Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





16. Episode 14

16 years ago...


In a warehouse, Kento charged forward with his sword. Kameko also charged forward with her sword and both of them jumped as they clanged their swords against each other.


Kameko kicked him and was about to stab him when Kento blocked it with his sword. He tried slicing her body, but she dodged everything.


Ma took a hammer and ran to whack an enemy gang member. He fell onto and died.


"One member down!" Ma shouted.


"Man, you don't really need to shout loud." Roi said, "We definitely can hear you loud and clear."


"Can't be helped. I love to shout." Ma grinned. Jennifer pounced on him. Roi ran to help, but Siwei blocked and fought Roi instead.


Jay took a crate and aimed it at Lucas's face while he got up. Jay then kicked it and it went straight at Lucas's face.


"Bullseye!" Jay cheered for himself.


He then ran to untie Shiraishi.


"Tell Onii-san to stop fighting!" She screamed.


"I'm sorry, Ms Urara." Jay said, "I guess that's a hard choice, considering how dangerous she can be."


"It can be solved with words and understanding."


"It can't, Ms Urara." Jay replied, "She's a stubborn bitch. Nothing will go into her head."


Kameko then went to Jay and pushed him away. She held Shiraishi at throat point as Kento got near her. 


"Come any closer, and I'll slit her throat." 


Shiraishi took this chance and bit Kameko's hand. In the process, Shiraishi's arm accidentally swiped through the sword, leaving a cut on her arm. 


"You bitch!" Kameko screamed, "How dare you bite me!" She was about to attack when Kento kicked her away.


"You don't fucking touch my sister like that." He then continued fighting with Kameko. Jay ran to Shiraishi.


"Let's get you to a safe place for now." He pulled her away to hide behind the walls.


A few seconds later, Kento was injured by him getting a cut on the hand by Kameko's sword.


"I can see your left hand is cut." Kameko smiled, "Let me finish off your right hand for you."


"There's no way you're going to do that." Kento dodged Kameko's sword and jumped. He then used all his might and sliced her left arm off.


Jay, Roi, Ma and Shiraishi gasped in shock as Kameko groaned in pain. Her left arm rolled to a crate.


"My left arm!" She cried. Police sirens were then heard. Roi, Jay and Ma made a run from the other exit. Shiraishi ran to Kento. 


The enemy gang members ran off too, leaving Kameko alone.


"You'll suffer for this, motherfucker!" Kameko screamed before running away without a left arm.


Charles Miller and some officers barged in the warehouse and pointed guns at Kento.


"Put your hands up in the air." Charles shouted, "Urara Kento, you're arrested for killing and murdering people."


Kento placed his hands up in the air, "You can arrest me, but can I request something before I go?"


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 14


16 years later...


After Odagiri ate, she stayed outside the house and stared at the sky. Kento sat beside her.


"Looking at the skies?" He asked. 


"Thinking about life." She replied.


"So, what do you plan to do after this?" He asked.


"I think I might move out of my house." Odagiri said, "I might buy a smaller house for myself."


"In that case, you should stay at my place." Kento suggested, "Save your money."


"But I don't want to disturb or trouble you just because of me." She said.


"No, no, you ain't." He said, "I had like so many rooms and I'm the only one living here. Shiraishi and her children just moved in. I still have like 10 more rooms."


"So I can move in?"


"Yeah. Feel free to."


"Thanks, Kento." Odagiri said, "I'm sorry for my past attitude towards you."


"It's okay. I've placed that behind me."


The next morning, Yamada's friends except for Shiraishi and Odagiri gathered in Sakura High's Supernatural Studies Club Room for their friend meeting.


"Tanmaki and Tsubaki are dead." Yamazaki said.


"And Ushio and his children are dead." Sarushima added on.


"Odagiri must be quite sad." Ito shook her head. 


"I really got to give it to this asshole." Noa said, "I'm going to find this Kento guy and give him a good scolding to scram off."


"I agree." Sarushima said, "We dragged getting Kento out of here, and our group of friends became smaller and smaller by the day. We gotta do it immediately."


"What are you guys talking about?" Odagiri walked into the room.


