Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





24. Episode 22

Arukan Hannah and Kento discussed about Han's funeral.


"It's okay, don't blame yourself." Hannah said, "My brother is always like that. He does things his own way and doesn't follow others. I should thank you for taking care of him while I'm in my university in Singapore. It made me have a peace of mind knowing he was safe and I passed my university test with flying colors. I wish I could show him my test."


"It's my duty to protect Han before he died." Kento said, "He was my gang member, my best brother."


"So, I'll do the planning and you come up with some of the financial help. You okay with that?"


"I'm perfectly fine with that." Kento agreed. 


"Thanks, Kento-san." Hannah stood up and shook his hand, "I'll be counting on you to find the culprit and bring him to justice."


"I will." Kento said.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 22


"We've got to find a way to defeat Freddy Frawes first." Kento spoke to the gang in Shaggy's basement, "With my fuckin' supervision. I don't want anyone to die again."


"Yes, Boss." Roi said.


"As what Siwei told me a few days ago, Freddy is planning something. And it has something got to do with Noa Takigawa and her house."


"You don't know what's he planning, Boss?" Shaggy asked.


"No." Kento replied, "But we must be careful. That's why we're going to camp outside her house."


"What?" The other three were shocked.


"Stay outside her house?" Roi asked.


"You're nuts, Boss." Jay shook his head in disapproval, "People are going to think we're pedophiles."


"And Noa's going to think we're creepy as fuck." Shaggy added.


"Guys, I'm your boss." Kento sighed, "I'm telling you guys to do this because of reasons. Besides, if we're not there to do bad stuff, then we do not need to be scared or shit. Why let people judge us?"


"You're serious about staying there?" Roi asked.


"Of course I am. Let's get going. Of course, we're not the only ones staying outside. Two others are joining us too."


"Who?" Jay asked


"Me." Yamada barged in the door, Shiraishi behind him, "And her."


"You two?" Shaggy asked, "Are you sure you wanna be involved?"


"Shiraishi and I wanted to help Kento." Yamada answered, "Besides, I've taken a month off from my work."


"Great." Kento said, "Now we can set off."


A few minutes later, they all hid in two bushes outside Noa's house.


"Freddy could be here any minute." Kento mumbled.


"I don't actually think Freddy's going to be here anytime." Roi replied, "He probably knows we're here."


"No, he doesn't." Kento whispered, "He would've ambushed us if he knew."


They then saw Noa walking out of her house and locking the door. She then turned around and saw Freddy Frawes.


"There he is." Yamada whispered to Shiraishi. She nodded.


"Noa Takigawa." Freddy growled, "You're next."


"You got to stop it, Frawes." Noa stepped back as he approached her, "Working for Kameko isn't the right choice."


"That's right." Freddy said, "But you're related to Kento, and he's the murderer of my brother. Anyone related to him, by Kameko's instructions and my instincts, would be killed."


"I wouldn't kill anyone, if I were you." Noa punched Freddy. Kento stared at her with big eyes.


"How dare you punch me, bitch!" Freddy threw Noa into her house and took her house keys. He then locked the door of the house and poured gasoline outside the door. He then took out a matchstick. Noa banged the door with her fists.


"I shall make you die today, Takigawa." He lighted up the matchstick with the matchstick box and was about to throw the matchstick to the ground. 


Kento then took out a gun and shot Freddy's shoulder. He dropped the matchstick on the gasoline and the fire started.


"Oh shit." Roi came out. Freddy quickly ran away while Roi, Jay and Shaggy ran after him. Shiraishi came out of her hiding spot and broke into Noa's kitchen.


"The fire extinguisher." She quickly searched for it. She found it beside the refrigerator. She quickly took it and ran to Noa.


"Noa, get away!" She pushed Noa away and broke the glass door. The fire had spread to the front walls of the house. Shiraishi sprayed the nitrogen from the fire extinguisher at the fire. A few seconds later, the fire died down.


"Oh god, thanks, Shiraishi." Noa heaved a sigh of relief.


"You okay, Noa?" Shiraishi asked.


"I'm fine." Noa said. Kento and Yamada ran to Shiraishi.


