Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





32. Episode 30 (THE FINALE)

18 years ago...

"You haven't told her yet?" Johnny asked Kento while they are in their junior high school.

"No, c'mon, it doesn't mean we can be together." Kento said, "I heard Kameko's mother is strict and doesn't allow anyone to be her boyfriend."

"Well, that's actually quite sad."

"But you know me well since preschool, don't you? Once I bent on something, I'll not stop doing it."

"How long have you been crushing on Kameko?"

"Since we came into junior high." Kento said, "We've been table mates for 3 straight years and we talked a lot to each other about our lives. It's just that we did so many memorable and enjoyable things. I started to like her personality and looks."

"I mean, you could do it any other year." Johnny said, "We can go to senior high and see if there's any more girls."

"No, Kameko's the second prettiest other than my sister. I want to date her. I have a feeling that we can be together forever once I confess."


Kento then saw Kameko walking out of the school. He rushed to her.

"Hey, Kameko." Kento greeted.

"Hey, Kento." Kameko said, "You going home now?"

"Kameko, I have something to ask you." Kento breathed in and out, his heart beating rapidly.

"Go ahead." She smiled at him.

"Lee Kameko, I...I like you." Kento held her hands, "Would you be my girlfriend?"

"Me? A girl dating the smartest kid in school?" Kameko jumped in joy, "Of course I'll say yes!"

"Really?" Kento asked. Kameko nodded. He hugged her tightly.

"I promise I'll love you till I die." Kento promised.

"Me too." Kameko cried with tears of joy.

"But are you sure your mother would allow us to date?" Kento asked.

"Even if she tried to stop me, I'll still be with you, Kento. I honestly don't care about my mother. Now, let's not get interrupted, shall we?"

Kameko leaned close to Kento and touched her lips to his for a long kiss.

Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Episode 30: The Finale

18 years later...

Kento stood at the edge of the building, facing Kameko.

"I wonder what happens after you're dead." Kameko smiled, "Just thinking of victory and triumph after killing so many of your friends. Finally I get to kill the legendary White Dragon with my bare hand! I got to tell this to everyone!"

Kameko then pushed Kento with her right and normal hand. As Kento was about to fall, he grabbed her right hand and pulled her along with him. She screamed and tried pulling back, but he is heavier and has more weight, thus pulling her down with him.

Yamada and Shiraishi watched in horror as Kento and Kameko fall from the top of the building. 

As the two are falling down, Kento quickly took  a circular device and placed it on his hand. He then held Kameko's shoulders with both of his hands. Kameko suddenly felt weaker.

"You're using the life force device from my mechanical hand, aren't you?" Kameko asked.

"I have enough of you trying to kill everyone." Kento growled, "I was thinking of sparing you, but I don't think that's possible now. I like the way you used to be. I don't know why you changed, Kameko. Why?"

He held for quite long until they reached a few meters above the ground. He then let go and pushed her away. She landed on the concrete road. As she got up weakly, a truck ran over her. Kento landed into a basket of watermelons.

"Damn, stay alive." He thought as he tried to make his eyes open, but he felt so dizzy and his vision slowly blurred and turned black. Kento then closed his eyes, unconscious.

Roi, Shaggy, Jay and Ito ran up to the top of the building. Roi and Jay brought a large mat and both held each side. They then slowly stepped on the edges of the building and held it under Shiraishi. Shaggy went up the lamp post and cut the ropes. She dropped onto the mat. Roi and Jay slowly brought her to safety. Yamada then untied her.

"Shiraishi!" Yamada hugged her, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Shiraishi said, "Where's Onii-san? Have you found him?"

"I saw him fall off the building." Roi said, "So he should be downstairs. Quick, it's getting dark. We better get down."

When they all got down, they saw police surrounding Kameko's dead body as they placed her in a body tent. Shiraishi then saw paramedics placing Kento's body on a stretcher and bringing him into the ambulance. Shiraishi ran to the ambulance with Yamada and boarded it too.

