Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





18. Episode 16

Kento and Yamada are talking at home.


"So you mean you and Shiraishi didn't really fight?" Kento asked, "And younwere actually controlled by a person?"


"Yeah." Yamada sighed, "It's all Kameko's plan. She transformed into my colleague and forced me to swap bodies with someone else in a clock."


"That's Kameko." Kento sighed, "As long as she has the materials, she won't stop at anything."


Shiraishi came back with an empty hand.


"It ran out of stock." She said.


"Oh, it's okay." Yamada said.


Kento smelt the air.


"Onii-san, is there anything wrong?" Shiraishi asked.


"Yes, there is." Kento stood up, "Shiraishi, follow me to my room."




"Just do it."


In his room, he stood near to Shiraishi.


"I smell something weird." Kento said, "I have a bad feeling about this. I don't want to do it, but I guess I have no choice."


He pulled Shiraishi near to him and kissed her. Yamada saw it and gasped.


Shiraishi looked at her body before pulling Kento and kissed him.


"My instincts are right." Kento said, "Your witch powers came back."


Shiraishi and Yamada gasped in shock.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix 


Episode 16


"How did your witch powers come back?" Yamada asked.


"I don't know." Shiraishi said, "Onii-san, how did you know my powers are back?"


"Beats me." Kento said, "I felt a strange sense of smell around you for a while."


"This is strange." Yamada said, "Because I thought I already wished for the powers to be gone."


"Shiraishi." Kento asked, "Have you been...eating anything weird? Done something weird?"




"Drinking something weird?"




"Then...did anyone touch you?"


"N..." Shiraishi was about to say no when she stopped.


"What's the matter?" Kento asked.


"I remembered something. Someone at the coffee shop touched me. While I was wanting to grab the packet of coffee powder, this old man touched me at the back before he went off."


"Strange." Kento said.


"I also felt a circular thing touch me when he patted me at the back."


Kento nodded, "Did you see what he looked like?"


"He has grey hair, as in old people have it." She stated, "He looks very fit in his eighties too."


After their breakfast, Kento went back to study the picture of the code. He took out a book of codes and tried to decipher it.


After a few minutes, he only managed to find out some clues.


The first and seventh letter are Fs, the last letter is a S and his third and eleventh letter are Es. He wrote the code on the paper and it went like "F.E...F...ES".


"At this rate, I'm never going to solve this piece of shit." He sighed. 


"Kento-san." Odagiri knocked on the door.


"Odagiri." Kento smiled, "Come in. Is there anything I can do for you?"


She took at the picture with her left hand.


"I think I can help you with this." Odagiri took the book with her right hand, "I'm good at scanning for information in books."


"Great." Kento said. 


She flipped the pages of the book and looked at the picture. She did the same thing for a few times before placing the book down.


"I found a few more clues." Odagiri said proudly, "The second and eighth letter are Rs,  the third and fourth letter are Ds. And his ninth letter is an A."


"Okay, let me copy that down." Kento scribbled the clues down, "Thank you so much, Odagiri."


"No problem." She smiled. He wrote the code down and now it looks like "FREDD.FRA.ES". He looked at it again, this time with more focus.


"It can't be." Kento muttered to himself, "How is this guy related to Odagiri's incident? I thought Kameko was behind this."


"What were you saying, Kento-san?" Odagiri asked.


"Oh, it's nothing." Kento patted her shoulder and took the paper with the code, "I'll be right back, Odagiri."


He met up with the gang and Jordan in Shaggy's basement.


"Freddy Frawes was watching Odagiri suffer live?" Jordan asked.


"Are you sure, Boss?" Jay asked, "It can be any other person with a similar name."


"It can't be, Jay." Kento shook his head, "I've checked it throughly on my way here. There's no mistaking it."


"Boss, you gotta calm down." Roi said, "There's a lot of people named Freddy. Besides, the surname could be Frades."


"No way, Roi." Kento said, "This is definitely not a coincidence. He watched someone related to my sister suffer. My sister is related to me. So definitely it's not coincidental. Freddy Frawes has started to attack."


