Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





29. Episode 27

Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Episode 27

16 years before, on 22 January...

Kento threw his Science test paper on the canteen table during recess.

"I failed Science." Kento sighed.

"Look, Ken." Han patted his shoulder, "It's just a test. Study harder for the exam."

"Han, this is the first ever thing I failed." Kento said, "People call me the smart guy. Now I'm about to be called the failure."

"Don't be so stressed, man, it's just the first time. People don't judge on the first time."

"I guess I must study harder."

After school, Kento went to Carine Takahaishi's house to teach her subjects. She is the only junior that Kento taught from his junior high days.

"Hey, Takashimaya." Kento called out, "I'm here."

"Coming." She opened the door for Kento, "Come right in." 

As Kento was teaching her how to do her homework, his phone rang.

"Let me answer this for a while." Kento took his phone and went to the kitchen to answer the call.

"Hey, Kento." It was Jordan Riser, "I got to tell you something I found out about Arukan Han."

"Jordan, I'm in the middle of something. You should call me later." He then ended the call and continued teaching Carine.

"Kento-san," Carine said, "I heard you failed your Science."

"Wait, how did you know?"

"News spreads fast, don't they?" She let out a small smirk, "You are the smartest person known in many schools. Of course when you, the smart ass, failed a subject on any test or exam, people would share it around."

"Damn. My reputation as 'Mr Smart' is definitely going to go down."

"You failed your Science test?" Shiraishi asked Kento when they're having dinner at home.

"Don't sound surprised." Kento spoke, "I don't know why, but whenever I study Science, my mind would get blocked. I can't study shit for some reason."

"Then let me try to help you."

"No, it's okay. You do your own studies." Kento said, "I think I'll be able to cope for now."

"Hopefully you can." Shiraishi smiled, "Good luck studying, Onii-san. Don't hesitate to approach me for help."

"Thanks." Kento went back to his room after finishing the last chicken wing.

The next day, Jordan met up with Kento.

"Hey, Kento." Jordan slapped his back hard, "Why did you end my call yesterday? I was about to tell you something interesting about Arukan Han!"

"Don't slap my back so hard." Kento groaned, "It's pain. Anyway, what about Han?"

"Oh, you wouldn't believe me in what I'm going to say." Jordan took a deep breath, "I saw him hanging out with three others."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Here's the interesting part. He and the other three are bullyin' a blue-haired kid."

"Bullying?" Kento asked, "Han looks like the guy who wouldn't do shit."

"He would. Trust me. After school I'll bring you to the place."

After school, Jordan brought Kento to behind the classroom blocks. Kento saw a wallet and picked it up. He looked at the wallet's contents.

"Ryu Yamada." Kento read it from the name written on the wallet. A blue-haired boy then came to Kento.

"Can I have my wallet back?" He asked. Kento passed it to him. The boy thanked him. As the boy was about to walk away, Kento blocked his way.

"Yo, boy. Don't mind me asking." He asked, "But who are the ones that bullied you yesterday?"

"Bully me? No one bullies me. I'm Ryu Yamada, the strongest boy in the world."

Kento rolled his eyes as Yamada walked away.

"A junior high kid who acts like a boss". Jordan explained, "Ryu Yamada is a problem child."

"Oh, a problem child?" Kento asked, "You mean like the child who creates problem after problem?"

Jordan nodded.

"I'm going to have my lunch. See you tomorrow." He then skipped away. Kento sighed as he walked back home alone.

A few weeks passed. Kento tried studying for Science and had burnt the midnight oil, but failed two more tests. Now there is an exam. Kento went into the classroom and sat down as the teacher gave out the papers. 

Kento looked at the paper and realized that he didn't know how to do a single question. He slept throughout the entire exam.

After the exam, Kameko met up with Kento on the sports field during recess break.

"Kento." Kameko smiled.

"Kameko, sit down." Kento moved a little for Kameko to move in.

"Kento, I'd like to ask you a question."

"Go right ahead."

"Would you help me?"

"Help you? Help you in what?"

"See, Kento." She sighed, "I want to do something big. But I'm scared that I'll be in trouble. But it's worth a shot."

"What's worth a shot?"

"I want to burn down Sakura High."

"What?" Kento got up, "You want to destroy Saukra High?"

"Is there a problem?"

"Usually, I don't really care if you want to bomb anyone or anything so long as it doesn't concern me. But this time it concerns me. It's the high school my sister plans to go..."

"Your sister this, your sister that, your sister everywhere, Kento." Kameko got annoyed, "Why is it always your sister? Why not side with me this once?"

"I need my sister to have the best education."

"I think you should care about yourself first. You and your fucked up Science. Seriously, your sister could go any other schools other than Sakura High. I'm destroying there because of a confidential reason. Kento, you got to support me. You always support your sister, and it's unfair."

"Definitely not." Kento shook his head, "My stand is still the same."

"You have until tonight, Kento." Kameko said, "If your stand is still the same, then we're off."