"Onii-san, hang in there." Shiraishi held Kento's hand tightly, "Please don't die on me."

When the ambulance reached the hospital, the paramedics pushed the stretcher into the hospital with Yamada and Shiraishi following behind. 

Inside the hospital, doctors quickly escorted Kento into the emergency ward while Yamada and Shiraishi waited outside.

Ito, Toranosuke, Sarushima, Leona and the gang reported a few minutes later. 

"How's Boss?" Shaggy asked.

"He's still in the ward, being examined by doctors." Yamada sighed, "I still can't believe he actually allowed himself to get pushed down the building."

"But the good thing is that Kameko's finally dead, from a police report." Roi said, "So Kameko won't be disturbing us from now on."

Odagiri then arrived. 

"What happened to Kento-san?" She asked.

"He got pushed off a top of a condominium, which is on top of a shopping mall." Shiraishi sighed.

The doctors then came out. Shiraishi went to them.

"How's my brother, Doctor?" She asked.

"He's in a deep coma." One of the doctors explained, "The danger cells in his body had stopped multiplying but it has almost covered the whole brain. So there's a low chance he'll survive."

"How low is that chance?" Odagiri asked.

"One tenth." The second doctor said, "So if you excuse us, you can go ahead and see him in his ward."

The doctors then left and some other doctors brought Kento to his ward. Shiraishi and the others went into the ward to visit him.

"He's in a coma." Sarushima said, "I just hope he survives this ordeal. He can't just die like that after doing everything just to take Kameko down."

Shiraishi then received a text message from Kento.

"Kento sent me a voice message!" She said. Everyone looked at her.

"How did he do that?" Odagiri asked, "He's obviously unconscious now!"

"He must have scheduled this voice message to be sent now." Yamada said, "Shiraishi, just hear it."

Shiraishi pressed the play button.

"Hello, mic test." Kento's voice was heard, "Hope you can hear my voice clearly. I have only send it to Shiraishi obviously, and for those who are hearing it other than her, it's either you are with her or you got the recording from her.

"Whatever. I'm just going to start. First, this was recorded a few hours ago while I'm staring at the sky and I had decided to schedule this message to be sent at this specific timing. I don't know why, but I have a feeling I would be dead by then.

"Why dead, you ask? Well, I got this disease from Kameko while I was fighting her. Danger cells reproduced in my body and it would soon take over my body and kill me. And yes, if you have seen me faint before, that's the reason. I'm sorry I didn't want to reveal it to anyone except my gang. I don't want anyone to worry. Imagine Shiraishi heard it and she freaks the fuck out. She worry too much, which makes her an easy target for Kameko. 

"So, I shall start talking about my main points. Thanking everyone who helped me along the way in the few days that I'm with you. I appreciate that you guys can make friends with a ruthless gangster, not to mention dating.

"Roi, Shaggy, Jay, I know I have been blaming you for Han's death. But the truth is it's not your fault. I had chose to study at a wrong time. We've lost Han, my boss and Ma. Now you're about to lose me. So, I think I rather nominate Shaggy as leader. He was the big change. He helped get one of the gang members and from there, we took the others down one by one. So, if you're hearing this, Shaggy, I owe you a lot. I owe the gang a lot too. Without your help, we would not have reached the step of defeating Kameko alone.

"Shiraishi's band of friends. You guys seem to hate me at first, with the exception of Yamazaki because he's the one that offended Kameko. But after getting to know me better from a party, you guys started helping. Not a lot, but at least some part. So I still want to thank you for your effort. I'm sorry if sone of your friends died. I know it's my fault, I've let some innocent people die. So now I'm going to die, I probably could repay the favor for them.

