Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





4. Episode 2

16 years ago...


"Bro, wake up!" Han shook Kento's body. It is eight in the morning, and Kento is still in his bed in the gang hideout. 


"Let me sleep, you sucker." Kento flipped his body to the another side of the body. 


"It's urgent, asshole!" Han screamed and slapped Kento's back.


"Ouch!" Kento groaned in pain, "What could be so urgent that you gotta wake me up from your sleep?"


"Dark Phoneix is back." Han shook his head.


"And that's normal." Kento said, "As long as she don't hurt any one of us, I don't bother giving a fuck."


"The bad news is..." Han stopped.


"What's so fucking urgent? Let me have my beauty sleep. Every day is filled with gang related issues. And I'm fucking tired as shit."


"The bad news is that your sister kidnapped by her." Han sighed.


Kento got up immediately, "Did you just say Shiraishi is kidnapped by that bitch?"


Han slowly nodded.


"Get the gang. I gotta discuss this."


A few minutes later, four other gang members came. Kento got out from the toilet after bathing.


"Boss," Han said, "I got Roi, Jay, Ma and Shaggy here." 


"Great." Kento walked to the living room as he saw the four members waiting for him.


"I'm glad you guys can make it." Kento said, "Considering you can get off the police's radars."


"We're smart." Roi said. He is a brown hair guy who looks like a douchebag. He's a look alike of Robin Thicke, a famous singer known for his song "Blurred Lines."


"So, why did you call us here, Boss?" Ma asked. He's a look alike of Miles Teller.


"I'm sorry to call you at such an early time." Kento said, "You see, Dark Phoneix had striked again."


"And I though you said not to bother her anymore." Jay said. He's a look alike of Kim Jae-Wook.


"I sincerely do not wish to give a fuck about her." Kento replied, "But she kidnapped my sister from what Han said."


"You'd better give her a call." said Shaggy, who is a look alike of singer Rag'n'Bone Man, "She might be baiting you."


"I don't even need to call her." Kento said as his phone vibrated, "She messaged me."


He went to look at the message and realized that she sent a video. Kento pressed the play button. 


It was a ten second clip that showed Shiraishi struggling to get free from the ropes. There was also a message sent. It read "Meet me at our meeting point."


"Let's get down to business." He and the gang went down to their weapon room. He picked up a shiny sword while the others got their knifes and guns.


"I've never felt more happy to touch this again." Kento smiled at the sword. 


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 02


16 years later...


Shiraishi and Nene Odagiri were waiting for their kids to be released from school, which ends a few minutes later.


"So, you're saying Yamada's busy?" Odagiri asked.


"He didn't spent lots of time with me like he used." Shiraishi sighed, "He told me he's doing a very important project that could determine whether he could get promoted to Manager."


"Then you should feel happy for him and encouraging him." Odagiri said, "He's taking on a big thing. He might get stressed over it. Remember, if he comes home, you got to welcome him properly."


The kids then came out from school. The two girls took their kids and walked while talking.


"I know I should feel proud." Shiraishi said, "But even my sons miss playing with him. I miss the old him. I guess this is what happens when I marry a good businessman. There are good and bad points."


"You're probably right." Odagiri said, "Well, at least you get to rest at home. That useless Ushio don't make enough money that even I have to go to work to earn money."


"Indeed I feel blessed." Shiraishi said, "Hopefully Yamada is almost finished with his project."


Yamada is in the office, working with a woman for his latest project.


"Thanks, Paris." Yamada said, "Thank you for coming down all the way from Elgaia to help me with this."


"You're my good friend, plus I'm good at Geography." Paris said, "Of course I'll help you."


After a few minutes, they were done with the Geography part.


"And it's all done." Paris wiped her sweat away. 


"I can't thank you enough, Paris." Yamada said, "Call me when you need help."


"Sure. But what's this project all about?"


"It's all about how to get customers from all around the world." Yamada explained, "I'm planning to get customers from the best of the best so that they can pay much more money and we'll be richer."


"Well, it actually depends." Paris said, "Some customers have different interests."


"But if I convince them hard enough, I'll be able to attract them to sell the products."


"Sure you can. I believe in you." Paris patted his shoulder. Two other girls came in.


"Paris, we're going to be late for the movie!" A black-haired girl with red armor screamed.


"Seria, we can be patient." The girl, who looked like a goddess, said, "If Paris is done, then we'll move on."


"I'm done, girls." Paris shouted back, then turned to Yamada, "I'll see you again when I'm finished with my touring."


"No problem." Yamada replied, "And thanks." 


"You're welcome." Paris then walked away with the girls. Yamada flipped through his file. He had done five out of six sections of his project. 


"Finally, I'm almost done." He thought. "I'm left with one last section. After this, I'm gonna enjoy spending time with my pretty wife and my two lovely children."


He flipped to the last few pages of his file and saw the last section.


"Comments on project by colleague." 


"Oh shit, this is the worst part." Yamada sighed and shook his head. He thought of somebody who he can trust to write a good review.


No one. But the only person in the office...


Yamada walked to the door of someone's work room. He thought about the comments made by people about her.


"She's a crazy bitch. She'll do anything to achieve her goals. But she's so smart, she knows your strengths and weaknesses in your work and can correct them for you."


"She's a weirdo, but the smartest person in the office. Any help you need in your work, just ask her, and if she's willing, your problem's resolved."


