Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





30. Episode 28

A few days later... Kento and his gang gathered up for a meeting with Robert Riser, their boss. "The Dark Phoenixes have disturbed us again." Robert said, "And we got to get to the bottom of this." "Wait, Boss, who's the boss of The Dark Phoenixes?" Kento asked. "You don't know?" Ma asked. "The Dark Phoenix is none other than your ex." Han replied. "Kameko?" Kento asked. Han nodded. "Anyway, we're going to infiltrate their base. Mess it up." Robert said, "We need to show them that they're messing with the wrong gang." "How long is this rivalry?" Kento asked. "It's been quite long. Since we formed." Roi said. "Okay, guys, let's go." Robert ordered his gang members to board the van. Robert then went to Kento. "Hey, Kento." He said, "You've been a great help to me. I appreciate it." "No problem, Boss. I'll do whatever I can to help the gang." "You actually killed 12 out of 15 people that owed us money and that's a lot. To be honest, I don't think Ma would make a good boss although he is the gang leader because he is quite timid. You're not scared of anything, and you have potential. So, if I ever die, I'd appoint you as the gang's new boss." Robert then looked as his watch, "Time to bard. We gotta reach there as fast as we can." As Kento was about to board, he got a call from Jordan. "Hey, Jordan." Kento answered the call. "Please take care of my father." "No problem. I'll do my best." Han then approached Kento. "Han, you looking for me?" Kento asked. "Kento, I don't know why I have this feeling, but I...I fell for your sister. I like her after spending some time with her." "What?" Kento was shocked. Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix Episode 28 A month later... "Bro, wake up!" Han shook Kento's body. It is eight in the morning, and Kento is still in his bed in the gang hideout. "Let me sleep, you sucker." Kento flipped his body to the another side of the bed. "It's urgent, asshole!" Han screamed and slapped Kento's back. "Ouch!" Kento groaned in pain, "What could be so urgent that you gotta wake me up from my sleep?" "Dark Phoneix is back." Han shook his head. "And that's normal." Kento said, "As long as she don't hurt any one of us, I don't bother giving a fuck." "The bad news is..." Han stopped. "What's so fucking urgent? Let me have my beauty sleep. Every day is filled with gang related issues. And I'm fucking tired as shit." "The bad news is that your sister kidnapped by her." Han sighed. Kento got up immediately, "Did you just say Shiraishi is kidnapped by that bitch?" Han slowly nodded. "Get the gang. I gotta discuss this." A few minutes later, four other gang members came. Kento got out from the toilet after bathing. "Boss," Han said, "I got Roi, Jay, Ma and Shaggy here." "Great." Kento walked to the living room as he saw the four members waiting for him. "I'm glad you guys can make it." Kento said, "Considering you can get off the police's radars." "We're smart." Roi said. "So, why did you call us here, Boss?" Ma asked. "I'm sorry to call you at such an early time." Kento said, "You see, Dark Phoneix had striked again." "And I though you said not to bother her anymore." Jay said. "I sincerely do not wish to give a fuck about her." Kento replied, "But she kidnapped my sister from what Han said." "You'd better give her a call." said Shaggy, a guy who used to be fat and used to look like the singer Rag'n'Bone Man, "She might be baiting you." "I don't even need to call her." Kento said as his phone vibrated, "She messaged me." He went to look at the message and realized that she sent a video. Kento pressed the play button. It was a ten second clip that showed Shiraishi struggling to get free from the ropes. There was also a message sent. It read "Meet me at our meeting point." "Let's get down to business." He and the gang went down to their weapon room. He picked up a shiny sword while the others got their knifes and guns. "I've never felt more happy to touch this again." Kento smiled at the sword. Roi then called Kento to come over. "I got to tell you this, Kento." Roi said, "Shiraishi has been working with Kameko." "What? How?" "She joined them after she became friends with Siwei. She temporarily joined because she got threatened by Kameko to join after flirting with Siwei. I'll fill you in with the details when we're on the way." In a warehouse, Shiraishi, in a off-the-shoulder white dress and high heels, tried wiggling her hands free of the ropes, but to no avail. Her legs were also tied together, not allowing her to run. She was gagged with a cloth. She sighed, "I deserved this." She thought. Kameko walked towards her. "How are you enjoying this?" She smiled. Shiraishi growled. Kameko then took out her gag. "Ha ha ha." She laughed, "You should have never mess with my gang members, bitch. You should never ever touch my stuff and ruin the shit out of it!" "You were doing bad!" Shiraishi screamed, "I can't just sit down and see you destroy the school!" Kameko slapped Shiraishi, "You're one of us. How could you betray us?" "I was forced to join you, you bitch!" Shiraishi said, "You threatened me!" "You're still in our gang anyways!" The girl shouted, "And that's what you get for getting too social!" She took out a sword. "What do you think you're doing?" Shiraishi asked in fear. "Oh, it's nothing." Kameko said, "It's just a policy of my gang. You backstab, you die. And you're going to die." "Please, Kameko!" Shiraishi cried, "There's a way we could talk!" "There's no way, especially when you're the sister of the guy I fucking hate to the fucking core!" As she was about to slice Shiraishi's head, someone shot Kameko's back. She groaned