"Yamada, I want to thank you for a lot of things. Firstly, I want to thank you for helping me out with the gang activities sometimes. I know you're cropped up in work, but you try your best to help me. I appreciate it. Secondly, I want to thank you being so understanding to me. When we saw each other again in a long time, you didn't blame me for any deaths or shit. I'm glad you don't think of me as a bad asshole who wants everyone dead. Lastly, thank you for marrying Shiraishi and making her happy all the time. She used to be a loner after I went to jail, but you lighted up her life again. It's touching for me to see a smile on her face every time. So, thank you for accompanying Shiraishi in her life journey. You're great as a brother-in-law, but I still wonder what happens if Han actually married her instead. Just kidding.

"Odagiri." Kento paused for a while. Odagiri looked down on the floor.

"I'm sorry if I was too harsh to you that night. I was just devastated...that you actually dated me because you pitied me. I just couldn't get over the fact. I mean I loved you... umm...I just...can't forget you. No matter how hard I try to. I wondered if sometimes this is my fate. Whether I'm bound to have failed relationships. 

"Nevertheless, thanks for making me enjoy the times with you. You created a party just for your friends to get to know me better, and know that I'm a good guy. You even invited me out and we had fun. I miss those times. Your personality, looks and the way you treat me...made me fall for you in no time. So, Odagiri, I want to say thank you for everything. You certainly made my life more fun while I was alive. I still love you from the bottom of my heart, and in my next life, I would definitely find someone like you, or even you."

Tears started dripping out of Odagiri's eyes. Yamada passed her a packet of tissue.

"And the last person I want to thank. The person I want to thank the most. Shiraishi. My own sister. From the moment you were born, I had so much fun taking care of you. From a young girl to a teenager. You're the person who cheered me up and kept me going in life until I made a wrong decision. I regret for not listening to you and accepting help from you. I was a stubborn and selfish motherfucker. Because of my actions, I've brought you into the gang life, and made you get involved in my gang business. When I return from jail, I'm surprised you wanted to see me. Han told me all about it. You were so bent on finding me that I decided to let you know I'm the White Dragon.

"Shiraishi, you've been the biggest help to me. You helped me take down Siwei, cheered me up in bad times and even had a family. I promise to let you have a good life, Shiraishi. I promise to take down Kameko, no matter the price I have to pay. I just want you to be happy and enjoy your life while it lasts. I want you to smile. Did anyone tell you that you have the brightest smile ever? It makes the surrounding people so elated. 

"Anyway, it was never your fault that Kameko attacked me and this whole shit started. It was mine. I joined the wrong side, and I will face the consequences myself. I'm the older brother, yet the younger sister has to do almost everything to help the brother. Don't you think I'm an asshole? 

"Shiraishi, I want to thank you dearly. For coming into my life. For changing me completely. For accompanying me throughout my youth and now. I created so much trouble for you, yet you still help me and even dared sacrificing yourself to get back at Kameko. I'm really thankful I had a younger sister who is so pretty, thoughtful and helpful. Once again, thank you, Shiraishi. I love you so much as an older brother."

The voice recording then ended there. Shiraishi started crying while the others gave sombre looks.

Yamada went to hug her.

"It's all my fault!" She cried, "If I had convinced him to study harder, then..."

"Kento already said it wasn't your fault. So stop faulting yourself." Yamada comforted her. 

Minutes before midnight, everyone went home except for Shiraishi. She slept in the ward. Carine then slowly walked into the ward.

"Urara Kento." Carine said, "Congratulations. You beat Kameko. She died. And now I got my powers back."

She looked at the unconscious Kento.

"However, I heard you're in a coma." She sighed, "But my kiss should do the trick."

Kento slowly opened his eyes.

"Are...you...sure?" Kento asked weakly, "I...will...not...be...able..."

"Mr Urara." Carine sighed and smiled, "Now this is the reason I like you since junior high. You're thoughtful like your sister. I know you're going to ask me: I can't search for you again. And you won't be able to see me again, so would I suffer? No, I won't. I do this for my crush. If I can make you recover from a grave condition, I'd gladly do it rather than watch you die and make me feel lonely."