"She's approachable for help and if you talk extra nicely to her, you have a higher chance of having professional help from her."


He breathed in and out nervously, "I can do this." He whispered to himself. He knocked the door thrice.


A woman's voice could be heard, "Come in."


Yamada opened the door and saw a girl doing work on her table.


"May I know who are you?" She asked while looking at her work.


"Ms Ara Li." Yamada called out.


She looked up at him, "Oh, it's you, Mr Yamada. Come on, take a seat at my comfortable sofa."


Yamada closed the door and sat on the sofa as Ara took a seat on a chair opposite him.


"What can I do for you?" She asked.


"I...I was hoping..." Yamada stammered, "Hoping...you...c...could help me look at my project and c...c...comment on it."


"Comment on it, huh?" Ara nodded, "Let me take a look at it. Come back tomorrow to see my comments."


"Th...th...thank you, Ms Ara." Yamada stood up and bowed down.


"It's okay, go home and spend some time with your family." Ara said. 


"Okay, and goodbye, Ms Ara." Yamada walked out of the room. She smiled at Yamada. 


"Such a cute boy." She thought, "Guess I shall give him the best marks he could get."


In prison, White Dragon and the prisoners were released out of their jail cell to the indoor sports hall for sports. They all ran to the parade square to play basketball, soccer or dodgeball.


White Dragon thought about what he head heard about his sister. She has a husband. She even has two children: one three, another one.


"Whatcha' thinking about, man?" Another prisoner sat beside him, "Must be some deep shit."


"Who are you?"


"Oh, I'm Lucas," the guy shook White Dragon's hand, "You must be White Dragon, the famous gangster boss of the gang White Dragons. Great job on beating up that son of a bitch just now."


"And what's your concern?" White Dragon asked, annoyed with him talking.


"Look, I'm just trying to make friends." Lucas said, "I want to make the prison a better place for me. For the past 7 years I was always picking fights with people. There was no end. I regretted it, and for this eighth and last year that I'm going to be in prison, I'm changing my ways to make jail more fun."


"As if you suffered 15 years of pain." White Dragon sighed, "But what I did was worth the pain. As long as I get to see my sister enjoy her life as a happy girl, I'm contented. I'm even willing to stay in jail for eternity."


"But you're getting released soon." Lucas said. 


"I am." White Dragon sighed, "But something's bugging me. And it's a piece of disturbing news."


"Oh, I see." Lucas nodded, "Let's go to the locker room and continue talking there, shall we? I need to take something."


Both of them walked into the locker room. Lucas locked the door.


"Look, White Dragon." Lucas said.


"And I really feel like punching you." White Dragon said, "You're lucky you're in the public. I do not want any more community hours after I beat up a person. What do you want?"


"Look, I know you don't trust me." Lucas said, "I used to work for the Dark Phoenix. I know. I'm an asshole. But you gotta trust me this time. You got to."


"I got to?" White Dragon pushed Lucas to a locker, "What makes you think I'm going to trust my enemy's worker?"


"Just trust me. She's planning something big this time. She visited me a few days ago. She wants to bomb the high school your sister used to be in. Not just that, it looks like she lost a hand. 


"She also told me she's gonna kill your sister and everyone related to her, be it by school or by family. And then she's going to take you down."


White Dragon let go of Lucas, "So what you're saying is true?"


"I wouldn't lie to you anymore." Lucas said, "I've realized my mistake. Please, trust me. She's back. She's stronger. She's up for revenge."


White Dragon stared at the mirror and clenched his fists, "Looks like the news were true."


He remembered him watching his sister's graduation from university from afar with a guy. He remembered him watching his sister's marriage from outside the window, marrying the same guy. He remembered when his sister first got pregnant, he was watching from the outside of the ward. All of this was made possible by the kind officers who allowed him to go out during her special events.


"I'm gonna make a move now." Lucas unlocked the door and walked out. White Dragon took his towel out and walked out of the room.


Yamada drove home from work. As he walked into the house, he saw unfamiliar sneakers outside.


"What the fuck?" He opened the door and heard soft screaming. Before he could move, guys came out of his room, pushing Shiraishi forward and pointing a gun at her head.


"Move out." One of the guys said. Yamada slowly walked back and out of the house. The guys pushed Shiraishi out of the house, then pushed her to Yamada.


"Both of you, turn back and hands behind your back."


Shiraishi and Yamada placed their hands behind their back. As the guys were about to handcuff them, a guy in a hat and sunglasses came and shot one of the guys, his car at the back. The other looked at him.


"Come at me, motherfuckers." The guy got prepared to fight.


"With pleasure." The leader smiled. The guys rushed to beat the guy. He took the tree trunk and hit some of the guys on the head. One of the guys tried hitting him with a metal pole, but he grabbed hold of the pole and kicked his private part. He took the metal pole and hit the rest of the guys. 


The leader glared at the guy, "You got skills." 


"You bet." The guy went forward to hit the leader. He punched his face and carried him. The guy then jumped and slammed the leader down on the floor while landing on him. 


"Get out of here before I injure you more." He guy growled. The leader ran away. The door of the guy's car opened and Yamada's two boys came out of the car and hugged their parents.


"You forgot to pick up your kids in time." The guy said, "So I picked them up for you. Guess I should leave now."


He got back into his car and drove off.


Shiraishi and Yamada looked at each other, "Who's he?"


To be continued in Episode 3

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