Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





21. Episode 19

"You're saying you know that Freddy Frawes looked at the recording live?" Jordan asked in his house.


"Yeah, Jordan." Kento said, "A few minutes ago, Charles showed me a video of Freddy dragging Ushio's body along with the two children's body to the bedroom before running off."


"Not bad, Kento." Jordan patted his shoulder, "You could be an investigator next time."


"You flatter me, Mr Riser." Kento said.


"I mean, you really could." Jordan said, "You're able to find the killer of Ushio."


"It's with the help of Charles Miller."


"Charles Miller showed you the video?"


"Yeah. Anyway, can you cook ramen for me? I wanted supper before I return home."


"Sure." Jordan said.


"I need to attend to the toilet first." Kento went to the toilet. Jordan fished out his phone and saw a message. Kento then came out of the toilet.


"I'm sorry." Jordan said, "I need to attend to a call. I can't cook supper for you today."


"It's okay, I have something on too. I'll return home then." Kento said, "I'll see you soon."


"Yeah, see you soon." Jordan walked Kento out of the house before closing the door. He then texted the same person who sent the message.


"Meet at my house at midnight."


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 19


When Kento returned home, he went to take a bath before returning to his room. He took out his textbooks from his high school a few years. He sat down on his chair and placed his textbooks on the table before reading them.


He wanted to study again. He had promised himself that if he had free time, he'd use it to study. So that's what he's doing now.


As he was reading his Science textbook, someone knocked on his door.


"Come in." Kento continued to look at his textbook.


"Onii-san is studying?" Shiraishi gave a surprised look.


"What's with that look?" Kento asked, "I want to study. Anything wrong with that?"


"Oh, nothing wrong, Onii-san." Shiraishi said, "I was just wondering why you are studying."


"It's because I've skipped 5 years of study. And I want to learn new knowledge so that it can make up for the 15 years I'm gone."


Kento then looked at Shiraishi, "And aren't you supposed to be sleeping?"


"Yeah. I was just interested to see what you are doing."


"You get to enjoy your own life and live a rich lifestyle because of your studies." Kento sighed, "And I live a rich lifestyle because of gang activities. I just want to show to people that I'm the guy I used to be. The guy who loves studying, and is good at almost every subject. I want to show them that I got a rich lifestyle with studying, not from gang shit."


"I understand that, Onii-san."


"Go and sleep, Shiraishi." Kento pushed her out of the room, "Enjoy your beauty sleep. I can manage studying on my own."


"Are you sure?" Shiraishi asked.


"Yeah, yeah." Kento pushed her to her room, "Good night, my beautiful sister." He smiled at her before walking off back to his room.


A few minutes, he's stuck at a Maths question.


"What the hell is this?" He asked himself. "The equation is y=(2x+1)(x+2)² and they want me to differentiate with respect to x. Oh my."


As he was about to skip the question, a soft hand touched his.


"Don't skip it." Shiraishi gently said, "I'll teach you." She took a chair and sat beside Kento. 


"So first, what do you think you should do?" She asked.


"Find du and dv?"


"The formula." She said, "Know the formula. In this case, it's differentiation and the product rule. For differentiation, when f(x) = xⁿ, and n is a positive integer, f'(x)= xⁿ¹ .


"So in this case," Shiraishi pointed at the equation, "n in both equations are positive. Because (2x+1) = (2x+1)¹ , and the n in (x+2)² is positive as n=2 ."


"Okay." Kento nodded.


"Next, the product rule." Shiraishi explained, "For product rule, dy/dx = u(dv/dx) + v(du/dx). We would let (2x+1) be u and let (x+2)² be v. So, we'll differentiate the first part of the equation, which is (2x+1). 


"So in here, n=1, so (2x+1) stays. Inside this (2x+1), 2x and 1 can be differentiated. 2x would be 2, because the 2 is brought in front and not touched, while the x is gone because when you bring down the 1 from x (x=x¹), it is equal to x¹¹, which is x⁰, and it equals to one. 1 would turn into zero as there is no x. So, du/dx is 2.


