Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





27. Episode 25

He woke up at one in the morning. He walked down the stairs. He didn't know why he had an urge to drink water at night. He don't even wake up in the early morning to drink.


After drinking, he turned around and saw someone sitting on the sofa.


"Hello?" He called out, "Who are you? Why are you on my sofa?"


"Urara Kento." The man stood up and walked towards him, revealing to be Ushio, "We need to talk." 


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 25


"Talk? What's there nice to talk? You've scared me just a day ago. What else do you want?""


"I thought I made myself clear." Ushio growled, "Stay. Away. From. My. Wife."


"She's attracted to me, what's wrong with that?" Kento asked, "You jealous? You can't let her go even after you die? Remember you caused your own death, not me. You betrayed Freddy Frawes."


"Fine, my death isn't related to you in any way." Ushio said, "But pretty sure you should know she's still married to me."


"That doesn't mean she can't date me." Kento said, "She chose to be with me now. It's her decision."


"You should know well Odagiri don't go into relationships without reasons." Ushio stated, "She has a reason for dating you."


"And what's that reason?" Kento asked.


"Odagiri once told me that she wouldn't immediately date anyone for no reason. She would take time to know the person, go out with the person, ask him to do her stuff and more demanding stuff. She didn't do shit with you."


"Maybe she knows I'm capable."


"I doubt so, after you caused her to lose her family because she thought Freddy killed me because of you. She wouldn't play with people's feelings too, and I can see she only treats you as a best friend. If you and her are an item, she would be kissin' you everywhere. Why did she only do it once?"


"What are you meaning?"


"She definitely is hiding something from you." Ushio said, "She doesn't really love you. That, you got to find out why. Not even I can solve this case. And by the way, don't ever steal my wife. She's mine, not yours. Get close to her again and I'll haunt you in your dreams every night, even if it means killing you."


Ushio suddenly disappeared and Kento suddenly woke up from his bed.


"A dream?" He thought, "Again? How did Ushio do all these manipulation? Should I even trust him on what he says?"


At nine in the morning, Shiraishi and Kento started on his studies again, they are concentrating on Literature. Shiraishi is wearing a short pants and has no shirt on because all her shirts are being washed in the washing machine, resulting her in only wearing a bra as her top.


"What type of literary device is used on the sentence 'swinging like monkey arms'?"








"Yes, that's correct." Shiraishi turned to the next page as Kento stared into the sky.


"Is something disturbing you, Onii-san?" Shiraishi asked, "Is my attire disturbing you?"


"Of course not." Kento said, "I'm just thinking about something. Example, if you and Yamada haven't met at all, and Yamada just comes up to you, saying he wants to spend the day with you? And after that he confesses to you that he loves you? What would be your reaction? What would you think of Yamada?"


"Hmm, I would reject Yamada." She replied, "And I would think Yamada is weird. We can't have a relationship if we only spent a day together. He can't suddenly come up to me and say he likes me."


"Ok." Kento said, "So, currently, I'm facing the same situation."


"You have a girlfriend?" She asked, "And you didn't tell me? How long did you intend to keep it from me?"


"That's not the point." Kento said, "The point is the girl that I liked and thought wouldn't like me suddenly confesses to me saying she likes me after spending time with me for a whole afternoon. I was too excited to accept that I didn't ask for the reasons. What do you think about this?"


"I feel you should ask her the reasons for really dating you." Shiraishi told him, "In a relationship, you should trust each other, so tell her gently that you sincerely want to know the reason behind their confession. And make sure they tell the truth."


As the two were talking, Yamada sneakily peeked in and heard the conversation. He crept to his room and called Odagiri.


"Odagiri," Yamada said, "I think Kento found out."


In the afternoon, Kento was done with his studies. He went to the gang hideout to discuss about Kameko.


"So, with your disease, Boss," Jay said, "It means we don't have much time left."


"We're unsure. Any time you may just die." Shaggy added.


