Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





31. Episode 29

After Shiraishi done her hair, she waited outside the salon for a taxi to come. She called for a taxi to come. While she was waiting, she called Yamada.


"Hey, darling." Yamada answered the call.


"Yamada-kun, I'll be going to visit Odagiri and accompany her until our date. Remember to reach on time tonight."


"Can't wait to see you in a nice dress and celebrate our wedding anniversary." 


"See you later, Yamada-kun." She smiled. She then ended the call.


A few minutes later, a taxi arrived. She got in the taxi.


"Tokyo Central Youth Hostel, please."


"You're going on a date with Ryu Yamada, aren't you, Ms Urara Shiraishi?" The taxi driver, who has a female voice, asked.


"Yeah. And how did you know?"


A man slowly crept out from the back of the taxi, holding a cloth. The taxi driver turned back, revealing it to be Kameko.


"Of course I do." Kameko laughed, "Because I'm about to ruin it for you."


Shiraishi growled, "You bitch! I'm..." The man behind then covered her mouth with the cloth. She struggled to push the man's hand away, but failed to do so. 


A few seconds later, she fainted and stopped moving.


"He he he." Kameko let out a small laugh, "Like brother, like sister, cutting my arm off. You'll repay for slicing my mechanical arm off."


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 29


"Have you tried calling her again?" Kento asked Yamada in Kento's house.


"Countless times, but she didn't respond." Yamada replied worriedly, "She forgot to take her portable charger with her, and I just want to call her to inform her."


"That's strange. Shiraishi always answers the phone. I think she might be having an urgent issue now."


"Like what?"


"I don't know."


"She should be with Odagiri now. I called her a few minutes ago, and she said Shiraishi isn't there."


"How long has been since you can't call her?"


"It's been an hour. She's supposed to reach the hostel in half an hour."


"Then there's one outcome left. Shiraishi must have been confronted by Kameko."


"That's impossible. She can't have her hand fixed that quickly."


"You don't know her. She's a cunning bitch who would do anything to get her own way."


"Which means..."


As Yamada was about to finish speaking, his phone rang. It was from Shiraishi, but it's a webcam request.


"Shiraishi definitely would just call me and will not use webcam."


"Then I know who the fuck called." Kento answered the call. Kameko's face was seen, smiling. She is in a warehouse.


"I knew it." Kento muttered.


"Hello, Yamada and Kento." Kameko smiled, "It's been some time since we met."


"What do you want, Kameko Lee?" Kento growled.


"Oh, I just want a simple request. I have Shiraishi with me right now, so don't try to do anything funny with me."


"You fucking bitch!" Yamada shouted, "Where is Shiraishi?"


"Of course! I'll show you then!" Kameko pulled the camera to Shiraishi, whose hands are tied behind her back and mouth gagged with a cloth. She muffled.


"See that?" Kameko laughed, "She's struggling so hard. I love seeing people suffer, especially this girl right here. I haven't got back at her for ruining my plan years ago."


"You petty bitch." Kento growled, "Leave her out of this. She stopped you because you were in the wrong. Fight me instead."


"As usual. Meet me at the place where I first fought you at." Kameko pinched Shiraishi's cheeks. Shiraishi muffled in pain.


"And don't try anything funny or weird." Kameko said, "Or she dies." She then ended the call.


"We definitely got to save Shiraishi." Yamada turned to Kento, "What do we do?"


At Shaggy's basement, Roi, Jay, Shaggy, Yamada, Kento and Yamazaki gathered.


"You sure you can help us?" Kento asked Yamazaki.


"You're the bloody motherfucker who offended Kameko, aren't you?" Roi asked.


"I'm sure I can do distractions." Yamazaki spoke, "You can save Shiraishi and even if I have to die, you still can save her. Happy ending."


"Dream long, man. That ain't going to happen." Shaggy said, "Definitely Kameko ain't going to be easy to distract."


"Bet all your mouth could do is speak bullshit." Jay sighed.


"Now is not the time to point fingers at each other." Kento said, "Now is the time for us to work together and fuck Kameko up."


"So we just go into the warehouse trying to find her and Shiraishi?" Yamada asked.


"Should be. She told us not to try anything funny." Kento replied, "If we ever do something that she finds displeasing, she might just kill Kameko."