"No buts, Kento." Carine replied, "I'm going to kiss you. Even if it means you can't find me. You'll still have a photo of me."

She passed him a photo of her and Kento together.

"Just remember me." Carine sniffled, "Here goes nothing."

"Carine..." Kento was about to speak when Carine went close to Kento and kissed his lips. Kento closed his eyes as a strong gush of wind  came and blew at him.

"I love you forever, Urara Kento!" She screamed, her voice fading slowly.

Kento was in blank space again. He looked at Ushio, who is sitting down on a chair.

"Looks like you got a heavy disease." Ushio said, "And you didn't tell me about it."

"Why should I? It's not like you need to know."

"Kento," Ushio said, "I'm very sure you have heard the recording that Yamada took down. Odagiri told him that she loves you. That's hard to hear from her mouth."

"And I can't just say that Odagiri loves me just like that."

"Oh you can. I've observed her after you dumped her. Yes, she did pity you, because your best friend died. But she still dated you. And Odagiri don't just anyhow date. She dated you because she loved you. It sounds cringe to me and you, but we all know she loved you. She even kissed you on the lips. You should've knew she loved you from the start."

"So that means I can stay near to your wife?" Kento asked.

"I guess that's not a choice, is that? I just want her to be happy. But I agreed to this because we knew each other in junior high."

"Yeah. I was your bully."

"Shut up and get back to reality." Ushio snapped his fingers. Kento then woke up in the hospital bed. He looked at the clock. It was 6 in the morning.

"I'm alive." He turned to look at the display beside him. His heartbeat is normal.

"That's great." He took his phone from the table and texted Roi.

3 hours later, Roi, Shaggy and Jay came to the ward.

"Shiraishi-san, we'll take it from here." Roi said.

"You sure you can take care of him?" Shiraishi asked.

"Yeah, go enjoy time with your family." Shaggy replied.

"Thank you, guys." Shiraishi smiled.

"No problem."

"I'll be leaving then." She walked out of the ward and into her car. She then drove off. The three then turned to look at Kento, who is looking at them.

"Boss! You're alive!" Roi said.

"That's so great!" Shaggy uttered, "I actually thought someone else took your phone and wrote the message."

"That's bad. The recording that I sent to Shiraishi." Kento said, "Everyone must have thought I'm dead. That brings me to my next point."

He turned to Roi, Shaggy and Jay.

"Keep this a secret. Pretend I'm not alive." Kento said.

"But we already seen you!" Shaggy replied.

"I wonder if someone's mouth is going to open so hard." Jay shook his head. 

"Shut the fuck up, Jay."

"Just don't tell anyone." Kento told the three, "I don't want everyone to know I'm alive. It's super embarrassing and awkward if anyone knew I'm alive. And besides, some people need to learn to live without me."

"Boss, how did you get well?" Roi asked.

"Long story short, a witch kissed me and my disease was gone." 

"Witch?" Shaggy asked, "I thought when Freddy was killed, all the witch powers are gone."

"Yeah. But there's this special witch who kissed me. And stuff. Stop asking. It's starting to sound quite weird, if you ask me."

"We heard Odagiri's visiting you during lunch." Shaggy said, "You're not planning to tell her?"

"She'll find out eventually."

"Oh well, we just got to wait for her to come." Roi said.

"Oh yeah, I got a way to let her know." Kento said, "And I need your help."

During lunchtime, Odagiri went to visit Kento, who is pretending to still be in a coma. She took a chair and sat beside his bed. She placed her phone on the table beside the bes.

"Kento, please wake up soon." She muttered, "I really miss you, and while you're in a coma, I'm going to practice my skills to get you as my boyfriend again. I really hope I would be able to convince you to be my..."

Roi and Shaggy walked into the ward and saw Odagiri.

"Hey, why are you here?" Roi asked.

"I'm here to visit Kento." She replied, "Is visiting a crime?"

