Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





26. Episode 24

Kento was aimlessly walking in blank space, oblivious to what is happening.


"Hello?" He called out, "Anyone there? Can anyone tell me why I'm in this blank space?"


He then saw Rika Saionji walking towards him with her umbrella.


"Urara Kento." She spun her umbrella, "You made me suffer much, didn't you? Kameko Lee killed me when I tried to stop her from destroying Sakura High. What's your problem with her? That doesn't mean she can just destroy the school."


"That's right." Mikoto Asuka came out next, "I died by Kameko killing me with an arrow from her mechanical hand. I didn't deserve this. I didn't deserve to die."


"I agree with Rika and Asuka." Otsuka appeared behind, "We all don't deserve to die."


"I'm sorry, guys. I know it's my fault." Kento stepped back a little, "But I'm trying my best to defeat Kameko."


"Trying your best?" Tanmaki appeared behind him, "Up till now, you only brought down her gang members. And it took you long enough."


"You haven't even killed the boss yet." Tsubaki complained, "You call yourself the White Dragon? More like the White Piece Of Shit."


"You didn't save my life from Kameko earlier too." Noa growled as she walked towards him, "You were busy talking to Frawes."


"And you stole my wife from me." Ushio appeared last, but the most menacing one, "You'd better get away from her, or you'll get it." He then disappeared.


The rest then took out bloody knives.


"It's time to take revenge, isn't it?" Rika asked. Everyone except Kento nodded.


"Please, I didn't mean to let you lose your lives!" Kento screamed, "I'll try my best to defeat Kameko! I promise!"


"Too late for promises." Noa said, then the rest charged at Kento.


"I didn't do mean to let you guys die!" Kento woke up screaming. He huffed and puffed, sweat all over his neck. It was just a nightmare.


It was after Han's funeral and Kento had almost fainted earlier after the funeral due to the disease. Shiraishi brought him back home to let themselves rest. 


Kento cleared his sweat using his towel. 


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix 


Episode 24


The next morning, Kento drove to Carine's house and rang her doorbell. 


"Hope Carine's at home." He thought. Just as he was thinking, Carine opened the door and saw Kento.


"Come in, Kento." She said, "I am awaiting for your response."


They went to the living room and sat down.


"Tea? Coffee?" Carine asked, "Any preferences?"


"English tea." Kento replied, "Do you have that?"


"We have that." Carine called out for Benson, "Benson, make black coffee with extra sugar for me and an English tea for Mr Urara!"


"Yes, Madam!" Benson went to the kitchen.


"I should eat my breakfast finish before talking to you." Carine said, "I don't wish to starve myself. We'll talk after eating and drinking."


"Go ahead." Kento said. She gobbled down some scrambled eggs and bacon as Benson brought the drinks to them.


"Extra sugar?" Kento asked, "You tryna gain diabetes?"


"I drink this once a month." Carine sipped on her coffee, "It's my favorite drink, but because it's too sweet with too much sugar, I don't drink it everyday."


"Not bad. You know how to watch out for your health."


"Benson, clean the plate and cup for me!" She drank her last sip of coffee before shouting. Benson took the plate and the cup and went to wash it. Kento finished drinking his tea five minutes later. He thanked Benson as Benson took the cup and went to wash it.


"So, Urara Kento," Carine questioned, "What's your answer to the deal?"


Kento breathed in and out, "After having so much thoughts yesterday, I'm going to say...no."


"No?" Carine was surprised.


"Yea, you heard me right." Kento said, "I'm not going to have a deal with you."


"What's wrong with you, Urara Kento?" She stood up, "Don't you care about your family members or something?"


"I do." He replied, "I just feel that I'm not worthy to be alive. I've caused so many innocent lives to be lost. I thought everything could be solved through fights with villains and helping them take revenge on behalf of them, but it isn't helping. Almost every day, one life is taken away. And I still can't do shit. I still haven't defeated Kameko."


He stood up and glared at Carine.


"I've only defeated her gang members which were plainly almost useless!" He screamed, "It's been so long, yet I haven't even touched a finger on Kameko because of the number of innocent lives taken away! I was so carried away by the numbers that I didn't have time to do anything to Kameko! Sooner or later, people are going to sacrifice themselves again! I'm not going to let that happen. Once I defeat Kameko, I will die. It's what the innocent people want.


"If I were able to reverse my life, I would not have joined a gang. Neither would I slack off and study harder instead. I would also break up with Kameko and convinced Shiraishi to enroll into another school. This is all my fault. I started it with my life, so I end it with my life."


With that, he walked off and out of the house. Carine sighed and slouched on the couch.


Odagiri, Shiraishi, Yamada, his kids and Kento planned to have a day outing at the beach. Before they moved off, Shiraishi passed the mechanical arm to Kento.


"This is the arm I cut off yesterday." She commented, "This arm is used by Kameko to suck the life force out of someone. That's what she did to Noa."


"Killed Noa by sucking her life force out." Kento sighed, "We'd better get going. We don't want to reach the beach and see it being so packed."


"You're true, Onii-san." She nodded. Kento drove them to the beach and they managed to find a spot. Kento placed the picnic may on the grass while the rest went to play with sand and water.


Kento sat down on the mat, thinking about some things.


"I see you getting pushed off the top of a tall building...by Kameko."


"Kameko placed a disease that is only curable by my kiss. She placed danger cells into your open wound, which goes into your body. By a few days, the danger cells take over your body and you'll slowly die."


