Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





6. Episode 4

"You say what?" Meiko looked at police officer Charles Miller. The six witches came to the police station to look at Rika's body for the last time.


"Most likely, she got killed by supernatural reasons." Charles said, "No fingerprints is found on the body. No weapon marks either, nor is there any weapon around."


"So you mean..." Asuka was stunned.


"She might have killed herself." Charles replied.


"There's no way she'd kill herself." Sarushima shook her head, "Among the seven of us, we knew she is the most sad one. But we have definitely went over the stage of depression together."


"Maybe it's not enough." Charles commented. 


"She wouldn't kill herself." Shiraishi sounded out, "If she did, she would've done it in a place that we are all familiar with."


"Good point, but truth's not out." Charles passed her a paper that was found beside Rika, "Read this." The six witches gathered around to read the paper.


"Who would want to kill her?" Odagiri asked, "She's great overall. Not enough for anyone to kill her."


"Now, we just gotta find the killer." Noa said, "So, may we see the body, Mr Miller?"


"Let me lead you there." Charles Miller brought them to the police laboratory. He then brought them to a room and allowed them to go in.


The six witches stepped in and saw a body covered with a big white cloth. Odagiri took the cloth off and gasped.


"It's real." Odagiri cried. The rest of the witches, when they saw Rika's lifeless body, cried with Odagiri.


For they know they have lost a best friend of theirs.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 4


Han and White Dragon played basketball together. White Dragon dribbled the ball past Han and shot the ball into the hoop.


"You hadn't lost your skills yet, haven't you?" Han asked.


"I prefer to say I tried to train almost every day in jail." White Dragon said, "I still remembered I used to beat all those tall kids in basketball in junior high even if I was short as fuck."


"Everyone was fucking scared of us." Han smiled, "I miss the good old days."


"Me too, Han." White Dragon stared at the sky, "If I can rewind time, I would've rather studied hard with my sister so that I won't drink and wouldn't bump into Old Grumpy Man."


"True. I'd do the same." Han said, "But hey, we learnt some self-defense skills from one of the biggest mafias. We should be grateful."


"I wished Ma was here." White Dragon said, "We three used to joke about lots of stuff."


"I miss Ma too." Han wiped a tear from his eye, "If he hadn't die from cancer, he would've continued to be a part of us."


"I really missed the past." White Dragon sighed, "Now everything has changed."


Han's phone then rang. He answered the call.


"This is Han. Who's speaking?"


"It's me." Shiraishi sniffled, "I'm coming to your house."


"Why the fuck on earth would you do that?" 


"I don't care. I got something important to talk to you." 


"Hey..." As Han was about to speak more, Shiraishi ended the call.


"Who's that?" White Dragon asked.


"Your 'loved one'." Han said, "She's coming over to my house."


In Han's home, Shiraishi sat down on the couch while Han sat beside her.


"What brings you here?" Han asked, "If you're about to ask me about the White guy, I won't talk."


"Please, Han." Shiraishi begged, "I need to know who that guy is. Remembered I told you during lunch yesterday? I told you I wanted to find my brother. This guy gave me a glimmer of hope."


"For the last time, Shiraishi." Han stood up, "He's not your fucking brother. Give it up. He's not worth it. He made you involved in his shit."


"I made myself involved." Shiraishi spoke, "I offended Kameko. It was entirely my fault, not his. I still want to find him."




"Please, Han!" Shiraishi went down on her knees. "Please help me find who that person is. Even if he's not my brother, I swear I won't be angry at you. Just please, help me."


"Why are you so eager finding him?" Han sighed, trying to pull Shiraishi up, but she didn't budge. 


"One of my witch friends got killed yesterday evening." Shiraishi said, "I've a feeling Kameko came back for revenge. My brother did cut her left arm off. I need my brother for information about her so that I can defeat her alone."


"Urara Shiraishi, are you fucking crazy?" Han cupped her head with his hands, "Is that Urara Shiraishi I'm talking to? Or am I talking to Ryu Yamada? Or am I talking to a fucking alien who possessed Shiraishi?"


"You're talking to Shiraishi." She said, looking at him with puppy eyes.


"If I'm talking to her, I should be hearing things like 'let's not bother with that bitch' or 'let's study together'. Why am I hearing something else?"


"I just want to know my brother, thank him, get information of Kameko and fight her myself!" She screamed, tears coming out of her eyes, "What's wrong with that? Why won't you fulfill my request?"


"Do you ever know how dangerous Kameko is, Shiraishi?" Han asked, "She fucking kill people standing in her way. Besides, you're not strong enough to beat her."


"As long as I train..."


"Stop talking bullshit, will you?" Han said, "You can never ever defeat her alone! Never! I've lost my big boss to her! The most knowledgable person in my gang!"


Shiraishi started crying. Han looked at her and sighed.


"You do want to beat Kameko, do you?" Han asked. She nodded.


He knelt down in front of her, "Fine, I'll tell you. He'll go to the shopping mall tomorrow morning for decorations. You'd better be there and not make me talk these information for wasted. Promise me you won't defeat her alone."


"Thanks, Han!" She hugged Han, "You're the best!" Han ran his hands through her hair.


"And looks like you fucking had your itchy mouth talking!" White Dragon slammed the table in Han's garage after Shiraishi left, "I thought I just told you to tell her 


"Why did you expose Boss?" Roi asked, "If Boss wanna keep it a secret, so be it."


"I can't sit down there and watch her kneel down in front of me, begging me." Han sighed, "I really feel bad for her."


Everyone looked at Jay.


"What?" Jay asked, "I don't have any opinions. Don't look at me with the death stare."


"You're too soft hearted, Han." White Dragon said, "You should've straight up said no to her face. She'll give up."


