Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





17. Episode 15

At night, Han brought the clock to Jerald's jail cell in prison. The police officers, instructed by Charles, opened the jail cell. Han brought Jerald's body near to the clock.


He then pushed the clock to Jerald's mouth. For a few seconds there was no reaction. Jerald then woke up in his body.


The police officers then locked his cell.


"Remain in jail for the rest of your sentence." Han said, "Don't ever come out with Kameko's help again." He took the clock and walked off.


"What was this all about?" Charles asked, "Why do he need to kiss the damn clock?"


"Long story." Han told him, "I will fill in the details later." 


"Your boss and his shit." Charles sighed, "It causing my eyes to ache so much."


"I'm sorry, then." Han said, "Blame it on Kameko if you must. She started it."


"Have you guys had a plan to eliminate Kameko?" Charles asked.


"Not yet as of now." Han said, "We still got other of her team members to eliminate."


"Good luck in trying to defeat her." Charles patted Han's back, "You're going to need it." Charles then walked off.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix 


Episode 15 


Yamada moved in his luggage into Kento's house. 


"So you managed to sell the house?" Kento asked.


"Yeah." Yamada said, "Shiraishi asked me to stay here."


"Well, it can't be helped when she and her two kids are here." Kento said, "Oh yeah, you and Shiraishi got back together?"


"We're already together, it's just that someone controlled my body."


"Controlled your body?" Kento asked.


"Yeah. Like body swapping, I swapped into the clock's body."




"Yeah. Ridiculous but true."


Kento nodded.


"By the way," Yamada asked, "Why are you at home and where's Shiraishi?"


"She said she and her friends are going to do something at Sakura High." Kento replied, "So I'm left alone with the kids, who are sleeping already."


"Of course, it's late in the night!" Yamada said, "But..."


"I know. She's staying over in the school with Odagiri and their friends. Except you."


"Do you even know the reason?" Yamada asked. Kento shrugged his shoulders.


"Guess it's time for us to sleep, isn't it?" He asked. Yamada nodded.


The next morning at seven, Yamada woke up and walked to Kento's room. He's not at his bed.


"Where's Kento?" He thought.


Kento went into a empty temple. He looked for a guy with a walking stick.


"Rui Takuma." He called out, "Show yourself."


"Well, if it isn't Shiraishi's older brother coming to find me." Takuma laughed.


"I ain't here for some time to laugh." Kento said, "I'm here for Kameko."


"You mean her powers?" Takuma asked, "Her power is interestingly interesting."


"Is that some kind of pun?" Kento asked.


"That isn't." Takuma said, "You didn't change, Urara Kento. You're the same old self."


"You haven't told me about Kameko, asshole." Kento said


"Chill." Takuma sighed, "She has a very special power in her hands now. I can sense it when I saw her the other day."


"You mean you met her before a few days ago?"


"Yeah," Takuma explained, "She told me to meet him. She had something on her hand. She shook my hand. For some reason, I... felt weak."


"Weak?" Kento asked, "In what way?"


"Like your body can't move and shit." Takuma shook his head, "It's like I've done a tiring activity for many times. My body felt so weak I couldn't even stand up anymore. It was like hell. I remembered she took something from me and I woke up ten hours later."


"Ten hours?" Kento asked, "That's just mad and outrageous."


"In other words, Kento, be careful of that bitch." 


"Understood." Kento's phone suddenly rang. It was from Shiraishi.


"Hello, Shiraishi." Kento answered the call.


"Bad news! Someone took away Noa!"


"And you expect me to know?" He asked.


"You gotta find a way, Onii-san!"


"How do you expect me to..." Kento then suddenly thought of something, "Okay, I'll save her soon."


"You want to know where Siwei would do on his next move?" Jennifer asked when Kento is in Shaggy's garage.


"Something like that." He said, "You need to help me. My friend's friend is in trouble. And I definitely need to save her."


"But why do you think it's Siwei who got your friend into trouble?"


"Besides him, there's no one else who would attack a small minority! Kameko would aim straight for Shiraishi. Siwei is the one aiming all the small ones first!"


"If that's your theory," Jennifer said, "I'll send the address to you through messaging."


"Thanks, Jennifer!" Kento ran up to his car.


In Siwei's house, Noa is tied to a chair.


"What do you want from me, you sicko?" Noa screamed.


"Relax, Noa." Siwei grinned, "I just want to have some time with pretty girls like you, you know?"


He slowly unbuttoned Noa's shirt. She screamed loudly at the top of her lungs.


"Shh." Siwei placed a finger on her mouth, "Never be afraid. I won't rape you or something. I'll just...see you get naked."


Noa widened her eyes in horror. 


That moment, Kento kicked open the door.


"Oh, look. It's Mr Urara." Siwei smiled.


"Heng Siwei, you'd better stop being a sicko." Kento said, "Or I'll make you not sick."


"How are you going to not make me a sicko?" Siwei laughed, "I want to know."


Charles broke the glass of the kitchen windows and ran in.


He then pointed a gun at Siwei.


"That's how." Kento pushed Siwei to Charles and untied Noa. Siwei and Charles fought.


"Let's get back." Kento was about to ask her to walk when he accidentally touched her butt and felt something sticky.


Kento was disgusted, "Is this your..." 


"Oh my!" Noa held her private part, "When I'm nervous or scared, I just let my pee roll down."


"Ew!" Kento sighed.


"You better get out of here, Kento." Charles said, "I'll handle the rest."


"Thanks, Miller."


Kento carried Noa to her home to change her outfit. Noa ran to the bathroom and got changed.


Kento waited at the living room, "Luckily her home is nearby, or my shirt's going to ge sticky as fuck." 


Shiraishi then messgaed him.