"Of course it isn't," Shaggy said, "But breaking his heart is a crime."

She looked at Kento.

"Look, we all know that you dated Kento because of Han's death. Kento really loved you, you know? You just had to break a fragile heart."

"I didn't mean it, but I really love him!" Odagiri exclaimed.

"You love him?" Roi asked, "Then come here."

Odagiri walked to the door of the ward.

"See the people walking?" Roi asked. She nodded.

"Well, to prove you really did him wrong, you gotta shout 'I love Kento' as loud as you can. And you gotta also say that you're in the wrong for breaking his heart. You know, my boss's heart is so easy to break."

Odagiri looked at the people walking across.

"Don't dare to shout?" Roi asked.

"Of course she don't." Shaggy said, "All talk and no action. What a pussy."

The two laughed as they walked to the windows in the ward. As they were about to continue to laugh, Odagiri suddenly cleared her throat.

"I love Urara Kento!" She screamed her lungs out. The people outside stared at her.

"I, Nene Odagiri, have done him wrong! I shouldn't have the intention of dating him because of his friend's death in the first place!" She screamed, tears coming out of her eyes, "I admit I'm wrong, but I love him truly now!"

She then knelt down and started crying, "I didn't expect him to be so heartbroken. I...I...I..."

Roi and Shaggy rushed to her and pulled her up. 

"Okay, we get it." Shaggy passed her a packet of tissue, "Clean your tears."

She wiped her tears off with tissues and grabbed her phone.

"I'm going off. I'll see him later." As she was about to leave, someone held her hand tightly. She turned around to see Kento holding it.

"K...Kento?" She stuttered. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at her.

"I'm sorry for being harsh on our date night." Kento said to Odagiri, "I was in the wrong for not letting you finish what you said."

"No, it's mine. I didn't explain it properly."

"I heard you shouting." Kento said. Odagiri gasped.

"Odagiri, I believe you love me, do you?" 

Odagiri slowly nodded.

"Then, Nene Odagiri, you were asking me to be your boyfriend?" Kento asked.

"Y...yes. W...would you be..."

"Why are you still asking me that question?" Kento smiled, "Of course I'd say yes."

Odagiri looked at him with surprise.

"But...but I broke your heart."

"You may have done it once, but I see the sincerity in your apology and you love me. So I'm willing to give it a shot. Again."

"Thank you, Kento." Tears of joy came out from her eyes. Kento gently pulled her to sit beside him.

"I'm sorry, Kento." She hugged him.

"Come on, don't cry already." Kento patted her back, "I already forgave you."

Roi and Shaggy stood at the door.

"Aww." They both said at the same time.

Odagiri immediately stopped hugging Kento.

"As I said, I'll be going to work now." Odagiri looked at her watch.

"Come on, Boss." Shaggy said, "Show some love to your girlfriend."

"Sure." He pulled Odagiri near to him. He then kissed her lips. Their lips touched for a passionate kiss. It lasted for a long minute before they stopped kissing.

"Okay, Kento." Odagiri said, "I really got to go to work now. Hopefully I'm not late. I'll see you later."

"I'll see you later, cutie." Kento kissed her cheeks. Odagiri smiled at him and then went off. Roi and Shaggy rushed to him.

"That was so sweet, I'm having a toothache." Roi said.

"What a bad joke." Kento punched Roi on the stomach.

At night, Shiraishi went to visit Kento again, but saw Odagiri sitting beside him.

"He haven't woke up yet?" Shiraishi asked

"Yeah." Odagiri sighed, "I visited him during my lunchtime. And came back after my work. He's still in the same condition. But he's breathing fine, so he won't die."

"That's a relief." Shiraishi heaved a sigh of relief, "I got a meeting to attend to later. Help me to take care of him. Tomorrow morning I'll come and take over."

"No problem, Shiraishi."

"Thank you, Odagiri." Shiraishi then left the room. Kento slowly opened his eyes and lifted his body.