in pain as she turned back and saw Kento. "Stop what you're doing." He dropped his gun and took out a sword as he walked towards Kameko. "You son of a bitch." Kameko sighed. "Let go of her, Kameko." Kento said, "I promise I'll do whatever you want. Just let her go." "Ha ha ha." Kameko laughed, "Really bent of asking me to release her, aren't you, Kento? Then, I got one condition." Her gang appeared at her back as she prepared to fight with her sword. "Fight me here, and whoever goes down is the loser." The guy thought for a while, then looked at Shiraishi. "Don't do this, Onii-san." Shiraishi begged, "I'm sure there's a way we could talk her through." "I'm doing what's best for you, Shiraishi." Kento sighed, "You need to study harder to top the schools like I used to do. You still have a bright future in front of you. " His gang then appeared behind him. "And I don't have a future the moment I've stepped into the dark side. I've failed terribly as your older brother. Now it's time for me to pay it back." "No, Onii-san!" Shiraishi cried, "Don't do it!" Kento took his sword, "I'm ready, Kameko." "I see." She smiled, "Let's start then." Kento charged forward with his sword. Kameko also charged forward with her sword and both of them jumped as they clanged their swords against each other. A few minutes later, the police brought Kento and Shiraishi to their home after the fight with Kameko. Once they reached their house, Kento brought his sister into the house while the police officers waited outside. He told Shiraishi to sit on the sofa as he took out the first aid box. He cleaned her arm wound with anti-bacteria wipes. He then took out a money box. "This is for college, Shiraishi." Kento pased her the box, "This money is actually for the two of us, but since I already had no future, I might as well give it to you." Shiraishi hugged Kento tightly. "What am I supposed to do now?" She cried, "Without you..." "You will be fine." Kento said, "Just go through college and you'll be fine. Don't get so sad over me. If you're sad, I'll be hurt too." "But I...I caused you to..." "No, no, no." Kento said, "It's me. I chose this path. I ought to blame no one but myself." He brushed his hand through her hair, "I'll miss you so much. How you study so hard everyday, your cheerful self. Your nagging. Everything about you." Shiraishi cleared her tears. "It's time for me to go." Kento went to the front door, "I don't know how long I'll be away from you, but promise me one thing in case I can't get to say it in future." He breathed in and out, "Promise me you'll lead a good life for yourself." He went out and the police officers pointed guns at him. Charles Miller handcuffed him and pushed him into the police car. As the police car drove away, Kento looked behind and saw Shiraishi chasing after the car, but tripped down and fell. He turned back and heaved a sigh as he saw her cry. Back to the present... Kento opened his eyes. He was back in the Memory Machine. He got out and saw Mr Tan waiting. "How long was I in there?" Kento asked. "2 hours and 37 minutes." Mr Tan checked his watch, "So, did the machine work?" "Yeah. It probably lost some of its power. It skipped some of my memories. Like how my gang former boss died." "You mean Robert Riser?" "Yeah. During our raid at Kameko's base, she shot Robert on the shoulder and we all fought until Charles and the police officers came in. I was about to get shot when Robert sacrificed himself. They shot Robert at the heart, and he died. I still remember the words he said to me before he died. He told me that he wanted me to become the new boss and told me that he had also told the rest of the members. He told me to run before I get caught by the officers. My gang ran away from the police successfully. "I felt so guilty. My boss jumped in front of me to save my life. I really felt so shit. Of course, a few months later Kameko kidnapped Shiraishi. And I went to jail." "Okay, Kento. You must be tired." Mr Tan commented, "Let's bring you home." "Let me see one more person." In the prison, he visited Siwei in prison. "You're asking me if Shiraishi joined the gang last time?" Siwei bounced his basketball, "Yes, she did. For a while. She flirted with me, and Kameko saw it. She threatened Shiraishi to join the gang or not Kameko will kill her. One of our members died that time, so we need a replacement. Shiraishi agreed." "So she actually went to join the gang? I'm surprised I didn't know." "Any other questions, Mr Urara Kento?" "Yeah. One more. Why did Kameko kidnap Shiraishi?" "Kameko went to hide the gasoline bottle and matchsticks in Sakura High's storeroom. Shiraishi, when she visited the school for fun, saw it and threw it away. She obviously knew it was for Kameko, but she threw it away, and I saw it with my own eyes. Of course I told Kameko about it, and that's how your sister's kidnapped." "Thanks, Heng Siwei." Kento patted his shoulder. At night, Kento wrote the last line in a notebook. "Shiraishi, I, her friend, her family and I went out for a picnic." He then closed the book. The front cover read Shiraishi. He placed it on the top of the bookshelf, among with notebooks with the names Han, Yamada, Odagiri and the gang. "Like that, I could read the book any time I want." He thought, "I'm about to die, so this could refresh my memories before I do die." He then felt dizzy and his vision became blur again. He fell onto the floor and din't move for a few seconds. He then got up, "Definitely my condition's worsening. I got to defeat Kameko quickly. But how?" The next morning, Kento went out to buy breakfast for himself. Shiraishi went to clean his room. She danced while cleaning, and she bumped into his bookshelf