"There's no tonight. No matter how long, I'll still say no to you."

"You bitch!" Kameko screamed in anger, "Fine, Urara Kento. Since you care so much about your sister, go marry her instead of me. I quit being the understanding one. Let's break up."

"Break up, it is." Kento said, "I don't want to have a girlfriend who can't be mature and has to take revenge every time.

"You motherfucker! Watch out!" Kameko then walked away. Kento sighed as he turned around and walked away.

Fast forward to the next week, the exam results are out. The teacher gave out Science papers first.

"The first is Jordan Riser, with a score of 98!" 

Everyone clapped as Jordan went to take his paper. He smiled delightfully at it. The teacher continued giving papers out, and Kento loses faith each time his name is not called.

"And at the last position in the whole cohort, we have a guy who scored zero for this paper. Urara Kento."

She glared at him as he stood up to take his paper. He heard small smirks and laughs.

"This is a miracle." One said.

"The guy who always does well suddenly sucks."

"Finally, someone new is in the top. Not him anymore."

"Imagine if his parents had knew his result. He would be a disgrace." 

Kento sat down on his seat quietly.

During break, he quickly ran away from the class and went to the canteen. Posters of him, the model student, was vandalized. Some of them had offensive comments and some had horns drawn on top of his hair. Some posters were even torn into half.

Students walked past him, pointing fingers at him and laughing at him. Kento ran as fast as he could to the toilet and hid away from the students.

Johnny walked into the toilet and saw him.

"Hey, you looked depressed." Johnny sat beside him, "And I know just the solution." 

At 11 in the night, Shiraishi was waiting for Kento to return home. Her parents have slept.

Someone then barged in the door. Shiraishi rushed down to see Kento drunk.

"Onii-san!" She ran to the drunk guy, "What happened to you?"

"I had a great time." He muttered, "My friends cheered me up."

"Your breath reek of alcohol." Shiraishi covered her nose, "Have you went to drink?"

"What's the problem?" He muttered, more sleepily, "I failed my Science and I got zero marks for it. I need to cheer up."

"Not like this." Shiraishi was worried.

"What do you know?" He pushed her away. He then walked up to his room. Shiraishi sighed. 

For the next few days, Kento has constantly went to drink. His test results dropped slowly, but surely. His teachers questioned him on what happened, but he refused to talk. On the other hand, Shiraishi was being praised for the best student alive.

On a night, Kento got out of his room.

"Where are you going, Onii-san?" Shiraishi asked.

"None of your business, nerd. Go and study." Kento walked down the stairs. Shiraishi followed him.

"Onii-san, I can help you!" Shiraishi shouted.

"I already told you I will not accept help from people." He replied, "Just leave me alone, you pest!"

"We can study together, Onii-san!" Shiraishi said, "I can teach you Science."

"Never, Shiraishi!" Kento looked at her, "Just concentrate on your studies! Let me drink!"

"You're too young to drink, Onii-san!" She strongly held her brother's shoulder, "Please, stay with me. I'll help you."

"I said no!" Kento pushed Shiraishi away. She fell onto the floor. He looked at her, shocked at what he had done. She looked at him. Sh was on the verge of crying

"I'm sorry, Shiraishi." He then ran out of the house. 

Kento sat down in a pub. He ordered for a wine. As he drank it down, he thought about his future.

"I need to get good in Science." He thought. He ordered one more cup of wine. 

"Maybe I'll join some clubs." He thought again, "But for tonight I'll enjoy myself."

He then remembered what happened just now.

"Hopefully she doesn't mind?" He shook his head as he drank wine.

A few minutes later, he became totally drunk. He walked out the pub, swaying left and right like a drunk man.

He then bumped into someone.

"Hey, watch your step, you punk!" The guy said.

"You should watch your own step!" Kento shouted, "I'm the most smartest student in my school! You are just a guy walking through me, bumped into me and think you're right."

"Of course I'm right." The guy punched Kento. Kento then vomited. The guy was about to punch more when three more people came.

"Why are you punching someone?" The first guy asked, "Boss told us to bring the guy to him if we need to do."

"Look, Robert's not here." The guy said, "If you stop..."

"Shut up, Han." The second guy said, "Roi's right. We do what Boss says."

"Why do you always gotta protect that pussy?" Han asked.

"Because Boss is menacing." The third guy said, "Once we offend him it's the end of our life."

"You're true, Jay." Han said.

Kento woke up the next morning in a big spacious place behind a shop. He was sitting on a chair surrounded by the four.

"Who the hell are you guys?" Kento asked, "And where am I? Why am I here?"

"Good question, bitch." Han punched his stomach, "You bumped into me and you thought you're the big boss."

"Stop tormenting him." Jay said, "If you kill him, then what's the point bringing him here? You might as well leave him in the street yesterday."

"Who's Boss?" Kento asked, "And since when think I was the big boss?"

"Ho ho ho." A white-haired man, in his fifties or sixties, walked to Kento in a business suit.