Kento then felt dizzy again and his vision blurred even more. He then fainted for a few seconds.


"Boss!" Shaggy shook his body, "You dead?"


"I'm alive." Kento opened his eyes and slowly got up, "Sorry, got a disease. Long story short, Kameko passed it to me. So, before this disease takes over me, we'd better get going."


"She's kidnapped by that bitch?" Odagiri asked Yamada through the hostel phone.


"Yeah. We're going to find Kameko in a few minutes. I want you to stay safe. Kento wants you to stay safe." 


"He did really say that?"


"No, but in his mind that's what he want. I know he wants you to stay safe."


Odagiri's phone vibrated. She checked her phone to see a message sent by Kento.


"Please stay safe." 


"He did really send me the message." Odagiri said.


"Told you." Yamada answered, "Okay, I gotta go now. See you later."


Yamada then ended the call. Odagiri looked at the text message and smiled.


Yamada, Kento and Yamazaki set off for the warehouse a few minutes later. While on the journey to the warehouse, Yamada sat beside Kento.


"Kento, I just want you to know something."


"Let me know what?"


Yamada took out his phone and pressed play on a voice recorder.


"So, Kento found out about why you're dating him?" Yamada was asking. 


"Then you should be okay." He said, "Why are you so sad? It's not like you'd date him for real."


"I loved him, okay?" There were sounds of Odagiri crying, but it stopped shortly.


"Wait, I thought you made it clear that you ain't going to date him for real. You pitied him, didn't you?"


"Yamada, I won't date anyone even if I pitied them." She sighed, "Kento didn't wait for me to finish, but it was my fault for not telling him the truth."


"So you actually want to date Kento?"


"I really miss him." Odagiri started to cry softly, "If I had told him the truth in the first place, he wouldn't be so angry at me."


"So where are you living now?"


"Somewhere nearby here in a hostel." Odagiri sniffled, "It's cheap and has great food that's inexpensive too...C'mon, let's go shopping."


"Kento, she actually loved you." Yamada said, "She wanted you to be happy. She wanted to make you smile and stuff. After you stopped her from committing suicide, and cheered her up and let her have a house to stay so she won't be lonely, she saw the soft side of you. She saw how kind you were to Shiraishi and herself.


"She got to understand you better through helping you and talking to you before bringing you out. It took her courage to do it because she's scared you'd reject her. I remember the first time when she successfully asked you out, she called me to tell me how delighted and happy she was.


"But she don't want to let you feel lonely after hearing that Han's about to die. Odagiri took it quickly to confess to you so that when Han died, she could comfort you and there's no reason to feel weird for a normal girl to care so much. She just wants you to be happy. She does pity you. Maybe she doesn't know you hate pity. 


"But just to let you know, Kento, Odagiri loves you a lot. She helped you because she loves you. Think about that."


Kento leaned back and thought about it. 


When the three reached the warehouse, they slowly walked in. Yamazaki took out his gun while Yamada prepared to fight with his fists. Kento walked forward.


"Do you think Kameko will come out suddenly and just kill us all?" Yamada asked.


"We don't know." Kento said, "All we can expect is for us to be ready and fight her."


"Her bunch of friends are ready." Yamazaki said, "Ito, Toranosuke, Leona, Sarushima."


"Hopefully she doesn't appear randomly like she always does." Yamada said. She then suddenly appeared a few meters in fron of them.


"Speak of the devil." Kento growled.


"You arrived, like finally." Kameko said, "I've been waiting."


"How did you get your hand fixed fast without Frawes?" Kento asked.


"Me? For me to fix a mechanical hand without any weapon, it's super easy. I don't even need Freddy's help if there's no weapons. I used my old human hand and used my skin to cover it up."


"Where's Shiraishi?" Kento asked.


"Well, you got to get through me first." Kameko said. Yamazaki went forward and shot bullets at Kameko, but she swiftly dodges all of them. She then punched him with her mechanical hand. As he got up, she punched her hand through his body and took out his heart.


"Who's next?" She threw the heart away as Yamazaki fell onto the floor, dead.


"I'm not going to give up here just because you killed a person." Kento rushed forward with his sword and fought her.