"You're here just in time, Odagiri." Noa said, "We're going to go against Kento and tell him to scram off from us. We would like you to join and be the leader."


"I'm against that idea." Odagiri shook her head.


"Is your head missing a screw, Odagiri?" Sarushima asked, "You're usually against Kento, so why are you against this idea now?"


"I got my reasons." Odagiri said.


"Do you like him, Odagiri?" Noa asked, "You can't just cheat on your husband like that."


"Why would I do that?" Odagiri asked, "Besides, I'm a widow now."


"Then why are you so against this idea?" Noa asked.


"Because she knows what Kento did." Han came in. Jay was behind him.


"You filthy guy. Why are you stepping in the room?" Noa said, "You should tell your boss to fuck off and go find someone else to torture, not our friends. They've suffered enough. All thanks to your boss."


Han clenched his fists.


"You and your boss should scram off and leave us alone." Noa said, "We've suffered enough."


"What did my boss ever do to you?" Han growled, "All he ever did was to slice off Kameko's arm."


"And that bitch almost killed all our friends." Sarushima said.


"If he hadn't sliced her arm, you people wouldn't be where you are today! You won't even be alive!" Everyone looked at him.


"If my boss hasn't sliced her fucking arm off, Kameko would have burned your school when Shiraishi steps into the school. You guys would all be dead! Burn to the fucking ground! And think about it, Shiraishi saved your lives too. If she didn't want to go to Sakura High, Kento would just let you guys die. Don't you know the reason you're standing here, perfectly fine and healthy is because of him? And when Kameko kills your friend one by one, you blame him each time. He's trying hard to save everyone. Do you think you can?"


Noa and Sarushima looked down onto the floor.


"And you, Yamazaki!" Han screamed, "You son of a bitch! The reason why Kameko wanted this building burnt is because of you. Why not you tell what you did?"


"Enough said, Han." Jay said, "Let's go."


"I'm not done, faggot!" Han turned to Noa and Sarushima, "You two bitches always complained about my brother. What have you done to criticize him like that? Nothing! You did nothing to help your friends too. So why are two motherfuckers complaining?"


Han sighed, "I think I made myself very clear. If  I hear any more criticism on my boss, I'll..."


Jay placed his hand on Han's mouth, "Sorry for the inconvenience. He's just talkative. He likes to reveal everything. We'll take our leave." He then pulled Han away.


Noa slouched on a chair. Sarushima leaned against the wall. 


"If what that guy said is true," Ito said, "It means we owe our lives to Kento."


"Now you see why I rejected the idea." Odagiri said, then walked out of the room.


Kento and Jordan visited a professional hacker named Reina in her office.


"Hi, my name is Kento." He shook Reina's hand.


"And I'm Jordan Riser." Jordan shook Reina's hand.


"Welcome, Kento and Jordan." Reina sat down on her chair, "So may I know what brings you two here?"


"You see, Reina." Jordan took out the phone that was found in Odagiri's car, "This is what we had found in someone's car. We just want to know if there's something particular in this video."


"Why would you?" Reina asked.


"It's a personal matter." Kento said, "We feel that this clip is recorded for a reason."


"I'll try to see if there's any weird details in this video." Reina said, "But it might take me at least 5 working hours."


"No problem." Kento nodded.


As Kento returned home, he saw Shiraishi getting prepared to go out.


"Where are you going?" He asked.


"Oh, I left something at Yamada's house." Shiraishi said.


"Great. Make sure you don't attempt to commit suicide there like Odagiri. I think I could trust you on that."


"Yeah, you could." Shiraishi opened the door, "See you later." She then closed the door and walked off.


Kento sat down on the couch, "I don't think I can trust her. After what Yamada did to her." 


He then thought about Odagiri trying to commit suicide the previous day, "No, no. I'm going to call someone to look after her."


Shiraishi went to Yamada's house to take something as she forgot to take it on the night she rushed off.


She opened the door and looked around. It was quiet.


She went to her room and saw no one. She quickly went to take her stuff. She then heard phone calls.


