Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





20. Episode 18

Kento visited Harry Lieow in jail during dinner time.

"Who are you? Harry asked, "And what do you want?"

"Harry Lieow?" Kento asked.

"And you seem to know my name." Harry said, "My twin brother must have told you that."

"You're right and wrong." Kento said, "But that's not why I'm here. Do you know why I'm here?"

"Of course not, you fuckin dumbass." Harry smashed the table beside him.

"Well, I'll tell you then." Kento replied, "You used to work with Siwei, don't you?"

"Siwei? You mean Heng Siwei?" 


"Okay, fine. What do you want me to tell about him?"

"We need to get Siwei's attention. And unfortunately, fighting with him is only going to attract his boss instead, which is definitely a wrong target. So, may I ask you if you know any way to attract him?"

"You know what he's like, right?"

"Right. He's a pervert."

"That's your clue."

"What do you mean 'that's my clue'?"

"The last word you said before I said that sentence."

"You mean pervert?"

"Of course. That's your clue."

"Pervert's a clue?" Kento was surprised, "But how..."

Kento thought for a while, then snapped his fingers.

"I got an idea." He grinned.

Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Episode 18

The next morning, Shiraishi got discharged from the hospital with Odagiri and Noa sending her out.

"Let's visit Sarushima." Odagiri said. The other two nodded. The trio got into Odagiri's car and they drove to Sarushima's house.

"It's so big." Shiraishi commented.

The three girls then got out of the car and went to knock on Sarushima's door.

"Sarushima!" Odagiri called out, "Are you at home?"

No answer.

"Sarushima!" Odagiri called out again. There was no response again.

"Is she ever at home?" Noa asked.

"We should visit her another day." Shiraishi suggested, "Maybe she's out overseas or something."

"You might be true." Odagiri said.

Kento and Yamada are discussing about Siwei in Kento's house.

"So you're meaning we can catch Siwei with this plan this time?" Yamada asked.

"Hopefully." Kento said, "He's a pervert. So that should do."

Odagiri and Shiraishi then returned home.

"Shiraishi! You're discharged." Yamada stood up from the sofa, "Why didn't you call me?"

"Odagiri was there to fetch me." She replied, "Anyway, I came back safely, didn't I?"

"Shiraishi and Odagiri, you're back in time." Kento smiled.

"Have you guys caught Siwei yet?" Odagiri asked.

"No." Kento said, "Which is why I got a better plan."

"A better plan?" Shiraishi asked.

"You see," Kento explained, "Siwei is a pervert, from what Harry said. I went to find Harry and he gave me a clue, which is the word 'pervert'. And I knew what he exactly wanted me to do. You girls knew Siwei's a sicko, and he gets sexually aroused when he sees girls with big breasts."

Shiraishi looked at Kento, "Wait, so you're meaning..."

"Yes. You told me once that you two had witch dresses. So, in order for me to catch Siwei, we need you two girls to wear that."

"No way!" Odagiri shook her head, "That dress shows some cleavage and I do not like wearing those kind of dresses!"

"Please, Odagiri and Shiraishi." Kento begged, "We need to take Freddy Frawes down. And in order to know where he is, we need Siwei. If we find Siwei, we can take him and Freddy down. That's two birds in one stone. Then we can face Kameko and bring her to justice."

"But there must be some better way." Odagiri complained.

"Please, girls. I beg you. Wear that." Kento begged again.

"If Odagiri agrees, I'll agree." Shiraishi replied.

"Odagiri, please." Kento went on his knees, "I want to take Freddy down. If we know about his whereabouts, we get to stop him. He's also the cause of Sarushima's face."

"Sarushima's face?" Odagiri asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"I heard from Henry while I was returning home yesterday night after visiting Harry. We met at the prison gate. He told me half of Sarushima's face... is gone. It was splashed with acid. Henry examined the pail that was on the floor after the person splashed the acid, and there were fingerprints on it. The fingerprints belonged to none other than Freddy Frawes."

Odagiri stared at Kento with shock.

"So, please, Odagiri, please wear the dress." Kento said, "Please, I'm already begging you, on my fucking knees. We need to stop Freddy before he harms anyone again."

Odagiri sighed, "Fine, because he has hurt one of our friends. But it's just this once."

"Thank you, Odagiri." Kento hugged her. She smiled.

At night outside the nightclub, Odagiri and Shiraishi came in their witch dress and cape. Odagiri adjusted her cleavage while Shiraishi puts on her long gloves.

Han and Kento hid behind a bush.

"You sure this works?" Han asked, "Would Siwei ever arrive?"

"Yeah. Jennifer told Siwei to meet at the nightclub." Kento replied, "So we wait for him to appear."

"So, Onii-san told us to wait for him here, right?" Shiraishi asked Odagiri.

"Yeah. He said Siwei would arrive in a few minutes time." Odagiri wore her long gloves, "So we should just wait. And these high heel boots are just making my legs suffer."

"That's why we got to sit." Shiraishi said, "And I know of a way to seduce him to come to us so that we can suck information from him."

Shiraishi took a table and sat on it. She rested her legs on top of a chair. By placing her legs on the chair, it reveals Shiraishi's white panties under her skirt.

"You're showing your panties off when you already shown your cleavage!" Odagiri said, "Don't you think someone would sexually assault you instead?"

"I think I can fight back." She said, "We'd better pretend to talk." 

While they are talking, Siwei appeared. He saw Shiraishi and her panties.

"Here's the time." Kento whispered. 

Siwei went near to Shiraishi. She saw him and stood up.