"How could you do such a dangerous thing?" Yamada asked her, "You could've get killed by the fire!"


"I'm fine, Yamada-kun." She smiled. 


"I'm hella glad you are". Yamada said. Ito then ran to them.


"Oh, you're here, Kento-san." Ito huffed, "The rest are finding Frawes."


"Help us take care of Noa for a while." Kento said, "I need to take care of business with Freddy."


"No problem." Ito replied.


Freddy ran to hide behind Noa's house. 


"Why am I out of luck?" He talked to himself, "How did Kento know I'm going to be here? I'm going to try to run as fast as I can away from this place."


"Not so fast." Sarushima smacked his face with a dustbin. 


"Even you are here without a mask?" Freddy asked, "You should check your appearance, Maria Sarushima. Your friends would be so afraid of you because you look like a monster."


"I don't need to." Sarushima smiled, "My friends don't judge me by my cover." 


Toranosuke, Yamazaki and Odagiri were on Freddy's right. He tried to run to the left but is blocked by Roi, Shaggy and Jay.


He tried running to the back but Kento, Shiraishi and Yamada arrived.


"Give it up, Freddy Frawes." Kento said, "You are cornered. You are defeated."


"This can't be." Freddy took out a gun and pointed it at Shiraishi, "Move any step closer and I'll kill her."


"You know what, mate?" Yamada laughed, "We all have bulletproof vests. Han's sister sent it to us. It was Han's gift to all of us. He knew guys like you would resort to only using a gun, you pussy." 


Freddy dropped his gun, "I can't admit defeat."


"Freddy Frawes," Kento questioned him, "Are you the one who splashed acid on Sarushima?"


"Yes." Freddy sighed.


"Were you the one who killed Han and Ushio Igarashi?"


"Yes!" He shouted, "Ushio pissed me off to the core! He betrayed me! Two-faced motherfucker!"


"What do you mean by that?" Odagiri asked.


"I'll tell you the whole story." Freddy explained, "Ushio and I were business partners before I became a scientist because I was scammed by him. I trusted him so much, yet he seduced my wife, took my hard-earned money away and made my wife commit suicide! If Jordan Riser wasn't there to help me before I commit suicide, I wouldn't be where I am today. So I planned to make Ushio paralyzed, but it backfired..."


A few weeks ago...


Freddy Frawes was hiding outside Ushio's house. He whipped out phone and turned on the camera app. He then saw Odagiri tied up and gagged in the car.


"She's going to be stuck in that car for ages." Freddy thought, "Since she's going to be stuck, I'm going to strike and no one will know." Freddy slowly crept into the house, which is unlocked. He slowly went to the kitchen and saw Ushio cooking.


"This is the time." Freddy ran to him and was about to punch Ushio when he dodged.


"Frawes!" Ushio was surprised, "What are you doing here?"


"To get revenge, of course." Freddy growled, "Because you stole my money, seduced her and even made her kill herself. I swear I won't let you off today."


Ushio blocked Freddy's punch attack and took a butcher knife. He sliced Freddy's stomach and kicked him off. Before Ushio could escape through the kitchen window, Freddy pulled him down and pushed him to the living room.


Freddy then took out a knife and tried to stab Ushio. Ushio held both of Freddy's hands and tried to swerve it to the left and right in order for Freddy to drop the knife.


Freddy used his strength and pulled out of Ushio's grip, slashing his cheeks with the knife at the same time. 


"Ouch!" Ushio touched his cheeks and saw it bleeding, "You son of a bitch!" He took out a butcher knife and tried to slash Freddy. He successfully did it. He made a cut on Freddy's stomach.


"You motherfucker! How darr you slash my stomach!" Freddy charged at Ushio and stabbed his heart. Ushio stared at Freddy with big eyes before dropping onto the floor, dead. Blood started gushing out from his body.


"Oh fuck." Freddy hit his head with his hand, "I didn't mean to kill him. I wanted to just injure him. Oh shit, Odagiri's going to fucking kill me if she finds out."


He was about to carry the body when he saw two children at the hallway. They were shouting for help.