with her head. She fell down onto the floor as some books dropped onto her body and the floor. When she got up, she saw a book with her name on the front page. She took it and read it. Each page was filled with Kento's memories with her. "There's others." She saw the notebook with Yamada and Odagiri's name. She checked the notebook with Odagiri's. She flipped through the pages to see the book filed not just with his memories with her, but also with lots of hearts. At the end of the book, there was a broken heart drawn. "He must have loved Odagiri a lot." She thought. "Why are you looking at that?" Kento asked. Shiraishi turned to the back and saw him. "Maybe I should ask you, Onii-san." Shiraishi asked worriedly, "What is wrong with you?" "Me? Nothing." "Why are you constantly fainting randomly?" She asked, "Why are you writing shit down on the notebooks? You even wrote the names on the cover page!" "I just want to remember the memories." "There's definitely something wrong with you, Onii-san. Spill the beans. Stop hiding it from me. I can feel that you're different since you fought with Kameko." "Fine, fine! I'll tell you! I'm going to die!" Shiraishi stared at Kento in horror. "When Kameko cut my hand, there was a fresh cut there. She touched me and it made me have a disease. The danger cells that were given by her would slowly fill up my brain and body, eventually leading me to die! You happy now?" Kento kept quiet for a while and saw Shiraishi looking down at the floor. "Keep the books back to the top. I'm going out to get a breather." He then quickly walked away from his room and out of the house. Shiraishi leaned against the bookcase, unsure of how she should react after having dealt a big blow to her. Odagiri invited Yamada to do shopping with her and accompany her. "So, Kento found out about why you're dating him?" Yamada asked. Odagiri nodded sadly. "Then you should be okay." He said, "Why are you so sad? It's not like you'd date him for real." "I loved him, okay?" She wanted to cry but she wiped away her tears. "Wait, I thought you made it clear that you ain't going to date him for real. You pitied him, didn't you?" "Yamada, I won't date anyone even if I pitied them." She sighed, "Kento didn't wait for me to finish, but it was my fault for not telling him the truth." "So you actually want to date Kento?" Odagiri nodded. "I really miss him." Odagiri started to cry softly, "If I had told him the truth in the first place, he wouldn't be so angry at me." "So where are you living now?" "Somewhere nearby here in a hostel." Odagiri sniffled, "It's cheap and has great food that's inexpensive too." She cleared her tears and gave a smile, "C'mon, let's go shopping." She then walked off to a shop. Yamada followed her, taking out his phone. It was then revealed he was recording Odagiri's voice. Kento sat down on a bench in the park. He turned on his phone and looked at the pictures he had taken with Odagiri. He had fallen for her ever since Ushio's death. She had a heart to create a party for her friends to understand him better. She had brought him out to enjoy themselves together. She even worked with him sometimes to help nab Freddy Frawes and Kameko. "What am I thinking?" Kento thought as he switched off his phone, "Odagiri just likes me as a friend. She's just high that day. Maybe she didn't mean what she said. How can a pretty girl like her like a rough guy like me? How could I think what she done was because she loved me? Those things are what a best friend does. "I guess I fall in love easily. So it should be easy to shrug Odagiri off my mind too." He walked to his old gang hideout and took out his sword. He tried to use his sword to slice tables and chairs, like how he used to do it back in the old days, but he always kept thinking about Odagiri. He tried forgetting her, but to no avail. He dropped his sword. "Then I've no choice. I got to keep this a one-sided love." He sighed and sat down on the floor. He stared at the sky. "If only Han was here, he'd know how to cheer me up." Kento lied on the floor. He checked his phone. It was 12.30 in the afternoon. "Guess I would stay here and stare until night to sort out my thoughts." Shiraishi wore her off-the-shoulder white dress, her white stockings and her white stilettos. She then pulled the ankle strap tightly on each heel before walking to the hair salon to do her hair. After she done her hair, she waited outside the salon for a taxi to come. She called for a taxi to come. While she was waiting, she called Yamada. "Hey, darling." Yamada answered the call. "Yamada-kun, I'll be going to visit Odagiri and accompany her until our date. Remember to reach on time tonight." "Can't wait to see you in a nice dress and celebrate our wedding anniversary." "See you later, Yamada-kun." She smiled. She then ended the call. A few minutes later, a taxi arrived. She got in the taxi. "Tokyo Central Youth Hostel, please." "You're going on a date with Ryu Yamada, aren't you, Ms Urara Shiraishi?" The taxi driver, who has a female voice, asked. "Yeah. And how did you know?" A man slowly crept out from the back of the taxi, holding a cloth. The taxi driver turned back, revealing it to be Kameko. "Of course I do." Kameko laughed, "Because I'm about to ruin it for you." Shiraishi growled, "You bitch! I'm..." The man behind then covered her mouth with the cloth. She struggled to push the man's hand away, but failed to do so. A few seconds later, she fainted and stopped moving. "He he he." Kameko let out a small laugh, "Like brother, like sister, cutting my arm off. You'll repay for slicing my mechanical arm off." To be continued in Episode 29
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