Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





19. Episode 17

The next morning, Kento woke up and walked down to his living room. He went to bathe and came out.


He then heard someone knocking the door.


"Who the hell could be knocking?" He wondered, "Shiraishi and Yamada are in hospital. Odagiri's in work. Who could it be?"


He opened the door. A male stood outside.


"Is Urara Shiraishi around?" The person asked.


"Shiraishi? She's in the hospital."


"Oh, okay then. Thank you." The guy went into his car and drove off. Kento hopped into his car and drove after him.


Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 17


The guy got out of his car upon parking his car. Kento did the same and slowly followed behind him.


The guy went to the counter and asked for Shiraishi's ward number. He then went outside the door and peeked into the window. He hid behind a toilet door as Yamada walked outside the ward. 


Kento hid behind the wall, "What's he doing?"


The guy then went in the ward. Kento sneaked towards the ward.


"Miss Urara Shiraishi." The guy said.


"Who are you?" Shiraishi asked.


"Miss Shiraishi," The guy asked, "I'm Henry Lieow. Do you remember me?"


"I do." She sipped her glass of water, "You're Sarushima's cousin."


"I'm glad you could remember." Henry said, "I was wondering if you could do me a favor."


"Me?" Shiraishi asked, "What is it about?"


Henry passed to her a bag of medicine and make-up products.


"Hopefully you can pass this to Sarushima for me." Henry said, "She told me to buy this from the United States. You're her friend, aren't you?"




"So help me pass this to her. She preferred not to tell what happened." 


Shiraishi looked weirdly at him.


"No worries, Harry went to jail for a bank robbery. He won't come to harm you again like that time in Tono U. I'll be moving off then."


He walked out of the ward. A few seconds later, Kento entered the ward with Yamada.


"Nothing weird happened, Shiraishi." Shiraishi said to Yamada.


"Wait, you switched bodies?" Kento asked.


"I thought the evil twin brother came." Yamada said as he kissed Shiraishi. 


"But only to realize it's Henry, the good twin brother." Shiraishi said.


"That guy had a twin brother?" Kento asked, "Who's that?"


"Harry and Henry Lieow." Shiraishi explained, "Sarushima has two cousins, and they're twin brothers. Henry is the good one. He's kind-hearted and helps us with anything, be it studies or family problems. Harry, on the other side, is totally opposite. He's rude, and does not give a damn about anything. I heard he used to work with Siwei.


"Which reminds me." Kento snapped his fingers, "In order to remove your witch spell, we got to kill Freddy Frawes."


"Kill him?" Yamada asked.


"That's like asking us to kill a madman who can't be stopped." Shiraishi whinnied.


"That's what I heard from Jennifer yesterday evening." Kento said, "We also need to find him, which is a pain in the ass. But, if we find Siwei, we might actually be able to find where Freddy is anytime, anywhere."


"But from what I heard, Siwei's a pervert, isn't he?" Yamada asked. 


"Yeah. However, Jennifer suggested a plan. We could go to his house and find him. He's always at home when he's not in gang meetings or fights."


"And you know the address?" Yamada asked.


"Jennifer told me." Kento said, "Yamada, you follow me. I'll go with my gang and Miyamura. The witches would take care of Shiraishi here."


"Okay." Yamada nodded.


"Be safe, Yamada-kun." Shiraishi held his hands tightly.


"I will. Recover quickly, and you can soon join us in seeing Kameko's defeat." Yamada smiled.


In Shaggy's basement, the gang, Toranosuke and Yamada gathered.


"You sure the plan's going to be successful?" Jay asked Shaggy.


"Yeah, it is going to be." Shaggy said, "It's certified by my girlfriend, a member of the enemy gang."


"Okay, let's set off."


Kento ran to the gang van with the gang, Yamada and Toranosuke.


A few minutes later, they reached Siwei's mansion, which is quite isolated from the city.


"I didn't expect his mansion to be this big." Jay looked at the mansion.


"Whatever. We can't waste more time." Kento said, "Remember our plan. We hide in the house. When Siwei returns home, we ambush him."


"Got it." 


Everyone sneaked into the house and hid in different parts of the house.


Siwei was in his Lamborghini Reventón, calling someone when he reached his garage.


"Yeah, keep the supplies coming." Siwei said, "Kameko wants them. She wants more. She's starting to like you too. You help her too much."


Siwei opened to the door of his house and went in. 


"...And hopefully we get more supplies from you. What are we getting next?.... Oh?... I see. Okay, talk to you later." 


Siwei walked to his room and was about to bathe when he heard a noise. It came from the living room. He slowly walked out of his room. He looked around the living room.


Toranosuke slowly crept behind him from his room's door. As he was about to attack, Siwei turned around and punched him.


"Bullseye!" Siwei took a vase, "I knew someone was here."


Roi ran in and kicked the vase away, "Not just him."


"So it's you, entertainer." Siwei nodded, "Very well."


Siwei kicked Roi in the face. He ran back to his car and drove off. Kento rushed out with Han and Yamada.


"We gotta chase after him." Han said.


Siwei drove out of the isolated house and into the city while the van chased after him.


"Since when can a van chase after a Lamborghini?" Shaggy asked.


"You won't know if he makes a mistake in the highway." Kento said.


