Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





25. Episode 23

Kento woke up with a start. He realized he was on a bed.


"Where the fuck am I?" He thought as he tried to find his phone. It was on a study table. He switched it on and luckily, there were no missed calls.


He slowly walked out of the room and down to the first floor to the living room. He looked to his left and saw the kitchen. He looked to the right and saw the door. He headed straight for it and opened the door. He then closed it once he got out of the house.


There's still a gate to open to get out completely. He then saw a man cleaning the garden with a broom.


"Umm, excuse me, mister." Kento called for the man. He looked up at Kento.


"Mr Urara," The man walked to him, "Madam wants you to have sufficient rest."


"I think I'm done with resting." Kento said, "Is there a way to get out so that I can buy my lunch and go home?"


"Mr Urara, Madam has instructed me to keep you here while she's doing her work."


"I know your madam is worried about me," Kento pushed the man to his back, "But tell her I'm fine and help me to thank her." He then turned around to the front and saw the man again. Kento got a fright.


"Mr Urara, please." The man pointed at the house, "Back to the room."


"I told you I don't need to rest anymore." Kento pushed him away again, "Get the fuck out of my way."


The man appeared at the gate, blocking it.


"For fuck's sake." Kento sighed.


"Mr Urara Kento." The man pointed the broom handle at him, "Back to the house now."


"Who are you to tell me?"


"Benson." A woman spoke through the man's watch, "Whack him to the living room since he refuses to listen. I'll open the door now."


"Yes, Madam." Benson aimed the broom handle at Kento's stomach.


"What? You think a broom can magically make me fly all the way to the living room?" Kento joked, "You think this is Hogwarts?" As Kento was about to walk past him, Benson whacked his stomach with the broom handle.


Immediately, Kento flew all the way into the living room, screaming. He then hit his head on someone's leg. He looked up and saw something he shouldn't see.


"What?" The girl whose legs were hit by Kento's head looked down and screamed.


Kento quickly pulled away from under her skirt and got up.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to." Kento apologized.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix 


Episode 23


Kento and the girl sat down on the couch.


"So, why are you keeping me here?" Kento asked.


"I need you to get well, which I don't think is possible for the moment." The girl replied, "I'm pretty surprised you don't remember me."


"Of course I don't!" Kento said, "Who the fuck on earth are you?"


"Remember the name you used to call me when we're in junior high school?" She asked. Kento shook his head.




"Takashimaya..." Kento tried to remember, then he snapped his fingers, "Carine Takahaishi."


"Finally." Carine said.


"You haven't changed in one bit." Kento said, "Literally. It's like you're still 15. Before you disappeared. Where did you go?"


"I helped a student from dying." She explained, "A month before you got arrested, a student got knocked down by a cement mixer and was squashed. He was about to die. I went to him and kissed him, which made him recover fully and he had no injuries. However, mortal people saw what I did and I was screwed. My powers was supposed to be unknown. My master then banned me from the world so that people can take time to forget me."


"How did you even have the powers?" Kento asked.


"Well, it's because I was born with it. No reason. Maybe my parents might be witches."




"I am a special witch, not like your sister's type." Carine said, "Special witches, when kissing someone, could do a very good deed to the person, but it would have a disadvantage. When I kiss anyone, their disease, be it terminal cancer or some heart attack, or even in a dead state, they magically resurrect and their disease disappears into thin air. It's gone, like poof. However, once I kiss the person, I disappear from them. They can remember me, but they can't find me."


"Wow, what a special witch." Kento said, "I didn't hear that from you while I'm teaching you Maths."


"Oh yeah," Carine said, "About your condition. You collapsed suddenly, didn't you?"


"Yeah. Why?"


"I hate to break it out to you." Carine sighed, "Kameko placed a disease that is only curable by my kiss. She placed danger cells into your open wound, which goes into your body. By a few days, the danger cells take over your body and you'll slowly die."


Kameko stared at Carine in horror.


"Then kiss me quick!" He exclaimed, "Make my disease disappear!"


"Unfortunately, no." Carine sighed again, "Kameko confiscated my power while my master came to Earth. My master lost, and his bet was my power."


"Oh my fucking hell." Kento did a facepalm, "Guess this is my fate."


"There actually might be a way to get my power back. It's hard, but not impossible."


"There's a way?" He asked.


"Since the power is connected to Kameko to heal herself, you need to kill her. If you kill her, the power would naturally come back to me. I can then heal you. But, it's just a chance and it might not work. So, do you want the deal? Or you want to forget it?"


Kento looked at Carine, "I'll think about it. I need to get back to my home quick."


"Sure, Benson will see you out." Carine stood up, "I'm ready to hear your response anytime."


Once Kento reached home, he walked to his room and sat on his bed. He thought about the deal.


