Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





5. Episode 3

16 years ago...


"What? You can't make it to beat that bitch?" Kento asked Han.


"I'm sorry, man." Han said, "My mother is severely sick. And the police are on my heels. I need to make sure my mother is fine before I fight."


"Fine." Kento said, "Go take care of your mum. And don't get caught that easily. Please, you're our next best person in the gang."


"I'll try." Han ran off to his house. Kento called the gang to be ready. Han got into his Honda Stream and drove off. He drove so fast, he went over the speed limit. 


Han opened the door of his house and ran to his mother's room. He saw his sister, Hannah, taking care of her.


"How is she?" Han asked.


"She should be fine." Hannah took out the pills. Han passed Hannah a brown packet. 


"Money inside for your university and Mum." Han said.


"You know, you don't have to do all these things to earn money." Hannah sighed, "You could've gotten a better job like a businessman or something."


"I'm sorry, Hannah. It's my fault I went to the dark side." Han said.


"It's okay." Hannah hugged Han, "It's not entirely your fault. I didn't study hard enough to earn more money for Mum. If Mum didn't go into a debt by gambling, we'd still be fine."


"I gotta run." Han said, "The police can't arrest me. Remember to go to Singapore for your education. Make me proud."


"Will do, my little brother." Hannah smiled, "Run along." Han then ran out of the room.


As he ran out of the house, police officers pointed guns at him. A helicopter hovered on top of his house.


"Arukan Han," the police officer, known as Charles Miller from his name tag, in the helicopter said through a wireless microphone,  "You'd better surrender yourself. Stop running away. You're one of the most famous fugitives now.


"If you don't surrender and you continue running away, we're going to bomb your house. 


"If you surrender, kneel down and place your hands up in the air!"


Han turned back to look at Hannah and his mother, who are at the door. Han then turned back and kneeled down. He then raised his hands up in the air. The police officers on the land ran to him and handcuffed him. They pushed him into the police car.


Han took one last look at his mother and Hannah. Hannah was crying while his mother gave no expression or reaction. Han looked down as the police drove him away.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 3


16 years later...


The high school friends met up the next morning, bringing their children.


"This guy helped you fence against the bad guys and brought your children back from school?" Noa asked.


"Yeah, and I find that strange." Yamada said, "He just helped us for no reason. Something must be strange."


"Maybe he's a good Samaritan." Sarushima replied.


"Or an evil person who looks and does good at first," Odagiri said, "And then later he fucks you and your family up."


"Let's not go too far." Shiraishi said, "After all, we still don't know the guy. We can't conclude much."


"You're true." Toranosuke commented.


"And that's why we're going to stalk and find him." Yamada gave an evil smile, "We're teaming up to defeat him and get all the information out of him."


"I do not think that's a good idea." Ushio said, "From what you said, he've beaten up an amount of people without even suffering an injury. I don't think we could even defeat him."


"He hasn't seen my super move yet." Yamada said, "He'll soon, and he'll have no choice but to give in."


Han and the hat-and-sunglasses guy met up at Han's house.


"Thanks for telling me the kids are still in school." The guy said, "At least I get to see my loved one."


Han nodded, "No problem. How are you in jail?"


"It's fine." The guy said, "I heard from Lucas that the bitch came back from resurrection."


"She's not dead, but she just lost a hand." Han said, "How are you released? I thought you're going to be released tomorrow."


"The police warden allowed me to get out of jail." The guy took out his hat and sunglasses, revealing himself to be White Dragon, "Anyways, who told you the news?"


"Shaggy." Han said, "He told me he saw her buying some flour and flowers. And a shovel."


"What the fuck is she thinking?" White Dragon asked.


"Beats me, Boss." Han said, "But definitely we gotta keep a lookout."


"You're right."


Yamada was still thinking about the guy that saved them earlier. The older boy came to Yamada.


"Yes, my darling boy?" Yamada hugged the boy.


"Daddy, I think I know who the guy is."


"The guy?"


"The one that saved you guys. He fetched us from school and told us his name is White. He also said Uncle Han sent him to send us home."


"Uncle Han?" Yamada asked. The boy nodded.


Roi and Jay were fighting against each other using punches in Han's garage. Roi tried punching Jay, but he dodged and punched Roi instead. Roi fell onto the floor.


"Get back up, you fucking pussy!" Jay screamed, "Fight me more!"


"I had enough, Jay." Roi got up, "Intense training."


"What the fuck is an intense training? This is just punching." Jay sighed, "You're the same 15 years ago."


"Oh c'mon, now I'm an entertainer, not a puncher or a boxer." Roi said, "I got my own life. And I thought the gang has already disbanded."


"How could you fucking think that, Roi?" Jay asked, "As long as Boss hasn't call it quits, this gang is still alive and kicking."


"And inactive for 16 years." Roi said.


"It's going to be active again." Han walked in the garage. Roi and Jay looked at him.


"What do you mean it's going to be active again?" Roi asked.


"I heard from Shaggy that Dark Phoenix's back."


"Shaggy?" Jay laughed, "Did you just say Shaggy? I can't trust that guy. He makes too much jokes."


"Even I wouldn't believe him." Han said, "But something tells me he's telling the truth. The tone he talked to me."


"You ever heard of Boss up to now?" Jay asked. Han looked at him, "Well, it's hard to say I haven't."


Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Han looked up.


"Some businessman must have come here and advertise their shit here." Han said, "I'm going to chase them off."


