, didn't you?"


"So what?" Kameko screamed, "She deserved it for poking her nose where it doesn't belong!"


"You gotta stop thinking about destroying the school and my loved ones." White Dragon said, "Give it up. This isn't worth the while."


"How dare you say that when you caused me to lose a hand!" Kameko brought him up. "I'm gonna make you suffer again!"


"Not this time." He took out his sword and sliced her mechanical hand off. Kameko groaned in pain as White Dragon dropped to the ground.


"I'll be back!" Kameko then disappeared. Shiraishi caught up to White Dragon.


"Mr White," Shiraishi hugged him, "Thanks for saving me and the school. How do you know I was here?"


"By contacts." White Dragon said, "Now, if you excuse me, I need to go back to my home."


He then walked to his car and drove off. Shiraishi saw a taxi and got into it. She took out her cell phone and called Yamada.


"Yamada," She said, "Get out of the house and wait for my next call." As White Dragon was driving, he thought about what Kameko had said.


"How dare you say that when you caused me to lose a hand! I'm gonna make you suffer again! I'll be back!" He looked at his rear mirror to see his reflection and nodded his head once.


A few minutes, Yamada drove to White Dragon's house. Shiraishi was waiting outside.


"I thought you said White Dragon isn't your brother." Yamada said.


"Indeed I did." She said, "But he said something while he was fighting Kameko. I'm here to find out the truth."


She and Yamada sneaked into the house. Yamada was about to barge in when they found the door unlocked. They walked in the house quietly.


"His house is surprisingly big." Yamada said.


"Shh." Shiraishi placed her finger on his lips, "Whisper."


They slowly walked around the house. There was a kitchen, a dining room and a living room on the first floor.


They walked up to the second level and realized there are 13 rooms.


"He has this many rooms in this one house?" Yamada whispered, "And he's living on his own. Something must be fishy."


Shiraishi then saw a room at the very end. A sign was written "My Room."


"Yamada-kun." Shiraishi called for him, "Follow me."


They sneaked into the room and saw a big bed with a big window and a table full of things. Shiraishi saw a photo on the table that caught her eye. She went to the table and picked up the photo.


It was her and her older brother, Kento. They took this photo when she was in mid school as it was her birthday. She lost it a long time ago but it seemed like this White guy had it.


She then opened one of the drawers and saw the teddy bear she gave him on his 15th birthday. There was also his study glasses. Shiraishi gave it to him when he was in high school as he can't read tiny words.


"What have you found?" Yamada asked.


"This White guy has a photo of me and my brother. He also has the teddy bear I gave my brother for his birthday. He even had the study glasses I gave my brother for his studies. That means..."


"Yes, Shiraishi. You're right." Shiraishi and Yamada turned back to see White Dragon standing at the door, removing his sunglasses.


"I'm Urara Kento," Kento said, "Also known as my gang pseudonym White Dragon."


Yamada and Shiraishi stared at Kento with shock.


To be continued in Episode 6

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