Yamada punched her back and tried to bring her down, but she pushed Yamada away. She then turned to Kento and broke his sword into half. She used one half of the sword and dug it into Kento's arm wound.


"Owww!" Kento groaned in pain. He quickly took it out, "You motherfucking bitch!"


He kicked Kameko into a pile of boxes. He then took a gun from Yamazaki and shot her in the shoulder thrice.


"Bitch, your time's over!" Kento screamed at her, "Since I got you, tell me. Where's Shiraishi?"


"Ha ha ha." Kameko laughed, "You love to find your sister and defeat me so much. Then go ahead. I have no control over your sister now. She's in the tenth floor storeroom. Climb the stairs by yourself."


"What?" Yamada was shocked, "You expect us to climb ten floors? Are you crazy?"


"Didn't you guys want to find Shiraishi?" Kameko asked, "She's just at the tenth floor. If you guys really love her, you guys should go up and save her."


"Come on, Yamada." Kento said, "Let's go. We'll leave this woman to the police."


That moment, police officers arrived. They rushed to Kameko as the two rushed up. 


"Do you really think she's up there?" Yamada asked.


"If Kameko admits defeat, and she has no advantage, then she'll give up and tell us the truth."


"I hope so."


They finally reached the tenth floor. It was a large floor with many rooms.


"You go to the left, I go to the right." Kento commanded Yamada. He nodded, and both went separate ways.


Kento used his phone's flashlight to scan for the storeroom, but all he saw were empty rooms. He opened each door one by one, only to realize each is empty.


At the end of the hallway, there is a room that states "storeroom". Kento opened it and covered his nose immediately.


He shone the light in the room and saw Tanmaki's dead body decaying. 


"What the fuck?" He screamed in disgust. He quickly closed the door, "That sure was fuckin smelly."


Yamada checked the rooms one by one and realized they're all empty. At the end of the hallway, there is a room stated "storeroom".


He opened the door and saw Tsubaki's naked and dead body. It looks like he's been whipped on the face and body as there are lot of line marks.


Yamada closed the door. 


The both of them ran to the staircase later.


"Have you found anything?" Yamada asked.


"No. I only saw Tanmaki's dead body. Have you found anything?"


"No. I saw Tsubaki's dead body too."


"That just means Kameko's having us on." Kento replied, "Let's get down quickly."


The duo quickly ran down the stairs to the first lev, only to see police officers killed and a car driven off.


"She's running away!" Yamada ran to the van, "After her!"


Kento called Leona on his phone.


"Leona, if you ever see a police car speeding real fast, block it. I'm sure Kameko's going to pass through where you are hiding."


"Sure thing." Leona said. Kento stepped on the accelerator as hard as he could. He saw the police car and chased after it.


As Kameko is driving the police car, a car from each direction starting blocking her.


"Looks like Shiraishi's friends made it to stop me." She thought, "It's time to show that I, Lee Kameko, can't be stopped."


Ito peeked out of the window of one car and started throwing food at the police car's windscreen. Toranosuke started throwing bricks at the police car.


Leona took out her shotgun and shot at the car. And Sarushima would bump into the police car's back at times.


Kameko sped up and rammed onto the back of Toranosuke's car, which is at her front. Toranosuke then lost control of his car and his car over-flipped.


"One down." Kamkeo sped up more. The other three drove after the police car. The van, on the other hand, was behind the three cars.


"Where the hell is she going?" Kento thought.


He drove until the three cars and the police car stopped at a shopping mall. Kameko got out of the car and ran in the mall. The other three followed. 


"It's time we chase after her." Kento got out of the van and chased after Kameko. Yamada followed behind him.


Kameko ran as fast as she could and turned to her left and then right as she ran up the escalator.


Sarushima caught up with her. Before she could even do anything, Kameko pushed her away and she fell down on the escalator.


"You okay, Sarushima?" Ito asked.


"I'm fine." She groaned, "Chase Kameko. Don't let her get away. She might still have Shiraishi in her hands."


"Got it." Ito and Leona continued on. Kameko ran through a bridge and went into a car exhibition that was connected with the shopping mall. She took out a gun and shot in the air. People ducked onto the ground with fear as she tried to find a fast and suitable car. Ito and Leona came in the exhibition and saw Kameko. She shot Leona on the body while Ito continued chasing. Soon, Ito lost her to a big crowd of people.