He walked to the doorstep and opened the door. Yamada was at the door.


"Han. Let's have a talk."


"There's nothing to talk." Han said, "I am personally disappointed you ain't have the heart to spend time with your family."


"You ain't talking about my family, you motherfucker." Yamada said, "My kid talked about you."


"And does it look like I give a shit?" Han walked to the kitchen, "A former high school table mate came in my house and the first thing he talked about is a fucking kid talking to me. Who do you think you are, Ryu Yamada?"


"I couldn't care less, but listen up." Yamada stormed up to Han, "My kid said you told a guy named White to drive my kids home from school and save us."


"How do they know it's me?" Han asked, "It could be any other Han. There's many people in the world named Han. And who's White?"


"Don't play cock with me." Yamada kicked Han to the living room.


"What's the problem with you?" Han got up.


"Who's the White asshole?" Yamada asked.


"Why should I even tell pussies like you?" Han clenched his fists, "You fucking went to a different high school far away from the one you're supposed to go to. Can't do this, can't do that. You only can fucking fight. And you can't even fight properly! What kind of man are you?"


"You should zip that fucking mouth of yours!" Yamada tried to punch Han, but he twisted Yamada's hand and pushed it behind his back. Han then kicked his legs and Yamada fell onto the floor.


"Listen up, motherfucker." Han snarled, "I don't know any motherfucker named White. And I do not want to ever talk to pussies like you ever again. Just because you're scared that you get bullied by Kento and you fucking tell the fucking teachers. Get the fuck out of my house!"


Han threw Yamada out of the house and slammed the door close. Roi and Jay came up.


"What just happened, man?" Jay asked, "You're a fucking beast just now."


"Yamada came here to make a ruckus." Han said, "And back to where I was. I met Boss."


At night, Yamada and Shiraishi ate dinner after work with their kids.


"How's your project?" Shiraishi asked.


"Oh, it's fine!" Yamada scratched his head, "Ms Ara gave me an A for it! I'm sure to succeed."


"I'm proud of you, darling." Shiraishi smiled.




After the kids went to sleep 2 hours later, Shiraishi and Yamada went to their bedroom and talked.


"You do know Han, do you?" Yamada asked Shiraishi.


"He's my childhood friend. He always tag along in my family outings and always come to my house to do work with my brother. He crushed on me up to now."


"Akira told us Han sent a guy named White to fetch our kids from school and save us from the robbers yesterday."


"That's very kind of him." She lied down on the bed.


"I know it's a kind act," Yamada said, "But something's not right. Before I came to Sakura High, in the previous high school, we were enemies. He always bully me together with my school bully, which is by the name Kento."


"You said Kento?" Shiraishi sighed.


"Why a sigh?"


"That's my brother. I miss him."


"My bully's your brother?" Yamada was surprised, "What a small world. I didn't know your brother is so ruthless, unlike you, so kind and sweet."


Shiraishi blushed as her cheeks turned red, "Thank you."


"So, back to the topic," Yamada said, "Han denied he told the guy White to do the stuff. Since you know him, could you help me ask him?"


The next morning, Shiraishi invited Han out for lunch, bringing both of her kids with her. After lunch, they took a walk in the shopping centre.


"Why did you invite me for lunch, Shiraishi?" Han asked, "It's quite sudden. You're lucky I had no customers at this timing."


"I wanted to ask you something." 


"Shoot me any question." 


"You are the one that told a guy to fetch our kids, didn't you?"


"Me?" Han asked, "Since when?"


"That's what I heard from Akira." Shiraishi said.


"Uhh..." Han then grabbed his stomach, "I think I need to go to the toilet. Stomach problems."


"Is it often?"


"Y...yeah." He replied, "Happens after lunch every time."


"Can I go to the toilet too, Mummy?" Akira asked, "I need to pee."


"I'll bring him in." Han said.


"Thanks, Han." Shiraishi said as Han brought Akira to the male toilet. Once they are inside, Han looked at Akira.


"Didn't I told you not to tell your mummy?" Han asked.


"But I can't, Uncle Han." Akira squealed in delight, "Mr White entertained us so much. I can't keep my excitement. I guessed that slipped out of my tongue in excitement."


"Wow." Han sighed, "Okay, Akira. I'm gonna tell you something. And this time, please keep it a secret. Understand?"


Akira nodded.


A few minutes later, Akira and Han came out.


"Shiraishi, I think I need to leave." Han said, "A customer just called me to be at his place in thirty minutes time. See ya soon!" Han then ran off. 


"And I haven't got a chance to ask my question." Shiraishi thought, "Han must be hiding something from me and Yamada."


Police arrived at an unnamed school. Sayori, the president of the Literature Club of that school, led the police officers into the storeroom of the school. Yuri and Natsuki, her friends, followed behind.


They placed tape around the room so that no one could enter. Police officer Charles Miller walked slowly into the storeroom with other police officers.


"This storeroom is damn huge!" One police officer said.


"You bet your fucking ass!" Another one shouted.


"Okay, guys." Charles said, "We have a murder victim here. We gotta find her."


The police officers scouted through the store room, finding the body by going through books and brooms. 


Charles was walking until he felt he kicked something. He switched on his flashlight. There, he saw a girl's dead body, eyes opened.


He picked up a piece of torn paper placed beside her. The heading reads "People to kill."


And there was a name written in blood below the heading. It was cancelled using a pen.


"Rika Saionji".


To be continued in Episode 4

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