"Are you cursing me or helping me?" Kento asked. 


"Boss, we could use the pens that Shaggy brought over from overseas." Roi suggested.


"I don't think that's a good idea." Kento commented, "We all know Kameko can just make the pens...gone. Any other suggestions?"


"I don't think so, Boss." Jay said, "Kameko's actions are unpredictable and she's smart." 


"Precisely, she's too smart." Shaggy said, "That's why we never laid a finger on Kameko."


"Now that she's the only one left, it should be easier." Kento explained, "None of her gang members, including her old servant, are alive and protecting her from us. This makes her a more easier target. So we should still plan no matter what, because the plan might actually work."


"But we have no plan now." Roi said, "We can't find Kameko in the first place, so I suggest we wait for her to attack. Her arm was sliced off, so it takes a few days for her to repair her arm. She'll definitely attack somebody for sure once she returns."


"I guess you're right, Roi. For once you seemed to be the one giving ideas." 


"I feel sad suddenly." Jay sighed, "Ma and Han are dead. Which one of us is the next to die? I don't sincerely wish to leave the gang that treats me like family."


"Me neither." Shaggy said.


"Me three." Roi said.


"Well, this is all fate, as Han said. If we're fated to die, means we'll die. Similarly, if Kameko's fated to lose, she'll admit defeat."


Kento took out his phone and called Odagiri.


"You ready for the date?" He asked.


"I'm on my way home now." She replied, "I'll see you later."


"See you later." He ended the call and dismissed the gang members to go back to their homes and rest.


At seven in the night, Kento was wearing a suit and tie and was preparing himself.


"Maybe I should ask her on the date." He thought, "Should I or should I not?"


As he was thinking, his phone vibrated. He checked as Odagiri sent a message.


"I'm not feeling well. Someone's currently attending to me. Let's postpone the date."


Kento sighed and typed a response.




He then changed out back to his normal clothes. As he was about to walk out to buy his own dinner, Mr Tan called.


"Hey, Mr Tan. What's up?"


"I just saw Odagiri. She's wearing a sparkling purple dress and high heels. She out on a date with you?"


"How did you know?"


"Not the main point, Kento." Mr Tan said, "I saw Odagiri being taken away by one person you don't expect to do it. I'm following the guy now."


"Who is he?"


"He's none other than Jordan Riser."


"Jordan Riser? My friend?" Kento was shocked.


"There's no time to waste. I'll send you the location. Get there fast and as soon as possible."




In a warehouse, Jordan tied Odagiri's hands behind the chair and tied her legs together with rope. 


"You evil asshole." Odagiri snarled, "You two-faced motherfucker. How could you betray Kento?"


"Betray Kento?" Jordan slapped Odagiri. She whinnied in pain, "Betray him? He caused my father, my only relative, to fucking die! He thinks I actually forgive him, but of course I won't. 


"You actually followed my plan, didn't you? You dated Kento because I told you Han's going to be killed."


"You son of a bitch!" She tried wriggling free of the ropes, but could not, "Kento will know of your bad deeds and will eventually bring you to justice."


"Don't make me laugh, Miss Nene." Jordan said, "It's impossible."


"It's possible." Kento came in with Mr Tan. Jordan quickly took out his gun and pointed it at Odagiri's head with one hand and wrapped his other arm around her neck. Kento pointed his gun at Jordan.


"Come any closer and I'll blow her brains out!" Jordan screamed.


"Jordan, this is all a joke, isn't it?" Kento asked, "Today's not April Fools, you know."


"Shut up, motherfucker!" Jordan shouted, "My plan was almost perfect. I almost killed the whole gang and it was left with you, Shiraishi, Yamada, Ito, Sarushima and Odagiri. Why must you step in and ruin everything?"


"Me? Ruin everything?" Kento asked, "You should've known no evil passes my sight. But it's your doing?"