"And you stole my wife from me. You'd better get away from her, or you'll get it."


"This must be a nightmare." Kento knocked his head with his knuckles, "It definitely must be."


He suddenly felt dizzy. His vision blurred for a while before seeing that Odagiri is in front of him.


"Oh, you're here." Kento said, "Where were you just now?"


"I went to the toilet." Odagiri sat down beside him, "You having nightmares? Because I heard you saying that to yourself."


"Small issue." Kento replied, "I'm fine besides that."


"What's that issue?" She asked.


Kento faced Odagiri, "Hey, Odagiri. Do you think Ushio would be angry if we got together?"


"He won't." Odagiri reassured him, "He should know a guy like you could at least protect me from the bad guys."


"Really?" Kento heaved a sigh of relief, "Then I'm glad."


"C'mon, let's play." Odagiri stood up. 


"No, thanks." Kento said.


"You're forced to." Odagiri pulled his hand up, forcing him to stand up, "You're following me."


"Fine, fine. As you wish, Ms Nene." Kento followed Odagiri to the sand. They built sandcastles while Yamada and Shiraishi tried to disturb them by kicking them away.


Every time the two build, the another two would come and disrupt the building.


"Ughh!" Odagiri screamed as she stood up and splashed water at Shiraishi. The girls laughed at each other as they continued splashing water at each other.


Yamada stood beside Kento.


"Look at how much they're having fun." Yamada smiled, "Back when we went to the beach for the first time together years ago."


"Good for you." Kento nodded, "I didn't have any beach in jail. I didn't really have fun times in jail and after I was released. I was so concentrated in trying to defeat Kameko and her gang members that I forgot what it is to have fun."


"You're going to experience that once again." Yamada said, "You help Odagiri. I help my wife."


"In splashing?"


"Of course! What else do you expect, Kento?"


"Fine, fine." Kento ran to Odagiri while Yamada ran to Shiraishi. They had a fun time splashing water at each other. 


At the evening, they bathed in the beach toilet and sat down on the mat to eat dinner. Shiraishi and Yamada brought their kids to bathe after Kento and Odagiri bathed. Odagiri then looked at her boyfriend.


"I was wondering, Kento-san." She questioned Kento, "Do you like a date?"


"A date? I don't really mind."


"Really? Then..."


"Then what?"


"Then... I want to have a date with you tomorrow night."


"Tomorrow night? Well, I think I can make it."


"Really? Great! Then we'll meet tomorrow at night. I'll tell you the location tomorrow. Wear a good attire tomorrow."


"I know what to do for a date, Miss Nene." Kento said.


"I'm glad you do." Odagiri smiled. 


Shiraishi, Yamada and their kids returned.


"Let's tuck in, shall we?" Shiraishi asked.


After dinner, they packed up and went home. 


"I really enjoyed today, Kento-san." Odagiri smiled at him again, "Would you plan something like this again to relieve our stress?"


"Depends." Kento said, "Go ahead and sleep. It's quite late. Good night."


"Good night." Odagiri was about to enter the room when she stopped and turned to Kento.


"Go in your room." Kento said, "Why did you stop?" Odagiri went to him and kissed him as their lips met. They held themselves in that position for 5 long seconds before letting go. 


"Good night." Odagiri smiled.


"Good night, Odagiri." He smiled back. Odagiri went back to her room and slept. Kento went to the kitchen and drank a cup of water. He then walked up the stairs. Halfway, he felt dizzy once more, his vision more blurred than the last time. He tumbled down the stairs and blacked out for a few seconds. Shiraishi rushed to him.


"Onii-san!" She shook his body, "Are you okay?"


Kento opened his eyes slowly to see Shiraishi, "I'm fine." He slowly got up.


"How did you tumble down the stairs?"


"I'm feeling dizzy. I must've been using too much energy today that I became so tired."


"Rest well, Onii-san." Shiraishi said, "Studying continues tomorrow."


"I know." 


"But seriously, Onii-san, are you okay? You've been fainting since you fought with Kameko. Did she gave you some bad luck?"


"Nah. I won't allow her to give me unlucky luck." Kento joked.


"I got a call from your junior named Takahaishi-kun." She added, "You fainted when you're buying lunch yesterday. Are you sure you're really okay? Do you need to see a doctor? Do you have any disease?"


"I'm fine, Shiraishi." Kento said, "Don't think too much about it. It's just dizziness. I'll get more rest, that's all."


"You do know your young pretty sister is super worried about you fainting so much."


"I'm fine, really." Kento said, "I really am. Do you trust me?"


"Yes, but..."


"There you go. I'm fine. Trust me."


"Okay, Onii-san." Shiraishi said, "Drink more water then."


"I will. Good night."


"Good night, Onii-san." She then walked to her room and shut the door. Kento sighed and went back to his room.


"If I ever let Shiraishi or anyone close to me know," He thought, "They wouldn't be able to let go of me. They would be sad if they knew my condition and a lot of things would happen. I wouldn't want to imagine."


He switched off all the lights and went to bed to sleep.


He woke up at one in the morning. He walked down the stairs. He didn't know why he had an urge to drink water at night. He don't even wake up in the early morning to drink.


After drinking, he turned around and saw someone sitting on the sofa.


"Hello?" He called out, "Who are you? Why are you on my sofa?"


"Urara Kento." The man stood up and walked towards him, revealing to be Ushio, "We need to talk." 


To be continued in Episode 25

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