"Is it worth to stay alive?" Kento thought, "I felt like I've done all the things I need to do in this world and I can die in peace. But there's Kameko and stuff, so hopefully I defeat her before I die.


"But there are a few problems. Even if I kill Kameko, I might be too late. Carine said the kiss would work, but what happens if that day, it doesn't work? The biggest problem is how I should even kill Kameko. She's such a hard bitch. How do I even kill her?


"Just forget it. I've done so many bad deeds in my life. I've let a lot of people sacrificed because of me. I need to end Kameko and then I can die in peace, knowing I brought Kameko to justice. But I do not want to leave Shiraishi alone too. What should I fucking do?"


"Onii-san." Shiraishi was suddenly sitting beside Kento. He jumped in shock and screamed in fear until he realized it's Shiraishi.


"Why did you appear before me without making a sound?" He asked.


"You're thinking of something," She responded, "And if I make a sound your train of thoughts would be gone. So I decided to pop up quietly."


"You tryna give me a heart attack?"


Shiraishi laughed.


"What's so funny?" Kento asked.


"Your reaction to me sitting beside you." Shiraishi laughed. Kento sighed.


"Oh yeah, are your witch powers gone, Shiraishi?"


"Yeah, they are." Shiraishi smiled, "Yamada-kun and I kissed yesterday and we didn't switch bodies any longer."


"Good." Kento nodded his head, "I can rest in peace then."


"Rest in peace? You're not dead." 


"Of course I'm not dead! It's just me saying I can worry less about you!"


"Onii-san." Shiraishi looked at Kento.




She then hugged Kento, "Thank you for everything. You saved my life many times. I don't think I can repay it back."


"It's okay. I'm your older brother. It's my duty to protect you and save you from danger." Kento said.


Shiraishi then smiled at him once more before going to her room.


Kento stood up and looked at the birthday photo Shiraishi took with him.


He then tried to call Charles Miller to ask him if he could give any advice, but he did not answer the call. It was Mr Tan instead.


"Kento, I need you to come to Charles's house for a while."


Kento met Mr Tan at a condominium ground level. He was seen holding a young boy's hand.


"Who's this cute guy?" Kento asked.


"Charles Miller." Mr Tan said.


"Charles? This small boy?" Kento asked, "You got to be kidding me."


"Believe it or not, some asshole transformed him into a little boy and he has no memories of anyone." Mr Tan then let go of Charles's hand.


"Hi, my name is Charles Miller," the boy said, "And my aspiration is to become a police officer and serve justice."


"Wow." Kento said, "He really became a boy."


"I'm suspecting Freddy Frawes did this." Mr Tan answered. The boy ran to the road and played his toy blocks there.


"Charles, don't play there." Mr Tan said, but he didn't hear anything. A truck then approached and crushed him. 


"Charles!" Mr Tan shouted. Kento quickly pushed Mr Tan's wheelchair to the boy.


At night, there was Han's funeral. Hannah invited guests, from Han's school friends to teachers, grandparents, lecturers, the gang, Kento, Yamada and Shiraishi.


The people there bowed down in front of the tomb. A big portrait picture of Arukan Han is shown.


Shiraishi started sniffing while Yamada comforted her. Hannah took a microphone and spoke through it.


"Hi, teachers, lecturers, friends, gang members, gang boss Kento-san and his two other family members. We're here to wish Han a good luck for the last time before he send him off.


"Arukan Han was an outgoing person. Before he joined a gang, he was never good in studies, nor did he have any friends. Once he found a gang, he changed a lot. He became more rowdy and playful. But his studies were great and getting better each time thanks to the help of his gang mates. He has even made friends and has become likable among his gang, and soon his colleagues in work. 


"As a older sister, I feel really contented to take care of him and treat him as my younger brother. But him suddenly taken away from me — it's just too sudden. I just wish I had spent more time with him. But I'm happy for one thing. He died trying to fight a villain. Although I knew he failed, he tried his best. And he gets to see his gang mates again before he dies. I'm sure that's all what he wanted. And I'm happy to know that he achieved what he needed and wanted. Thank you." She walked off the stage as everyone clapped.


"Did I do well?" Hannah asked Kento.


"Oh, yes you did." Kento smiled.


"I'll be counting on you to defeat Kameko, Han's most hated enemy yet." She stretched out her hand, "Good luck to you."


"Thank you." He shook Hannah's hand.


The next morning, Kento drove to Carine's house and rang her doorbell.


Carine opened the door and saw Kento.


"Come in, Kento." She said, "I am awaiting for your response."


They went to the living room and sat down.


"So, Urara Kento," Carine questioned, "What's your answer to the deal?"


Kento breathed in and out, "After having so much thoughts yesterday, I'm going to say...no."


"No?" Carine was surprised.


To be continued in Episode 24

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