"Yes." Jordan growled, "I was the person who created the strap bomb and gave it to Siwei to place it on one of your friends. I was the one of the kidnappers who kidnapped Odagiri while Freddy is killing Ushio and the kids. I bought the acid for Freddy to pour it on Sarushima. 


"When I heard from you that Charles Miller has the video, I kidnapped him and turned him into a kid again. Erase all his memories so that he don't remember anything. And yes, I called Han and convinced him to come to the warehouse...to get killed by Freddy and Kameko. Of course, this dear girl eavesdropped on my conversation with Freddy. Luckily she didn't tell you, otherwise I would've slit her throat."


"You bitch!" Kento shouted, "I trusted you! How could you do such things?"


"I trusted you, Urara Kento!" Jordan screamed, "I trusted you to take care of my father! You let him die!"


"Jordan Riser, you'd better let her go." Mr Tan commented, "Or the police will be coming to hunt you down this instant. We can still let give you a lighter sentence here."


"Why should I?" He asked, "Urara Kento ruined my fucking plan! He should suffer for his mistakes!"


"Kameko partially caused your father's death too! Why aren't you chasing her instead?" Kento asked.


"Because you didn't protect him in time! I'll deal with her later."


Kento signaled for Odagiri to do something using his head.


"What do you think you're doing?" Jordan asked, pointing his gun at Kento now. Odagiri used her head and knocked Jordan's body. He fell back and Kento shot him on the shoulder thrice.


Jordan fell onto the floor, injured. Kento slowly went to him, pointing the gun at Jordan.


"Once I get back up, Urara Kento," Jordan said, "You're fucking dead."


"Hey, Mr Tan." Kento turned his head at Mr Tan, "Am I supposed to let him live or die?"


"Your choice." Mr Tan said, "I'm just going to tell it's your self defense."


Kento turned back to Jordan.


"You're not going to kill me, aren't you?" Jordan suddenly became scared, "Give me a chance. I'm your friend."


"Used to be." Kento reloaded his gun, "Your plan killed half of my sister's friends. And I do not want any more deaths."


Mr Tan went to untie Odagiri.


Jordan looked at Kento with fear , "Kento, there must be a way to let me live. I know I've done lots of bad things..."


"Save your breath and explanation, Jordan Riser." Kento pointed his gun at Jordan, "Your father died because I was too late. It was an accident. But I'm going to kill you. Intentionally."


"Please, Kento..." As Jordan was about to continue speaking, Kento shot Jordan on the head until all the ten bullets are used. Police then arrived and picked Jordan's body up. Kento was about to walk out when Odagiri went to him.


"Kento-san." She called out. Kento turned and saw her.


"Odagiri, you okay?" He asked.


"I'm fine. Do you want to continue our date, or..."


"Odagiri, let me ask you a question." He went close to Odagiri, "You dated me not because you love me, isn't it?"


"What are you talking?" She tried holding his hand, "I love you very much."


Kento pushed her hand away, "You dated me because you knew Han's going to be dead, and I'm going to be lonely and sad. You didn't actually love me, didn't you? You pitied me instead."


"Yeah, but..."


"Guess Ushio was correct." Kento sighed. She stared at Kento.


"Ushio?" She was surprised.


"Ushio told me in my dreams you didn't love me for real. I thought he was joking. If there's one thing I hate, it is for people to pity me."


Odagiri looked down, "I didn't mean to do this."


"Since you don't love me at all," Kento said, "Then there's only a solution. Let's break up."


"B...break up? But..."


"What's wrong? You don't love me at all. I don't need pity too." Kento growled, "I want to break all ties with you from now on. Tomorrow, you'll move out and never come back. Goodbye, Nene Odagiri." He then walked off furiously. Odagiri sat at a corner and cried.


Kento got into his car and drove to his house. He slouched on his driver seat and tried to hold back his tears.


"I thought I finally found love at last." Kento thought, "Turns out it was my love pitying me."


He slammed the steering wheel in anger and cried.


To be continued in Episode 26

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