Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





22. Episode 20

In the morning, a woman stepped into her new mansion. Her servant stepped beside her.


"What should we do today, Madam?" Her servant asked.


"We should settle down here and act like normal people." The woman answered, "We don't want people to know my real identity."


"So what is it that you said about Miss Kameko?" The servant questioned again, this time with curiosity, "I heard you say she stole your stuff."


"Are you such a busybody, Benson? You should just do your own job."


"Madam, I'm just curious. Ever heard of curiosity kills the cat?"


"Ever heard of your pay getting docked if you ask more?" 


"No, Madam." Benson let out a small laugh, "I only heard of keeping my mouth shut. I shall place your stuff in the house now."


"You should go ahead and do that immediately." The woman insisted. As Benson went to move in her belongings, she took out a photo of her and Kento in their school days.


"I heard Kento's fighting Kameko now." The woman thought, "They used to be a great couple before I left. Before I was forbidden from this world. I wondered why they are fighting now."


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witchss: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 20


Kento met up with the gang in Shaggy's basement.


"So we're left with Freddy Frawes and Kameko." Han said.


"What are we supposed to do with Freddy Frawes?" Roi queried, "He may be an old man, but he has a smart mind. If he can help Kameko with her mechanical hand and its powers, it means he can create powers and use it against us."


"And the witch powers are still around." Kento sighed, "Luckily Odagiri and I didn't kiss."


"Wait, what the fuck did I just hear, Boss?" Shaggy asked, "You almost kissed Odagiri?"


"Whoops. Take it that I didn't say anything."


"Okay." Shaggy slowly said as he looked weirdly at Kento.


"Oh right," Kento said, "If any of you guys are planning anything today, I might not be free to follow you guys. I got a important private thing to attend."


"And what is that, Boss?" Jay catechized Kento.


"I already told you it's private." Kento said.


"Okay, Boss." Han replied. 


"So, what are we supposed to do with Freddy then?" Roi asked.


"We definitely need to arrest him." Kento said, "Then we can ask him about he allowed Shiraishi's powers to come around. He already killed Ushio, injured Shiraishi splashed acid on Sarushima. The acid was a poisonous acid that was meant to kill Sarushima but luckily she acted fast to find a toilet and rinse some part off.


"So, remember to call me if any clues of Freddy comes in. But I might not answer due to me being busy at the timing. Even so, leave me a text message. I need to stop him before he starts killing again."


When everybody left, Han went to ask Kento.


"You can't leave me out on this." Han said, "What private thing is that?"


"Don't let the others know, you understand?" Kento whispered. Han nodded.


"I'm on a study date with Shiraishi."


"STUDY DATE WITH SHIRAISHI?" Han shouted. Kento covered his mouth.


"Didn't I tell you not to tell anyone?" He asked, "Why are you exposing it to everyone?"


"That's so pathetic. I'm just joking." Han slapped his back, "Chill, mate. I won't say a word about it. Enjoy your...date."


"Yeah, yeah, thanks." Kento responded.


Charles has his hands taped onto Kameko's operating chair. He woke up, startled.


"Hey, where the hell am I?" He screamed, "Let me go!"


"Let you go?" Freddy walked in, "Not after you found out about me."


He looked at Charles, "I sent my people to retrieve the video and delete it. So now, you won't have any evidence against me. You can't arrest me. And I can get away scot-free."


"You evil son of a bitch." Charles growled, "You'll get retribution one day."


"Me?" Freddy asked, "Me? I don't think you'll even remember me after what's going to happen to you."


"What's going to happen to me?"


"Oh, nothing special." Someone else walked in, "It's just some injection."


"You!" Charles snarled at him, "I can't believe I forgot your name. It starts with a R. I remember."


"You ain't going to remember shit when I inject this potion into your body." The guy said, "This potion will make you feel very dizzy immediately and put you to sleep. Then, you'll lose all your memories and you'll become a boy again. I can't wait to see your little boy shape again. All thanks to scientist Freddy Frawes."


"Wait, no, you can't do this to me." Charles screamed, "I didn't do shit to you."


"You didn't?" The guy asked, "You killed my father during a gang shootout. And for your information, before you forget, my surname is Riser, not a guy starting with the R."


"No, please don't do this to me!" Charles shouted as Riser injected a syringe with a green liquid into Charles's arm. Riser then pressed the plunger down and Charles soon fell asleep.


"He slowly going to decrease in size." Freddy asked the guy, "Where do we hide him in?"


"You do know his house, do you?" Riser asked. Freddy nodded.


"Then that's where we'll be placing him."


Shiraishi and Kento are in his room, with Shiraishi teaching him his most hated subject.


"Science." He sighed.


"C'mon, Onii-san. You got to overcome your fears for this subject." She said, "Even if your friend got you a special pass to the examination, there would be a Science exam, and it's compulsory."


"I guess you're right." He hung his head in despair, "Let's start with Chemistry."


"Right." She spoke, "Let's start with this Chemistry practice paper. What's an isotope?"


"A different type of iso?"


"Wrong. Try again."


"Um, a special type of iso?"




"An atom?"


"Partially correct." Shiraishi replied.


"An atom with an iso?"


"Oh my, Onii-san." She let out a loud laugh.


"What's so funny?" Kento grumbled.


"Your answers are ridiculously funny." Shiraishi laughed, "Atom with an iso? That's like what some dumb person would tell me."


"I told you to teach me." Kento commented, "And you're laughing at me now."


"Oh, right. I'm sorry." She slowly stopped laughing, "It's just the weirdest and dumbest answers."


"An atom with something different." Kento guessed.


"Replace something with a chemical term."


"Atoms with different..." Kento thought hard.


"Let me give you a clue." Shiraishi said, "I can't stop laughing seeing that you're stuck and giving me stupid answers."