Siwei quickly dialed a number on the phone when he stopped at a traffic junction.


"Boss!" Siwei screamed, "Kento's gang is chasing me! Please send backup!"


The van was a few meters away from the car.


"I see him. He's at the traffic junction." Yamada said, "And the traffic light's still red. We'd be able to catch up to him."


As the van was about to reach the car, Kameko landed in front of their van.


"What the fuck is she doing here?" Han was surprised.


"I'm not sure," Kento stepped on the accelerator, "But I'm sure it's bad."


Kameko advanced towards the van and carried the van with her mechanical hand for a few seconds.


"What the fuck?" Roi screamed, "How did she carry the van?"


Kameko then slammed the van on the floor and waved goodbye with a smile before disappearing. The Lamborghini was gone by the time.


"I can't start up the van." Kento tried turning the key, "The van wouldn't fucking start."


"But our van seems fine." Yamada said.


"Precisely." Toranosuke agreed.


Kento slammed the wheel in anger.


In the hospital, Odagiri and Noa stayed with Shiraishi in her ward.


"The boys went finding?" Noa asked.


"Yeah. They are finding the pervert that kidnapped you." Shiraishi told Noa, "Also known as Siwei."


"Shiraishi," Odagiri asked, "Do you know why Kameko wanted to destroy Sakura High in the first place?"


"I only know that Onii-san must have done something to infuriate Kameko for her to destroy Sakura High."


"Oh yeah, Shiraishi," Noa replied, "When that pervert kidnapped me, he told me he was related to you. How is that so?"


"I offended him back in my junior high days." She sighed, "I said some offending words to him and he saw me ruining Kameko's plan from burning the school."


"Do you mind telling us your relationship with Kento is? Before he went to jail?" Odagiri asked, "I'm very interested."


"Me too, Urara." Noa said.


"I don't mind." Shiraishi explained, "Onii-san used to be a guy who studied so much. Although he studies much, he also hangs out with me sometimes, with either playing or studying. But, coincidentally, every year, on my birthday week, he has a school camp. And he cant attend my birthday. Every time I celebrate my birthday, it was only with my parents. Of course, my brother would give me a present. But I want him to be there to celebrate it with me.


"He gets good results every time an exam comes. He only comes back around 10 or 11 in the night due to studying in a library. His relationship with my parents aren't good, thus he returns home late, including weekends.


"But, on my 12th birthday, he gave me a surprise." Shiraishi smiled, "My parents went overseas for that week. I thought I had to celebrate my birthday alone. When I woke and I'm done with my bathing and hair, I came out and saw my brother school bag in his room. He's supposed to be at camp, but I thought he had forgotten to bring it. I went down to the living room and I saw him, waiting for me.


"I remembered he hugged me and said 'Happy birthday' to me. I cried with joy. That whole day, we went out to my favorite places celebrating. At night, he bought a cake for me and told me to wish for a wish. I wished for him to attend my birthday every year. We took a picture together, and I treated that picture like a treasure.


"However, things changed when the next year came. He was a second year student at his high school. He suddenly started scoring badly in Science, until the point that he scored a zero for one Science exam. One of his friends introduced him to drinking, and he became to drink. He neglected his studies whenever he failed his exam. His results started dropping. On the contrary, I scored better than him. Students made fun of him. That time, it was a hell for him. One night, he and I quarreled. I was just trying to help him improve his Science. I wanted to help Onii-san.


"He declined my help, he went out of the door and a few days later he returned home. He did not attend school, from what his friend Jordan said. Onii-san then told me he was in a gang, and we became distant after that. I felt home was no longer a place for me to hang out, so of course, I friended some friends, which included Siwei.


"I offended Siwei and I stopped Kameko from burning the school. She kidnapped me and forced my brother to come to my rescue. He got arrested and was jailed for 16 years. I was then 15, and he is 17. I totally changed after that, for I thought I was the one who caused him to go to jail. I studied to forget the pain. I didn't have any friends because I cut off all friend ties. 


"And soon, 2 years after my last year in junior high, I went to Sakura High."


"And that's how you know us." Odagiri said, "Although our memories were erased in first year."


"Yeah." Noa said, "But I didn't know your brother was so kind last time."


"I'm glad you know that. From all the stress he received from studies and school, he turned bad."


"And it's not his fault." Odagiri sighed, "I wish we had knew this earlier. Instead of just blaming him."


"That is why I wanted to kill Kameko." Shiraishi said, "I want to let my brother have a easier time to finish what he needs to do. He's my brother after all. He don't show it, but he loves me deeply. And I know that."


"You have a good relationship with your brother, Shiraishi." Noa said, "I envy you."


"By the way, where's Sarushima?" Odagiri asked.


"A friend of mine told me something happened to her, so she wouldn't want to come out." Shiraishi said, "But if we want to find out what happened to her, we got to visit her."


Back in Kento's house, he sat down on his chair and sighed.


"Is there any way to deal with Siwei? Any way I can get him?" Kento softly knocked his head with his hands continuously.


He then remembered what Shiraishi had said to him earlier in the hospital.


"I heard Harry used to work with Siwei."


"Used to?" Kento smriked, "That's still a clue, right?"


To be continued in Episode 18

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