"Two small assholes." He ran to the children and sliced their throats. He then dragged the three bodies one by one to Ushio's bedroom and left them there, placing the three beside each other. He then quickly ran away, but he bumped into some newspapers in the living room, making them scatter all over the living room. He fell down. As he tried to get up, he slipped and fell because of another newspaper. 


He finally got up and ran away, closing the door but not locking it.


Back to the present...


"So you are the one who killed him?" Odagiri asked angrily.


"I didn't mean to!" Freddy exclaimed, "I just wanted him to feel the pain and let him be paralyzed but I didn't know it would turn out this way."


"Then did you kill Han?"


"I just stabbed him with a sword and he was dropped down to the floor with a nail piercing through his head."


He then turned to Kento, "Urara Kento, I know you're not going to believe what I said, but Jordan Riser is working with me and Kameko."


"You're bullshitin'." Kento pointed his gun at him, "Jordan will never do such a thing."


"I'm telling the truth, Kento." Freddy whined, "Jordan's working with Kameko."


"That's not true!" Kento shot Freddy's shoulder, "Stop with your bullshit! Enough is enough! You're trying to divert our attention so that you can run away!"


"I'm not kidding, Kento." Freddy sighed, "Guess whatever I say doesn't matter, does it?"


"You're going to jail with us."


"Me?" Freddy picked up his gun, "I rather kill myself than to let you bring me to jail. I would be calling myself a loser if I surrender to you. I'm cornered by a bunch of good guys, and I'm old enough."


"What do you think you're doing?" Shiraishi asked.


"Killing myself." Freddy pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger. Kento looked at Freddy as he fell onto the floor, now dead.


"He killed himself." Kento said, "That's actually surprising."


Shiraishi and Odagiri rushed to Sarushima and hugged her.


"Why didn't you tell us half of your face became disfigured earlier?" Odagiri asked, "We could've helped you."


"Sorry to make you worry." Sarushima smiled, "I had no self-confidence in going out with a face like this."


"It's okay." Shiraishi said, "We understand you."


"And I heard a scream." Roi said. Kento and the others ran to the front of the house, where they saw Kameko holding Ito with two hands. Ito looked super weak and was about to die.


Kento shot Kameko's hips. She turned and faced Kento. She dropped Ito onto the floor.


"You bitch!" Kameko growled, "I was about to kill Ito, but you interrupted!"


"Where's Noa?" Yamada asked.


"Noa?" Kameko laughed, "She's dead. Freddy gave me the ultimate power of the mechanical hand! When I hold the person or thing, I slowly suck their life force away and they will die."


"Like what you did to Noa, huh?" Kento asked.


"You're right, Kento." She smirked, "And since I can't kill my second target, you're my second target."


"Bring it on, bitch!" Kento dropped his gun and went to fight Kameko. He punched her face while Jay and Toranosuke brought Ito to the side. Roi and Yamada brought Noa's dead body to the side too.


"Noa's dead." Yamada sighed, "I can't believe it's another witch gone."


As Kento was about to use his ultimate move, Kameko took out a knife and slashed his arm. She then used her two hands and touched his open wound.


Kento screamed in pain as she smiled at him.


"You're dead, Kento." As Kameko was holding him, Shiraishi took the fire extinguisher and whacked her. Kento fell onto the floor, injured. 


"Don't you dare kill my older brother!" Shiraishi raged and started beating the shit out of Kameko. She even took Kento's sword and sliced her mechanical arm with luck.


"What the..." Yamada was shocked. He didn't know his wife could fight.


"My arm!" Kameko screamed, then glared at Shiraishi, "You're going to suffer a lot the next time I see your face!" She then disappeared.


Shiraishi rushed to Kento, "Onii-san, are you okay?"


Kento gave the good sign, "I didn't know you can fight. I'm surprised."


"I just placed all my rage on her." Shiraishi said, "I've enough of her. Let's get back and treat your wound." Kento nodded.


Kento went out a few minutes later to buy lunch for himself. As he started walking, he felt dizzy out of a sudden. He tried to concentrate but his vision became blurry.


He then remembered something Sarushima said.


"I see you getting pushed off the top of a tall building...by Kameko."


He then collapsed and became unconscious.


To be continued in Episode 23

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