"He's right." Jordan said, "He had watched Odagiri for a reason. He's working with Kameko, from what Kento told me."


"According to Leona Miyamura," Kento said, "Freddy is in his eighties. This morning, my sister got her witch powers back..."


"What?" Han was shocked.


"Let me finish talking. Geez." Kento said, "Anyway, my sister got her witch powers back. She told me someone in his eighties touched her. Leona told me Freddy was fit. According to Shiraishi, she described the man as fit."


Shaggy nodded, "So that means..."


"Yes. I think Freddy Frawes has arrived and he's starting to want to kill us."


In the afternoon, Kento brought Shiraishi and Charles to the coffee shop again.


Charles walked to the cashier and exchanged  some words with him, at the same time, pointing to a surveillance camera on the celling.


While he is talking, Shiraishi brought Kento to the exact spot where the man had touched her.


"Just by touching you, he could actually trigger your witch powers." Kento said, "He must have something in his body or something."


"Guys," Charles came to them, "Follow me."


They went into the lift and it brought them up to the third floor, where the manager office is located at.


"So, you haven't tell me why you brought me here." Charles whispered to Kento.


"We need the CCTV to see who touched my sister, because she got her powers back."


"Your sister got powers?"


"Shut the fuck up and help me with this."


Shiraishi knocked on the manager's office door.


"Come in." The manager said. The trio walked into the office. 


"Hello, you must be Mr Hanks." Charles showed his police pass, "I'm Charles Miller, a senior police officer."


"And how may I help you, Mr Charles?" Mr Tan asked.


"We'd like to see the CCTV footage of what happened this morning. I need it for some investigation."


"Sure." The manager pressed some keys and the clip was shown. The man was talking to Shiraishi for a few seconds. Then he patted her back.


"Go back to the starting." Kento said. Mr Tan pressed the reverse button. Kento looked at the man when he was looking at Shiraishi while sitting on a chair. When she was about to grab the coffee packet, he went forward and snatched it.


"Go a little backwards." Kento said. Mr Tan pressed the reverse button again and it went all the way back to when he first entered the shop.


"Stop." Kento pressed the stop button. He look at the man's face, where it was clearly shown. He took out a picture of Morgan Frawes and his brother.


He compared the picture and the man seen in the camera. They looked exactly the same, just that the hair color changed.


On the way back home, Shiraishi and Kento were walking and discussing about Freddy Frawes.


"Freddy Frawes watched someone suffer in a car?" Shiraishi asked.


"Not just that. He also fixes Kameko's mechanical hand. Definitely this guy is Kameko's helper."


"But why does he look so old?" Shiraishi asked, "Yet so fit?"


"I don't know." Kento said, "He might have worked out or something."


"Urara Kento." Freddy appeared a few meters in front of him, "You sure are smart as fuck."


"Freddy Frawes. Explain yourself." 


"What do I have to explain?" Freddy asked, "About why I hate you so much to the core?"


"Why are you such a sicko?" Kento asked, "You watched Odagiri trying to struggle free of her bonds, and in the midst seeing her panties. You are fucking sick. You even made my sister get her witch powers back."


"It's all because of one reason." Freddy growled, "It's because I hate you, Urara Kento. You killed my brother. I know I've offended your gang, but he's innocent."


"He borrowed lots of money from us in behalf of you." Kento said, "My gang only goes after the person who owes us money. Unluckily, it's your brother. But, who asked you to be a gambler? If you weren't such a bad older brother who gambled all the money, maybe Morgan might have still survived up till today."


"How dare you call me a bad older brother!" Freddy punched Kento, "You have a death wish, don't you?"


"No, I don't." Kento punched Freddy back, "Tell me. Why did you watch Odagiri live?"


"You want to know it so much." Freddy shouted, "Fine! I told my men to kidnap her so that I can kill Ushio and his children. I plan to kill them so that Odagiri would commit suicide, and there would be lesser people to defeat. Of course I can't let her get away easily. So I watched her live. Because I know she's still struggling, I can safely kill Ushio. And his bloody children who cry loudly. Who knew you and your fucking friends were there to stop Nene from committing suicide? My plan almost succeeded."