"Urara Shiraishi." Siwei smiled, "You look pretty today. What's the special occasion?"

"I'm meeting someone here." Shiraishi said.

"In this outfit?" Siwei asked, "Anyway, I just want to talk to you."

"Ok." Shiraishi was about to leave with Siwei when Odagiri held her hand.

"Be careful." Odagiri said. Shiraishi nodded and Odagiri let go of her hand. Siwei brough her to the back of the nightclub. 

"You're a pretty bunch." He took out handcuffs and pushed her to the wall, her back facing him. He handcuffed her and turned her around, her cuffed hands behind her back."

"Now, I might want to see those big things, to get back on how you offended me last time." He smiled. He pulled Shiraishi's cleavage down.

"Son of a bitch." Kento came out of the bush. As Siwei was about to touch her breasts, Kento punched his face from the side. Han came out of the bush too and took the key of the handcuff from Siwei. He then took off Shiraishi's handcuffs.

"How dare you try to rape my sister, you motherfucker!" Kento screamed at Siwei, "You motherfucking pervert! If I don't stop you today, you would've raped my innocent sister!"

Kento used all his force and punched Siwei's face. Two of his teeth came out of his mouth. Han pulled him back while Siwei is unconscious.

"Get a hold of yourself, Boss." Han said, "We need information from him."

"And you." Kento looked at Shiraishi, "How could let yourself get raped just like that?"

"I'm sorry." Shiraishi pulled up her cleavage, "My hands were cuffed."

"And you told Odagiri you think you know how to fight back." Kento sighed. 

In a random house, Siwei's hands were chained to a chair.

"What do you want, you two?" Siwei asked the girls.

"We want information on Freddy Frawes." Odagiri demanded.

"What information do you think I know?" Siwei laughed, "None."

"Say that again, and you'll get fucking punched." Kento came into the room. 

"Woah, chill down, Kento." Siwei said, "I'm just getting back at the girl who offended me years ago."

Shiraishi slapped Siwei, "You raped me. And I don't think my offending is equal to the rape I had just received."

"You better tell us the whereabouts of Freddy Frawes, Heng Siwei." Kento growled, "We know you know where Freddy is."

"Urara Kento." Siwei said, "It's not that I don't want to tell you. I do not want to get beaten up again like that. It's just..." He trailed off.

"It's just what?" Odagiri asked.

"It's just... Freddy didn't tell me where he would be." Siwei sighed, "And it's for a few days already."

"When did that happen?" Kento asked.

"Since a week ago." Siwei sighed.

"Oh well, then." Kento nodded his head, "You refuse to open up and give us a lousy excuse. So, I'll make sure I punch you. Odagiri, Shiraishi, place the blindfold on."

"Why are you doing this? I told you everything." Siwei screamed as Shiraishi blindfolded Siwei with a cloth and Odagiri held him back.

"And as I punch, I don't want your eyes to get hurt. So that you at least still can see me and remember me. You'll be scared of me. And I think by the time I'm done punching you, you might be paralyzed, like what you did to Mr Tan."

"What? No." Siwei begged, "Please, Kento. Have mercy on me. I really am telling the truth."

"Nah, you ain't." Kento clenched his fists, "Here comes the punch."

As Kento was about to punch Siwei, Siwei suddenly cried out, "Fine, fine! I can tell you something about him!"

Kento's fist is in front of Siwei's nose.

"And what's that thing?" Odagiri asked.

"He's going to plan an attack on Noa Takigawa's house." Siwei screamed, "He's just going to do something to it a few days later! That's all I know, I swear!"

"Good job. I know you're hiding something, Mr Heng." Kento patted his shoulder, "Thanks for telling us this information. It's precious."

"Can I be released?" Siwei asked.

"Ha ha ha." Kento laughed, "Unfortunately, no. I think I had enough of you raping girls. It's time for you to stop it. The police arrives in 10 minutes. It's either you find a way to escape with your blindfold, or you get arrested."

"What? You gotta let me out, Urara Kento!" Siwei screamed. Kento signaled for Shiraishi and Odagiri to leave the house while Siwei struggled. 

"Urara Kento!" He screamed for the last time, "You're going to pay for this!"

In Kento's house, Kento, Yamada, Odagiri, Shiraishi and Han clanked their wine glasses together.

"Cheers!" They shouted in unison. 

"We have eliminated 2 gang members of the gang." Han said, "We're left with two."

"A duo so hard to take down." Kento said, "They're smarter than their gang members."

"Of course." Yamada replied, "A leader is stronger than his team members. Like you're stronger than your gang mates.

"We should take a break." Odagiri said, "So much things has happened, we didn't have a time to rest."

"Well, technically, Yamada, Onii-san and I did take a break before." Shiraishi commented.

"Whatever." Odagiri crossed her arms.

"You guys can take a break." Kento said, "But remember to return in three days time. We need to make sure that we catch Freddy Frawes red-handed."

When everyone left off, Charles came in the house.

"We just found a recent clue." Charles said.

"About what?" Kento asked, "And who allowed you to step into my house?"

"That's not the problem. You'll not believe this when you see it."

In the police station, Charles showed a video to Kento. It showed Freddy pulling the bodies of Ushio and his children to his bedroom. He placed Ushio at the most left, and the two kids beside him.

"What's the meaning of this, Mr Miller?" Kento asked.

"It means," Charles looked at Kento, "It's not a random person who attacked Ushio Igarashi. It's none other than Freddy Frawes."

"Then this connects." Kento leaned back on the chair, "Now I know why he looks at Odagriri live."

To be continued in Episode 19

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