"Oh wow."


"Atoms with same number of protons, but different number of neutrons. Now, something is missing. Do you know what it is?"


"Hmm." Kento kept tapping his pen on his table.


"Keep gueesing, Onii-san." She placed her arm on his shoulder, "Because we have the whole day and night, and you can dedicate it all to thinking for a chemistry paper."


"Okay, I'm trying my best." Kento accidentally hit his head with a pen. He then suddenly remembered what a isotope is.


"Isotopes are atoms of the same element with the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons."


"Yay!" She smiled, "You got it correct!"


"Yes!" Kento heaved a sigh of relief, "I've solved a question."


"But not the whole paper though." She stated, "The paper has 18 questions, and we're only done with one."


"W...what?!" He looked at her in despair, "You mean we're left with 17 questions?"


"Oh yes, we are." 


Kento smiled weakly at Shiraishi, "I need a toilet break."


Han, Jay, Shaggy and Roi were sitting in Shaggy's living room, watching television shows.


"Did you see that actor?" Roi asked, "His expressions are not even convincing to tell me that he's sad or depressed. He sucks at acting."


"As if you're any better, Roi." Shaggy teased.


"Woah, watch your mouth, Mr Shaggy." Roi said, "It doesn't mean I can't punch you although I'm an entertainer."


Han's phone then rang. 


"Hello, this is Arukan Han here." Han answered.


"Han!" Jordan was on the other line, "It's Jordan Riser, your old schoolmate!"


"Jordan! How did you know my number?"


"Oh, Kento told me. I asked him if he was able to go to find Freddy today, but he told me that he's not free due to a study date.


"Yeah, it's kinda pathetic." Han laughed, "Anyway, why did you call me?"


"Oh, it's because I found out what Freddy's going to do today." Jordan explained, "He's going to the warehouse today with Kameko to make some stuff."


"How did you know all this?" 


"Because I got special information." Jordan said, "Anyway, I heard that you guys want to nab Freddy quickly. Quickly get there before he's gone."


"I gotta ask Kento first. For confirmation."


"Okay, go ahead and ask. He should agree because if he loses this chance, we might not see Freddy Frawes again."


"Understood." Han then ended the call. He thought for a while until the other three saw him staring into space.


"Yo, Han." Shaggy waved his hand at Han's face, "You alive, my brother?"


"He's probably dreaming Shiraishi in a bikini." Roi said, "Or he's either thinking how to snatch her from Ryu Yamada."


"What are you talking about, Roi?" Han turned his head towards Roi.


"Nothing." He looked somewhere else, "I was saying nothing."


"Anyways, Jordan Riser told us the whereabouts of Freddy Frawes."


"Really?" Jay asked, "Should we ask Boss to come along?"


"No." Han said, "He has something important to attend to currently. Jordan told us to act quickly because Freddy might disappear anytime, and we might not be able to get a definite location of him after that. Contacting Boss would delay the time."


"If you say so." Shaggy said, "You're the co-leader."


"Great." Han stood up from the sofa, "We'll leave in 5 minutes."


Han, Shaggy, Jay and Roi went to a warehouse in the middle of a forrest. They slowly crept into the warehouse and saw no one.


"Are you sure Freddy is here?" Jay asked, "He might have moved."


"We came here in the quickest and fastest time." Han said, "Hopefully he hasn't move out yet."


The four slowly crept in. 


"It's empty." Roi said.


"That's strange. Jordan told us he's here like 10 minutes ago. There's no way they could coincidentally left."


"That's right, Han." Siwei came out from a box at the other end. Some other thugs came in with him.


Jerald came out from another box.


"I thought you were well-handled by the police." Han snickered, "Did Charles Miller even do his job?"


"He has a job?" Siwei laughed, "Haven't you heard he turned into a boy?"


"What a way to talk bullshit." Han clenched his fists. 


"Whatever, Mister." Siwei said, "Thugs, attack them!"


The thugs took their bats out and went to fight Roi, Shaggy and Jay while Han went to find Freddy. Siwei and Jerald joined in the fight.


"Looking for me, Arukan Han?" Freddy was mixing some chemicals on the table.


"Surrender, Freddy Frawes." Han pointed a gun at him, "You already did so many bad things. You even gave Shiraishi her witch powers back. You better revert it back."


"Arukan, who are you to tell me to revert it back?" Freddy asked, "I do it whenever I want, wherever I want."


"Stop testing my patience, Frawes." Han said, "Surrender yourself. I'm giving you a chance to do so. Or I'll have to go against you."


"Go against me?" Freddy asked, "I think you got some serious issues, Han. You should see a doctor. Your boss did me wrong. You did me wrong. Your boss killed my brother. You helped your boss."


"He owed us money, Freddy!" Han screamed, "You gotta stop bringing up the past!"


"I'm a guy who likes to do that, bitch." Freddy shot Han on the shoulder with his gun. Han growled at him.


"That's it." Han pressed the trigger of his gun but realized there's no bullet. He threw the gun onto the floor.


"Guess I have to fight you." Han looked at Freddy.


A few minutes later, Kento is still studying Chemistry. He was about to be done with the practice paper.


"...and thus ionic compounds have low melting and boiling points." Kento heaved a sigh of relief, "I'm done, Shiraishi."


"Great." She was on Kento's bed, lying down to relax. She got up and went to mark Kento's paper.


Meanwhile, his phone rang. Kento looked at his phone and saw that Shaggy called him.


"Hey, Shaggy." Kento answered the call, "Have you found a clue about Freddy Frawes?"


"Boss, I regret to tell you this," Shaggy sighed, "But Han's unconscious in the hospital."


"What?" Kento stood up, shocked. 


To be continued in Episode 21

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