"Good fucking question." The man said, "I was about to ask you something. Why does your phone keep ringing?"

"That means my sister is calling me." Kento said.

"13 missed calls."

"I need to call her now!" Kento tried to get up, but Han pushed him down. The man threw Kento's phone out of the window.

"You still dare to try to call your sister back when you stepped on my turf and act like a big boss?" He asked, "Since you're a good student, where's your manners?"

"I remembered going to the pub, Sir." Kento said, "I went to drink."

"Drink?" The man widened his eyes, "Aren't you quite young to go to the pub and drink?"

"Can't a guy drink when he's in low spirits?" Kento asked. "I want to help my sister improve her grades, but I can't even help myself. I failed Science."

"And you went to drink because of that?" The man nodded, "You're interesting." The man thought for a while.

"Why not this?" The man asked, "I'll let you go and I'll fuck your family upside down with my gang."

"What?" Kento screamed, "What..."

"Wait, young man. Patience." The man said, "Or I'll let this matter slide. I'll not disturb your family. And I'll give you a lifetime of protection. If you join my gang."

"Your gang?"

"You see, gangs around this district and city has at least 5 people and 1 boss. And I don't seem to have enough people at this moment. Shaggy have went to Taiwan to take care of another asshole who owes us money and he'll be back in a month's time."

"So in order for me to survive, I have to..."

"Yea." The man nodded.

"But I'm a good student!"

"It's your choice after all." The man said, "It's either you die by rejecting me or you survive by accepting my offer."

Kento sighed, "I guess I have no choice, do I?"

"Good choice, mate!" The man patted Kento's shoulder, "My name is Robert, but you call me Boss. And your work starts now."

After the small meeting, Kento ran to Han.

"I thought you're autistic?" Kento asked.

"Me? Arukan Han? Autistic?" Han laughed, "I'm playing with you. To get you to know the innocent side of me. To let people see me as a innocent man. Well, now you know I'm a gangster.

"Anyway, chop chop. Let's get to our first job."

Kento, Han and Jay got into the gang's truck. They brought weapons and paints. They then hopped into the car.

"Next target: Morgan Frawes." Jay read out from a notebook, "According to here, he owes us 1450 million yen."

"That's easily more than 10 million US dollars!" Han exclaimed.

"That's why we're going to fuck him and his house apart." Jay said, then turned to Kento, "You ready for your first job?"

"I guess." Kento shrugged his shoulders.

"It's either a yes or a no, not a 'I guess' bullshit." 

"Fine. I'm ready." 

"Then let's set off." Jay drove off to the destination. An hour later, they reached the house. 

"We're here." Jay said as the trio got out. They got their guns and paint as they hid outside the house.

Han knocked the door. Nobody answered.

"Should we just barge in?" Kento asked.

"I think we should." Jay said, "No one answered the door. Fuck it, let's just do it."

The three barged in and walked slowly. 

"Okay, Han and I are going together." Jay said, "You go alone."


"It's to train you for future purposes." The two then went into the kitchen. Kento slowly walked to the bed room and opened the door. There was a bag of money. 

Han and Jay slowly crept into the kitchen, which is a big kitchen. The kitchen has a distance to walk forward before you have to turn left to access another part of the kitchen and the toilet. They quickly hid behind a wall. Jay signaled for Han to stay put while he try to see if anyone is at the second part of the kitchen.

He slowly peeked his head out and saw a guy pointing a gun at him.

"Oh shit." Jay duck down as the guy shot the cups on top of the cabinet.

"It's fucking Morgan." Jay said. Morgan went to them and fought them. As they were fighting, Morgan shot Han on the hand. Han fell onto the floor, injured. He dragged himself to the doorway.

Jay was still fighting with Morgan.

"Kento!" Jay shouted, "I need you to help us now!"

"How?" Kento shouted in the room.

"Just find a way to help us!"

"Fine!" Kento took the bag of money and jumped out of the window. As Morgan was about to rush to his room, Jay pulled him back and back onto the floor.

Kento ran to the truck and saw many guns and knives.

"Which one should I pick?"

He saw up a SMG gun and picked it up. As he was picking it up, he accidentally pressed the trigger and he accidentally shot all the bullets through the window without looking. He then heard someone's body tumbling onto the floor.

"Oh my." Han was shocked. Kento dropped the gun.

"What did I do?" Kento asked.

"Maybe you should come and look." Han said. Kento walked to the doorway and saw that he shot Morgan in the head and body. 

"How the fuck did you do that?" Jay was looking at Kento with surprise.

"I don't know. I screwed up, I pressed the trigger and I didn't let go until it ran out of bullets."

"You are fucking awesome on your first mission." Jay took out the notebook and cancelled Morgan's name, "I gotta tell Boss about this. He's going to be so proud of you."

"Good job, kid." Han tiredly gave a thumbs up to Kento. Kento looked at the both of them, then fainted. 

To be continued in Episode 28

NOTE: Episodes 26, 27 and half of 28 are the past.

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