"And you can bear to watch all that?" Han screamed at him, "Your fucking sister wanted to help you in every way, even if means sacrificing her life to defeat Kameko!"


"That's just stupid." White Dragon laughed, "She wouldn't do that."


"And you chose to believe that?" Han threw White Dragon to the door of the garage, "Your dear pretty sister is willing to do shit because she knows you fucking screwed your life up.


"Your Science is bad. She offered to teach you, but you pushed her far away and drank too much until you joined our gang. You get into gang activities, ignored her more and you fucking got her into trouble with Kameko! Because you made her feel abandoned. You made her feel fucking lonely!"


White Dragon got up.


"Wake the fuck up! It's time to wake the fuck up!" Han screamed, "She might have got along with the wrong people, but it's your fault you left her alone! Now she's helping you! To defeat your sworn enemy!"


"Precisely why I'm not acknowledging her!" White Dragon shouted, "I feel ashamed! I caused her to be in this state!"


"And it's time for you to make amends now!" Han said, "Acknowledge her, protect her from Kameko and defeat Kameko together!"


"If Kameko knows I'm alive, she'll murder me and my sister. So it's best I don't tell anyone I'm alive."


White Dragon was about to walk out when Han shouted, "Kameko has returned. She just killed Riku yesterday."


White Dragon stopped in his tracks and clenched his fists. He punched the railings, "Damn fucking hell. I'll find a way to end her once and for all. For now, don't reveal my identity." He then walked off.


"Motherfucker!" Han screamed, "You pussy! Come back down here!"


At night, Shiraishi discussed the morning events with Yamada.


"You said Hans told you the location of the White guy?" Yamada asked.


"Yeah." Shiraishi said, "We might have a chance of knowing who this White guy is. And I want to see if he's my brother."


"I heard Riku died. My condolences."


"Thanks." She hugged Yamada, "We gotta tell the rest about tomorrow morning."


The next morning, White Dragon walked in the decoration shop and bought some decoration.


"Time to make my house more lively!" White Dragon said. As he finished, he walked out of the shop and saw three people standing opposite him.


He turned to his left and another three arrived. He turned to his right and four appeared. He turned back and saw a blue-haired guy. 


"You guys ganging me up or something?" White Dragon asked.


"Of course." A girl stepped up said, "We're ready to get you." She was then revealed to be Noa.


"You've nowhere to run." Yamada said, "Tell us who you are."


"Fine." White Dragon dropped his decorations. Smoke then came out from his pockets and filled the whole store.


He ran out of the store, ran up the escalator and tried to find the exit. Tanmaki and Tsubaki went to fight him first. Tanmaki tried to kick White Dragon, but he ducked and kicked his private part. He pushed Tsubaki off the railings and he fell onto the first floor.


Noa, Sarushima, Asuka, Meiko and Odagiri blocked his way, but White Dragon jumped above them and ran fast. As he ran past a store, he got hit by an incoming bed which flew him back to the first floor. Toranosuke and Ito came out.


"It's hard carrying a bed." Ito huffed and puffed.


"But it's all to catch this guy." Toranosuke jumped down with Ito. 


Noa, with the other four, ran to the first floor but saw Toranosuke and Ito defeated. White Dragon charged at Noa and kicked her stomach, which made her fly back a few meters away.


Sarushima tried to punch him, but missed. White Dragon took a mop and whacked her face with the metal handle. Asuka went forward next, but he smashed her head with the mop.


Meiko and Odagiri rushed forward last to try to gun him down, but he used the dustbin for shield. He threw it at Meiko's head and she passed out.


He took up another dustbin nearby and aimed at Odagiri.


Left with two people. Ushio and Yamada successfully kicked White Dragon into another shop.


He got up and realized he is in the phone shop. He took a table and went out. Ushio rushed forward to kick the table but White Dragon whacked both sides of his face with it.


Yamada kicked the table away and fought with White Dragon. 


"You son of a bitch!" Yamada screamed, "Reveal yourself!"


"Never!" White Dragon shouted. Yamada used his ultimate kicking move and injured White Dragon.


"It's over." Yamada said, "It was a tough fight, but I was stronger."


"No." White Dragon growled, "I can't lose to such a guy like you."


"Oh yes, you can." Yamada smiled, "It's because you suck."


"I don't live 16 years in jail for nothing." White Dragon stood up.


"What did you just say?"


"I said... I DON'T LIVE 16 YEARS IN JAIL FOR FUCKING NOTHING!" White Dragon used his ultimate attack on Yamada. He flew all the way to the other side, spitting blood out from his mouth. 


He walked up to the second floor of the shop and saw Shiraishi.


"Look, it's best you stop this nonsense now." White Dragon sighed, "You guys are only gonna lose."


"I want to find out who you are." Shiraishi said, "And whether you're my brother or not, I want to show you I'm a worthy opponent."


"Bring it on."


He took up a long ribbon from the floor. She got prepared to fight with her fists. 


A few minutes later, Shiraishi got defeated as her hands and legs were tied with the ribbon.


"Give it up." White Dragon said, "I ain't the guy you're finding. My name is White, and you're calling me White the next time you see me. But you're a worthy opponent. Not bad fighting skills since your witching days."


Shiraishi sighed, "I'm sorry."


"It's okay." He replied, "Just tell your friends to stop ganging me up like that." He then walked off.


Yamada woke up. The rest of them woke up a few seconds later.


"Did we catch the guy?" Ito asked.


"Wait...Shiraishi..." Yamada then looked at the second floor, "Shiraishi!"


He ran to the second floor to find her. He untied her.


"You didn't catch the White guy?" Yamada asked.


Shiraishi looked at Yamada, "He isn't my brother."


To be continued in Episode 5

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