Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





23. Episode 21

A few minutes ago...

As Han was about to punch Freddy, someone brought him up high. Freddy used a jetpack and brought a sword up.

"Let me down, motherfucker!" Han shouted. He turned his head to the back and saw Kameko's face. Kameko brought Han up with her mechanical hand and had a jetpack.

"You bitch." Han spitted onto her face.

"How dare you do that, Arukan Han!" Kameko said, "You're one annoying son of a bitch, just like your fucking boss!"

"You started all this, bitch! Without you, I won't be annoying you!"

"You won't now, anyways." She smiled as Freddy stabbed Han with a sword. The sword went through his whole body.

Han screamed in pain as Kameko dropped him. The back of Han's head then got pierced by a nail when Han's body landed on the floor. Excessive amount of blood came out from his head and body.

"Han!" Shaggy ran to him. Police sirens were heard.

"I thought you said there was no police coming, Frawes!" Kameko grumbled.

"Let's just leave, Madam Lee." Freddy spoke, "But what about Kento's gang? And Siwei and Jerald?"

"We'll leave them all here!" Kameko grabbed Freddy's hand and they both disappeared.

Shaggy carried Han while Roi and Jay retreated together with the two. They quickly got into their van. The police officers barged in the warehouse as they drove away.

"CID! Place your hands in the air!" Police officers went to arrest the thugs. Siwei and Jerald also got arrested at the scene.

In the van, Roi drove as fast as he could.

"Hang in there, Han." Shaggy held Han's hand, "We'll reach the hospital soon."

"There's...no...time...left." Han huffed, "You...should...catch...Freddy..."

"He ran away." Jay uttered.

"Will...Kento...get angry...at me...for...not...following...his...orders?" Han asked.

"No, I'm sure Boss won't if you can survive." Shaggy said, "Please, Han. Hang in there. I promise I'll call Shiraishi to accompany you, along with us."

"I...can't...make it." Han huffed, "I...lost...a lot of...blood. Tell...Kento...to take...care of stuff...for me."

Han then closed his eyes.

"Han." Shaggy shook his body, "Han!"

No response.

"Bloody damn it." Shaggy turned to Roi, "Roi, drive us to the god damn fucking hospital quickly!"

"I'm trying!" Roi screamed.

Shaggy looked at Han, who is now unconscious.

Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Episode 21

A few minutes later...

Kento snd Shiraishi ran in the hallway of the hospital, trying to find Han's ward. When they found the ward, they both rushed in.

Shaggy, Roi and Jay were standing beside Han's bed, heads facing down.

"What happened to Han, Roi-san?" Shiraishi asked.

"Freddy and Kameko ganged up on him." Roi sighed.

"What did I fucking tell you?" Kento shouted, "To fucking call me or message me if you find any clues about Freddy! Why didn't you listen to my bloody words? See what you got Han into!"

"Han didn't want to call you, Boss." Shaggy said, "He told us contacting you would delay us in finding Freddy."

"Kento..." Han muttered. Kento ran to Han, Shiraishi behind him.

"Let me talk to Shiraishi first." Han muttered again. Kento gave way to Shiraishi.

"Han, are you okay?" She asked, "I'm so worried about you."

"It's okay, I'm going to Hell soon." He smiled weakly, "I just want to see your pretty face for one last time."

He slowly lifted his hands to touch Shiraishi's face.

"I liked you since I was young, Shiraishi." He murmured, "And until now I do. I really do hope you could do well even without me. Hopefully you and Yamada could last forever, although I hate him to the core."

"Please recover, Han." Shiraishi cried, "I can't afford to lose a good friend like you."

"If fate wants me to die, I'll die." Han said, "Kento."

Kento looked at him.

"Please, take care of the gang." He muttered, "Defeat Kameko and Freddy Frawes. Make me feel proud for you as a best brother of yours."

"I will." Kento said. Han grabbed hold of Shiraishi's hand tightly.

"I'll miss you, Shiraishi." Han started to huff, "I'll miss...you too...Kento. And...the gang... Take care..."Shiraishi held his hand too.

Suddenly, Han let go of his hand and closed his eyes. His heartbeat went straight to zero.

"Han!" Shiraishi screamed. Kento and Shaggy called for the doctors. The others waited outside as the doctors do an emergency surgery on Han.

The doctors came out a few minutes later.

"Doctor, how's my friend?" Kento asked.

"Mr Urara Kento," One of the doctors patted his shoulder, "We've tried our best. Unfortunately, he didn't make it. We're so sorry."

Kento and the others stared at the doctors with horror. The doctors then walked away.

Kento and the others rushed into Han's ward. Kento rushed to Han.

"Han, please don't scare me." Kento shook his body, "Please tell me you're alive. You can't be dead. You can't be!"

He continued shaking Han's body. Shiraishi started crying while Roi, Jay and Shaggy looked down with sadness.

"Arukan Han!" Kento cried, "I'm crying for you to wake up. Please wake the fuck up. Wake the fuck up! Don't you die on me!"

But Han never moved at all. Not a single inch.

"Han!" Kento started to cry uncontrollably. His best brother, best buddy, childhood friend; just taken away from him. Just like that.

Kento then ran out of the ward. Shiraishi cleared her tears and followed him.

He drove the car all the way to the beach. Shiraishi followed him in a taxi. When he reached the beach, he went to the sand and went on his knees there.

He started taking up sand and started throwing it everywhere. He shouted at the top his lungs while throwing the sand.

"Why?" He shouted, "Why must my friend die? Why must he get murdered by my sworn enemy?"

Shiraishi walked to him and hugged him as he cried in her arms.

"Shiraishi," Kento cried, "I've never felt this weak before. What should I do?"