"You son of a bitch!" Kento punched him, "You killed Ushio! Odagiri almost took her life! You fucking sadistic motherfucker!"


He threw Freddy to the rubbish bin. As he advances, Freddy saw a glass bottle. Kento tried to punch Freddy, but he dodged and whacked Kento's forehead with the bottle. The bottle broke into shards while Kento fell onto the floor, his forehead bleeding.


"Since you're here," Freddy took out a knife, "Let's just get on with the show and kill you. It's easier to kill the others then."


As Freddy was about to stab Kento, Shiraishi jumped in, making him stab her instead. 


"Shiraishi!" Kento crawled to her.


"Oh wow, wrong person, but oh well!" Freddy laughed, "Guess I should go now. See you soon." Freddy then disappeared.


"Shiriashi!" Kento shook her body. He took out his phone and called for the ambulance.


In the hospital, Kento sat beside Shiraishi's bed in her ward. His forehead is bandaged.


Yamada rushed in the ward and walked to the bed.


"Is she okay, Kento?" Yamada asked worriedly.


"She's fine." Kento said, "I was so relieved to hear that from the doctor."


"Me too. I felt relieved."


"But she has to stay here for 72 hours before she can be discharged."


"What happened to her?"


"She tried to save me from Freddy's stabbing." Kento sighed, "I thought she was going to die for one moment. Luckily she's alive."


Shiraishi then woke up. Yamada rushed to her.


"Shiraishi, are you okay?" Yamada asked.


"My stomach's just a little pain." She smiled, "But other than that, I'm fine."


"I'm going to find Freddy Frawes." Kento growled, "And I'm going to make him suffer for what he did."


In Shaggy's basement, the gang and Yamada met up.


"Boss, you brought this pussy here?" Han asked, "He can't do shit."


"I can, Han." Yamada growled, "Just you wait."


"Guys, now is not the time to quarrel." Kento banged the table with his fists, "Freddy Frawes attacked my sister. We can't hold it back any longer. We got to find him."


"But he's so mysterious," Roi said, "Not even special investigators or agents can find him. Only Kameko knows about his whereabouts."


"That's why we gotta think of a way." 


"I know." Shaggy snapped his fingers, "Jennifer once told me Siwei knows Freddy Frawes since young. She told me that other than Kameko, Siwei would also know where Freddy could be at anytime."


"You sure she's not lying?" Jay asked.


"Excuse me." Shaggy said, "At least I have a girlfriend that could help us get information. That's something you can't get."


Jay shut his mouth and looked down.


"So, we can find Jennifer for more information, Shaggy?" Kento asked.


"Yeah, but she's only free in the evenings. She got administrative work in the nightclub."


"Very well, then."


At night, Sarushima was walking to her home from the shopping mall. She bought a new headphone that has cat ears.


"I can't wait to share this cute headphone to everyone tomorrow!" She thought. As she was walking, Freddy followed behind her.


"Shiraishi's not dead." He thought, "I didn't think she'd be this lucky to survive. Next time I will not attack them first. Instead, I think I'll attack the minority."


He carried a pail of sulfuric acid and placed on a mask. As Sarushima reached the traffic junction, Freddy ran to her front and poured acid at her face.


"That should do it." Freddy quickly ran away. 


"Help, somebody!" Sarushima screamed as she felt a burning sensation on her face. She quickly ran for her life. She ran into a shop.


"Oh my!" The shop owner looked at Sarushima's face with shock, "What happened to your face?"


"Someone splashed acid on my face!" She screamed.


"Okay, the toilet's straight up."


Sarushima ran into the toilet and closed the door. She washed her face with water and finally, the burning sensation is gone.


She was about to clean her face with tissues when she felt something weird on her left side of the face.


"Nothing on the right." Sarushima then looked up at the mirror and screamed. 


Her right eyelid is gone, the right side of her mouth is swollen and shrunk and her right ear cartilage is partially destroyed. Half of her face basically looks like a monster's face.


Sarushima sat on the floor, dropping her headphones on the floor.


"Why me?" She cried as she buried her face in her hands.


To be continued in Episode 17

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