"Come to Sakura High Supernatural Studies Club room when you're free. Come before lunch."


Kento kept his phone in his pocket as Noa came out.


"Are you okay?" He asked.


"I'm fine". Noa said, "Thanks for saving me anyways."


"C'mon, I got to get to Sakura High. You tagging along?"


"Of course!"


Kento and Noa walked all the way to the school. They walked to the room.


"Open it, Senpai." Noa offered Kento to open the door.


"I swear it's something bad." He opened the door and got a surprise. Shiraishi, Sarushima, Ito, Yamada, Yamazaki and Toranosuke. They held a party for Kento. There were lots of food placed on the table.


"Woah." Kento said, "What's this special occasion?"


"Kento-san," Ito said, "We're sorry we blamed you all the way."


"We know you're trying your best to save our friends." Toranosuke said, "We knew you actually saved our lives."


"Kameko might be a bitch because of you," Sarushima replied, "But because you sliced her arm off, Kameko didn't have a chance to burn Sakura High. And we're alive now because of you. We know you had eliminated her gang members alone too. And we'd like to help too."


"I guess we owe you our lives." Noa smiled, "So..."


"Thank you for all the things you've done, Kento-san!" The seven shouted happily. Kento smiled.


"I'm glad you finally accepted me." He said, "But who's idea is it to make this party?"


"The girl behind you." Sarushima said. He turned to see Odagiri carrying bottles of soft drinks.


"What's wrong, Kento-san?" She asked. 


Kento shook his head, "You cute ass bitch." He went to hug her, "I'm thankful for you planning the party."


"I'm glad you liked it." Odagiri smiled.


As the rest of them enjoyed their time, Kento stayed at the rooftop, thinking about what Takuma said.


"Weak." Kento muttered to himself, "He feels weak. That means that Kameko's power is to make people feel weak. But how the fuck does she do that? With a device on her hand?" 


Jordan then called him.


"Hey, this is Jordan. Just want to tell you about the situation of the video clip."


"Go ahead."


"Reina found out...someone's been watching it live."


"Live?" Kento asked.


"On the time that Odagiri is trying to free herself, there's someone actually watching this clip. It's in the coding somewhere."


"Who the fuck could be the one watching live?" 


"I don't know." Jordan said, "There was a code for the person watching, but Reina could not decipher it." 


Odagiri came up and hid behind a wall to hear.


"So you were saying," Kento asked, "Reina, a professional hacker, can't decipher a code?"


"The code is hard to read." Jordan said. "Reina can't see weird words."


"Send the picture of the code to me." Kento said, "I'll try to decipher."


"If you wish. I'll tell Reina."


"That's all." Kento ended the call. He held the railings and looked at the skies. 


"I need to find out why Ushio was killed." He muttered to himself, "And why this video is recorded and watched live."


At night, when everyone went to sleep, Kento stayed up late at 1 in the morning to try to read the code.


He took out a book of code reading.


"Hopefully this could tell me some meaning." He thought. He flipped through the book. 


Two hours later, Kento tiredly walked down the stairs and went to the kitchen. He took a cup and poured water in it.


He drank it and was about to wash the cup when he dropped it and it broke into shards. Kento sighed and swept the floor.


After sweeping, he went to the toilet and closed the door. When he opened the door, Odagiri was standing outside.


"Odagiri!" He got a fright, "What the fuck are you doing here?"


"I'm sorry, Kento-san." She asked, "Did I scare you?"


"Of course!" He heaved a sigh of relief, "Why are you awake?"


"Why are you awake?" She asked.


"Me? I need to do some researching." 


"You mean researching for the code?"


Kento stared at her in shock.


"So you eavesdropped my conversation with Jordan?" Kento asked in the living room.


"Yeah." Odagiri said, "It was about the video taken while I was tied up in the car, isn't it?"


"There's a person watching you live." He explained, "I went to look for a professional hacker, who could only come up with a fact that someone's watching live. She gave me a code. If I decipher the code, I might be able to find the person watching."


"I see." Odagiri said, "Go and sleep, Kento-san. You got time tomorrow, don't you? Sleep is important."


"I understand." Kento smiled, "Thanks for your concern."


"No problem." She went back to her room.


The next morning, Shiraishi went to buy coffee for her and her brother. She went into the shop and saw the last packet of coffee.


She was about to touch it when a guy took it. She looked at the guy, who seemed to be in his eighties, but fit.


"I'm sorry, Miss." The man smiled, "I saw the packet of coffee first, and I needed the coffee."


"It's okay, Mister." She said, "You can take it."


"Miss Urara Shiraishi, isn't it?" The man asked. 


"How do you..."


"You're quite a popular girl around the town." The man said, "Entered a good university with the guy you like. The guy used to be a gangster. A rowdy guy. Am I right?"


"Yes." She nodded.


"Miss Urara Shiraishi," The man patted her shoulder, "You should prepare for doomsday. Because it's coming soon." He then walked away.


"Who's that?" Shiraishi thought.


Kento and Yamada are talking at home when Shiraishi came back with an empty hand.


"It ran out of stock." She said.


"Oh, it's okay." Yamada said.


Kento smelt the air.


"Onii-san, is there anything wrong?" Shiraishi asked.


"Yes, there is." Kento stood up, "Shiraishi, follow me to my room."




"Just do it."


In his room, he stood near to Shiraishi.


"I smell something weird." Kento said, "I have a bad feeling about this. I don't want to do it, but I guess I have no choice."


He pulled Shiraishi near to him and kissed her. Yamada saw it and gasped.


Shiraishi looked at her body before pulling Kento and kissed him.


"My instincts are right." Kento said, "Your witch powers came back."


Shiraishi and Yamada gasped in shock.


To be continued in Episode 16

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