Kento, on the other hand, got into another car with Yamada.


"I saw her running towards the car exhibition." Yamada uttered, "How are we going..."


"Say no more." Kento drove the car and turned right. He then went all the way straight for the exhibition.


"Okay. On the count of 3," Kento told Yamada, "We jump out of the god damn car."






"Hey, I'm not ready."




"You're crazy, Kento. You know we can't do this."


"3!" Kento jumped of the car and landed outside the exhibition. The car then broke into the exhibition. Yamada quickly jumped out before the car jumped out of the transporter and crashed into another car. People strating running around, screaming for help.


Kameko saw Yamada and tried to shoot him. He hid behind the transporter and saw a Lexus car. He got in and started up the car.


He then drove at Kameko's direction. Before she could run away, the car collided onto her and she flew all the way to a Lamborghini car.


"This is the car." She got into the Lamborghini car and drove out of the exhibition. Kento drove a Ferrari car out. Yamada switched his car to a Maserati and followed them. 


Kameko finally reached another shopping mall. She got out and ran to the top. Kento followed her and climbed the stairs. Yamada reached a few seconds later and heard the two climbing the stairs. He followed them.


When Kento reached the top, he saw Shiraishi's body tied to a rope that was hanging from the top of a lamp post. Her hands were tied behind her back and her legs were also tied together. She was struggling to reach the top of the building, but the lamp post wobbles every time, making her prone to falling down.


"Kento!" Kameko was beside the lamp post, "You finally arrived!"


"You motherfucker! Why did you lie to me?"


"Kento, we could've become a dominating couple." Kameko sighed, "We could've taken over the world together. It was all ruined when you don't agree to my plan to destroy Sakura High! Or I could've show you what my true power is! You forced me to do this, Urara Kento! Because you and your sister love making trouble for me, especially you!"


"Enough is enough, Kameko Lee!" Kento shouted, "Stop it with your crazy games! Let Shiraishi go! It's over for you!"


"Not just yet." Kameko took out a sharp sword, "One slice of the lamp post and Shiraishi will fall to her death. Shoot me if you dare."


"Just shoot, Onii-san!" Shiraishi screamed, "As long as she dies, I don't mind dying."


"Shut the fuck up, you bitch!" Kameko pointed her sword at the lamp post.


"Kameko, please let her go." Kento said, "We can talk about this."


"Fine. I'll let her go. But you have to choose." Kameko explained, "Either you join forces with me and take over the whole world with me, or you let me push you down the building, and I'll let Shiraishi go for 3 months before I attack again."


"Both ways, she's going to die, isn't she?" Kento shook his head, "If I join forces with you, you'll purposely aim for Sakura High and I have no choice but to kill my sister in order to destroy the school. If I die, you would be able to kill them no matter how long you give them to prepare."


"Bravo, Urara Kento." Kameko clapped her hands, "But which one would you choose?"


Kento thought for a while.


"Looks like the future told by Sarushima is true. I have only one choice."


Kento looked at Yamada, then looked at Shiraishi.


"I'll..." Kento sighed, "...let you push me down."


Shiraishi stared at Kento with shock, "Onii-san! You can't do this!"


"Yes, I can." Kento said, "Kameko, push me down."


"I knew you would choose that." Kameko smiled, "Your pride and arrogance wouldn't allow yourself to work with me."


She turned to Shiraishi, "Heard that, bitch? He decided to die. I did not force him."


"But I have one condition." Kento said, "I'll face you while you push me down."


"Deal!" Kameko said. Kento stood at the edge of the building, facing Kameko.


"I wonder what happens after you're dead." Kameko smiled, "Just thinking of victory and triumph after killing so many of your friends. Finally I get to kill the legendary White Dragon with my bare hand! I got to tell this to everyone!"


Kameko then pushed Kento with her right and normal hand. As Kento was about to fall, he grabbed her right hand and pulled her along with him. She screamed and tried pulling back, but he is heavier and has more weight, thus pulling her down with him.


Yamada and Shiraishi watched in horror as Kento and Kameko fall from the top of the building. 


To be continued in Episode 30, THE FINALE!

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