"In the second part, (x+2)² can also be differentiated. Bring the 2 to the front, which would be 2(x+2). Now we are left with the inside to differentiate. x would be 1 and 2 would turn into zero as there is no x. So dv/dx is 2(x+2).


"So, we are left with the multiplication. The formula is dy/dx = u(dv/dx) + v(du/dx). We just sub all the values in. 


"It should be 'dy/dx = (2x+1)(2)(x+2) + (x+2)² (2)'. If we work out the math, the answer should be'(x+2)(6x+6)'."


Kento checked the answer at the back of the textbook, "It's correct. You're a fucking genius."


"Looks like I hadn't lost my study skills." She smiled.


"You're just boasting, aren't you?" Kento asked. They both laughed.


"But do you understand clearly how I got the answer?" Shiraishi asked.


"Yes." Kento said, "Thank you, Shiraishi. You're the best sister I ever had."


"Aww." Shiraishi's cheeks turned red, "Anyway, I'm going to stay up with you and study together with you. I'll be helping you along the way, so don't be afraid to ask me... or should is say... Ms Urara...any questions."


Kento stared at her for a while, then they both laughed again. 


The next morning, Kento went to the living room and saw Odagiri eating her breakfast.


"Morning, purple-haired girl." He greeted.


"Morning, Mr White." Odagiri greeted back.


"Wow, you used my old name."


"Anyway, Kento-san." Odagiri said, "Do you mind going out with me in the afternoon?"


"Going out?" He asked, "Well, I'm free today, so I think I won't mind."


"Great." Odagiri smiled, "Meet me at my work place at 12. I took a half-day off."


"Where the fuck's your workplace?" 


"Oh, I'll send you the location later."


"Then I guess I'll see you later." 


"Yeah, see you later." Odagiri went off for work, eating the last part of bread.


Kento went to visit Sarushima in her house. Sarushima wore a mask that covered the right half of her face.


"You can take the mask off." Kento said, "I won't judge."


She took it off and it showed the disfigured part of her face.


"You know, Sarushima. We've found the person who did this to you. And I'm sorry. The person who attacked you is related to Kameko, which means that it's partially my fault that your face became what it is today."


"It's okay, Kento." She spoke, "I don't blame you. I'm just devastated at the state of my face."


"I'm going to find a professional plastic surgeon after I'm done in defeating Kameko." Kento said, "And you're going to get your whole face back. Anyway, why didn't you tell your friends this?"


"They'll worry too much." Sarushima said, "And it'll disrupt the process in defeating Kameko."


"Sarushima, one last thing. Can you kiss me?"


"Kiss you?" Sarushima asked, "Why do you want me to do that?"


"You see, Shiraishi's witch powers has came back. And as you all know, she is the main and original witch. And so, the thing I'm suspecting is... the witch powers for everyone are back."


Sarushima then kissed Kento. She waited for a while before saying, "You're right. I see your future."


Kento looked at her surprisingly.


"Then what is it?" Kento questioned.


"I see you..." Sarushima stopped for a while, "This is not good, Kento-san."


"Just tell me." Kento said.


Sarushima heaved a long sigh, "I see you getting pushed off the top of a tall building...by Kameko."


"Are you kidding?" Kento shockingly asked, "I get pushed by Kameko? This must be a joke."


"No, it isn't." She said, "The future I predict is true. But it's just a glimpse. You might be able to change it."


Kento looked at Sarushima, "So, you're going to keep quiet about your face?"


"Until Kameko is defeated." Sarushima sighed, "Which is impossible, because you will get pushed off by her."


"If I ever stop the witches power, would the future change?"


"Unfortunately, no."


Kento nodded, "I'll see you soon."


Freddy, in Kameko's operating chair, is speaking to a person through phone.


"You're saying I've been found out?" Freddy asked, "They found out a footage of me dragging Igarashi's body? How did they get the footage?... Charles Miller, you say?... Okay, so you want me to carry out the plan you talked about? You sure he's unaware of anything that's about to happen?... Okay, I trust you. I'll talk to you later."


Freddy ended the call and smiled, "Urara Kento, you're going to receive a surprise. And it's going to be awesome."