"Boss, come back quickly." She heard, "A big feast is happening tonight." 


"It sounds like Yamada." She thought. She went to the toilet and realized he's in there.


As she was about to step away, Yamada got out of the toilet.


"Oh, hey." Yamada said.


"Not even a simple greeting with my name?"


"I'm just tired." Yamada lay down on his bed, "I'm tired. Please make your way out."


"We got to talk about this." She walked up to him and pulled him up.


"Who do you think you are, Urara Shiraishi?" Yamada screamed.


Ara opened the door of Yamada's house. She walked to his room, only to see Shiraishi screaming at him.


"I loved you so much!" Shiraishi cried, "How can you do this? Are you out of your mind?" 


"You're the one out of your mind." Ara shot Shiraishi's arm with a gun. Shiraishi fell down onto the floor, groaning in pain.


"What are you doing here?" Ara asked, "Harassing my bae? Not a chance."


"Your bae?" Shiraishi asked, "You speaking bullshit?"


"You never learn your lesson, do you?" As Ara was about to shoot Shiraishi on the head, Han came in and punched Ara.


"Who the fuck are you?" Ara asked.


"Don't ask me that dumb question." Han tore off Ara's face mask, which revealed her to be Kameko.


"Kameko." Han growled.


"Long time no see, Han." She threw Han into the cupboard of clothes. Yamada was about to step up to help, but Shiraishi pushed him back down the bed.


Han got up and pushed Kameko out of the room. 


"You take care of Kameko." Han said, "I'll take care of this bastard." He walked to Yamada and punched him. 


Shiraishi ran out of the room and fought Kameko.


Kameko tried taking a table to whack her, but Shiraishi stepped on her foot, dropping the table on her.


"It's over, bitch." Shiraishi took Kameko's gun and pointed it at her.


"You bitch!" Kameko screamed, "You gotta ruin my plans every time, do you?"


"Until you stop attacking my brother." Shiraishi reloaded the gun, her hands shaking.


"I give up. You win. But you better watch out next time!" Kameko then disappeared. Shiraishi dropped the gun and ran back into the room.


"Where's the real Yamada?" Han screamed at Yamada.


"Fine, fine!" Yamada screamed, "Promise me to give me a body first after you transfer Yamada back here!"


"Just tell me where Yamada is!" Han slammed the floor.


Han brought Yamada and Shiraishi to Ara's office. Shiraishi found the small clock and forced Yamada to kiss it.


There was no reaction from Yamada for a few seconds.


"You sure Yamada's back to normal?" Shiraishi asked.


"He should be." Han said, "Because the guy controlling Yamada told me it's from here."


Yamada suddenly opened his eyes and screamed, "Ouch!"


"Yamada-kun!" Shiraishi cried and hugged Yamada. "I was so worried you'd be a different person!"


He looked at Han. Han sighed.


"Ara is Kameko." Han explained, "Kameko told someone to take over your body while your spirit is in the clock."


"Oh wow." Yamada said, brushing his hand through Shiraishi's hair, "I didn't know Ara was Kameko. I'm sorry if I ever made you upset, Shiraishi."


"It's not your problem." She said, "For one moment, I thought you completely changed and turned against me."


"Why would I do that to my beautiful wife?" Yamada smiled.


"But seriously, what did I do?" He asked.


"You had...sex with Ara." 




"She won't be pregnant." She reassured him, "This is all a plan, so she wouldn't want herself to get into much trouble."


"Oh my, you must suffered a lot of pain." Yamada hugged her. Han smiled, took the clock and left the room. 


As he was about to get into his car, Shiraishi ran out to him.


"Han, I want to thank you for getting Yamada back to normal." She said, "You saved him and me. You saved me from wanting to divorce too."


"It's nothing." Han said, "You know you're my crush up to now, so I'd do anything to help you. Besides, it's my job to..."


Shiraishi kissed him on the cheek. 


"And your crush says this is a appreciation gift from her to thank you for helping her." She smiled. She waved good bye and walked back to the office. Han touched his cheeks.


"Yes!" He screamed in joy, "My crush kissed me!"


To be continued in Episode 15

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