"Is my acting skills good?" Odagiri asked Kento.

"If you're able to convince her, then it's great." Kento smiled, then moved to other end of the bed, leaving half the bed empty.

"For me?" Odagiri asked.

"You're smart." 

"C'mon, Kento." Odagiri said, "This bed is all for you. I can sleep on the chair."

"It's not good for your head. Please, just sleep here, will ya?" Kento begged.

"Fine." Odagiri smiled, "You're so thoughtful." She took off her heels and rested herself on the bed. She lay her head on Kento's shoulder.

"Hope you recover." Odagiri said, "Then I can bring you out for a real date this time."

"You'd be waiting a long time." Kento said.

"I don't mind." 

"Aww, you're so sweet, waiting for me to recover." Kento then kissed her forehead. He placed an arm over her neck. She cuddled into his arms. The doctor came in and switched off the lights at 11.30 in the night.

"It's time to sleep." Kento said, "Good night, Odagiri."

"Good night, Kento." 

A month and a half later...

It was December 24. Shiraishi, Yamada, their kids, Ito, Toranosuke, Leona, Odagiri, Sarushima, Roi, Shaggy and Jay gathered in a restaurant. They booked a big round table for everyone to join in and eat.

Everyone gave birthday gifts to Shiraishi and she happily accepts it. Everyone then talked about their own life until the cake comes.

"We got to sing a song for our birthday girl, don't we?" Yamada asked. Everyone agreed in unison. Yamada looked at Shiraishi and started singing the birthday song to Shiraishi with the rest.

While they were singing, Roi whispered to Odagiri. She nodded and went out of the restaurant. 

A car drove to the restaurant's pick-up point.

"I can't believe you actually would send me all the way here, Mr Tan." Kento said

"My big boy has grown up so much." Mr Tan rubbed his head, "Go out there and enjoy your sister's birthday."

Kento then turned to his right and saw a woman in her sparkling purple dress and high heels.

"Oh, look. It's Odagiri." Mr Tan beamed at Kento. Kento sighed.

"We're just boyfriend and girlfriend, Mr Tan." Kento said.

"But you guys look quite cute together." Mr Tan said as Odagiri opened the door with the wheelchair.

Mr Tan came out of his car and carried Kento to his wheelchair.

"Have fun." Mr Tan was about to walk away when he turned back and passed a plastic bag with something inside to Kento.

"Don't forget." Mr Tan winked at Kento. He laughed and nodded.

"What are you two guys talking about?" Odagiri asked cheekily, "I can sense you're up to no good."

"You'll know later." Kento said.

Back in the restaurant, everyone clapped for her after the birthday song.

"Make a wish for your birthday." Yamada said.

"I want my family to be reunited. I want my brother to recover from his coma and join us soon. He's been a good older brother to me. I just hope he could actually attend this birthday party. So that he could celebrate my birthday."

"Oh well, I'm right here." 

Shiraishi turned to look at Kento, who is on a wheelchair pushed by Odagiri. She looked at him with shock.

"Happy birthday, Shiraishi." He said, "And why are you looking at me with that kind of shocked face? I'm not dead. I'm alive and healthy. It's just that I'm on this motherfucker because I hit my back on some watermelons. It should be okay soon."

"Onii-san!" She cried as she ran to him and hugged him, "I was so worried you'd actually die."

"I'm a strong guy. I won't die." Kento reassured her. Shiraishi looked at him.

"I'm sorry that I'm the root to your trouble..."

"Oh, for fuck's sake, it's over already, Shiraishi." Kento smiled at her, "Stop blaming yourself. It was my fault. Kameko's dead anyway, so let's not bring up the past, shall we?"

Shiraishi nodded and wiped away her tears.

"Oh yeah, I bought you a present." Kento said, "Like finally. Your older brother finally gave you something."

He passed her a car key.

"You got me a car?" She asked surprisingly.

"I see you taking public transport everyday." Kento said, "So I decided to buy a Range Rover for you and your family. It's big and quite spacious inside."