Charles Miller is doing work in his office. He took the work files and placed it aside while he  concentrated on a work file.


"Ushio Igarashi's murder." 


"Looks like I got an evidence after so long."  He smiled to himself. Two police officers then stood outside his office.


"Sir Charles," One of the police officers said, "A person is looking for you."


"For me?" Charles asked, "Who's that?"


"We don't know, Sir." The second police officer replied, "We just know it's an important person. He said it's urgent to meet you."


"Meet me urgently?" Charles thought, "That must be Jonny, my supervisor. Always saying it's urgent for me to meet him."


"Okay, I'll follow." Charles stood up from his seat and followed the police officers down to the carpark.


Charles and the two police officers then reached behind a van, where the back door is open.


"Nobody's inside?" Charles asked.


"Of course." The first police officer pushed him in, "It's for you, Charles Miller." The two officers jumped in the van and closed the back door.


"Who are you?" Charles took out his gun and pointed at one of the duo. The two policemen took out guns and pointed at him.


"We're not police officers, dummy." The second police officer took off his hat, revealing it to be Jerald.


The first policeman took out his hat, revealing it to be Freddy.


"Long time no see, Mr Miller." Freddy patted Charles on the back.


Charles gulped.


Kento waited outside Odagiri's workplace at lunchtime. He tried calling Charles Miller to see if there's any clue for Ushio's case, but he could not be reached.


As he was trying to call, someone tapped his shoulder. He turned around and got a fright.


"Odagiri!" He screamed.


"Kento-san!" She hugged him, "I thought you wouldn't come. Did you get a scare from me?"


"The second time." Kento said, "Anyway, what's your plan? Why are you bringing me out?"


"Oh, because I want to enjoy some time with you." Odagiri said, "You cheered me up during my sad and hard times after Ushio's death. So, I guess I should repay the favor."


"Okay." Kento said, "Let's get going then. We're going to make full use of the half-day, aren't we?"


After eating lunch, Odagiri brought Kento to the arcade together. They played a shooting game together. Odagiri then tried the claw machine. She tried 5 times to get a big teddy bear, but the claw was not able to catch the bear. She got sad.


Kento tried once and it was at the edge of the exit. He then looked left and right to made sure no one is going to notice what he's about to do.


He punched the side of the machine and the bear fell into the exit! He took the bear and gave it to Odagiri.


"For you." Kento said. Odagiri looked at the bear and jumped happily. Kento smiled.


Odagiri then brought him to the ice cream shop, where she bought a blueberry ice cream and he bought a vanilla ice cream. Finally, they went to a nearby park and sat beside each other on a bench.


"I felt like we had fun today, Odagiri." Kento said.


"Of course it is!" Odagiri said, "It's with me."


"Ha ha ha." Kento laughed.


"I'm serious." Odagiri uttered as she finished her ice cream, "But did you enjoy yourself today?"


"I do." Kento smiled, "A lot." He then finished his ice cream. 


"Kento-san, I just want to thank you for being so willing to spend the day with me." Odagiri turned to him, "Not a lot of people dare hang out with me."


"No problem. I had fun." Kento stood up, "Let's go home. Shiraishi must've cooked dinner for us already."


"Kento-san," She held his hand as she stood up, "I know you've been kind to me. You cheered me up during my bad times, let me have a house to live in and even treat me kind although I keep blaming you for my friends' death. I don't know, but suddenly, I feel like... I have feelings for you."


Kento turned back and faced her.


"I know it's awkward to say this," Odagiri voiced out, "But I like you, Kento-san. Will you be my boyfriend?"


Kento looked at her surprisingly. 


"I mean, you might have feelings for someone else or you might not like anyone else. This can be a one-sided love, or..."


"Nene Odagiri," Kento held her hands, "I like you too. You treated me kindly, you planned the party to let everyone know me better, and you let me had lots of fun today.


"I will be your boyfriend. Will you be my girlfriend, then?"


"Of...of course!" Odagiri slowly smiled. She hugged Kento. He then carried her and smiled at her as she screamed happily.


To be continued in Episode 20

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