Shiraishi patted his back to cool him down, "We'll settle this together, alright?" She spoke gently, "You got to rest first."

Shaggy, Jay and Roi were in Shaggy's basement with Jennifer.

"So you're getting arrested?" Shaggy asked Jennifer. She nodded her head.

"It's a shame." Jay sighed, "You became good and turned over a new leaf by helping us with the stuff about Kamkeo and her gang. It's sad that you gotta leave."

"It's okay." Jennifer said, "It's my fault I joined this gang a few years ago. This is my consequence. I'm prepared to face it."

"What about our baby, Jennifer?" Shaggy asked worriedly, "I don't want you getting injured in the jail when you're pregnant."

"I won't, no worries. I'm sure the police will have a way to treat pregnant ladies."

Two police officers then arrived. They knocked on the main door and Roi, wearing a sunglass and mouth mask, opened the door.

"We're looking for a Jennifer who works for Lee Kameko." One of the police officers said, "Is she around here?"

"Yes, I am." Jennifer went up to the door hand stretched out her arms. The police officers handcuffed her when Shaggy came up.

"Hey, police officers." Shaggy asked, "Jennifer's a pregnant lady. Can she get some advantages in the prison?"

"Mister, we'll run a test to see if she's pregnant." The second police officer said, "If she's really pregnant, we'll place her in a special place, so you need not worry."

"I understand." Shaggy said. The police officers then pushed her into the police car. Before it drove off, Jennifer smiled and waved good bye to Shaggy with her two hands, mouthing 'I love you'. Shaggy smiled and replied back.

"I love you too, Jennifer!"

The police car then went off. Shaggy stared at the police car as Roi and Jay patted his shoulder.

"I actually wish Jennifer would have a lighter sentence." Shaggy said.

"I wonder how Boss is doing." Jay sighed, "He must be sad Han left."

"We should've stopped Han from going." Roi said, "That way, Han would've been still here."

"The past is the past." Shaggy stated, "Now it's time for us to move forward, and help Boss bring Freddy Frawes and Kameko Lee down."

At night, Shiraishi cooked dinner for Odagiri, Yamada, the kids and herself. Kento called Shiraishi a few minutes ago that he isn't coming back for dinner.

"I haven't been able to contact Kento after he called me." She sighed, "Are you guys able to call him?"

"He didn't pick the phone up." Yamada replied.

"Neither did he answer my call." Odagiri said.

"What happened to Uncle Kento, Mummy?" Akira asked.

"Nothing important." Shiraishi said, "Eat your dinner."

Suddenly, Shiraishi's phone rang. She answered the call.

"Who's this?" She asked.

"Shiraishi-san, finally!" Henry is on the line, "I saw Kento in the pub."

"What's he even doing there?"

"It looks like he drank too much. You should come and help me fetch him back to your home."

"Sure, thank you, Henry." Shiraishi ended the call.

Shiraishi and Yamada went to the pub and saw Kento lying on the floor, muttering random words. Henry was standing beside him.

"He's really drunk. You should take him home."

"Thank you, Henry." Shiraishi carried Kento with the help of Yamada, "You do need to return to Korea soon, don't you?"

"Yeah. I'll see you when I'm free again." Henry said, "Remember to see Sarushima. She needs emotional support."

"Understood." Shiraishi carried Kento into the car.

Once she and Yamada reached home, they brought him to the toilet.

"He smells like alcohol." Yamada said.

"He must had a drop too much." Shiraishi sighed, "Han's death must have affected him so badly he went to drinking."

"Send my condolences to Kento then." Yamada responded, "And I'll wash him up."

"No, I'll wash him up." Shiraishi said, "You had a hard day doing work. Since I'm free and I'm full of energy, I'll do it."

"If you say so, Miss Urara." Yamada kissed her cheek, "Good night."

"Good night." Shiraishi smiled at him before he walked off.

The next day, Kento woke up on his bed in a new set of shirt and pants. He turned to the left and saw Shiraishi sleeping on part of the bed.

As he was about to get out, she woke up.

"Shiraishi!" Kento said, "Did you just clean my body yesterday?"

She yawned and stretched her arms.

"Yeah." She said, "You were so drunk yesterday. And I don't want you to sleep in a smelly body, so..."

"So that means you seen my..."

"It's okay, Onii-san." She said, "I've seen it many times while switching bodies with Yamada."

"I'm sorry to make you worry." Kento said, "I made you worried by not answering any of your calls and you brought me back while I was in a drunken stupor. You even washed my body for me and changed my clothes and stuff. I'm really sorry."

"It's okay, Onii-san. We're sister and brother." Shiraishi smiled, "It's only right that I should help you."

A few minutes later, Kento sat in his room, staring at a picture of him and Han in their junior high school days. Odagiri came in and gave him a cup of water and a plate of cookies.

"Eat and drink something, Kento-san." Odagiri sat beside him.

"No, thank you." Kento sighed, "I've no appetite to eat."

"Kento-san." Odagiri looked at him, "I know your best friend died and you're super devastated. I have felt that too before. I know how you're feeling. I specially baked these cookies for you to eat. Please, don't starve yourself. As your girlfriend, I'm feeling. concerned."

"I just thought everything could be easily solved, that pain dissolves easily." Kento took the cookies, "It happened to you, and I thought that you could easily get over it by punching me and me trying to solve the Kameko situation. But now it happened to me, and I'm really feeling fucking depressed. I can't get rid of the pain. I can't get over it."

"I understand you." Odagiri hugged him, "We're a couple. We'll go through this together."

"Thank you, Odagiri." Kento muttered, "I swear I'll find Freddy Frawes and Kameko Lee and end all of this."

To be continued in Episode 22

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