She ran to the carpark, and saw a big Range Rover parked nearby. She pressed a button on the car key, and the rover unlocked itself.

"Oh my." Shiraishi said.

"So, like my gift?" Kento asked.

"Totally." She hugged him once again, "Thank you, Onii-san."

"You're welcome, Shiraishi." Kento patted her head, "Happy birthday, Sis."

Kento told Odagiri to meet at the other side of the restaurant while the others are eating the cake.

"So, why did you call me here, Kento?" She asked.

"Oh well, I just wanted to state how much I love you, especially now. You took so much care of me during my time in the hospital. Not that Shiraishi didn't help."

"Yeah, but as your girlfriend, I'm supposed to take care of you." 

"Would you mind turning back for a while?" Kento asked. She nodded and turned around. She wondered what Kento is actually going to do.

"Okay, you can turn around." 

Odagiri turned around, only to see Kento holding a box with a ring in it. He knelt down on one knee. She screamed with joy, but Kento whispered for her to keep it low.

"Nene Odagiri," Kento proposed, "From the first time that I met you, your looks and special characteristics had captured my attention. I thought you would be some kind of rough person to get along with, especially after the death of Ushio. But then I seen the soft side of you. The side where you dearly care for people. When I was getting misunderstood, you actually held a party to help people understand me better. When I was stressed with Kameko and her gang, you brought me out to have fun. When Han died, you came to comfort me with your love and warmth. When I was at the hospital, you even screamed my name so loud despite the public giving you weird stares. It was at this moment that I realized: I've fallen for you and I just keep loving you more each time. I love you so much, and no words can describe how much I love you and how much I'm thankful to have a girl like you around. So, Nene Odagiri, would you marry me?"

Odagiri happily nodded. Kento stood up and placed the ring on her index finger. They then hugged each other.

"I'm so happy you proposed to me." Odagiri smiled, "Best day of my life, hands down."

"Mine too." Kento smiled back.

3 months later...

The guests of the wedding sat down. Yamada and Shiraishi sat at the front. 

"I can't believe it." Shiraishi said, "4 years after Odagiri's married, she decides to remarry again."

"You meant that Odagiri divorced Ushio?" Yamada asked.

"Most likely."

"The wedding's about to start." Roi said.

"We know that, motherfucker." Yamada teased, "Sit the fuck down."

Kento, the bridegroom, walked at the front of the hall. 

"Excuse my voice." Shaggy, the priest, cleared his throat.

A few seconds later, the big entrance door of the hall opened. Odagiri walked in her wedding dress with a veil over her head. She walked until she was beside Kento.

"The couple will now say vows to each other." Shaggy turned to Odagiri first.

"Nene-chan." Shaggy said, "Do you take Kento-boss to be your husband, to have and to hold for all the days of your life?"

"I do." Odagiri replied.

"Kento-boss." Shaggy turned to him, "Do you take Nene-chan to be your wife, to have and to hold for all the days of your life?"

"I do." Kento replied.

"Then the both of you may kiss."

Kento removed the veil and kissed Odagiri. Their lips met for a few seconds as everyone started clapping and cheering for the two. The two looked at each other with all smiles.

It was then time for the photoshoot. Kento, Odagiri, Yamada, Shiraishi and their kids took a family portrait together. 

The rest then gathered. They all stood in their positions as the photographer shouted, "3...2...1...and smile!"

All smiled for the photo.

After the photoshoot, Kento and Shiraishi sat together while the others were dancing and celebrating.

"Time flies so fast." He sighed.

"I agree." Shiraishi said, "But at least times were getting better."

"True." Kento took a glass of wine, "Here's to better times."

"Come on, Onii-san. No drinking."

"Just this once. Today's a special day, you know."

Shiraishi took a glass of wine, "Fine, just this once. I'll drink it with you."

They clanked their glasses together and shouted, "For the better!"

The End

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